Poll: How much would you pay for the Xbox One?

Xbox One

Microsoft unveiled the new Xbox today. But how much will consumers look to pay for the new video game console? That's yet to be determined, but we can have some fun with a small poll. So how much would you guys fork out for the new Xbox One, once it's available?


The new controller, Kinect and console itself make for a refresh on the company's cash cow machine. It's going to be exciting to see what we can expect, content-wise once the console is released. Be sure to stay on top of our coverage by hitting up our Xbox One feed, as well as join in the discussion over on our forum.


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Poll: How much would you pay for the Xbox One?


agreed. I paid 600 for my nokia lumia 920 because i believed it was the future. I was correct and it's an incredibly valuable investment. I'm willing to invest 500 plus tax for the future of my entertainment and gaming system

sorry to burst your bubble, but the lumia is a meh phone.
only thing good is the camera, and even then it's eh..

How could you burst his bubble? He already mentioned he was satisfied with the return on his investment. Your opinion isn't going to change his reality.

It provided comparable hardware (CPU-wise) to the competition, added a better OS (in his mind), and offered more storage, a better display, a better camera, and wireless charging. It was priced with or below the competition. It is "meh," by the CPU standards of the time, but when you consider the OS, added features, and more storage, the 920 at the same price is a fine device.

"TROLLLLLLL!! TROLLLLLL IN THE DUNGEON!!  I just thought you should know."

Nah, I've never seen a troll here.  It may be his opinion but why else would he come to a WP site and broadcast hate about WP?

It's not trolling on any other website because a lot of other blogs comment sections are full of that kind of commenting, just here lol

I actually use a Lumia 920. Got it from Rogers back at launch... But now I switched back to my S3... Just tons more features compared to the Lumia... I'll miss Nokia music though...
Buyer's remorse... too many bugs with the OS.
yea it may be smooth (then again, Android jelly bean with dual/quad core is smooth now) but you have to look at it and realize that it does not feature as much as Android.
Although I like the wireless charging (i have 2 pads at home and work), I also had the same thing on my S3.
I do enjoy the high sensitive screen, but I live in a city that i don't need to wear gloves...
To be honest, a better phone would be the HTC One. Higher resale value and more features (also has a comparitive camera to the 920).
But eh, I can pick a Lumia 920 off craigslist for $300-400. That's how shitty Windows Phones resale value is. The phone has been in the market since Nov... It went down $200 already. It's at the same price range as the S3 (which came out in July).

499. Is about right. I would love a game to be included this Gen at launch....will bolt happen, but would help offset the price tag

Well that sounds reasonably, if the console is $500 and the Kinect sensor is $100 (even the old Kinect sensors are over $70 still so it will be more)

The cost of a kinect. I already own a multimedia PC running windows 8. PS4 and now this... Consoles are now nothing more than PC's only with half the juice.

I'm with you id love to pay only $399 but I think it will be $499 the fact that i also want a ps4 effects how much im willing to pay also

I'm with that price but I'm not in a rush to get it. I'll wait about a year or so. Learned my lesson going through 2 ps2s, 2 original Xboxs, and 3 360s before getting my slim last year.

My original ps3 broke too. Had the 60gb too with full backwards compatibility :(

Gen 1 devices do have a habit of breaking until they iron out the kinks ala rrod

First original Xbox got an e74 and the second had disc tray problems. Both were refurbished before I got them. Got a used one after that until my first 360 which got rrod twice before dying, then my replacement had tray problems.

If it will be $399, I will be so happy. Maybe we should all sacrifice something to the Xbox gods to make this happen.

I need more information before I'll buy.
Nothing they showed today interested me. I don't watch sports and I don't watch cable (why pay for cable when you have the internet+netflix+hulu+etc?).
They didn't really show any actual games with actual gameplay in-motion, and frankly their "big next-gen" reveal of the new Call of Duty game doesn't even look better than Metro: Last Light. So I'm waiting till E3 when they supposidly will actually show all the games before I'll be able to decide if it's worth anything to me. So right now I guess, "Do Not Want".

I've gone back to gaming on PC primarily and also use Hulu and Netflix with no TV subscription. Not gonna drop $500 on a console just so I can watch the new Halo series!

No games on the PC make up for the lack of Halo, Forza, and good sports gaming for me, though. The only exclusives you see on PC seem to be WoW (which I'm over), LoL (which I hate), and DotA 2 (which I also hate). The only thing PC gaming has on console gaming for me is Steam's semi-annual sales (the summer and winter ones).

Its not all about the exclusives, in multiplatform games the pc version always looks much better. The xbox One and ps4 might looks as good for the first few months but then as usual they will be left in the dust looks-wise. And don't forget that playing any fps with a keyboard and mouse is light years better than with any gamepad.

Value for money its hard to beat the Xbox and ps3. The cost of a good graphics card is normally more then a complete console.
I could get 4 Xbox ones for the same amount of money i spent on building my gaming rig and there is no way it gives me 4 times a better picture.

Dont be so sure...
First you are buying an PC not an console, so you can do A LOT of stuff you cant do in XBOX, by the way, you can do all the XBOX ONE stuff + A LOT of other stuff

Next gen is going to be 1080p 30fps with shity AA (Unreal engine 4 tech demo was 5 times worse in the console compared to the tech demo but in PC) and you can make an PC that easily gets that quality for 600-700€ (search for it...)

Besides, the community is very big, the games are a lot cheaper, you have always back compatibility, you can use emulaters to play other consoles games and your games of other consoles (like PS1, PS2, PSP, Nitendo 64, etc), you have a lot of exclusives, you have STEAM, you can use keyboar, joystick, controllers, you can mod your case, your keyboard, your OS, you can upgrade, MODs that increase game life, and you arent banned for moding, in fact develepers want people to mod their games just for fun, no cheaters (only in private servers, or non protected servers, not like XBOX LIVE when you can be DOS attacked in an COD game and being banned for doing quick match and entering in a modded server)

Its hard to say (because I always played on consoles, and liked xbox) but PC is much better for gaming right now. In fact, I would being paying 400-500€ for and XBOX 360 upgrade (bad one for the price) when buying the XBOX ONE, because I'm out of USA, so half the things they showed cant be done here. IN FACT, the only thing that they showed and that I can do is playing the games they showed :/

US residents are lucky bastards, for them the XBOX ONE is a good buy, but for other countries residents it is a bad buy

Think about it though, all the "cable TV" stuff they showed can also be used on Internet+Netflix+Hulu+ect.

I'm with you on that. I seriously don't care to watch tv/movies on my Xbox. Its a gaming system. How about showing at least one or two actual gameplay segments. The video they did show just looked like fmv from this Gen.

Sam is it a 100% upgrade in your eyes or just more features and higher graphics will it really change the way we game ? I know everyone is pushing for more entertainment which I will use but I will plug up my superNes today and not care what's on tv into I beat a game or just passout from hunger lol the next generation of gamers already are so different from us I wonder what a kid with a Xbox one is going to be like

I think it'll be worth it. Today we were just told the hardware story. At E3 we'll learn more about the next generation of Xbox Live and all the games/services that go with it. It should be an exciting next couple of months. 

I think it needs to be $400. The 360 launched at $400 with the HDD. This will have that, plus the Kinect, so you might be right. However, I think that $100 bump to include something many won't care for (sorry, I don't feel like talking or waving to my Xbox for basic functions) could be a mistake.

Do not want, not a big fan of cable tv, or sports, or sports games, or cable tv, or sports, or halo, or call of duty dlc, or cable tv, or making goatse motions while sitting in my living room

Gaming = ESPN, cable tv, CoD, Halo, and motion gestures? If that is what gaming has degraded to then you're probably right, I don't want to have anything to do with that. The poll has the option of "Dont want" so that's what I said and I gave my reason. I want a gaming console that plays games, I could care less about editing videos on my system, watching cable tv on my system, all around doing things that computers already do but better... I just don't understand why they would announce their gaming system by highlighting mainly things that have nothing to do with games. Is that an unfair point of view?

Nope. Exactly what I was thinking when I starting the LEP on my Xbox and some dude talking about what you can watch, because we really care about what's trending on tv. I hardly watch my cable now. I would rather hit some multiplayer and watch any of the multitude of crapality tv that every channel has now. Only 2 shows I actually watch are big bang theory and walking dead and I will watch them from the cable box.

$499 is a reasonable price considering the amount of tech you are getting. If they come in higher than that I think it would be a mistake.

IIRC, Xbox 360 + 250GB + Kinect was $399 when that bundle hit the streets in 2010. It's three years later, so no reason to not expect a refresh with new tech for the same $399.

Well its confirmed 499$, head on over to winsupersite.com, where Paul Thurott confirms it in one of his posts

299€ until they redesign it. Then 399€. (now convert that to dollars if you want 'cause I won't bother to do it).

Its going to be easily over $500 for it.  We just bought "top of the line" Dell XPSs for our engineering deptartment, they were 1200 a piece, the xbox specs match it them.  Alone the graphics card has to be a couple hundred for hdmi in and out.  I spent $299 for my 250 GB Slim holiday bundle in 2010.  NO way they can make money and sell it for less than 500.  If I want a VCR my old panasonic would look better on my entertainment center than the new xbox, not buying till the "slim" model comes out.

Well if it is over $500 no one is going to buy it. Especially since you have to pay countless fees to even play online in 2013!

So who bought the PS3, MacBook Pro, Iphone 5 and Galaxy S3 full price.  Alot of people have.  It will probably be subsudized for 200 with a 2 yr agreement with xbox live.  Like buying a slim now for 100 and a 2 year agreement.  They still need to make money, if they didnt why would they sell them, especially with no backwards compatibility, what games can you actually play on release day?

" NO way they can make money and sell it for less than 500."
They intentionally lose money on each unit they sell knowing that they will make it up in content, liver memberships, video rental, games, and advertising. Think of it more like a trojan horse to get in the door and get to your wallet. IF they wanted to make money on the xbox hardware, they would have to charge over $1k easily if not $2k. Obviously they don't make money on every one sold especially if the owner does not opt for live and such but the majority of the units sold they do. For me I have xBox Gold, Music Pass, Netflix, etc. They have made their money back on mine and then some.

So your phisophy puts it at an expensive device and currently it is 9.99 a month for gold member, cheaper for 3,6,12 month packages.  So if it changed to 14.99 a moth, would you rather buy a more expensive device or a more costly membership that us staying with a 360 will have to deal with?  That would be back marketing on Xbox part to keep the cost of the console down but raise the membership cost to compensate, especially for those who dont upgrade.

I haven't turned my 360 on in over two years...so I will end up passing on this one. I actually just had my Gold run out this month and didn't renew. Just don't have time to play games anymore. I won't be getting the PS4 either. It's a lot of money to spend on something if it is not going to be used often.

THIS, the new kinect makes the old one looks like garbage. I was amazed at how flawlessly it worked during the presentation

+1 my daughter loves Kinect games I bought her a Wii and she doesn't like it cause she has to hold the control. And I haven't had big issues with Kinect why do people say its garbage.

Because some of us come from the NES days and would rather sit and play like we have been since then. Plus, I have a Wii. I have an Xbox. I have no need for an Xbox wii60.

I said $400, but I know that's wishful thinking. We can guess at bill of materials since it's pretty much a PC according to various rumors. An 8 core X86 CPU from AMD runs $160 on NE, so let's say $120 at cost. We need a GPU, too, but maybe this is a custom APU, so lets tack on $50 to the CPU. Custom made mobo, $75 at the very low end. 500GB HDD, maybe $40; bluray drive, another $40; RAM, $50. Throw in chassis, R&D, patents and other licenses, and a margin for profit and I'm just not sure $400 will cut it.

At an "estimated" $375 for BOM its unlikely that $400 will work.  I also dont think and APU will work, the current gen has a dedicated ATI graphics processor.  It will need at least 1GB of video memory to do the 1080P in and out.  Its pretty much buying "Deep Blue" for your living room, i just hope it doesnt beat me at chess....

Yea, and I forgot to include Kinect. This thing could be north of $550, unless they take a big loss on it (like they did with the 360).

If it integrates all the features they've shown with Freeview (UK tv service) then £400. If a load of the features are US only, £300.

IF if can replace my cable box, and be used as a DVR, $500 easy.  If it just augments my cable box, then $300. 

Since this will replace set top boxes I wouldn't be surprised to see cable/satellite providers offer bundles and/or contracts with the Xbox One. That's if the cable/satellite providers are partners with MS, which I haven't seen announced. This whole thing could fail like Windows Media Center did if MS can't get the cable/satellite providers to play ball.

I'm a casual gamer but I use my PS3 constantly for movies and streaming media. Basically, I want that but with a lot less fan noise. I'd like some fun party games. I miss the original Fuzion Frenzy and just realized today you could get it for Arcade. I wonder if they'll release it as a download for this...

I think the hardware and stuff is worth $500ish, to me a game console/media center isn't worth that too me.  I would rather pay a couple hundred for a similar device that maybe can't do the hand/voice controls and can just play music, video, dvr, ect...
It does too much for what I would use it for, and therefore would cost too much for what I would use it for.

Somewhere between $400-500 USD for console with Kinect and one controller included like I bought the Xbox360 "slim"

ok, just Binged it. So how are you comparing the two? The Wii U hardware is comparable to the 360s 7 year old graphics and performance. Also, how is that a tablet? It doesn't run an OS like Chrome, iOS or Windows. Wii U is just like the original Wii, inferior power and unimaginative.

The Wii U by far is not in the same playing field.

The WiiU is way more powerful than the 360 and is next gen.  And is at a better price point, 300$, to get to as much people who can afford it.  That's the whole point.  The pricing is what held back the PS3 for too long.

plz explain how it is more powerful? From all reviews, they've stated performance and hardware is on par with 360/ps4, if not slightly better. Nintendo nor Sony didn't incorporate such a flexible software incorporation like "hypervisor" or can multitask. Games definitely will look better, play better and offer more services.

Seriously how are you comparing those two?

Better video card.  More RAM?  The WiiU will get all the newer titles (Assasin's Creed, Watch hour, etc...)  The same games that will come out on the XBXO and PS4.  All I need to know.
The price point is still an issue.  Unless Microsoft takes a hit and sells it at a loss.

No more than $299-$349 without Live subscription requirement... It wasn't that jaw-dropingly good but I'm not a big gamer so I'm only really looking at it media-center... Honestly, I want an XBOX Lite edition geared towards Apps/Services, DLNA and casual gaming... A XBOX/Roku hybrid... Low power, always on with Windows 8 RT and around $99 to $149.

If the way they priced the Surface is any indication, this is going to cost $599 at least. If that is the case I won't be in any hurry to buy one.

Let's see, I will be able to browse the web, use Skype, watch Netflix and play games! Wow, I already do all that on my PC! So I would pay zero!

Skype, Blu-Ray Player, Internet search, exclusive content... Blah... Blah... Blah... All I hear is the next Call of Duty will work on it. I'm buying it!!!

Gold subscription to xbox live over 5 years = 300 $...
I'd be happy to pay 499 or 599 if it gave me free access to play online, I can't help but think this will cost like 800-900$ in real terms over the course of 5 years.
I love microsoft but charging for online gameplay... If the games were free I'd be happy to sustain a subscription like service but this model is just plain wrong... 

Dude, you can buy 12 month Gold Memberships for under $50 on Amazon. That's less than $250 for 5 years. You're wasting your money if you pay for anything less than a 12 month subscription

If i was to buy it, then i would pay between $350 to $400 but i have a feeling this puppy is going to come in close to $500+

The Xbox one sounds intriguing. But my ps3 sits around as little more than a blu ray deck and media player. The new Xbox will need to be relatively inexpensive before I get one.

Without backwards compatibility I wouldn't pay more than 450, unless it really is as impressive as it sounds.... Or a new fallout game is announced... lol

$399. Would have been $499 but w/o compatibility they also need to take a hit like we do. I bet you they'll lunch it with COD and the HALO series included so people will meet them at a $459 tag price though. Not much of an incentive w/o those two.

The Xbox One is currently up for pre-order on a Price Guarantee on Zavvi.com and The Hit here in the UK (different trading names for essentially the same company) for £399, which for me seems reasonable.

id get one, if i hadn't just bought an Xbox 360

$399 Lets stop getting carried away with just want to give your money away. Its a great system and I can't wait but anything more than $399 they can keep

For what they showed me today, I want $399. I would go to $499 but I wouldn't be too thrilled about it. That's just for what I see today but I realize they still have E3 to show off even more. Depending on what they show at E3 I could be happy at $499 and might consider $599 but they would have to really wow for me to be okay with $599. $399 is instabuy for me though.

People are very price sensitive (see the Wii) so if the PS4 (without motion/voice sensor) comes in at say $349 and the XBox One comes in at $499 with mandatory Kinect AND XBox Live Subscription just to access online apps (NHL, MLB, Netflix,etc) I don't think there is enough value there to have huge release sales numbers.  You're not going to keep the XBox 360 hooked up next to your XBox One (defeats the purpose and you would probably need to XBox live subscriptions to keep both), need to buy all new versions of your old favorites, don't have the space in my small 10x12 entertainment room (just right for my 55 inch HDTV) to use a Kinect - not seeing it.

400-500$ would be the make me happy point. But depending on what other things it can do (well) I could easily pay more. I'd like to get rid of my PS3slim and my uverse box all at once. The second is probably too much to ask for. Really, I'd rather they just release the XBOX OS and allow us to dual boot on PC. I'd slap it on my slim Alienware.

If you look at the cost of manufacture: CPU&GPU ~180, HDD ~50, BD-ROM ~30, RAM and other SOCs ~50, and Kinect2 ~100 (current gen cost ~60); the price looks like $499. If they sell it at 599 they could actually turn a profit day one on hardware alone.

I wish it was $399, but the reality is that it will go for $499 mist likely. I still have games to play on my 360, so I can wait until the One goes down in price.

It's "couldn't" care less and if the cost is in line, why are you here crapping on the parts that you wouldn't use? Those would just be extras.

Haters gonna hate.

300USD - Anything more than that is too much. The WiiU will own everyone because no one gets a 500$ Christmas present unless your parents are flthy stinking rich, and no college student can fork out 500$. I'm happy with the Xbox 360 at the moment. It's an Xbox, not a computer, so, honestly, it shouldn't be touching the prices that ultrabooks have sunk down to. I know for a fact that it doesn't cost 500$ for a 500gb harddrive, 8gb of ram, and an 8core processor. Everything else is just extraneous junk. 

$400 AUD (Australian Dollars). even still it wouldnt be a day 1 buy for me. bought my 360 legit from a store for $140 4 years ago

$499 is way too much! At this economy, selling at that price is a risk. Remember what happened to the PS3. It only started selling when dropped to 299-399$.

I'd pay up to $499 but they better not try that crap with a subscription to XBL where you pay monthly and pay 5 times as much per year than a code from amazon.

Just so long as it's not the same price as the Xbox 360 when it first came out! in Australia it was around $600 and took a few years to come down closer to $400

Ok so Xbox 360 6 years later bundled with Kinect and 250gb hdd was 400, what makes anybody think that AT LAUNCH 400 is even close to being an option...it will be 599 minimum. With an Xbox live subscription @15 a month well see a down payment of 299. Maybe time to get a job...

I just hope places like Game dont make bundles that you have to buy and not letting you buy the console and the game of your choice.
Remember being forced to pay £100 more than i wanted to for the 360 on launch day purely because i couldnt buy the 360 and the two games i wanted I had to purchase the bundle with 3 games in that i didnt even want.
Im willing to pay £400 for it then take it home and download the games that i want.