Itsdagram for Windows Phone 8 Instagram

Itsdagram, the first fully featured Instagram client for Windows Phone 8, is now available!

Instagram, unofficially, has finally come to Windows Phone 8

It’s been a while in the making, but Itsdagram, a fully functional Instagram client, is now ready to be purchased (with a free trial, of course).

The app goes for $1.49 and is currently for Windows Phone 8 only (Windows Phone 7.x will come later). A free, ad supported version is due later next week but for now, you can try out and use version 1.1 of Itsdagram, which will allow you to upload photos directly to Instagram as well as create an account and view your friends’ photos.

Itsdagram Screens

From the app description:

"The only fully featured Instagram client on the market.  Register, upload, comment, like, follow, find your facebook friends;  All from Itsdagram!

What would an Instagram app be without filters!?  Itsdagram filters can be updated daily without the need to update the app.  You will never know when you've got a brand new filter waiting for you!"

  • Double tap to like
  • Tap and hold to swap between Timeline view and Grid view.
  • See photos you've liked and have been tagged in on your profile page
  • Change your profile picture and password there too!
  • Pin your favorite hashtags and users to your homescreen to keep track of them.
  • Free Trial will allow users that already have an account to upload 1 image to test.  All other features are completely enabled.  Commenting, Liking, Following, etc...
  • Registering a new account with Instagram requires the full version of Itsdagram.

We’ve been very happy with Daniel Gary’s progress on this project over the last few weeks and we think you’d be silly to not at least give it a go. Let us know in comments what you think!

Update: There’s a problem with some European cultures that use commas instead of decimals (ie $1,49 instead of $1.49).  It will be fixed in an update early next week.

Download Itsdagram for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store. 

QR: Itsdagram


Reader comments

Itsdagram, the first fully featured Instagram client for Windows Phone 8, is now available!



C&D will be sent in T-minus 1 week...please don't let instagram shut this down, the forums couldn't handle it!

It never crossed my mind to create an instagram account but I'm downloading anyway. Gotta support developers who actually put effort into Windows Phone. Hopefully this sends a clear message to Instagrams developers.

Yep. :( Paid for it to create an account and it just says "Creating account...." and then stops.
Edit: Seems to work fine though using a .com email address instead of

I cannot select a picture from my camera roll. The app just displays a blank screen instead of the cropping screen. When I hit back to try another picture, the app crashes. Glad I only got the trial.

Bought it just to support the devs. The app itself is not problem free. Maybe they'll update it soon. At least adding friends is all around buggy.

This is app is honestly great, there are few WP8 apps that I can call that. Good Job to the devs

I don't think a C & D would come...instagram may surprise us and actually try to reach out to the developer to better the official app :)

I don't care for instagram. But I bought itsdagram no hesitation, and made an instagram account. Thanks Daniel Gary for the awesome app.

Wow, I must say I'm very impressed. Not to diss the Instagraph (I bought it too), but this one is 10000% better.

Just purchased the App to support the dev and the platform, not really an instagram fan, but I gotta admit Ive used both instagrams, android and ios, and this is by far the better looking, just need to add some more filters and Im sure instagram users will be happy as hell.

Daniel, do you know anything about this problem that makes Itsdagram crash when cropping photos, that some users (me included) are suffering?

Do we reckon we could get the dev talking to Liquid Daffodil and get this integrated into Unification? Two devs that are pushing the boat out for WP coming together would be great for the platform.

Have never used this service or application, but bought it in support of the Dev and for WP. It's $1.50!!!  This app seems to be a big deal to many people and because of that and because i want WP to succeed i bought it...and who knows i may actually register and like it one day.

My followers/following aren't showing anything.  Anyone else seeing the same?  Also, there doesn't appear to be a way to set Private/Public.  Or am I just missing it?

Couple bugs Ive found so far.
(1) It wont find my Phone Or Facebook friends.
(2) Cant see my friends list of followers nor who they are following.

Great app. I had the pleasure of downloading it after it was mistakenly published previously. Its pretty much everything you would want in a Instagram client. While I won't get dramatic and suggest Instagram should shove an official app, they are gonna have to step their game up in designing an app as nice as this one.

Love that I bought a third party devs hard fought work with with free money (Bing Rewards) from the Second Party completely leaving the first party out of the loop. Thanks guys the free market RUUULLLESSS!!

Sorry folks.. the app is awsome, but... it is crashing when try to publish any picture. Using Lumia 920. THERE IS a serious bug.

I have the same issue on my 920, when i "crop" on a new picture the app crashes... I love the design of the app and it sooo smooth to use.
But right now it's useless, because I can't upload pictures. Well i still have Instagraph, so will have to use that until a fix is comming

My only issue is I feel as though the picstures arent showing in as high of a res as they could be in my home page of the app. Seems like they are kinda blurred?? Anybody else feel this way? Love the app nonetheless and excited to have instagram on my Lumia 928 because I was dreading not having it switching from my iphone 5 this morning.

It sucks that I bought Instagraph. Worthless shit. What would suck even more is that if I bought this app (that really seems awesome) is that an official (free) app is hopefully not that far away!

Although awesome for alot I wonder if its enough for others to join wp who love instagram I'll try it out with sum friends and get there response friends on IOS and android call it generic I know of at least 10 friends on other os that love instagram and think its funny how all we have are knock offs I hope it doesn't stay this way

New to this, looks great! But when i click on people to look at their photies, it just hangs on saying "Loading..."

Really enjoying the app. havent even uploaded a pic yet. just the interface and functions, especially the holding down to see a grid of the timeline, make browsing much easier.
Wish you couldve saved pics like the other clients out there, but then again the official app doesnt allow that on the other platforms.
Also took a year to post a comment of mine. not sure if it's just my data connection but everything other than posting worked fine

The comments for the Popular photos are unreadable. And it would be nice to have the profile page look like the iPhone app.

Not really an Instagram fan... like some pictures but I'll buy this just tu f*ck instagram x)

Downloaded, bought, created account, added friends, browsed photos, and I have to admit it works. But speaking as a semi-professional photographer, most of the photos are on here total crap. I guess I'm not sure what the big deal is?

No its all social half the pics posted are quotes or repost from funnypics, its just like uploading to Facebook and commenting on the photos

I'm having a couple of pretty serious problems with the app, functionality-wise. Is there anywhere that we can report bugs within the app?

Any idea how to accept followers?  I haven't had access to my Instagram since I got my Windows phone in January...I have a whole list of followers and there is no "accept" button as far as I can see.  Any advice?

It's pretty good so far, but there are a lot of bugs for sure. Also it doesn't allow you to edit your privacy settings.

Bought a copy to help support devs, have no interest in using it. Sign up process struggled with finding friends but otherwise all good

This is a very complete and nice app...i like the competition that's heating between these developers. I actually prefer the Metrogram unique layout...but its buggy now and now as features packed as this app. Although the dev for Metrogram is currently rebuilding the app from the ground up and merging with Instagraph. I'm interested to see what the re-built app looks and acts like.

So far, so good. I'm loving how fluid and responsive it is. I can see comments perfectly, like things, follow etc. I haven't had the chance to upload anything yet cus I already uploaded a pic earlier and I don't want to upload tons of things all the time. I usually upload something maybe a few times a week.
I think it would be nice if you could implement some things that WPGram offers. Like, the ability to save, pan & zoom and have a favorites tab, where you can see your favorite users and tags. That would be great.

Definitely not getting the awesomeness,,,locks up when finding friends and goes to white screen after Facebook login,, obviously released prematurely!

Will the free version release before the 7.x version? And if so is 7.x coming this month or next month? Hopefully I get the 520 for my birthday on the 19th so I won't even have to worry. Amazing job from what I see

I noticed that the stuck-uploading happens when i checked the *share to twitter* box... Hmmm. Can upload when unchecked... Why?

Ok, bought it to show support for the dev, never used instagram before, created a account, logged in, now..... Please someone tell me exactly what is this app all about??? What exactly do you all do??? Just post pics?? Look at pics?? During set up it asked to search to search my phone contacts, I clicked ok and then it returned people with the first name of people in my contacts but NOBODY that's actually in my contacts, weird, and weirdest of all within two min of creating an account my email was flooded with spam, 3 emails about working at home making big money, 2 about car loans , 1 about buying flowers and 1 that I have no clue what it is, it was just a link with no description of what it was, it seems that by creating an account my email address was sold for marketing purposes. Coincides maybe, but highly doubtful, hope all you people who were screaming for instagram are happy now. To the dev, great looking app, runs smooth, now I just got to figure out just what the hell to do with it LOL

Pure awesomeness I downloaded immediately. I don't think I would even bother with an official app this is way better.

I can't see comments on pics for some reason, looks like its black text with black background. Anyone else?

Amazing to finally have Instagram back!!! Suffering from some of the same bugs as everyone else...can't search for friends and people's pictures sometimes won't load...but we all know updates will be on the way. Awesome job, and thank you!!!!!!!

For those who haven't figure out already, the app may crash on upload if the "Regional format" is not set to United States (English).
The developer is already aware of this bug.

Nooo my region is not US.. I hope it gets fixed soon. By the way, did you mean language? Because "United States (English)" is the Language, Region is only "United States". Because if it's only language its fine by me, I used United States (English).

I have changed the regional format to US English but nothing seems to change. Still cant upload... *cross fingers and for updates!*

Did that and it really stopped crashing, but now Im having upload issues - the app gets stucked in the "uploading" message.

BTW great work with the filters, they are really nice.

Thank you for creating this danielgary! Definetely will buy it! Yeah, I agree with Shifla that you should redesign your logo because well.. it looks bad and needs more polishing.. With that you'll atract more downloaders! And also change the live tile color to accent color. And Fadelakin's idea to work together with Lomogram for filter is awesome too, Lomogram does have the best filters ever. Even my friend who had iPhone was jealous. But the rest is awesome ^^. I'll be waiting  for your next update :).

Same here. I have re-installed the app three times, but I still have no filters, except for "Pure". I also have Lumia920.

I dunno what's going on, I can't seem to upload again. I did once, I thought it caused by sharing it with twitter that I can't. But now, after I try again, still can't go thru... Hmmm sooo frustrating... Any help???

Can someone explain Instagram to me? What exactly is it? I honestly have no clue. A little explanation would be great that way I can be excited about the app as well...

After trying out both Metrogram and WPGram (the latter of which I bought before I knew you can't upload photos unfortunately), I prefer Itsdagram by far. I haven't yet tried Instagraph but being that I have all the basic Instagram functionality with this app I doubt I will spend the $0.99 to try it

Itsdagram works great!  Thanks to the dev.  Once in a while I get hanging on an upload.  I just back out and redo it. 

I have problem with accepting a followrequest`(i have a privat account). I cant seem to find where i accept it...
Anyone have any ideas?

Wont let me register an account on my lumia 920 in the uk. Just says creating account then nothing.. Anyone else got this problem?

Microsoft and Nokia should be paying the guy behind this app. It is the singlemost important app in the Store as of now.

Awesome app.. Everything works great so far .. Love the fluidity of it and looks nice .. Able to post on instagram and Facebook... Big plus.. Not getting notifications though? Anyone else have issues with notifications?

By the way, no crashes with registering, finding phone contacts and uploading here on my Lumia 920, but there was a weird flow. After pressing "next" and getting asked to find contacts, selecting them and adding them, it took me back to that "registration" screen. So I pressed "next" again... not sure what else to do, and it asked me about finding contacts again, and this time I hit cancel, and the app closed. (Not sure if it crashed or just backed out of the app.).
After that, I had no issue reopening, viewing feeds and uploading a photo.

Too many features. :-) 1.0 release.
Daniel - what is the best way to submit bug reports to you?
On a photo that I posted, if I click on it, I see a friend's photo instead. And if I click my username, I go to her profile instead, too. I uploaded a profile photo, and it showed up when I did that, but it's not showing up next to my username.

Was able to go back and get profile to work, and was also able to get to my feed and my photo at this point. Still a bug in there somewhere, but enough app closing and reopening got me on course.
I'm also seeing, under Followers, one friend listed twice.

On my "Following" page, if I click on a user and then press Back, I can't click their name again. I have to click someone else, then back, and then their name again.

Can someone please explain Instagram to me and why should I use it? I have missed the bus completely on it and have no clue at all about it.

You can share photos with friends or the world, and you can tweak them with filters to express your creativity. It's not for everyone - if you prefer to stick to sharing photos on Facebook with your existing contacts, then there's probably no reason for you to use this. Personally, I don't use Facebook, and I use Twitter to share what I consider useful, relevant, educational links to content, so I wouldn't want to bother those followers with photos, but sometimes I take a photo I think is neat, and I just want to spam the world with it, where no one will care.

Thanks! I can share them on FBook thouigh if I want to though correct? I don't use twitter...however I do have apps with filters and such that are free that can do the same thing. It's basically Photography Social Media?

Yes, currently this app supports sharing to Facebook and Twitter.
You got it! Kind of like Flickr was but it focused on mobile, forced everyone to crop to square and added those filters. People went crazy for it :-)

Anyone else having problems with the app crashing out to the home screen? While trying to upload or do anything with pictures? The app crashes for me everytime.

Thanks to the developer I can truly showcase my creative studio,fantasia paintings and thumba creations thank you so very much for your dedication but I found a few bugs I'm using a nokia lumia 920 on att
1. Pics in timeline are dark and blurry( I have brightness set to high) 
2.cant see the  people friends are following or who follows them 
3. A few more filters are needed 
thank you for this app!! 

Bought the app to support dev...but it's useless. Can't find friends via search, unloading from FB not working. Don't understand why, with so much positive feedback from others, I'm having so much trouble.

Also.. Activity page shows nothing??? I know its only just been released, but Considering all the fuss, im not that impressed

Activity is "people following you" (and I assume getting likes/comments/tags) but does not include "photo activity." Go to your Me page to see your photos, or the main "Home" to see photos from those you follow (plus yours).

I hit a bug where adding your profile photo during initial profile set up did not stick, but later, you can click the Me icon in the footer menu. Tap your profile photo there, and it opens up your photos. Doing that worked - it "stuck."

BUG: stays stuck searching when finding friends and hasn't found any either in my phone or Facebook. What's the problem?

Please make it available for 7.x soon. I dont intent to buy a new lumia soon since the 920 has been out for a bit and im sure something better is on the way for att so im forced to wait.

Purchased the app, tried to register many times but it didnt work. So I uninstalled and tried to reinstall but when i went back to the store it just said try or buy. So how do i contact the developers to get my money back? or at least access to the app again?

Buy it again. When it comes to the point where you confirm the purchase the Store will say you already own it and you can then tap download. You won't be charged.

Did I miss something. Mine now says Instagram Free. I paid for this app but somehow I got a free version? What I miss?

After all the HYPE about instagram i must say i'm a little underwhelmed and disappointed.
don't get me wrong after using the app a while it's a very good app it's the instagram format i find disappointing!