Nokia updates Ringtone Maker Beta, extends ringtone length to 60 seconds

Ringtone Maker

Nokia has once again updated its beta version of the Ringtone Maker app for Windows Phone. The company only recently published an update to the beta that included support for more file formats, but today we're looking at longer ringtones. The team has bumped the ringtone length from just 30 seconds to 60, which will allow consumers to create longer clips from their favourite songs.

As well as the extension, version also includes numerous bug fixes. You can download Ringtone Maker Beta from the Windows Phone Store, but be sure to head on over to Nokia Beta Labs for more details and to register for the trial (listed for Windows Phone 8 only).

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Nokia updates Ringtone Maker Beta, extends ringtone length to 60 seconds


So today i was watching an 18+ video on my nokia lumia 820. And my bluetooth was by chance turned on. My sister was in the other room working on laptop. When played the video i was unable to hear anything. I turned the volume full but nothing happened. Later i realized my phone was automatically got connected to laptops bluetooth. And all my audio was playing there.
p.s. this is just an hypothetical situation, never happened to me. But what would you do if that happens. So be carefull. Hahaha

Amazing Nokia, Nokia does some things what Microsoft should have had on WP when it was launched.. All hail Microsoft and Nokia, plz be faster, thank u bye bye

McDonalds sounds good but my Black 928 is on a delivery truck have to stay at home. Can't wait any longer :)

I know that you can do custom ringtones, that what this app is for!  You asked earlier about custom alerts.  My question was if custom alerts was a function of the OS? 

I will go slower...
You have to choose only from the alerts provided by Nokia/MS. Take a look at the other commentors in this article. They want it too.
custom ringtones - yes
custom alerts (for email, text) - no

I will go slower for you - Custom alerts are a function of the OS, yes or no? If yes, then what does that have to do with Nokia if it is Microsoft's responsibility to implement it? I am not concerned with how many people want this feature; just if it is a function that has to be implemented via the OS.

Hope that was slow enough for you.

WPcentral should do a story about no custom text tones or alerts, its been the number one suggestion on Microsofts site for over a year now

+920 i completely agree. Please Daniel or Rich, if your reading, please contact Nokia or Microsoft for an official answer. We need custom tones ASAP. I don't care about double tap to wake the screen, i wanna change my text tone so me and my other wp8 roommates can differentiate between phones!

Unfortunately by the time that custom ringtones became available (I remember downloading them on my flip phone back around 2000) I was too old for custom ringtones. And by too old I mean older than 21.

Haha! Was tinkering with this the other day on my 928 (Loving It!) & thought doesn't WP support up to 40 sec. Now this is even better. Glad I bought a Nokia Lumia!

I've never been able to use this, even after reinstalling. I've downloaded a number of DRM free mp3s as part of my Zune Pass. It sees the albums, but not yhe songs.

Good job Nokia!!! Now for the love of God, Please make it so we can use them for Emails, SMS and MMS.. Please!!!!!