Itsdagram for Windows Phone 8 Instagram

Itsdagram, the first fully featured Instagram client for Windows Phone 8, is now available!

Instagram, unofficially, has finally come to Windows Phone 8

It’s been a while in the making, but Itsdagram, a fully functional Instagram client, is now ready to be purchased (with a free trial, of course).

The app goes for $1.49 and is currently for Windows Phone 8 only (Windows Phone 7.x will come later). A free, ad supported version is due later next week but for now, you can try out and use version 1.1 of Itsdagram, which will allow you to upload photos directly to Instagram as well as create an account and view your friends’ photos.

Itsdagram Screens

From the app description:

"The only fully featured Instagram client on the market.  Register, upload, comment, like, follow, find your facebook friends;  All from Itsdagram!

What would an Instagram app be without filters!?  Itsdagram filters can be updated daily without the need to update the app.  You will never know when you've got a brand new filter waiting for you!"

  • Double tap to like
  • Tap and hold to swap between Timeline view and Grid view.
  • See photos you've liked and have been tagged in on your profile page
  • Change your profile picture and password there too!
  • Pin your favorite hashtags and users to your homescreen to keep track of them.
  • Free Trial will allow users that already have an account to upload 1 image to test.  All other features are completely enabled.  Commenting, Liking, Following, etc...
  • Registering a new account with Instagram requires the full version of Itsdagram.

We’ve been very happy with Daniel Gary’s progress on this project over the last few weeks and we think you’d be silly to not at least give it a go. Let us know in comments what you think!

Update: There’s a problem with some European cultures that use commas instead of decimals (ie $1,49 instead of $1.49).  It will be fixed in an update early next week.

Download Itsdagram for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store. 

QR: Itsdagram


Reader comments

Itsdagram, the first fully featured Instagram client for Windows Phone 8, is now available!



Anyone know how to block someone from following you or delete them? Also how do you make your profile or page private? App is amazing and super fast great job to the developer!

Looking great...
However it crashes everytime I try to upload a picture to the site :( (which makes it pretty much useless).
Been reading reviews and it seems most people cant upload pictures. What do you guys say?

Idk which country you downloaded the app in or if it makes a difference in the app's functionality, but I've been able to create an account and upload quite a few photos without a single crash so far here in the US.

THAT'S WHERE IT COMES FROM. I knew I heard that somewhere before. It was hiding in my subconscious for a minute.  lol.

Everyone who has been tweeting with the #2InstaWithLove needs to tweet this and let others know Itsdagram is here for them TODAY.

Good news, filters can be updated anytime I choose.  They don't have to go through the store to get approved.  I could create one called z8er, and it would show up on your app next time you launched it.  So expect better filters in the future.

You should ask the guys who made Lomogram if they can help you with filters or if you can put some of their filters in Itsdagram.

I can give you the algorithms for some of mine from my windows 8 app if you want. I've got some neat ones. Tweet me if your interested @iyae. More than happy to help.

Really nice app, but quite buggy. I have huge problems adding more than three friends!
Looking forward to bug fixes so the app works as good as it looks!
Big plus for the live tiles :-)

Please redesign your app tile logo. From the home screen the app seems like a crappy app. But inside the appearance is much better than IOS and android official app. Good job by the way.

gratz for your app.. but on my lumia 720 it just closes when i try to upload an image! :(
i choose a photo, crop it, it correctly fade out to black moving the cropped pic to the bottom.. aaandd i'm on the homescreen :(

Filters don't suck at all.  I'm surprised of how these improve my pictures. Instagram filters was the one thing I didn't respect about the app itself.  Pictures I've seen on Facebook look like flat garbage to me. These look pretty good.  Only thing, when you add the new filters, take the same kind of care selecting the new ones as you did these.  These are nice an will get some use. Props Dan.

Dude. The last 5 filters Suck balls. Still love the app though. He just needs a few more quality filters.

Sucks balls? What are you?  16  lol. I don't think they are that bad at all son. But as Dan said, he'll be able to drop some new ones in easily without need of the store. He probably has this in the pipeline so its just a matter of time.

And now that someone created a full Instagram App, Instagram can release theirs. Just to piss people off.

I live in Brazil, it is expensive to fix, but I called in and authorized nokia and the repair was pretty cheap ... I'll fix it instead of buying a new iPhone.

The name is because his daughter can't say instagram properly rather than because he's trying to sound cool or whatever, if that helps :)

Wow! I guess we'll never get the official one anytime soon. Oh well, I guess. Btw, I don't like Itsdagram's tile. Lol

Daniel Gary, please is in your plans add Blur and Brightness and Contrast options?? We only just need these now to be a complete experience! :)
Just to record, I already bought your app.

Daniel, you've probably heard all of what needs to be said about this app, just wanted to say THANK YOU :) and really thank you for your efforts...

That happened to me as well. It finally cleared up somehow. I think after I went to a few different pics with comments. Nothing solid.

Runs well, looks great, just needs the image tools instagram has. The blurring hdr and framing. Great work

Daniel Gary, 
I love the app and the way you've designed it but there's one thing that would be nice.  Can you implement the ability to zoom out of a photo when framing? Thanks

When is the free version with adds I forgot my wallet password so if reset my phone I will lose all my apps Lumia 920. Please help

All my instagram buddies will FEEL the wrath of my Creative Studio edits! Bought. Downloading. Please don't get pulled from the store.

This, ladies and gents, is how you developpe an app! Fassst, fluid, responsive, and well designed. Hats off to the dev!

This is a great app and has given us access to instagram; a huge thanks is due!  The app is fast and easy to use.  I am having some trouble with the "find friends" feature but I will reboot and try again.  No big deal there.  I find it hard to believe that an official app could be better than this.  Someone needs to hire this guy and put him to work making apps for WP!

No offense, but I don't get the hype for this. I've never used Instagram though, maybe that's why I don't understand this hype.

So tell me, what's so great about this? Why should I buy this app?

If you're folowing the right people, Instagram is pretty neat as to the photos that you get to see. The thing that I like about it is that it's focused on photos. Nothing more, nothing less.

That's how I use Fhotoroom and Flickr. My biggest problem with Instagram is that I hate supporting a company that goes out of its way to exclude me.

Good point :) However, I'm stuck in a similar situation to Wahtsapp: I don't particularly enjoy the service in comparison to similar services, but I don't have a choice since all of my friends are using it...

At least WhatsApp isn't excluding Windows Phone, so you don't have to feel dirty about using it. ha ha ha :)
The "communication" apps are a problem for me.  I have Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and I deleted KiK as soon as they said "we have no plans for Windows Phone 8"...which was AFTER they posted some stats about how having a Windows Phone app, increased their userbase on all of their platforms.  Now, they're dead to me!


If you have never used it, why comment about not understanding it? If its about shoddy pictures, then you are following the wrong people. Like twitter, it's about curating your own experience.

i just cant create an account on the app, can someone help me, i want to make an accounf but when i click that enter nothing happens

Bought it, works great. 
However, I've had an issue with Facebook linking -- the app correctly redirects me to FB to authenticate, then I can assign permissions to Instagram... but after choosing whether or not to authorize Instagram to post on behalf of me I get sent to a white screen, and the permission never makes its way back to the app.

I thought you could try it for free. Tried to register and says I have to purchase to register. Don't know if I want it without trying it first

WPGram looks like crap compared to Itsdagram! This is one of the most beautiful apps in the store. The blue is what makes it feel authentic. I wouldn't want it any other color. This UI smokes WPGrams UI IMO.

Yes, Itsdagram is definitely more appealing and faster than WPGram. Just not as fully-featured as WPGram. (yet)

"Yeah but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could they didn't stop to think if they should."

Great i hope instagram just supports you and not update the apis and what not. Maybe they will let you be the official app

Hey @danielgary, that's a great effort!!
One question: I understand that the app uses undocumented API to publish to Instagram. Can Instagram block api requests coming from your application and render the app not working?
Just curious. I'm not even an Instagram user but paid the 1.99$ for your effort and it's totally worth it.

find friends doesnt work for me, clicking pictures loads a different picture, clicking someones profile loads another profile, overall quite buggy.

I guess I need to try it because I don't want to be "silly". :)

I wonder if I can out hipster the hipsters and only post ironically. Hmmm...

Great so far . I was able to connect my Facebook but when trying to connect twitter. It just crashes.

Same here. Not sure what it is. It just loads and loads. Other than that you can see alot of effort went into the app. Hopefully this is resolved soon...

Just got the app! FREAKING SEXY AS HELL! But why do the pictures come in a little blurry. It's like they are not as clear as they should be. Like the resolution isn't right? Anyone else notice this?

I'm sorry, but its not release worthy yet. It crashes everytime I try to add a picture. Its fast, yes, but very unstable. Needs some work but I love the fact a full client is here! :)

Dan -- thanks for the efforts and to bring this full featured app to the WP masses.  I don't currently use instagram, but I bought the app to say THANKS and to help support the developers developers developers!

Looks great but im having a problem. I can search for people and find them, but when I try to follow them it doesn't work. I can't see their photos either.

Yeah me too. 2 people started following me, and I can see their pictures just fine (although can't see who they're following or who's following them). Pretty much renders the app useless for now... can't upload pictures if I have no one to upload them to.

It's probably because their profile is set to private. Itsdagram doesn't have the option to toggle your own privacy settings. Hopefully that comes in the next update.

HTC Mozart on 7.8 = not getting another Windows Phone. Really well done on the app but im tired of waiting ages for any good apps to be released on the Windows Phone

No I will never be satisfied if my phone that is supposed to be a contender with android and apple falls behind by about a year. I'm happy for the dev that they have finally got this going. But its not really just instagram, its all the stuff we are missing out on. By the time that draw something app was out on Windows, nobody was bloody using it. I like to keep up with the times, but I can't with this phone.

"Falls behind"?  Nope, you'll never be satisfied because your definition of "behind the times" means that we don't get fad apps when they first come out.  You've got iEnvy and you should just go...don't bother posting about it, just leave.

While you're worried about being "up with the times" make sure you have REAL innovation like best-in-class camera with OIS, built-in wirless charging, NFC, offline GPS navigation, FREE music streaming.  Are those things not "up with the times" for you?  iPhone is WAY behind Nokia in these areas and only SOME Androids have a couple of these things.  So, it's not really about being "behind the times", it's your iEnvy over a couple of apps that as you admit, won't matter in a few months.  I'll be taking AMAZING pictures for the life of my phone.


I hate to say this, but in this technological era, you'll always be behind "the curve". The "Next Big Thing" is always around the corner, close enough to see, but never close enough to touch until....the day comes you can touch it, and it feels good, and you are ecstatic! look up....and what do you see................"THE NEXT BIGGER THING". And now you want it, but.....but my friend, you can't touch it yet, only for your viewing eyes.......

Can you wait a week more? Or just download Winstagram, its work on wp7.8 and i am using because my phones is a samsung focus

I am not selling anything. Nobodys answer to 7.8users about when they will support us. So, if i want upload to instagram now my only option is Winstagram. Ugly, maybe, but works for us.

CANNOT wait to get out of work to buy this! Never used Instagram before, even though I had an account, but now I most definitely will!

posting a comment on popular photo can be a little painful having to scroll all the way to the buttom. next update. great job. awesome app.

I actually have both on my phone and I have two acconts for instagram so i'd be utilizing them both.
If you need the full features of Instagram, then Itsdagram would be the most likely choice for you however if you strictly need to upload a photo, Itsdagraph is perfect as well :D