Nokia Lumia 925

Nokia answers some questions about the Lumia 925 design and hardware

With Nokia’s announcement today of the new Lumia 925, many questions have been asked by you regarding design choices, hardware specifications and the future of Nokia’s Lumia efforts.

During the day, we spoke with Kevin Shields (Management Overhead, Nokia) and Stefan Pannenbecker (SVP Product Design, at Nokia) who were kind enough to take some of inquiries about today’s product reveal.

Want some answers to your most asked questions? Then head past the break...

Why no microSD?

One of the most frequent questions we received was why there is no microSD on the Lumia 925? Shields and Pannenbecker both stated that here, device design was the main concern and adding a microSD card, while preferable for usability, both takes away from the flow of the device and adds complications. Some of the difficulties include size restrictions and having to “move things around” to accommodate the additional storage, creating a cascading chain effect, if you will. To be blunter, you only have so much space to work with when making a thinner phone with a large battery and PureView camera.

Another consideration was the sheer difficulty in adding a “slot” for a microSD door. While there is one for the microSIM card, we were told this was no easy feat for Nokia when making the slide out door. Adding a microSD slot would only compound the problem.

If all of this sounds like Nokia putting design ahead of sheer specs, you would be correct. It’s clear that Nokia places a high value on design, flow and the overall appeal of the device as opposed to just shoving as much as they can into the phone. We understand some consumers may recoil at such “form over function” arguments, but then again we’d argue that it is Nokia’s attention to design that has won over many loyal fans.

Why metal, why now?

Nokia Lumia 925

Nokia choosing to make the Lumia 925 now with aluminum may raise a few eyebrows. First, we should point out that Nokia doesn’t consider this to be “the next 920” but rather, as Kevin Shields says “another expression of it”.  While the Lumia 920 came in some bold, bright colors, the Lumia 925 is “less audacious, more subtle, engaging”.

Though we really like the Lumia 920, others opined about its size and weight—a somewhat legitimate complaint if you like thin and light devices. The 925 is the answer to that question and while it does remove some things e.g. wireless charging, the tradeoff is a more svelte design that can appeal to a wider base. The 925 is the 920 for those who want a lighter phone; it’s not meant to replace the 920 just appeal to a different user base.

As to why now, Shields notes that with the current technology and ability to design it right was the leading factor the 925 coming at this time. Indeed, when Vodafone’s Patrick Chomet took the stage today he noted he saw design plans for the 925 back in September.

microUSB on top and not the bottom—what’s the deal?

On the Lumia 900 the USB charging port was on top. On the Lumia 920, it moved to the bottom. Now on the 925 it’s back on top—why?

As it turns out, putting the microUSB on the bottom is also another engineering challenge. Nokia worked real hard to get it on the bottom for the 920, but with wireless charging become more popular, they found the preference for having in that position has become less of a priority.

Another consideration: putting the microUSB on the bottom evidently has a negative effect on signal reception, at least that what Nokia is claiming from their tests.


Another change with the Lumia 928 and 925 is the use of the non-Pentile AMOLED display. While Nokia will continue to work with LCD where appropriate, the AMOLED display allowed them to get that extra thinness on the 925, something that would not have mattered much on the 920 because it’s size is due to other things (polycarbonate, wireless charging and overall design).

Nokia sees AMOLED as just another tool to use when appropriate. And yes, this is still a PureMotion HD display with the high refresh rate and ClearBlack display.

There are no speaker holes on the wireless charging back cover!?

Nokia Lumia 925 cover speaker

Indeed, there aren’t. No, Nokia did not forget to add them. Instead, they have created a “channel” within the plastic to help direct the sound out through the bottom of the device. They did this for acoustic reasons and we’ll just have to take their word (for now) that this won’t negatively affect audio performance.

Of course we’ll test this as soon as we get our review unit it, but it sounds like Nokia did not omit anything here. Pun intended.

Other ways to make it thinner?

The Lumia 925 users 2.25D Gorilla Glass whereas the Lumia 920 used 2.5D. The higher the number, the more curved the glass is at the end but also it’s thicker. The 925 has thinner glass on board basically due to it being a smidge less curvy. Combine it with an AMOLED display and you get a 8.5mm thin Windows Phone.

Why does the Lumia 925 have plastic on the back instead of being all aluminum?

Nokia Lumia 925

Nokia could have made an all-aluminum phone, after all it’s feasible. But there were specific reasons for not doing it that way—some functional, some design choices.

For design, they could have colored the metal, but they felt that it was “too 1980’s looking” and it was decided against. The polycarbonate back, on the other hand, allows some color variation along with a warmer feel where you hold it.

Likewise, NFC would have had some interference with an all metal back and although they could have made just the NFC-area polycarbonate, such a design change creates a different look.

Finally, the colors of white, black and grey were chosen to match the metal. As mentioned earlier, it’s a less audacious design than the Lumia 920’’s “here I am!” yellow. That’s because Nokia here is trying to appeal to a different audience, some of whom want a more subtle phone.

So will Nokia just do metal phones in the future, or…?

No, the Lumia 925 is deigned to look a certain way and make appropriate tradeoffs to appeal to a certain audience. The design team will use materials where they see appropriate, so bold bright polycarb designs will still be used while on occasion, aluminum or other materials may be used to achieve a “different expression” of a phone.

Five lenses versus six

The Lumia 925 has an added sixth lens to help improve daylight performance. From what could discern, this was in response to some criticism of the 920’s somewhat soft daylight performance. In that sense, yes, the Lumia 925 has a better physical camera than the 920 though it remains to be seen how that translates into actual performance (for that, we have device reviews). For now, it’s worthy to note that Nokia appears to be attempting to continue push boundaries (six lenses have not been done before in a phone camera) and listen to feedback from users.


We hope that clears up some questions for you. We realize that some don’t see the 925 as a worthy Lumia 920 upgrade, which is a good thing. It’s not. It’s meant for a different audience and while it makes some sacrifices e.g. some versions only have 16GB of storage (while others have 32GB) or no built-in wireless charging, it does allow the 920 type hardware to appeal to a different audience (or T-Mobile users a shot at some premium hardware).

Will this be the last story of the 9xx series? Of course not. And Nokia was quite blunt about “more to come” this summer for the Lumia hardware and if that sounds like EOS, you’d be right. 


Reader comments

Nokia answers some questions about the Lumia 925 design and hardware


Forum users need more storage, not average customers. Average users who don't spend half of their lives on forums don't care about the storage. Best selling iPhone is the 16gb version.


Eactly. I am yet to see a person who has a 32 gig let alone 64 gig Iphone. all of them are 16 GB. I have a 16 GB I pad and 32 GB ASUS win 8 tablet.

But of course, it's extremely expensive already at the entry level (16GB). Then you have to pay $100 more for each storage upgrade (even on contract). You guys seem to forget that. Most people are not like some rich guy I know that always gets the new iPhone with the highest capacity available to install lots of games.

If my 810 doesn't get the update, I'm trading it in for the S4 or the iPhone whatever-is-next.

I'M just a fan of Nokia WP and the Lumia phone. The problem with the 925 is the ram and the storage. It a problem that appears to be specific to the Lumia. They could have expanded the memory to 32 gigs without the microsd they could have increased the ram. I upgrade every 1 1/2 to years there is no way I can justify either the 925 or the 928. I will not buy another phone that's 1 gig of ram or 16 gig of storage. No amount of brand loyalty is cost effective. I need a top of line full featured phone,one that will be cost effect and serviceable in 2 years. I'm hoping it will be a Nokia product

I can see why some people justify the need for more storage but ram? Windows phone 8 runs incredibly smooth on just 1GB. I mean sure it may help with games but don't see the need for it. Heck WP7.x devices have less than 1GB and STILL run butter smooth. More than likely the next iteration of Windows phones will get more ram. And Il bet by then these phones with 1GB of will still run nice and smooth....

People didn't expect the 822 to be an upgrade to the 820. I dont see why people expected this phone to be the 920's successor and I'm personally extremely happy with the announcement considering im a T-Mobile... Finally I can put my 710 to rest (awwwwwee).

Is the Iphone 5 better then the Iphone 4 and every Iphone before it? Is the Galaxy S4 better then the S3 and every Galaxy before it. Sorry but if your # is higher then 920 I expect you to be better.

Different company=different way of doing things. (except for Samsung who has had a nasty habit of copying others)

No the iPhone5 SUCKS bigtime compared to the 4S (and doesnt even stand a chance when comared to the 925 928 or 920)
Its so light it feels like a toy (4S felt sturdy and nice)
Its so scratched after short usage you would think its been run over by a tank (aluminum elox version = CRAP)
It still shatters when You drop it (we have it as buisness phone at work thousands of peeps and boy are there many shattered screens)
It has ZERO battery time when using it (even 4S was better)
Safari still runs cached mode (forum pages not updating at refresh)
Naviagtion IS A JOKE!
So what was that - higher number better phone?

"The polycarbonate back, on the other hand, allows some color variation along with a warmer feel where you hold it."
And yet they release it only black and white. I'm a bit disapointtened with the color choices to be honest. Those color choices are just not very exciting. And what are those black lines in the aluminum trim? Those are not clean design and aesthetically look displeasing. 
Otherwise great phone!

The other joke is the charging port on top because with wireless charging this is less of a priority to have it on the bottom Yet the phone doesn't even have wireless charging.

I have wireless charging stand to my 920 and its the best addition (after screen and camera) on the 920.
I havent used the NFC that is built in a lot though since I dont have any special "go to sleep app" at the moment ;)
Fibble with ....small cable somewhere...found it....wheres the end with the micro USB...there it is all wrapped up around my other whats "up" on the phone... its dark i cant see...turn on backlight on phone...a thats it i held the phone upside down....lets find hole with usb plug.....*fibble dibble* ...damn plug turned upside down...*turn plug*
AAA i Can sleep
Put phone in stand....bim bim bim...CHARGING

you could alleviate your problems if you plugged it in before turning the light off. i mean, how much did you spend to save yourself a whopping 5 secs?
i plug the outlet into the wall and then wrap the other end of the cable around the base of a lamp. i always know where it is...though i dont use it bedside as a clock or alarm.

16gb of storage when verizon 928 is getting 32gb is a fail. No wireless charging out of the box, another fail. My 920 still better and now that is unlocked and i can use it on T-mo is wayyy better.   HTC 8x is a fail because of 16gb ,f storage and Lumia 810 another fail. When they are going to learn

From your point of view anything with less than 32GB is a fail. Look at the #1 selling iPhone (16GB)... Was that a fail? Didn't think so...

I would have preferred it if they had included wireless charging, but I guess I'll make due. Or I can just wait for the Eos.

Wouldn't it be nice if Nokia could decide on a single design and spec list that would be acceptable to all markets?
The iPhone does that and so does its single legitimate competitor. Exclusivity didn't help the iPhone as much as it helped at&t. This phone won't compete well against the current crop simply because those in the market will compare all specs and this phone under-delivers in nearly every slot when compared to its competition especially in the areas likely to be of most importance to the interested consumer.

I be very happy if Nokia has only 4 smartphones instead of their current 56 models.   Love to see them have:
1. High end top of the line model.
2. Middle of the road - general use.
3. Lower end - cheapo model.
4. Developing country model.

My question is after buying the 810 and invesrting all that money should i take a chance on this new phone and six months later EOL again !

No, if the 810 meets your needs why upgrade? We have a strong indication quad core, 1080p screens with perhaps an uber camera are coming later.

The danger is in the possibility that the next update will skip the 810 and basically turn into a brick sooner than expected. Lumia storage check still doesn't work for the 810 which leaves me with 3.1GB out of 8 stuck in limbo.

Nokia should bancrupt as soon as possible. They wer developing stupid symbian and now they switched to right OS but are developing pathetic phones with stupid things like big camera or wireless chargeing by wired charger.
Microsoft should sponsor better hardware producer and they should forbid exclusive apps.

Why would you say that? Nokia has more support for their devices than any other company making WP phones! They have to reach more people. This means making cuts where needed for price sake and devices that speak to the common person. Because face it...the common person cant afford the phones you probably want and can afford.

Clip on wirless charging, still no micro sd card slot, still no 5"+ screen, still the same specs internally. I will stick with my 920.

As you should since this is just a 920 variant just like the 928. You'll want to wait for the 9x0 where x is greater than 2.

A question from an Android user - how much storage should a user expect to have available on a Windows phone with 16 GB on board.  How much space does OS and carrier bloat eat up?

+1 That's correct. The next update from Microsoft should address the issues many WP users are having managing storage, or so I hope...

That's correct. Even iPhone/Android does the same.. It's like Standard... They're not gonna say iPhone 5 29 GB.. 32 GB is What the Overall space provided. Suppose, if WP 9 update comes out... it'll take More space.. right?

I would say between 6-7.7 GB is used in a 16 GB phone. But the good thing about Windows Phone is that almost all carrier bloatware and manufacturer exclusive apps can be deleted instantly! No rooting or special steps needed...just long press and click uninstall! I isn't it? :)

The problem is not the OS install - the main problem is all the storage that gets eaten up for unknown reason (see the issues with "other storage").

Nokia's attention to design didn't win me over. It's all the exclusives that won me over. While I love My 920 I would have went for the Samsung Ativ S for screen size and functionality. They need to cut the BS and listen to the consumers. You guys need to stop playing nice and attack them on the things we want.

I am in the identical situation. I don't understand why people think that Nokia pays attention to detail and Samsung does not. The ATIV S shows a lot of attention to what users want.

No Samsung designs are let's add everything we can and wrap it up the best we can. Most people don't care about removable batteries and microSD. If the did the iPhone wouldn't sell at all.

If I'm a network carrier, the more gigs the better. This maximizes the probability of additional digital purchases, such as apps, HD wallpaper, music, etc but eventually the consumer has to worry of they have enough storage. This in turn would have a negative effect on digital purchases.

FYI: "non-Pentile AMOLED display(s)" are the best looking AMOLED displays available, the likes of what Samsung usually calls Super AMOLED Plus. The Samsung Galaxy S 4 uses a PenTile matrix (branded Super AMOLED), which means there are fewer sub-pixels in total (two per pixel instead of three); so instead of 441ppi, its pixel density is only 306ppi at a sub-pixel level. Too complicated? Let me put it this way: Well done, Nokia!
PS. @Daniel Great info, thanx!

They answered those questions perfectly...i do, however, feel that at some point in the very near future they're going to have to design a slim premium device with micro SD support. Its just want a lot of ppl are asking for...another audience. Thanks for taking the time to clarify these issues for us. :)

By the way...any contests to win a black or grey 925 from T-Mobile? :-)

Since this 925 is another "expression" of the Lumia 92x phones, I'll give the lack of micro SD and and accompanying excuses a pass. However, the "takes away from the flow of the device" is just lame to be honest (I'm a big Nokia/MS supporter). With their next iteration, they absolutely need to figure out how to either offer 32GB and 64GB options or the ability to add storage through a Micro SD slot. I'm sure it was too late to do with the 92x platform, but there IS a way and the next major platform release better step it up.
They also need to figure out a way to keep expectations within the realm of reality from the outset. I wasn't expecting much with this release, but a lot of folks were. Now, we already have moved on and are expecting EOS and 41 megapixels. I will bet you that 41 Megapixels does not happen. People are freaking out about the "bump" on the 925 and the thickness of the 920. No way they cram the 808 camera internals into the next flagship. I think we'll have a significant step up in specs..enough to hopefully outdistance the competition, but it won't be 41 Megapixels (but I guess that would guarantee us SD storage :-) )

I completely agree with your points.

I am somewhat OK, with them releasing new "expressions of the 920". At least they are accurately describing it. But it's also really lame - like there has been no technological progress on the last 8+ months since the 920 was designed. Nokia is not going to pick up any new fans this way.

Nokia has really got to impress with replacement flagship this fall. And I don't mean some huge clunker EOS with WP8 on it. They need to get EOS type performance into the 920 or smaller form factor, and add other features (like micro SD). Without something that really stands out, they are never going to grow their market share vs Apple and Samsung....

You are not going to see a small EOS device. The camera dictates the size. So they might do a smaller camera (21MP) with OIS to make it smaller than the 808. But they can't make a 41MP with smaller photo sites and get a better picture unless the underlying tech has also changed (graphene, or multiple layer). Otherwise it's no better than the 13MP smartphones where the picture in most cases are beat by good 5MP phones.

Agree wholeheartedly. I would rather have the device be a couple of mm thicker as long as there was an SD card and bigger battery. Who are all these people that these manufactures listen to when they say everyone wants thin phones? Put the 808 camera into a lumia body, make it thick enough to have no hump, fill the rest of the space with a huge battery and SD card. Everyone wins! Except for maybe the 3 people who want a phone thats 1 mm thinner for some reason.

Sorry I didn't follow... the MicroUSB is back on top, it's suggested, because wireless charging is taking off... for a phone that won't wirelessly charge?

The missing sd card is idiotic: I want to take videos and pictures with this phone and they limit the 925 and five the 720 the option. Sorry Nokia but you are the underdog and you must convince first your fans and they will convince the people out there. I have the Lumia 920 and I am very disappointed with this bullshit of lacking a SD slot. We are nit apple fans we don't believe everything! Think about it. The time is ticking.

I'm no Apple fan either but the iPhone was extremely successful, especially the 16GB version. I've noticed that more and more phones are lacking micro-SD so it must be some market research they are doing or something.

  • The weight is finally over!!!   lIt's what I would have wanted... if EOS wasn't coming, that is.  I can stick with my phone for a little bit longer for that baby. If there was no EOS coming, I'd snatch this up!

Agree, and actually that approach has some major advantages (e.g. Apps can't be installed on the SD). But they DON'T offer 64GB, so they need to offer microSD...

I think most of you are missing the point here, you don't get 16gb at all you get something like 14 or 13 and take off 1.9gb approx for the o/s  and you have 12 / 11 gb to play with. I have used 12gb gb on my L920 already and that is with moderate use taking pictures, videos etc since I bought it last November and have quite a few apps + games installed aswell (currently taking 4.2gb of space). Given the omission of the mSD card slot as explained in the article it would have been prudent to make 32gb a standard across the top tier devices (you get 29gb), however the L720 does have a mSD slot on the side (tray opened with the sim ejector tool)  which doesn't ruin the flow of the device then again it is polycarbonate after all and slightly thicker.

I guess it's only me but I don't keep every picture/video I've ever taken on my phone. All of my pictures are uploaded to SkyDrive at high resolution so the less important ones' are deleted off the phone.

+1. I don't see why people have the need to have ALL their content on their phone. I'm sure they can sync stuff, upload to SkyDrive, etc. Play a couple games, delete them and play other games. Your game purchases are still stored in your account.

Does the six lense really help on the 925? I wanted to get the 920 but idk. Please answer someone. Thanks.

Six lense means better daytime photos... Well that's what they said but I'm no camera still go with a 920 or wait til fall for the next big thing

If you love to keep the fantastic photos and videos this phone is capable off producing on your phone then 16GB Is not enough, Unless you decide to have very few apps and no music.

Your phone is a camera now. You need to keep moving out pictures to a laptop or drive or sky drive.. your phone is not the pictures or videos' final resting place. Pls get on with it.. At this rate, even if you get 64 GB, you will still be complaining.

What a stupid excuse for moving the microusb if wireless charging means you don't need to put it on the bottom then getting rid of wireless charging defeats the purpose

They need to stop with the excuses about no SD slot. Samsung figured out how to do it, and Nokia does, too. They need to push to the limit.

Wonder why T-Mobile decide on restricting the memory for the 925?  Memory: 1GB RAM, 16 GB user memory (32GB on Vodafone)

Nice phone. Memory is no big deal as we have found from iPhone sales. Most companies and the 925 is no exception copy the iphone template of ltd memory and no expansion. Currently have 920 can't see any reason to upgrade as of yet. Roll on the EOS....

The question for this device will be pricing. With Samsung selling the Ativ S in the EUR 260-320 range depending on the EU market, which has 16Gb plus microSD and a 2'300mA battery, but not the good camera... I can see good sales at no more than EUR 375.- Anything above that and it will flop. (That is a off contract price of USD 490.- max which includes 20% EU VAT)

So they said wireless is so popular we moved the USB up and thdn didn't include wireless charging??? Seriously I'm beginning to doubt the future of the Qi wireless tech. It seems everyone is backing the alternative wireless charging and now Nokia is only releasing a spattering of new phones with Qi. I'm beginning to worry about my wireless charging investment (JBL powerup & 4 chargers)

At first I thought I would go with the 920. Then I heard about the 925. Now I'm hearing about an EOS running windows Phone for the holidays. These are extremely tough choices this year. I think I'll still wait to see what the EOS will be. I am still convinced the 920 is the best. I do however believe that Nokias decision to stick to design with extreme hardware compromising is a wrong direction. I would like to support nokia buy buying their Phone. They are making it hard for me, so sorry if sales still don't go well untill the end of this year;)

Why is referred to as a "metal" or "aluminum" phone in any meaningul way? It merely has an aluminum accent trim along the edges.
I don't for a moment buy the reason gives for not including a micro-SD card feature. It might be a challenge, but not a huge one and Nokia is certainly capable of doing it. A flagship phone should have a this feature. For those who don't need/want it, either pay a little more for it in the flagship phone or take a step down. 
At the end of the day, a very significant number of people buy a phone because of specs whether legit or not. Perceived value is the same as true value when it comes to sales.

you know, i didn't choose Nokia for its designs, which frankly aren't anything special, but for its ecosystem support. a lot of the excuses (and that's how i read them), for why they did what they did are pretty lame. stop sacrificing useful features just to make the phone thin as paper. the iphone sucks ass, but survives because of its apps. they talk about having this kick-ass display, then put it on a device that's like 2".
function first, design around it.
wireless charging shouldn't come before mSD. and if you insist on omitting it, at least bump the internal memory to 64GB or more (or would that be too damn difficult?).

Very Well answered Nokia. I'm Highly Impressed with the Slimness and Aluminium design :) This is what I was expecting... See, Youth can use Yellow/Red colors in Lumia 920. But, for professional/Business/Highend people, it just looks Odd... So, I'll go for the Aluminium :) 
I have a Question... Any other Color apart from White? I'm Hoping you'll be working on Black as well. :) :)

Here we go again as consumer - trying to buy something that is not available in the U.S. but is available in Canada but is locked.  I talking about the 32GB version of the 925!   It just crazy that T-Mobile would not offer the 32 only to meet the 92X requirements of it competitors but only choose the 16GB versions.  People who are interest in the 925 will have to try to buy a Canadian version with the same carrier modes as AT&T and T-Mobile like they did with the 920.  
Not sure if carriers know about lost sales from buyers buying Canadian Nokias. 
T-Mobile should try to work out a deal with Nokia where a customer wants a 32GB versions; T-Mobile could special order it for the customer and have them pay in advance with a time frame of up to 3 months to deliver.  That would be acceptable way of shore up sales for both Nokia and T-Mobile. 

If T-Mobile executives were on the ball; they would go to the next generation of storage requirements and skip the 32Gb and offer an exclusivity to a 925 64GB version. 
That way; they can charge equal to iPhone5 memory prices about $200 move over the basic model of 16Gb and for every 32GB it cost the company - Apple about $20 additional and they probably make 100% on that too.  Retails for an additional 100% so the seller makes $60 more.   But I think T-Mobile is not use to sell high storage smartphones since they been the low price offerings and use to the 8GB and 16GB models. 
If T-Mobile had a 64GB; just off of memory upgrade; they would make $120 if they price base on the iPhone5 pricing policy.

I'm really surprised that nobody here seems to remember that the iPhone 5 (16Gb) sold in millions, the Nexus 4 saw a lot of success (also 16Gb), both of them with no memory expansion, and still you're complaining about the Lumia 925.People don't care about that, and it has been proven.They will buy it for what it is, not for what it isn't.I personally think it will have a lot of success, and surely hope it does :D

iPhone5 16GB sold well because it is a status symbol to a lot of teens.  Nexus 4 sold okay in EU countries where there is limited LTE network; but sold crappy everywhere else.  That why Google ask for a special edition Samsung Galaxy S4 with 32GB to be the Google smartphone. 

Ill be more worried about my music. When I upgraded to the 810, none of my Zune music worked and I had to RE-DOWNLOAD all my music onto the 810 one by one. Long and tedious task, I hope this gets fixed or give me Zune back.

I often work in remote places, outdoors and I love the WP UI. Used my trusty HD7 heavily for photos, email, calls, internet, navigation, entertainment, record keeping and reference. In my situation, i'll usually go from WiFi, to patchy cell coverage, to nothing, and power might come from domestic AC, car, power pack or solar. Heck, the phone may be underwater or freezing cold for part of the day, no laptop for syncing and sometimes not much power or reception for several days in a row. Cos I have clients safety to deal with, my phone is pretty vital (although I do have failsafes). In the last couple of years, the phone's bricked several times and a REMOVABLE BATTERY has been the only solution. That's why, despite the tempting features, and cos my phones need to be in a rugged case anyway, its unlikely I'll go for any of the Lumia phones and the Sammy Ativ still looks like the best bet for me. How brickable is WP8 on Lumia? (

Very good post but one thing was a BIG MISTAKE by Nokia I.M.O.
Going for ONLY 16 Gb for the bigger masses.
That will certainly put off a big part of the "different audience" especially considering they are most likely suits when looking on colour choices and whats better for a suit than saying:
- Look at my new iPhone with 128Gb of internal mem (32-128Gb is likely to be next step after 16-64)
Does Nokia only make 16Gb - iPHone doesnt even do that small hard drives (lol) any more on the iPhone6
- Ahem...but look my Nokia has a great camera that shoots full HD and low light photos are awesome
- Very nice, but with 16Gb You can only store so few minutes of video & so few photos on our conference trip here on the bermudas.
A pity your phone is full while I continue taking great photos of all theese lovely ladies ;)
So Nokia WHY only 16Gb on a premium product?
Space reason - no (since 32Gb obviously is available)
Price? Then do like apple and release 16,32,64 and 128 (to be first on that ball) and charge 50-100 Euro extra per step (I am sure a lot of peeps dont mind as long as the price is not sky high)

Perhaps Nokia will be releasing a varient of the N1020 with 64 or 128GB storage. I mean hell with 41 megapixels and the possibility of not being in a LTE or 4G area will nessatate the need for large FAST internal memory.
I got a 925 and the feature I am upset about is the Call + SMS Filter app T-Mobile is blocking. I mean seriously how hard could it be to have a 1000 number list stored locally on the phone that would just terminate the incomming text or call once it knows what number it comes from. In fact there should also be a white list. Should I have my kids use the phone I only want the numbers I know to be able to call the phone. If my kid wants to add one she needs to ask me to add it. Sure would cut down on all the sexting going on. Well at least it wouldnt happen with people I dont know.
Email has spam filters why don't phones?