Nokia JBL PowerUp speaker currently on sale through AT&T


To follow the Lumia 920 deal we wrote about the other day, AT&T has a sweet offer on the JBL Bluetooth + wireless charging speaker. You can pick one up for just $149, in both black and blue. The product offers not only Bluetooth music streaming with NFC support, but wireless charging for compatible Windows Phones.

If you're looking at adding some sound to your room, the JBL speaker is well worth picking up.

Source: AT&T; thanks everyone who tipped us!


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Nokia JBL PowerUp speaker currently on sale through AT&T


I have one, it does a great job filling a room with good audio. I will be picking up 1 or 2 on my lunch break!

I look at it as what else is on the market, as it is, where else can you get that a good Bluetooth speaker with good bass for $150? Beats pill freaking runs for more and it cannot charge your phone!

Three months ago I bought one and I don't regret it. It is loud, clear, and charges my phone. I have a small apartment, so for me this was absolutely enough. I also take advantage of the NFC, so just tap and play.

I'm trying to figure out if I should get this for a portable or get the truly portable Nokia 360 speaker... This JBL is pretty big and takes up more space, but I'm sure it sounds better and charging the phone is a bonus, but I believe it always needs to be plugged in.

I'll agree it is worth the money, but I think I may just go with the Play 360, the battery in that and how long it lasts is amazing. I would miss the quality as the power up would be great with a psvita or laptop and the 360 probably not as much. But the 360 is very portable and still cheaper. Plus it would fit anywhere in my bathroom where I only have one outlet by the sink and limited counter space and the 360 could go anywhere and is smaller.

I'd like to just buy both but don't feel comfortable spending that much.

I would say its all about what you want in a speaker. Both have good quality sound. So just way the options of each and decide. As I'm sure we all know just cuz something is on sale doesn't mean its what you need.

I have a 360 and love it. The sound quality is great for a small mono speaker. And if you have two, you can pair the speakers together and get wireless stereo.

That's a great deal. I got one for about $200 on eBay a while back and am very happy with it. Sound quality is good, NFC to pair it is fantastic, and even when you're not using it for music it can serve as a 2nd charger in the house. Just remember it has to be plugged in; no battery. It is portable, but only to the next plug.

What is it with Europe? Its £235 here, the equivalent of $360. Why do Europeans always have to pay so much more for accessories?

I really feel bad for you Canadians. There are times I can't tell if Nokia is pushing one region at a time or something else. Or it doesn't sound like Rogers is that aggressive around the Lumia, except to sell. No disrespect intended. I'm just trying to get an FPP (First Person Perspective).

Thanks for posting this!  I've been on the fence for a while for this exact device, but the retail price was always too high for me.  $161.83 (after tax) is still a bit high, but it gives me less heartburn!  So with the slickdeal last week for the (2) nokia wireless chargers which arrived very fast and work great, I'll now have four options for wireless charging my L920!  I think I'm a hoarder...

Oh, yes it is! Now that it is half the price, this is a must buy. I have the cyan model, and I love it. You should really get it.

I have two they it works well.  Not as fast but very convenient to place the phone on the plate and walk away. 

That's all I use to charge my 920, and they are awesome. I don't think there is a big difference in charging time although I can't say for sure because my phone is usually on the wireless charging stand on my desk most of the day and on a charging pad on my nightstand all night, so it has plenty of time to stay charged.

Thanks, I searched WPC and found some reviews.
As long as it will charge my phone fully overnight (7-8 hours), its worth it.

My experience is that it is the same or better (could depend on USB port). The only problem I've had is when a connection doesn't get made from misalignment.

I bought 2 Cyans speakers.  Daughter heading to college this summer, rocking the Yellow 920, Cyan Speakers and the Cyan Surface Pro......

I bought a black one on day when 920 came out,love it so much I bought a white JBL PlayUp as well. Great full sound from both,will be picking up another Power for this price as I don't even regret the $300 I paid originally,just wish they offered it in red,yellow or matte grey

It's out of stock, so you can't even order it. Stupid. Guess ATT didn't want to get stuck with these, now that what little excitement there is is around the 960 now...

They're sold out online now but I called my local AT&T store. They had them in stock and were willing to price match the online offer, so give that a try if you missed out!
Listening to mine right now and it's well worth the sale price!

I want the cyan (to match my cyan Lumia 920) but it isn't available in ANY of the stores.  The black seems to be available but not the cyan.

Probably a stupid question but can I order one if I'm not an AT&T subscriber?  Or any accessory from AT&T for that matter?  I wouldn't figure I'd need to be but curious...

I went to my local ATT store last night.  They told me if I brought in an old smart phone I would get a $100 rebate.  This could be used towards my bill or the Powerup.  I guess I will say goodbye to my HTC Titan and pick up a Powerup for $50.

The cyan is back in stock and I just ordered mine. So glad! I have been checking everyday since Friday after they sold out.

Received mine this week and am thrilled with the purchase.  Great sound from a little unit.  I put it out on the deck and was impressed with how well it worked outside.  Wireless charging is a huge bonus. 

Still 150 and I just walked into my local ATT store in Oakland and bought one, a belated fathers day gift.
Very nice.
Was trying to decide between this and some DLNA wireless speaker (Sonos, phillips, sony), but thought this was just simpler to use in the end, and I can run A/V Remote app for local wifi streaming (from NAS), plus synched music, internet music service streaming, etc.