More tickets for BUILD go on sale this Wednesday

More Build Tickets

The third //BUILD/ conference takes place June 26-28 in San Francisco. Tickets went on sale back on April 2nd and sold out in the blink of an eye. Good news if you missed the chance to buy tickets and still want to go. This Wednesday more tickets will go on sale.

At Build we’re expecting to learn all about the Blue update coming to all of Microsoft’s products and service later this year. If you’re a developer and want to attend you’ll have another shot this Wednesday, May 15, at 9 A.M. PDT. Tickets will cost $2,095 for the three day event that includes keynotes, developer sessions, and a hackathon. Bookmark the source below if you want to get tickets.

Daniel and I will be there to cover the event. Who else can we expect to see there?

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More tickets for BUILD go on sale this Wednesday


Wow, they better suck my **** for that price. That is crazy. Let me go pick some money off the money tree out back. What if an average Joe wanted to go, that's 2 month's wages! Ridiculous. . .

this isn't meant for the average joe. It is meant for developers who want to develope software and make money from that software. I'm a cpa. My required continuing education classes cost around $300 for an 8 hour class. This conference is for 3 days. My classes review things I mostly already know. This conference teaches a lot of new upcoming things they are adding. Plus they get free devices sometimes. It's expensive, but if you are a developer, it's probably an important part of your job. The average joe can watch to webcasts for free.

This is for developers, not your "average joe".  Aside from getting some great swag, they get firsthand contact with actual MS project teams to learn about developing for the new platforms.  And most developers who go are reimbursed by their employers anyways.

I'll be attending. What average Joe developer makes $12,570/yr in the 1st world?
Anyways, based on my informal survey at Build 2012, for most attendees, their employer is paying.  I'm paying for myself though (self employed).

I absolutely love this post. If not just for its comedic value, but because I saw the price and had a bit of sticker shock as well. I get it, but still...

Make no mistake: you can get all the information on-line for a lot less money days after the show. Developer shows are rarely "cost effective" by the time you factor in airfare and hotel. Once in a while the free treats are almost worthwhile. Early registration for San Fran area developers is worth while.
A Free Unlocked  Lumia Catwalk phone and a Free 7" tablet? That's about what I expect to see handed out this year. It doesn't mean they aren't fun when the company foots the bill :)

One of the primary benefits I've found is showing MS devs the problems firsthand and getting a direct contact address instead of using precious MSDN tickets for problems. Have fixed numerous issues and gotten excellent contacts in the past for attendance. Socializing with other devs is okay -- I'll buy Jay a beer if I get to meet him :-) but few devs are facing the exact same issues you are. Yep, the main reason to go is direct MSFT bitching/feedback.

Going to Build usually isn't cost effective for the employee, however, for the company paying 90-120k salary to the developer.. 3-4k is totally worth the investment.
and more often than not, the employer gets the goodies given out to attendee.