Lumia 810

Deal Alert: Unlocked Nokia Lumia 810 for $310 flat

Sure, the Nokia Lumia 810 will go down as one of the fastest “blink and you’ll miss it” devices on T-Mobile, but that doesn’t it’s not worth having—maybe even for a backup. Luckily, Groupon, that bastion for smartphone fire sales, has a special going for the next 4 days for the device, completely unlocked.

Featuring GSM (850/900/1800/1900) and HSDPA (850/1700/1900/2100), users on T-Mobile and even AT&T can get in on the action. Sure, there’s no 4G LTE but as a world phone? Not a bad deal.

To refresh, the Lumia 810 was Nokia’s “custom” variant of the Lumia 820. It features a dazzling, borderline neon, 4.3” OLED WVGA display with ClearBlack/Gorilla Glass 2, 8GB internal storage expandable with 64GB microSD card (optional), 8MP rear shoot with Carl Zeiss lens and a 1.5GHz dual core Snapdragon CPU to power it all.

Although the phone is rather square-ish, coming in matte black (though you can buy wireless rechargeable back plate for it), the Lumia 810 falls into the conservative design category by Nokia. Having said that, it’s a solid phone and worth considering at $310 for an unlocked, non-contract device with free shipping.

Head to Groupon here for more information and remember, you only have 4 days to deicide! Thanks, Jonathan, for the tip!


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Deal Alert: Unlocked Nokia Lumia 810 for $310 flat


This was my first windows phone prior to the 8x and its big brother, the 920. It really was a pretty decent phone though.

This is a good deal

Debating this one...  Still trying to find a 521 at Walmart for $130 for my father in law.  But this phone would have NFC, FFC, and be able to play any WP8 app (at least I think it has 1GB RAM, right?).  Question is whether my father in laws habits would justify the extra $180.

I was just at a WalMart trying to see the 521 and they had one. However, it is packaged as a pre-paid phone so you can't actually try it out. But it looked solid.

not much of a deal when you can find these for half that on ebay in like new it is tmobile

Not T-Mobile. This is fully unlocked and will run on AT&T bands's almost if I wrote all of that in the article, emphasizing it ;)

it may be unlocked but it still carries a T-Mobile ROM if what they are advertisng in the pictures is correct.  an unlocked device would typically be devoid of branding....and also it would get updates out of band from when T-Mobile wants them.  Will this phone get those?  Not if it is sporting a T-Mobile ROM.  That's why I never made any mention of unlocked (duh)

Not necessarily. Some updates (such as firmware updates) have to be tested by the carrier, but if its unlocked (which you are misusing with the term unbranded), I wouldn't see why it couldn't get the updates, especially when promised 18mo. OS support. Unbranded phones are unlocked and have no branding. Unlocked phones typically have branding (Though sometimes "Unlocked" has been used to mean unbranded, in the case of the unlocked variant Lumia 800)
It really depends though. Windows Phone 7 was a different story, for instance. All updates had to be carrier aproved or pushed manually.

 I said it has a T-mobile ROM, and you will be at their mercy to get updates.  This phone is being pitched as unlocked but BFD. This phone has zero advantage over just going to eBay or even t-mo and getting the phone, the only hassle this saves you is having to unlock it.

Finding the wireless charging shells is a bit of a pain. You literally have to hunt it down at T-Mobile stores because they are really not available online. Either that or take everything from an 820 shell that ARE readily available and transfer the qi back over to the case. Other than that's its a good phone. I have it and I like it.

I'm still trying to find a cyan back for mine. I've checked with all the local T-Mobile stores and nobody seems to have even heard of it before.

It is the T-Mobile store inside Az Mills Mall. The have two cyan and two black from the last time I was there which was around two weeks ago...

The maximum price I will pay for a phone is 1 cent. So $310 seems like a wildly crazy high price to me. I like what T-Mobile is doing, but until the coverage improves I gotta stick with the evil that is ATT.

You have never paid 1¢ or less for a phone in your life, no one has.
The only ones that think they have don't understand how wireless contracts work.

Well aren't you smart. Some day I hope to be smart like you. I understand the whole thing works, dumbass.

Dumbasses like you who think that a phone costs $0-$200 have destroyed the USA telecom market.

OK, you geniuses.  When I got my phone there was 1 carrier that satisfied all of my requirements.  That was AT&T.  What that means, oh wise ones, is that I was going to pay their rate regardless of the price of my phone.  Still with me, fucktards?  Now, I went to Amazon and found a phone for 1 cent on a two-year contract and bought it.
Now, tell me how it is that I a) paid more than 1 cent for my phone, and b) ruined the US telecom industry.

Because you paid it as part of the fees of the contract. I don't know why that's hard to understand. The price is built into the monthly amount you pay. Amazon makes money by hooking you into that contract. Why do you think they charge a fee if you try to leave? They're basically charging you the remaining financing on the phone.

Wow people, you are super charming!
The guy states pretty clearly what his criteria is and the way that phone subsidies work in contracts with most US carriers is well known.
"When I got my phone there was 1 carrier that satisfied all of my requirements.  That was AT&T.  What that means, oh wise ones, is that I was going to pay their rate regardless of the price of my phone."
That's a pretty clear statement.    Whether or not you agree with phone subsidies with US carriers, the fact is that a majority of US customers are in such contracts with subsidized phones.   If the guy's criteria is to buy at one cent, that's his choice.  His comment does highlight the difficulty that T-Mobile may have with their new Simple Plans, given a fair amount of customers are used to paying for a phone that "costs between one cent and a hundred dollars."

Personally I have always either been on a prepaid plan or just recently moved to T-Mobile's Simple Choice plan.   If my phone have ever been subsidized, they've clearly not been subsidized enough to bring them down to one cent.


The difference is that the current T-Mobile plan is CHEAPER WHEN YOU PAY IN FULL for the phone - the other carriers has the SAME PRICE EVEN WHEN YOU PAY IN FULL which means that there is no incentive to stay with them once the contract is up compared to T-Mobile - unless you get a new "cheap" phone and tie yourself up for another two years.
For a country that pretends to love "freedom", we sure like to be held capture by big business.

That's not the case, I am on T-Mobile's new Simple Choice Plan.  My plan is $50.00 whether or not I pay for the phone in full or not.    The cost of the 810 is $15 dollars a month spread out over 24 months with no interest.   So I pay $360 for the phone whether or not I pay upfront all at one time or spread out over 24 months.
So pay in full and price is 50.00 plus tax.    Not pay in full and price is $65 plus tax.    You pay the exact same price for plan and phone, the only choice is do you pay for the phone all at one time or spread out over 24 payments with no interest charges.

a) your monthly bill is higher than it would be if phones weren't "free" or cost 1 cent. The extra cost goes towards paying for your phone.

b) you, me and everyone else that continues to pay the same monthly cost for a plan whether it is under contract or not (such as an AT&T, Sprint and Verizon plan) help stifle the competition and we encourage being locked into contracts that reduce our freedoms as consumers.

I am well aware of the issues of subsidized phones and the high costs of postpaid plans, that's why I've always been on a prepaid plan up until I got on T-Mobile's new Simple Choice plan.     These ideas are well known and the person that people are responding to about the 1 cent phone states that he is aware of the issue as well.
Given subsidized phones are the standard in America and the vast majority of the American consumers buy their phones under those conditions, given that the poster said he was aware of the issues of subsidized phones, then berating him for picking a criteria of "buying a phone that's no more expensive than a penny" is really just petty.

Let's do some basic maths. I don't know how much prepaid costs in the US but mine is $20/month including data. $310 + (12 x $20) = $550. Your magical 1c phones are on-contract which in the US are typically $80+/month? So $80 x 12 = $960. After only 1 year you'll pay $410 more for your 1c phone. Contracts are typically 24 months though, so prepaid is $790 while contract is $1,920. So you pay $1,130 more. The mobile is unlocked, so you're not locked in to any carrier and can use any SIM and upgrade your phone whenever you want.

Your "basic maths" are based on assumptions that you admittedly know nothing about.  Sometimes things aren't as basic as you would like them to be.  Let's say, for example, I own a business with employees and have a wife and kids.  Your pre-paid plans' "basic maths" don't work so well anymore, smart guy.

My point still stands as you haven't given any information to the contrary i.e. how much you would have to pay if you have a family plan, company plan or some other arrangement.
The point that you're not grasping is, phones only cost 1¢ on contract - but that's all smoke and mirrors as you still end up paying far more than the original cost of the phone by the time the contract is finished. It doesn't really cost 1¢, in this case you'd be paying $600+ for a $310 phone.

Your claim that "$310 seems like a wildly crazy high price to me" is based on a false premise as the people buying those phones typically won't be tied to a contract and therefore $310 is very reasonable.

He must make a good money reselling all those awesome 1 cent devices. USA is a magical place, smartphones for 1 cent. Amazing.

Yes, mine got portico as Ota update. This is an amazing device, super fast. I only had to call one tmobile and ask for the charging back. They told me where to go, and there were lots of both colors in stock.

I got mine brand new off eBay for $290. The first Carrier branded smartphone (semi) I ever brought. Disappointed with the T-Mobile imbedded restrictions to simply toggle on the Wi-Fi. Not sure if an unlocked device would make a difference. Other than that, it's a great phone. The non-HD screen is easily overlooked. I just wished the OS wasn't so closed. Efficiency is great but I rather have cool tweaks and ground breaking apps instead. I'm confused as to how this phone is still available yet I can't find any Nokia Wireless Charging Shell CC-3063 preferably the black color.

I had this phone, really liked it's design. It could at stand up on its side to capture good video. Wish it had 16gb storage instead of 8 gb.

I did but apps can't be installed on SD card. Also, saving photos onto SD card take longer compared to internal storage. It should be better now as Nokia allowed downloaded maps to be installed on SD card.

"It should be better now as Nokia allowed downloaded maps to be installed on SD card."
However the 810 has not yet recieved the firmware that allows "Storage Check" to work.
We will see if it gets that ability or not.

Nah, it'll never happen. T-mob EOL'ed the phone when they realized that they bought the wrong variant that couldn't be firmware upgraded to LTE. The sooner they can kick this orphan out of the house, the better (for them).

Selling a phone to your customers and then abandoning the customers that bought it because of a mistake made by the company, is not the wisest thing to do.    If T-Mobile thinks that to "kick this orphan out of the house" is good for them, they are fools.

"Featuring GSM (850/900/1800/1900) and HSDPA (850/1700/1900/2100), users on T-Mobile and even AT&T can get in on the action. Sure, there’s no 4G LTE but as a world phone? Not a bad deal."\
810 has 4G LTE capacity? It the same as the 920 in configuration.

This was my first WP device. I've since placed it back in its box in favor of an unlocked Rogers 920. I can't help but wonder if, because this version of the 810 is unlocked, if it has or is upgradable to 1308...

What is the difference you notice betweent the 920 and 810?  Is the resolution that noticible?  Camera on the 920 suppose to be better.  Any other differences you notice like weight?

The resolution isn't that much different, although I find the colors to be deeper and truer on the 810. The 920 definitely has the better camera, though. Weight difference is VERY noticeable, though not a problem for me. The one big thing is that when I try to use the 920 one handedly, it's difficult for me to easily reach the back button with my thumb. I never had that issue with my 810. I'm definitely enjoying the 920, though. Love both phones, but I prefer the 920 because I've got Storage Check and so much more space. Had I not jumped when I did to get it, though, I definitely would have gotten a 925 this summer.

I will wait to see if T-Mobile offers two versions of the 925: 16GB for the retail stores and a 32GB version online.   I figure they have to offer both versions to meet their sales goal of expanding their customer base.  You cannot alienate potential buyers anymore or you will go against your main goal - get new customers and have them be happy! 

This is my first purchase from groupon. I bought the item and confirmed the order but i can't see the phone under my groupons. Can anybody help??

I have bought two phones from Ebay. I think once they send email or once they acknowledge the order, it will come up i think