Nokia Lumia 925

Nokia answers some questions about the Lumia 925 design and hardware

With Nokia’s announcement today of the new Lumia 925, many questions have been asked by you regarding design choices, hardware specifications and the future of Nokia’s Lumia efforts.

During the day, we spoke with Kevin Shields (Management Overhead, Nokia) and Stefan Pannenbecker (SVP Product Design, at Nokia) who were kind enough to take some of inquiries about today’s product reveal.

Want some answers to your most asked questions? Then head past the break...

Why no microSD?

One of the most frequent questions we received was why there is no microSD on the Lumia 925? Shields and Pannenbecker both stated that here, device design was the main concern and adding a microSD card, while preferable for usability, both takes away from the flow of the device and adds complications. Some of the difficulties include size restrictions and having to “move things around” to accommodate the additional storage, creating a cascading chain effect, if you will. To be blunter, you only have so much space to work with when making a thinner phone with a large battery and PureView camera.

Another consideration was the sheer difficulty in adding a “slot” for a microSD door. While there is one for the microSIM card, we were told this was no easy feat for Nokia when making the slide out door. Adding a microSD slot would only compound the problem.

If all of this sounds like Nokia putting design ahead of sheer specs, you would be correct. It’s clear that Nokia places a high value on design, flow and the overall appeal of the device as opposed to just shoving as much as they can into the phone. We understand some consumers may recoil at such “form over function” arguments, but then again we’d argue that it is Nokia’s attention to design that has won over many loyal fans.

Why metal, why now?

Nokia Lumia 925

Nokia choosing to make the Lumia 925 now with aluminum may raise a few eyebrows. First, we should point out that Nokia doesn’t consider this to be “the next 920” but rather, as Kevin Shields says “another expression of it”.  While the Lumia 920 came in some bold, bright colors, the Lumia 925 is “less audacious, more subtle, engaging”.

Though we really like the Lumia 920, others opined about its size and weight—a somewhat legitimate complaint if you like thin and light devices. The 925 is the answer to that question and while it does remove some things e.g. wireless charging, the tradeoff is a more svelte design that can appeal to a wider base. The 925 is the 920 for those who want a lighter phone; it’s not meant to replace the 920 just appeal to a different user base.

As to why now, Shields notes that with the current technology and ability to design it right was the leading factor the 925 coming at this time. Indeed, when Vodafone’s Patrick Chomet took the stage today he noted he saw design plans for the 925 back in September.

microUSB on top and not the bottom—what’s the deal?

On the Lumia 900 the USB charging port was on top. On the Lumia 920, it moved to the bottom. Now on the 925 it’s back on top—why?

As it turns out, putting the microUSB on the bottom is also another engineering challenge. Nokia worked real hard to get it on the bottom for the 920, but with wireless charging become more popular, they found the preference for having in that position has become less of a priority.

Another consideration: putting the microUSB on the bottom evidently has a negative effect on signal reception, at least that what Nokia is claiming from their tests.


Another change with the Lumia 928 and 925 is the use of the non-Pentile AMOLED display. While Nokia will continue to work with LCD where appropriate, the AMOLED display allowed them to get that extra thinness on the 925, something that would not have mattered much on the 920 because it’s size is due to other things (polycarbonate, wireless charging and overall design).

Nokia sees AMOLED as just another tool to use when appropriate. And yes, this is still a PureMotion HD display with the high refresh rate and ClearBlack display.

There are no speaker holes on the wireless charging back cover!?

Nokia Lumia 925 cover speaker

Indeed, there aren’t. No, Nokia did not forget to add them. Instead, they have created a “channel” within the plastic to help direct the sound out through the bottom of the device. They did this for acoustic reasons and we’ll just have to take their word (for now) that this won’t negatively affect audio performance.

Of course we’ll test this as soon as we get our review unit it, but it sounds like Nokia did not omit anything here. Pun intended.

Other ways to make it thinner?

The Lumia 925 users 2.25D Gorilla Glass whereas the Lumia 920 used 2.5D. The higher the number, the more curved the glass is at the end but also it’s thicker. The 925 has thinner glass on board basically due to it being a smidge less curvy. Combine it with an AMOLED display and you get a 8.5mm thin Windows Phone.

Why does the Lumia 925 have plastic on the back instead of being all aluminum?

Nokia Lumia 925

Nokia could have made an all-aluminum phone, after all it’s feasible. But there were specific reasons for not doing it that way—some functional, some design choices.

For design, they could have colored the metal, but they felt that it was “too 1980’s looking” and it was decided against. The polycarbonate back, on the other hand, allows some color variation along with a warmer feel where you hold it.

Likewise, NFC would have had some interference with an all metal back and although they could have made just the NFC-area polycarbonate, such a design change creates a different look.

Finally, the colors of white, black and grey were chosen to match the metal. As mentioned earlier, it’s a less audacious design than the Lumia 920’’s “here I am!” yellow. That’s because Nokia here is trying to appeal to a different audience, some of whom want a more subtle phone.

So will Nokia just do metal phones in the future, or…?

No, the Lumia 925 is deigned to look a certain way and make appropriate tradeoffs to appeal to a certain audience. The design team will use materials where they see appropriate, so bold bright polycarb designs will still be used while on occasion, aluminum or other materials may be used to achieve a “different expression” of a phone.

Five lenses versus six

The Lumia 925 has an added sixth lens to help improve daylight performance. From what could discern, this was in response to some criticism of the 920’s somewhat soft daylight performance. In that sense, yes, the Lumia 925 has a better physical camera than the 920 though it remains to be seen how that translates into actual performance (for that, we have device reviews). For now, it’s worthy to note that Nokia appears to be attempting to continue push boundaries (six lenses have not been done before in a phone camera) and listen to feedback from users.


We hope that clears up some questions for you. We realize that some don’t see the 925 as a worthy Lumia 920 upgrade, which is a good thing. It’s not. It’s meant for a different audience and while it makes some sacrifices e.g. some versions only have 16GB of storage (while others have 32GB) or no built-in wireless charging, it does allow the 920 type hardware to appeal to a different audience (or T-Mobile users a shot at some premium hardware).

Will this be the last story of the 9xx series? Of course not. And Nokia was quite blunt about “more to come” this summer for the Lumia hardware and if that sounds like EOS, you’d be right. 


Reader comments

Nokia answers some questions about the Lumia 925 design and hardware



it isn't everyday that you meet the designs chief so why not ask about 928 also as it was also mentioned in the event.

Agreed, both devices should have a microSD. Nokia can shove their design, if it prevents funcionality and advanced features. If Nokia comes up with some BS excuse about the EOS and does not put a microSD slot there I would be really pissed off.
The main reason why I did not get the 920 last year was because it did not have microSD.
Not putting in microSD is the stupidest thing you can do on a high end phone, especially one with only 16gb of storage like the Tmobile 925, what the hell was Nokia thinking, its like if you made a brilliant phone but did not put in a camera.
Total stupidity on Nokias part, and next time I hope they throw out the dum designer who thinks design is better than microSD support.

not every people need microSD like you, just another feature for appropriate audience, apparently, these audiences aren't too many to be cared about. I don't know about 16G 925, but my 32G 920 is definitely enough. Having used half year, still 16G to available. 

I feel your pain.

Research shows that most people barely use the storage on their phone.  But that doesn't tell the whole story.  There is a nice comfort feeling you get from knowing you COULD expand the storage if you needed to.

Apple forces people to pay rediculous prices to go from one sealed storage size to the next.  I don't think that would work too well for Nokia.  When you combine all the color choices and the multiple storage options, there would just be too many models... or they'd have  to only offer the higher memory models in black.

So yeah, I agree that a microSD slot is the way to go here... HTC had a clever solution where only the bottom section of the back came off to give access to the microSD and SIM slots.  Nokia has models that offer a microSD slot, with the removable/swappable back shells on the 820, 620, and so on.  But those designs, while fun, do not say "high end" like the 920 does.  It is harder to design a phone that is thin, sturdy, and offers a microSD slot.  Just look at the Galaxy S3 and 4... Their solution was a paper-think back plate that pops off a bit too easily... which gives a thin and light phone, but not as durable as Nokia's designs.

His questions relevant because he's saying that if the 25 doesn't have it then what's the excuse for the 28? The 28 wasn't mentioned in the article therefore he brought it up.. Nothing wrong with that at all, and I thought it was a good point.. Instead of arguing about whether it's relevant or not, which is stupid, why don't you guys discuss his point, I mean he has a good point after all.. Fuck, making rules, and trying to control people!

No, his point was not a very good one. The two phones have a similar design language, when it comes to form. From the reason given by Nokia, which is very reasonable to me, common sense dictates that, that may be the actual reason why there's no microSD slot for the 928 either. In fact, it just might be why there aren't microSD slots on many devices.

Well, maybe he didn't connect one and two together.. Its still no reason to be rude to him! He has the right to ask whatever question he wants to. Why do you think its your job to go around and tell people that their points are stupid. You're not Daniel are you?.. LOL!!!

You're right, they should have just ignored the OT posting. There were numerous articles on the 928 in several fora a few days ago, including WPCentral, so maybe his question should have been posted there instead. Or, Nokia actually responds to tweets so maybe he should just tweet them directly his concern on the lack of sd slot for the 928.

You can pretty much apply that reasoning he gave above to any of the 3 flagships. If you thought about it beforehand, you woudn't have needed to ask this question.

Not really. The reason they give for not including it in 925 is mostly making sure that the device stays thin. That was not a concern for the 920 so no excuse on that part. For the 928 we can speculate but it is still not as thin as the 925 so it would stand to reason that they might have had some spare space to put in an sd card slot. 
On the other hand they might consider that 32Gb is plenty in the 928. I'm perfectly ok with it but I also haven't even used all 16Gb on my Trophy. 

It is the internet... No one cares if he used your instead or you're.
The event announced the 925 and 928 officially, there is no reason why a 928 question could not have been asked. 

Good question! They explained why the 25 doesn't have it, so that actually does raise a good point about the 28.. What's the excuse here?? Well, is most likely packaging... Good question Paras!

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Gonna wait... Maybe one more year, and skip what's to be released later this year.. By mid 2014 my phones gonna be able to get me a beer!! I'm so glad I got my "future proof" 920..

but does your 920 have a MiniSD Card slot? lol....people rave about their 920's and complain about other phones coming out. It's simple...if you don't like it...don't buy it.

With SD card usability next AT&T flagship will have it all my advice is that people keep your 920 until Microsoft GDR3 update.

I think they did a great job here, to try and bring over some more people. I will get one just because its out. But i think this will attract a whole new client base. Apps are becoming a non issue now so we are getting there. Like the guys said on their podcast we are at a point now where we are becoming mainstream and to maintain that we need a mainstream phone a la 925. Wait for the summer and we will have a beast with high specs. "EOS"????????

If they decided against putting a microSD card in there, they should've provided a 32GB option. That's the only real drawback I see in this phone. But I guess there are a lot of folks who will be happy with 16GB of storage. Overall, a very nice-looking phone and as usual pushing the limits of low-light photography. Good for TMobile US customers.

I gather they wanted to give the 32gb variant to certain carriers only at this point. Probably will come for general release later. Btw, which variant will t mo have?

What they're saying now is that the 16 gb version is coming to T-Mo. Makes sense considering T-Mo always seems to get the lower price/lower spec devices.

Im fine with all the specs...the aluminum edge reminds me of the phone I have now...the htc hd7 :-) 16GB is perfect for me, and all the rest of the specs are icing

For the phone being mainstream, it means it applies to a lot of "low-power mobile users". Most ppl (consumers) are more than happy to have 16Gb.....more 8Gb iPhone sold in their collations. Trade some features for a better audience reception (Thinner, less-costly).

Really the only thing I'm sad about the 925 is the lack of expandable memory, but I'm glad they acknowledged to explain the reason. Other than that I think this is yet another killer effort from Nokia the phone looks amazing and really makes me want to buy one.. Sell my L920? @@

I do, I won't buy a phone with less than 32GB's. The cloud service could give me a trillion TB's, but it is useless with only 3GB a month. I can use that up on one camping trip.

My point is, when considering their design/spec options, Nokia are probably catering for the silent majority who really don't NEED or probably even realise they only have 16GB.

My counter point would be is that those people are likely buying the 521.   Someone interested in a device positioned as a "flagship" phone on T-Mobile would likely know and care and that's why the SD card question was the first thing mentioned in the article and that's why any number of people on this thread is calling the decision up for question.

If someone is reading this article and posting, they probably know and care about the issue.

I know plenty of flagship device owners who purely bought them as they are flagship devices.
Their fashion accessory could probably serve their needs with 8GB.
They'll most likely only have a 32GB/64GB device as the smooth talking shop assistant upsold them.
I don't disagree with your comment about those reading or commenting on this article but you won't convince me that we are in the majority with respect to the thousands of Lumia 925s Nokia will sell.

What you're suggesting is that there are only 2 groups of people, spec whores and cheap bastards. There's a wide range between the two, and many people who want a higher end phone aren't concerned about SD storage.

I am not suggesting that there is only two groups of people or that there is no range between the two. 
However I am suggesting that those people that do not care about memory specs will tend towards being 521 buyers, and those that do care about memory capability may have concerns about the 925.   I did not say that there will not be 925 owners that do well with 16 gigs, don't try to put words in my mouth.

However having the best phone on T-Mobile only have 16 gigs will create issues for a fair percentage of people.   If that wasn't the case this thread would be much shorter than it is.


Storage getting this phone! Haha...I think some people that complain "why does this phone only have 16GB storage and not 32GB" would also complain if it had 32GB "why does this phone have 32GB and not 64GB" ...a memory card slot would be nice...but I'm ok.

Since this device is sold as having an extremely good camera then a MicroSD is essential for heavy usage, especially when filming things.
But I guess on balance the 925 is more of an all round phone, the EOS phone that follows it and hopefully gives us the ultimate Pureview camera (something like OIS + 41MP) will definitely have to have a MicroSD, and that's the phone I am waiting for here.

People who watch a website for mobiles are very techy people, that only cover 5% max of the community, 95% of the people I know, have flagship smartphones from all OS kinds and know nothing about them and get surprised about features I show them they never knew about, and that also includes well known apps. So the majority of the community doesn't compare mobiles then choose, they just buy what their friends have!

^ this
It's great that WPCentral are able to voice our questions but it's unlikely they would reply saying "you're the vocal minority, deal with it".
That said, I loved the explanation from the Surface guys about why they haven't offered a 3G/4G version of their tablet... they looked at the stats on the iPad where only a tiny proportion of owners who'd bought the cellular models had gone on to purchase cellular data plans.
HillBillJr's hit the nail on the head. Nokia probably evaulated the market and decided it's better to offer a 16GB device that puts the 925 at or below a specific price point. For the majority of uninformed mobile phone purchasers, stood in a store comparing the 925 vs the iPhone or Galaxy it will be about how it looks, how well it fits in their pocket and how much it'll cost.

Apparently enough care so that the first question addressed in the article was:

"Why no microSD?
One of the most frequent questions we received was why there is no microSD on the Lumia 925?"

Enough of the WPCentral audience yes, but do we represent the majority of mobile phone customers? Probably not.

If you had 32GB would you complain it wasn't 64GB?

Is the "lack of apps" another reason preventing your #switch?
X million apps is great but who needs a thousand different calculator apps?
It would be interesting to see figures published on how many apps an average actually user has installed.

I am an android user who will probably switch in the next month or so. Once MS finally mails us our test phones. Of my 32gig of storage in my phone I am using less than 4 Gb. Most of which is android default crap.

I wouldn't care if 32GB or 64GB models were offered.
When only a 16GB model is offered... I do care.

Agree 16GB is to small. Besides Exclusives isn't that the reason why the 920 outsold the 8X, not enough memory.

Actually, there are two versions of the 925: the 16GB and the 32GB versions. O2 said they will carry the 16GB version while Vodaphone said they will carry the 32GB version. That T-Mobile U.S. will carry the 16GB version is not Nokia's decision but T-mobile's.

My guess would be more in the 80% range!  16GB would not cut it.  I have 32 GB in my HTC HD2's and they're pretty full.  64 GB would be more appropriate for a non expandable phone.

I highly doubt the 80% is correct. Worldwide, more 16GB iphones are sold compared to the other iterations of the device. Even in the U.S. I believe the 80% is a gross overstatement. In any case, there are the 16GB and 32GB versions of the 925. Case in point, O2 had decided to carry the 16GB version while Vodaphone decided on the 32GB. That T-Mobile U.S. chosed the 16GB version is totally their own decision and not Nokia's.

My answer to the question of what percentage care about lack of expandable storage is to tell you my experience.
I have and was using a HTC HD7 on T-Mobile's Monthly 4g plan.  I had as many applications as I wanted and minimal music on the phone.  My phone probably still had multiple gigs of free space and I was happy.

I switched to T-Mobile's new Simple Choice plans and got the 810.   I put the same amount of apps on it and bought a 16 gig memory card and put a lot of music on the memory card.   However after only owning the 810 for a month and a half I am down to about a gig of free space on the internal memory.   I am not happy with that.

My conclusion is that 16 gigs is plenty for reasonable use of applications on a smartphone.   However any media would require either more than 16 gigs of internal memory or a microSD card slot.    Therefore I can easily understand why people are questioning the idea of not having more than 16 gigs on a device that is labeled the "flagship" Windows Phone on T-Mobile.


Is the 810 running 8 or 7.5/8?
Just checking you're not suffering that WP8 memory bug?
(My boss has it on his HTC 8S and it's crazy how fast it's consuming the storage.
Perhaps we're all expecting too much.
I still have the HD7 as I haven't considered the 8X or 920 to be everything I desire from a flagship device.
The 925 has addressed my only concerns with the 920, the thickness and weight in comparison to the 8X.
Whether I purchase this or continue waiting impatiently for the next flagship device will now only be down to price rather than specification.

The 810 is running WP8.   Many of us 810 owners are waiting to see if Nokia/T-Mobile pushes out firmware to enable the Storage Check feature.

Like I said at a different post with you, my own personal conclusion is that 16 gigs is enough, but only if you do not store media locally.   Given I really would like to have media stored locally and have space for video if I wanted, my own criteria is my next phone will have more than 16 gig.
Of course we all have our own criteria, but I bet that my conclusion may be fairly common....


I have to agree with you on this one. I got my mom the 8X as a gift, which I consider to be a nice high end phone (so don't bother telling me its not high end), on T-Mobile and she never really cared for the storage. She really wanted something easy to use, decent camera, and a great looking device. I think I would have chosen the 925 if it was available at the time. I think people should get use to it since many phones are reducing storage between 16 and 32 and the addition of the micro-SD card is becoming less popular by oems it seems...

Another relevant question is how much are you willing to pay for additional 16GB? $100? If so, how many of those who are interested in 32GB will chicken out and go for the 16GB?

I haven't upgraded to WP8 simply because there is no top-end device with microSD. I hate only having 16GB on my current mobile. If I upgrade I want it to be better. I don't like ATIV, and I don't see why Nokia or HTC haven't offered anything in the top tier with more storage. 32 GB on the 920 is better, but I still feel limited. 32 GB + 64 GB microSD would be amazing!

You're just phrasing/illustrating my point in reverse.
Nokia and HTC haven't offered that because those that need 32GB are in the minority.
They're either making the same assumption as me or perhaps their market research has confirmed it.

I'd like to put this all a different way.  I would like to suggest that there are in fact a fair amount of people who would be fine with an 8 gig WP device.   You can see people posting how their mom or someone has 8 gig and doesn't care.  That point is granted.   However a lot of 810 and other 8 gig phone owners do have problems and while that may be fixed via Nokia's Storage Check feature or a upcoming GDR by MS, 8 gb is not satisfactory for all.
I expect that even for enthusiasts 16 gigs is sufficient for the vast majority of people.   However if someone really loves to install programs or installs a lot of large games, or if they want to locally store media, 16 gigs just won't do it.
Schlubadub clearly needs more space than I do, but I really do not disagree with his conclusion.   I think 16 gig is bare minimum for an enthusiast, and there is a significant percentage of those enthusiasts that will want more that 16 gig.

To be blunt, while I think the 925 is very pretty and a nice phone, only having 16 gig was a mistake.   Lots of people might buy it, but I wonder how many might want to pass just because of this issue.  I think it is the most salient negative feature of the phone...


uh huh....   I know what the HTC 8x is and how much memory it has,  so why don't you point out where you think you are seeing me say otherwise.

Maybe too late to ask and get an answer now, but I would like to know

(1) Since the memory slot was nixed, why drop the storage down to 16GB? As many others have said, we live in a world of data caps, and less than perfect connectivity.

(2) I realize this depends on TMoUS's LTE rollout schedule, but is there any idea on a timeframe that TMoUS customers can expect to see this phone?


Great phone but, i think they went two steps back by keep the internal storage to 16GB and not 32GB like the 920 and 928. Also the comment they said about the NFC not working on aluminum is not true. The new HTC One has and aluminum body and has no issues with NFC. Also the external wireless battery is also a miss especially since it really doesn't add size to it. 

They didn't say it didn't work, they said it causes interference.

For all we know the nfc chip in the htc one might munch tonnes more power than nokias to overcome this.

I say, take them at their word. Its Nokia, not apple.

well they are talking about there designs and their components, and they way it arranged in the 925, htc has different components and arragement well excepts for the stuff they tried to borrow like the mic array

Coming away really disappointed.
1. Same size screen. was hoping for at least a 4.7 incher on up to 5".
2. Thinner Gorilla Glass. I think the 920 Gorilla glass sucks. Very easy to scratch. Do NOT feel good about making it thinner.
3. No SD? Really. I mean....REALLY?
4. No wild colors?
Gonna call this one a fail. not because it isn't nice, but because there is very little reason to upgrade.

Apparently you missed the point of this article... This phone is not meant to be an upgrade for current 920 owners. Has everyone gone stupid today??

How charming CyclingNut.   Can't someone compare their phone to the 925?   Who are you to say that T-Mobile wouldn't be happy to have people leave AT&T and their 920 for the new Simple Choice plans and the 925 at T-Mobile.   The 925 is at least an alternative to the 920 and can be evaluated as such.   Whether or not it is a potential upgrade is dependent upon each person's criteria.
I find your comment irrelevant and your interjection unnecessary.

While poorly worded, his argument is completely valid. They aren't marketing these phones to 920 owners, they are marketing phones to those that didn't want the 920 because of thickness and weight and soft daytime pic and those who don't like the plastic look.
They said it themselves, it is not an upgrade, just a different variation. Like the GSII and the GSII SKyrocket and the GSII Mini or whatever they are called. Plus they are on different carriers so it appeals to different group of people there as well/

I won't pretend to know how the phone is being marketed and I question your "insider" information on their marketing strategy.
What I do not question in the slightest is that neither T-Mobile or Nokia CARES IN THE SLIGHTEST WHY SOMEONE BUYS THE PHONE, only that they do.   This chatter about whether or not it is an upgrade to the 920 is irrelevant.   It is as I stated an "alternative" or a "variation" as you stated.   Therefore comparing the 925 to it's variant is quite appropriate and it is simply petty and inane to say that the two phones cannot be compared because one is not in your estimation an upgrade to the other! 

Actually you are pretty wrong, because why people buy something, is the first Q in a design, they think about this more than anything else, trust me, I'm an engineer :P

My response was in context of whether or not the phone is considered an "upgrade" to the 920. I am well aware that design issues and price points are significant. However this entire debate was based upon someone comparing the phone to the 920, just as had been done in the article itself. I was supporting the right of the person to make a comparison with a related phone. I find the question as to if it is a "upgrade" or irrelevant to the idea that one can compare the phones.

My statement about design was simply to highlight the irrelevance of the "upgrade" question, not a statement that is meant to be true in all circumstances.

Did you watch the event this morning? They specifically said they were marketing it as the option for those that wanted a more subtle, lighter phone. No one is pretending to know, they said it, specifically at the event. And they also said, just like the 928, that these three phones are all in the same class; just like the 822, 810 and 820 except with a little more variation in hardware and appearance. They don't expect people to switch from the 920 to it; that's why it is exclusive on T-mobile in the US (makes me wish I didn't get an 8X). It was also being released to two different carriers in China (unlike the 920T) and Vodaphone is getting an exclusive 32gb variant in Europe. The 928 is CDMA and is exclusive to verizon. Other than that these three phones pack the same processor, ram, (two are 16gb and one is 32gb (unless you count the 32gb vodaphone 925), all are LTE capable, NFC, etc...Some additional camera hardware and appearance are the only differences. You can compare them by appearance, but you can't expect someone to think of owning two of the same class in phones; it would be like me owning the 810 and the 822 because at times i like the roundness of the 822 and other times how boxy the 810 wouldn't upgrade from one to the other so cycling has a point. EOS is supposedly coming out this Fall and willl be mentioned later this summer. This will be the phone you would upgrade to from the 920...

yak yak yak

Anyone can chose a phone depending upon whatever criteria they wish.  If they consider that decision an "upgrade"  or not is up to the individual.   I care less about what you consider an "upgrade" or how Nokia is positioning the device or how they hope to sell it.
What I do know that as I am on T-Mobile the fact that the phone only has 16 gigs means that if I remain  on T-Mobile or use a T-Mobile compatible carrier, MY PERSONAL CHOICE will in fact be a unlocked Rogers 920.

The original poster has every right to compare the phone as he desires and to pass judgment per his criteria.   Whether or not that decision is defined by him or anyone as an "upgrade" or not is just absurd.  The guy said it doesn't compare well to his 920 and that is his right to pass that judgment.  All this chatter about "upgrade" is just absurd.

You sir, are very right! But as usual this point (and common sense) will be lost on way too many people.

Not correct, guys. This phone was never marketed as "a T-Mobile version of the 920". This was was the much awaited Nokia Catwalk. But even if it was, why would you release a phone that doesn't really upgrade a phone you introduced 6 months ago? You basically just made it slimmer? 
No wonder Nokia investors are calling for his head. This is not how you compete with Apple and Samsung. Since the 920 has been introduced, the SGS4 and HTC One have appeared. The bar has been raised. And you choose to basically reconfigure a phone that didn't resonate all that much with consumers 6 months ago?
As long as your going through all the trouble of a major redesign, why would you not upgrade the phone in every way you could imagine? If you;re T-Mobile, why would you not create a version that makes everybody want to switch to your company to get it?  This makes absolutely no sense. 

As stated multiple times in the article, it's not supposed to be an upgrade device for those who already have a 920. It's a device designed to appeal to people who were put off the 920 by it's weight and bright colours. 
Bare in mind that the 920 only came out 6 months ago; a lot more people would be really pissed off if they put out the next big thing so soon. 

And what makes it even more stupid is most people in the US who have 920's got them on ATT. Most of them won't have an option to get the 925 anyway.
But I keep reading things along the lines of, "no thanks I'll keep my 920." No shit you will, you don't have much choice at this point.

^ this! the whole article is about 925 NOT being a replacement to 920, it's just a variant meant for different markets (those who didn't like 920 being thick and heavy)! comments like this make me lose faith in humanity lol

This is not the next generation Lumia. This is only a Lumia 92X for another carrier. Anything with these specs outside of the 92X number would be dissapointing. 

its not an upgrade its for a different carrier not att. att = 920, verizion = 928, 925 = tmobile so its not a fail as they being verizion and tmobile didnt have a flagship nokia now they do. sucess!

How does making glass thicker make it more scratch resistant? That doesn't make any sense.
Also, I don't think you read the article.

Not a fail, this phone was made for me. I'm on T-Mobile. Its my flagship phone. It's not a replacement for the 920 we didnt get that phone. I've been patiently waiting to replace my Trophy, I'm excited!!!!! Would have like more on board storage but I'll "manage". ;)

More of the same hardware is not the answer, the specs even dropped with less memory, no wireless charging. Users have to see a better phone along with investors who look to the future.

did you even get the point of this article? 925 is NOT supposed to be better and replace the 920! it was made to appeal to pplz who didn't like 920 thickness and weight! until Nokia announces the true next flagship, meant to replace the 920, we shouldn't make this type of judgements - we should look at 925 for what it is: a variant meant for a different public! NOT meant to replace 920!

Have you caught on yet that both the 928, and the 925 are 920's for two of the other three (in the US) big carriers?
Only difference, they didn't release the same model to everyone at once.  C'mon dude...

In some ways it is slightly better but like it said in the article (if you even took the time to read it) it is a variant to appeal to a different customer base...

Ok ok the hysteria has settled now and I have calmed myself. All is forgiven of Nokia for the one omission of a 32gb version across the board. So why not just make 32gb the standard instead of the 16gb T-Mobile version? Anyway, I'll be in store to pick up my black 925 as it becomes available. I'm excited and I hope Microsoft will expand cloud storage beyond music and pictures. Maybe movies and games could be stored there too?

Anything can be stored in SkyDrive. If you mean from the store, Xbox Videos can be streamed as well. Just not to your phone at this point.

You don't necessarily need ALL your content on a phone. I can understand having some on there but to try and fit hours of music, 10+ movies etc in my opinion is somewhat out of hand for a phone. I think 16GB is a good amount for a solid mixture of photos, games, music and videos to an extent. Once you add too much of anything well it adds up... Don't get me wrong I'm all for more storage but there are so many factors to add to the equation but In my opinion 16GB is quite manageable....

My main issue is with music, i own a lot of music, shared with my family which comes to just over 20GB
I'm used to using an ipod touch with all of this on there, it would be a pain to have to choose what to include now as i often use my ipod for family car journeys and so want everyone's music
Streaming is fine but if i own my music and am content with it i don't feel i should need to pay Spotify or Nokia or Xbox to get music on the go
This is the main reason i think 32GB is necessary

I don't think 32GB will be enough for you either, and for me I can live with 16GB. I have my tablet with SD card for all other things.

You guys are missing the point. This is a flagship. It is supposed to be the best. A flagship device should not be on the same level with midrange devices. The point is that EVERY NOKIA LUMIA VARIANT HAS 32GB OF STORAGE no questions asked. There is no logical answer as to why one would be 16gb. It should be equal across the board. It is not a question of preference. Just make the phones with equal specs even the different design decisions were made. Thank you.

Do you ever think the problem is T-Mobile wanting the 16GB? The 925 comes with 32GB also but for international.

So you mean T-Mobile contacted Nokia and the development/design team and asked for a 16gb version and Nokia said "Yes! You got it?" Other phones, Galaxy S4 HTC One, Iphone 5, etc. come in the same storage capacities that other carriers get so to answer your question, No, I do not believe T-Mobile wanted a 16gb version. But hey I have no clue as to what goes on behind the scenes so anything is possible.

If mobile doesn't want the 16gb why are they settling for it instead of the 32gb? I'm sure Nokia can't force them if T-Mobile doesn't want it.

Well if that's the one they made for T-Mobile I'm pretty sure they're not gonna say well its only 16gb no thank you. We got what we were given. I never heard of a carrier having a say in the specs of phone.

I have spoken to one of T-Mobile representative, and she said that 16gb is what they sell in their retail store even the new iPhone is only 16gb. She said that if T-Mobile online store offers the 32gb Nokia 925 it will be like a special order because online and retail store are separate. So there is a 16gb standard for their retail stores.

The sale rep even said Galaxy S4 is 16GB. Lets hope they will offer  the 32GB online for special order, otherwise let just be happy for a beautiful 16GB 925. This is a long day with you :-P

Aaaah, I must admit I just needed somebody to talk I hope you're a T-Mobile customer or this talk was unproductive? Nah, thanks for hanging out with me.

I'm a T-Mobile customer and it's a pleasure hanging out with you, and many more to come here in WPCentral. Cheers!

So iPhone is not flagship at all, did i get you right? This phone is at different price point, targeting different audiences. If you need a 32Gb, you could easily get one on Internet, unlocked and off-contract!

i own a 920 and I have 70GB of legit bought music (@ 192kbps iPod-AAC)  So now I need a Nokia92x with atleast 80GB???? Where's the end?
When they put 256GB in it people will complain because they can't fill it with all their home video's.....Next 1025GB??? Problems with lossless DVD collections, Next 4TB?? problems with BluRay collections....
C'mon 16GB can be enough. Downsample, or just don't put all your music on it.

Yeah, fair point actually
I guess it just seems reasonable to want 32GB as that can hold all my music but as i accumulate more with time I'd want more space then when do you stop.
I guess, until they get something akin to itunes match where you can play your music from the cloud and things storage is still important for people

You know you CAN play your music from the cloud, right? All the music on my phone, which is a lot, is not actually ON my phone. It's in the cloud.

The big problem with different designs for different people is that all of these variants are on different carriers. So you are not actually giving people choices, but you are frustrating them because they can't get what they want on their carrier. Until we can get past carrier exclusivity, locked phones, phones that only support bands for one carrier, etc... We will never have any choice in our devices. Shame on carriers for hurting their customers so much, and for OEMs giving in to their every demand.

Man this is so true. I would've been had the 920 in red/yellow with 32gb of internal storage but I will compromise my storage complaints for the 925. It really is sexy! And it's a shame cause the rumored EOS 41 megapixel monster will probably be another carrier exclusive.smh

I agree 100%. I'm at a bit of a crossroads on TMo too. I got an 810 back in November so I'm not eligible for an upgrade. That being said I was pretty sure I'd get a 920 and run it since that's possible now. But after seeing the 925 I kinda think I'd rather have that one... but I'm gonna have to buy it outright.  :-/

If only you know how much mobile phones cost in my country :/ its a shame that my monthly salary is less than the devices price, and i earn more than what 70% of what people earn, welcome to Jordan. Yet still everyone has a smart phone, to make a comparison, its like as if the phone costs about 4000$ :D if your monthly income was around 4k :D

I think for most devices you could get international-unlocked version...If you really want certain phone, just go grab one.

More to come that's good to hear hopefully the next phone is mind blowing fair dues if the 925 is to target a certain audience:)

Only the 925 has a sixth lens. 928 has the xenon flash. 920 was the pioneer and has all the colors.

I'm looking forward to getting this phone in my hands. 16gb is more than enough for me as I don't play to many games and with what looks to be the best camera out of the bunch, I'm sold. I've made due with the 7 or 8 gig my 710 has had for almost two years with out a problem. And all my Nokia phones have had they're USB slot on top so I'm used to it I guess.

I'm with you on the storage. Going from 8 to 16 gb is more than enough. I would definitely have 16gb internal storage rather than 8gb + microSD.

I used to be just like you but the best games take up so much space. Plus I've gotten accustomed to storing full movies on my phone through the FlashVideos+TubeMusic app. But for a phone this sexy I guess I can manage. Plus cloud storage and XBox Music should be better soon. I'm in.

I felt that something about the presentation this morning was a little boring, and awkward.. The next time Nokia unveils a device maybe they should have two more charismatic people on site.. Not to disrespect those two, because I'm sure they do a terrific job elsewhere, but they just didn't bring the excitement that a new Nokia device deserves.. I know he doesn't work for Nokia, but I like the way Joe Belfiore comes across on stage.. Not boring, not to excited, and he really makes products seem special. And, I think that was the problem I had this morning,, they just didn't make the 925 seem special, although it most definitely is..

And it was at 5AM eastern time!lol My seven month old woke up at 4:45AM wanting a bottle so I did watch some of the presentation. But I did miss Joe and his hair.

I was thinking the same.  It was obvious that those two were not meant for stage presenting.  It was a little awkward at times...especially when the lady did the action shot with the basketball. 

The whole thing just seemed un planned and unrehearsed, with a touch of unnaturalness thrown in.. I know is all about the device, but it would help WP out if these press events were much more impactful, and exciting, without the corny BS..

I wouldn't say fire her at all. She's very smart, and a asset to Nokia.. Did you see how she handled the questions? I think she's good for information, but just lighting fire under the asses of the press.. Oh man, if they let me do the shows then they would be much better!.. Because I'm hot.. Lol!!

16gb L925 is doomed to fail.  Who wants to purchase a premium phone with only 16gb?  It is probably better to get a L928 instead in U.S.  L925 itself is lighter, but it then puts the weight back on with the installed wireless charging case.  If you want WC, get L928.  The only thing going for L925 is the added 6th lens to improve the picture sharpness.  But that has to be tested and proved.  Neither L925 nor L928 will help U.S. sales much.  Nokia needs to push out Lumia EOS and 1080p phablet to inject the needed excitements to make a crack in the U.S. market.

Oh, you mean like the Nexus 4 that comes in 8 and 16 gb...??
You should stop calling out devices you don't even know exist yet as the things that will "make a crack in the US". At this point you're saying a rumor will make a bigger difference.

Don't understand you logic at all.
L925 is considered a Nokia flagship premium phone which power users are likely its main clients.  To equip L925 with only 16GB without any expansion capability is simply crazy.  I have had L920 (32GB) for 6 months and the storage has only 11 GB left.  I don't even have any games installed.  T-Mobile made this strange decision for some reasons.  That's real sad.  Nokia supplies a wrongly configured device to a wrong carrier.
U.S. smartphone market is a carrier subsidized market.  If you're willing to spend $100-$200, you can get any top phone from any brands.  That's why Nokia had hard time to make a crack into U.S. market, since WP apps are way behind IOS and Android phones. Lumia phone U.S. sales actually went down in 1st quarter from 4th quarter of 2012. They need to come up with some extraordinary devices with substantial advantages so people would be willing to make a switch by overlooking the wp weakness.  The rumoured Lumia EOS could be a likely strong candidate.  Sooner they can release the EOS, they will have better fighting chances.

As a mobile customer, I really felt like I missed out when there was no 920 for me. I bought the 810 on launch day and have never looked back. I really don't see how the Lumia 810 could be considered mid range, or how the 925 could be considered"more premium".

I agree...i'm on Verizon (which kicks at&t's ass all over the place), but always lamented about their lack of WP's. i was even more pissed when seeing that they only choice i had was either the 822 or 8x. the 8x was horrible in every regard in my opinion so i went with the 822 and have been very happy (although jealous because of the camera).

Will you please come back to the design laguage of the 920 (clean, minimalistic, ingenious) or is the 925 your new design concept (crowded, overloaded and equipped with some like-a-cheap-suspender-looking wireless charging unit)?

Great read. I like the plastic back decision. All metal would be too cold and probably add weight. Can't wait for the review and get my hands on one!

Looking forward to the hopes that we see this up north on Wind, I think I could probably get my wife onto her own smartphone with this (currently using a feature phone despite having unlimited data) and some of the "shortcomings" that people have with this vs the 920 wouldn't matter to her. Other than maybe colour, that'll be something that remains to be seen...

Why did any 920 users think this was an upgrade im still trying to figure out its clear from the design that it's a variation of it just like the 928 I guess Nokia needs to spell it out for yall but anyways 1st issue with the phone I blame Tmobile for wanting to sell a phone with 16 GBs my 2nd issue is the charging shell design it's the only one I don't like 820 is the best looking this one looks like it's missing the sides but I guess it's to remind us its aluminum but neither issue is a deal breaker im dying to see the camera in action!

Love it! Phone looks good with some minor drawbacks or major for some(no sdcard). But I understand this is not a upgrade from the 920. Some people will love it as I love 920. Waiting on 8.1 update and EOS.

Very good write-up that answers many questions.  As others have pointed out, I found the phone to be beautiful....right up until I found out that wireless charging was not built-in.  I understand there are probably actual mechanical reasons but it kind of comes across as a "lets sell an accessory" for newcomers that see that the 920 has it built-in.
Other than that, I love the design of the phone.

This is one of their uglier phones IMO. A lot of clutter and that wireless charging backplate is hideous. Just make it a full wrap (cover the rest of the ugly phone).
I'm glad this is not the next Gen 920. I'm hoping something more clean and elegant comes later on. The biggest thing I dislike about the 920 is the LCD screen. It just doesn't compare to an AMOLED. True black is even more important in the Windows Phone OS.

Not good enough for me. I know it's probably not Nokia's fault, but I'm tired of making compromises with T-Mobile's line of windows phones. No 32gb across all carriers is a joke. I know people will think I'm whining too but this is an annoying trend now of T-Mobile Windows Phones always falling short of other carrier options.

wow, great article - lots of questions answered there!
For the life of me i couldnt find any mention of extra lens anywhere else - thanks!
What did i take away from this article? Its a case of which of the three flagships do you want?
Also - that the summer holds promise for us EOS waiting people :)

Okay... so not a replacement... just an alternative.  But what engineering difficulties kept them from giving this device more storage?   I would gladly take an extra cost option for more storage.  
As for no all metal body?  That was a poor excuse about the 80s stuff.  I think the HTC One looks excellent, and if you are not going to include an SD slot or removable battery.  Go all out, and keep with the seemless desgin language that Nokia seems to be following. 
Personally I think I'll go with an unlocked 920, but I will respect the decisioin of anyone who goes for the 925.  Seems like a great phone with its own pluses... just those pluses don't appeal to me.  

Probably targetting TMO's BYOD strategy, cut a few things to bring costs down to the end user to get them to buy it.  
Honestly, if it doesn't appeal, going with the 920 is a good move. It's all the same phone with a few tweaks here and there to appeal to different people/fit different carriers anyway. 

I hate it when my 820 usb port is on the bottom. Try putting it on charce in a car and make the phone stand on a level. Also charging the phone in a car while the device is in the car navigator holder is not possible because of the usb port location.

I think it is great how Nokia can "change up" a design to appeal to a different demographic. Its unreasonable to assume that ANY particular devices design, is going to appeal to everyone. The concept of a bunch of different designs for a "flagship" phone, that coexist on different carriers, is smart on the part of Nokia as well as good for the Windows Phone ecosystem as far as I am concerned. The future looks bright for both Nokia and Windows Phone with this philosophy in place.

(620 user) if somebody will let me choose one for free, ill take 920, because i think it looks better

Great looking phone, design is killer but after all that work I can see not putting a sdcard inside but only 16gb of int storage just ruined an otherwise great phone. I will NEVER buy any phone without at least 32gb of int storage. Anything less  IMO makes the phone a freaken toy. Someone needs to wake the heck up, the cloud is not the answer. Just look at the forums, todays customers want storage. I refused the SGS4 because it came with 9g of usable int storage, Apps can not be moved to the sd card. Int storage is the key, the more the better.