Microsoft updates YouTube for Windows Phone, complies with some of Google's requests

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Microsoft has given in to Google's requests by updating its YouTube app for Windows Phone, but only to a degree. The company will be complying with some (but not all) of Google's terms of service. The two giants have been locked in a fist fight for some time regarding the official YouTube app for Windows Phone. It doesn't look like it'll be over anytime soon either. 

So what's this all about? Microsoft has been wanting Google to get a half-decent YouTube app developed for its platform for some time now (years even). But the company has decided to quit waiting and provide its customers (as well as those who utilise Google services) a way to enjoy videos published by subscribed accounts. There is only one issue with Microsoft's attempts: it didn't play well with Google.

The search giant sent Microsoft a cease-and-desist letter regarding the app, noting violations of the YouTube terms of service. This included no advertisements being displayed and enabling users to download videos for offline playback. It was put forward that Microsoft should either pull or block the app from consumers by May 22nd.

Microsoft has today decided to meet Google half way. The company has rolled out an update for the YouTube app, which will remove the video download functionality. Here's what a Microsoft spokesman said to ZDNet in response to questions raised about what the plan was:

"Microsoft updated the Windows Phone YouTube app to address the restricted video and offline video access concerns voiced by Google last week. We have been in contact with Google and continue to believe that our two companies can work together to hone an app that benefits our mutual customers, partners and content providers. We’re earning new customers every day, with IDC reporting recently that Windows Phone posted the largest year-over-year gain among leading operating systems. We look forward to working with Google to maintain a great YouTube experience for the growing number of people who rely on both of our respective products."

YouTube No More

Microsoft has consistently played the card that Google refuses to provide access to necessary APIs that would allow the company to develop a worthy YouTube app, which would also serve advertisements and keep the Android beast happy. Currently, the Windows Phone team has crafted the app using an API which doesn't provide ad support. It's a vicious circle. 

Google not only doesn't want Microsoft to build an app for its platform, but also Apple and BlackBerry. Google is the party who builds and maintains native apps for the respective platforms, but has skipped Windows Phone, ignoring requests from both consumers and Microsoft. Google has made it clear in the past that it doesn't wish to support Windows 8 or Windows Phone with many of its services and products.

So where do we go from here? It's difficult to say, but whatever the outcome is, Microsoft will surely use the situation for its Scroogled campaign against Google. In the eyes of the consumer, it's in the best interests of both companies to work together and get a solution made available for Windows Phone. Happy customers for Microsoft and partners enjoying revenue income alongside Google.

If you haven't already done so, you can download the official YouTube app from the Windows Phone Store. via: ZDNet; Thanks, AAA, for the tip!

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Microsoft updates YouTube for Windows Phone, complies with some of Google's requests



This seems like the solution for those who want to continue using the Microsoft YouTube app with all that functionality still there.

Bad thing You will not install this as the Marketplace checks if the xap You want to install from the SD card is the same that is present in the Marketplace currently.
If not, it's not possible to install (the application does not even appear on the list)

AFAIK that doesn't apply to dev unlocked devices though, as the xap file can be deployed via a PC and doesn't require access to the Windows Store.

Hopefully my 5 yr old daughter doesn't update my phone. :p She's good about keeping my phone up to date for me. HAHA!

I can't do it.  I have an update obsession.  Fortunately I only use YouTube about once a month and don't really need to download.

They should create a feature that lets videos "download" to your SkyDrive. (Basically, send to your SkyDrive directly from YouTube)

How do you come to that assumption? I had imagewind before MS killed it with twitter filters :'( it never stopped working until my daughter broke my phone :'(

This sucks - MS should have stuck to their guns. Engadget says even if we don't update the app the downloads won't work...

Should be fun seeing these two go to court over the app and then Microsoft arguing that Google is being monopolistic.

Why would you want to use the official YouTube app if there is myTube available? :)
Just download the official app ad it is needed by third party apps to play YouTube videos, but don't use it as your first YT app :D

Yeah there's plenty of alternatives. I use Supertube, which is very similar to Metrotube and works great.

+1 imagine the advantageous position they'd be in now. Yt is the only google service i use, but frankly its essential.

Has Microsoft now done all they can without access to the official API? Did google grant access to the official API for the XBOX YouTube app? YouTube is the one Google owned service that I really use, so if they want any revenue from me, open up the API and let Microsoft display ads in the YouTube app. I will gladly watch on my Windows Phone!

Google didn't have to grant anyone access to the private YouTube API for the Xbox app since Google was the one who developed it.

I just checked without updating the app and you cannot download videos anymore. The option is still there and you can start the video download but app deletes the video after 100% done.

Yeah, may be I just tried the wrong video. But yes, it works now and you can download videos if you don't update. I am not updating the app....

Screw Google. If Google won't cooperate with other companies then I will put my two-cents in by NOT updating.

Now that Microsoft held up their part of the deal, Google should do the same and give Microsoft the necessary API needed to give us a great experience and also add their precious ads.

Idk if that was part of the deal. Thought google wanted MS to shut it down and use the kill switch on the APP... Doesn't sound like a deal at all

Well, I won't update. And if Microsoft forces the update...well I won't use the App at all.

As I keep believing Microsoft should start acting as an arsehole to Google two. For example...by preventing Windows operated computers to run Chrome, YouTube, Gmail or any Google powered device. Block all of that for a couple of weeks. Perhaps then Google gets the message. And sees that, without Microsoft, there won't actually be a Google. MacBooks aren't that common worldwide to sustain Google. Apparently those idiots haven't realized that. That's what happens when your friends are maniacal North Korean Eric Cartman wanna-be dictators.

Here's the problem. We here know all the ins and outs of these things because we care enough to come to sites like this and keep up to date. We are in the vast minority. The general public doesn't know or care (IMO). If Microsoft blocked Chrome on Windows the general public would call MS the bully and they'd resurrect the antitrust lawsuit issues again and all the trust MS has built back up with public in last 10 years would be flushed.

Microsoft was forced to pay millions and millions of dollars several months ago because they failed to implement the ballot browser system in Europe. Imagine what kind of trouble they would get in if they deliberately prevented chrome from running in windows. Microsoft is screwed on this one. They can't force google to open up YouTube and they can't screw google by blocking their products from running on windows.

Yes they can. What the European Court ruled against was not allowing to choose the browser and forcing IE on people. As long as Microsoft allows all other browsers and companies, the European Courts will have nothing to point or legally hold to against Microsoft. From the legal point of view, Microsoft can perfectly do that against Google. More, they can use Google's denial of delivering an App or allowing its development to accuse Google of monopolistic behaviours.
There's nothing in European law that prohibits a company from going to war with another company. Microsoft just needs a more tough law division.

Except Google can argue that they aren't being treated fairly compared to other browser developers and the EU Courts will side with Google. Better for Microsoft to just let Google do what they want then sue them for monopolistic practices when the time is right.

If Microsoft did that then they would be as bad as Google. Microsoft are doing the right thing, for both the consumer and them.

The only function I actually cared was the download ability which is extremely useful. And I think, its safe to say, the majority of the people think the same.

Microsoft needs to put an option in WP to choose what YouTube app you want to use as default so that you can open links easily. Right now it only works with MS YouTube app.

It's more about who is pissing in my cereal. MetroTube was not bothered by Google to remove that feature. All of a sudden Microsoft takes an interest and it's time to bring in the lawyers.

Because having to use an app not called YouTube looks like a cheap knock off and will discourage people from switching when they hear that there is no YouTube app.

I have to say my reasons are very different. I love metrotube a lot! Got it ever since it first came out on wp7 with my first gen windows phone (optimus 7) and what gets me the most is the fact that this YouTube app has access to all the official videos! I.e. RHCPtv shows all the music videos of RHCP in the YouTube app now, whereas in metrotube you can't see the music videos. That's what makes it for me. That and the download feature of course. But yeah. Knowing google, they will find a way to remove that feature that I like...

Metrotube can't download certain restricted videos or even play them as far as I know. If the MS version of the youtube app does do those things it was clearly superior..

Google has become a big pain in the arse lately. I thought Apple were bad but jeez I still like iOS love the fluidity of it. But I prefer WP OS I just want Microsoft to sort out the Bluetooth Connectivity issues.
I think Google should be a little bit nicer to Microsoft I am glad we have Bing search and one thing I really hate about YouTube are those damn annoying Ads.

you gotta love the smartphone war though.
brings out great products for the consumers and finally we consumers have all the options.
can u imagine pointing your phone on the street and being able to see where to take a piss few years ago?

No Update For you ! Bahahahahahahaha
& I don't even use YouTube !
In the words of the great Ashley Esqueda "Google Can Zuck It" !
P.s. Y'all should listen to TechFoolery.

I get why Microsoft is doing this. They need to make it look like they want to comply in order for the pressure to fall on Google's shoulders. They're just playing a chess game.

As soon as I get my phone back from repair I'll be downloading this (along with everything else I missed in the past month). If there's one good thing about not having your phone for that length of time it's not needing to fiend on WPCentral every night for new apps in the store.
Related: I used to love google. Was a total fanboy. Not Android just the google services. Had all my friends joining GPLUS, synced all my contacts to Google, used Gmail for everything. As of late they are the biggest asshole online. I'm only left with Gmail and my MSFT account becauase it's too much effort yet to unlink it and move everything over.

I call for a Mexican stand off. Block all Microsoft os' from working with google run sites. When googles traffic dips that 85% odd that it would, and they go running to the competition commission Microsoft can retort with: they started it

That would then "hurt" consumers who use Google services on Microsoft products, not a good idea!!!

According to an article in Engadget today, "video downloads are disabled -- users who already have the app won't retain this functionality, either".

Should of told google to go fuck them self's lol far as updates go they need to improve typing example leaving comments its a bit sluggish to be frank

Exactly what I'm doing, only need to shut down my Gmail and Google+ accounts now. Already have my calendar and contacts migrated from Google to Outlook.com.

I updated, and the reason why is simple... I support Microsoft's efforts to be a good corporate citizen and support its customers and play well with others.

No they're not. They are the tech blogs darlings at the moment. Android ain't going anywhere just like Windows on PCs aren't going anywhere in the next couple of years.

Yes it is, at least on my now ex-galaxy s3... I dont know... there is somethng that makes it nicer... And you can download videos!!! hahhaha and also no adds and all that crap

Agreed. Google hasn't seen competition yet. Its about to be taught a lesson or two from the master.

Still I find it interesting that Google complains about lost profits on which they refuse to pay taxes by using every trick on the book.

I don't even use the YouTube app (I use MetroTube or myTube) but I still don't want to update the YouTube app out of principle. I am really growing to dislike Google even more than I already did. I wish they didn't own YouTube (the only Google service I actually use).

How can you even ask about that when they are trying to make us 8.0 customers happy, going through all this crap that Google is pulling?

I like metrotube, but I like the Microsoft YouTube app better, the look of it inside the app and just having an actual YouTube tile.

since when did youtube app on android n IOS have adverts function? or even the mobile version? did anyone see adverts on mobile phone before? weird cuase i have devices on all 3 OS and i don't see a single advert

I, for one, updated the app. Let Google see we're willing to play nice if they stop being such jerks. Besides, there's always the great MetroTUBE for "pre-loaded" videos.

sshh guys..dont talk about metrotube. ..our little secret.
but seriouslly..i now realise what an evil scum google is

as a kind gesture to google..i am boycotting google search engine and switching to bing.com
Microsoft is doing good work whereas google just launched half-cooked mobile os that keeps crashing and steals all info for advertisers.

I have never used Google as a search engine, even before the war on Microsoft.  I grew up on Yahoo! and have stuck with them, and lucky for me, Yahoo! uses the Bing engine. :)

I've done that as well, removed the Google app on Surface, changed the default search in Opera and Firefox as well to..... Bing!!!

Awesome. I've also changed all of my defaults to Bing. I have an iPad that my girlfriend uses and she says she has actively started going to bing instead of Google. I've noticed because my Bing rewards point total has suddenly shot up :)
And yes, Android is so buggy and shady. I still don't get why people love it.

for those who hates Google: don't update!

for those who somehow wish for a better relation between Microsoft-Google, and you think this can become a great beginning of a new era for Microsoft-Google better relation: update it!

whichever you chose, there'll always be metrotube, mytube, and youtube web via IE

I've updated this aaaaand got "problem error report, {version}, send to ms via mail?" and i cant watch (stream)....whhhhyyyy? The screen only blaaaaank!!! Where i can ask this question???

Hey Google, guess what, nobody cares about your stupid cease and desist. Try taking this to a court, and see who's gonna win. I dropped all your shit except for YouTube, and when I use it, I download whatever I want. Bitches. Go pay your royalties instead of annoying our lives.

Can't help but think that this is a legal play by Microsoft, as opposed to Google, believe it or not. It would seem that by so plainly violating Google's terms they were goading Google into a situation where they will have to act to defend their intellectual property (IP). In doing so, Microsoft may be looking to attract a court case where they can argue that Google ought to be providing access to their API (etc), at a reasonable cost, in the same way that companies are often required to provide access to their patents at similarly reasonable rates. As there is likely not much jurisprudence on this particular subject matter, Microsoft would want to set a precedent whereby holders of IP similar to this API, which Google is coveting so intently, would have to release it to competitors for a reasonable level of compensation. The fact that MS has complied with some, but not all, of Google's requests is likely to create the impression that they are not acting in bad faith towards Google; something that never plays well in the event that the matter does go to court.

The reason i wont update has nothing to do with downloads... Did nobody notice that we could suddenly play youtube videos that are usually restricted on mobile devices?! Well until: "Microsoft updated the Windows Phone YouTube app to address the restricted video..."  

Forget it! After Google demanded MS to use the the kill switch to remove this YouTube app, I'm not going to update the app!
Google was so pissed about MS and their monopoly situation earlier, but now when the roles have changed, Google is behaving worse than MS ever did!
Shame on you Google!

Damn that dreadful youtube update has reached on my phone.....i am not updating it, can some dev suggest how to deny an update..

I've made an effort to cut google out of my life in the last year.  I am impressed by them when it comes to certain things, especially their search engine, maps and google translate.  I am also glad there is a strong free phone OS, android, out there (although I feel it is mostly inferior to iOS and WP8).  I just cannot come to terms with googles poor customer service, laggy/broken software, and various shady practices.  Most of all I am just sick and tired of them making me change my password every 1-3 months...  I mean for the love of fraking god that is great that you think someone hacked me because I am logging in from a lot of different devices or whatever but at least give me some options!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh and google wallet doesnt work for me at all anymore, rendering my old android phone almost useless because it wont even let me download free apps now.  Hope that this does not happen to you, because CS from google is so terrible you'll never get it fixed.

Why do Google have to provide a YouTube app for Windows Phone  ? If they think that development cost for the app is much higher than what they'll gain then what's wrong in it. You won't open a shop where you sell stuff for less than at which you buy it. And Android users aren't asking for an Office app. If a company owns something it has the right to distribute it. Can anyone complain that why Nokia isn't making it's hardware available to Android OS ? What's the fuss about, I don't get it. 

It's funny how if the Sides were switched & Microsoft were blocking access from Google or anyone else as a matter of fact like this the general public & tech media would be bashing them endlessly & labeling them as the "Grumpy Old Man" on the block. Don't you love Double Standards

Thanks to WPcentral for this post before updating and deleting the download function with it.....(for how long will it work)

What the world really needs is a decent alternative to YouTube.  The "self-policing" strategy just doesn't work.  Not only is it a haven for copyright violations, but the content is often not approproate for children.   After a few incidents of very inappropriate videos that are brought up in Minecraft searches and other child-oriented keywords (super heroes, toys, etc.) I had no choice but to block YouTube at the router for the kids' sake.  They were pissed, and my wife and I are inconvenienced.  Nearly anytime there is a post including a video online, I have a little black box that say "blocked".

No If you download the Windows Phone 8 SDK and Load it on yoir phone from there It will be downloaded as a Dev app STANDALONE

My one suggestion to Microsoft, stop publishing all updates of Skydrive and Outlook on Android and also block Download function of Skydrive for Android. let Google realize the power of Microsoft.

every action by Google regarding Windows Phone 8 is showing that they cant compete with it any more unless they do some unethical practises. this is a indirect Victory for us.

I think Windows Phone users are going to suffer more this way. Google doesn't need to compete with Windows Phone.