Nokia not as amateur as Apple, makes antenna that works on Lumia 925

Lumia 925

Nokia has taken an opportunity to go into some detail about the Lumia 925 and its antenna improvements, utilising the aluminium to wrap around the sides of the Windows Phone. The "ring" of metal acts as part of the phone's radio system, with stripes that separate the antennas (main antenna at the bottom with two more towards the top of the device) from the other sections of metal.

The blog post notes that whether the owner is on GSM, WCDMA or LTE, it will provide consistent performance, as well as adjusting the "balance of power" between the antennas depending on how the Lumia 925 is currently being held. Woah; crazy stuff. The end result is the same radio performance as one would expect from a wholly polycarbonate design, but with an interesting aluminium twist.

It's humorously noted that should a Lumia 925 user hold the phone with two hands covering each and every edge of the device, this will have a negative impact on the signal. But it's stated this is the case with every other mobile phone. So relax, folks. We're not going to see the repeat of what happened with a competitor product only to have Stephen Elop state that we're all holding the darn thing incorrectly.

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Nokia not as amateur as Apple, makes antenna that works on Lumia 925


Yeah, Nokia quality is so good that there are dust gaps and dust sitting on a camera, also it's so good that they lost more money than expected due to too much warranty covering costs due to poor quality (as per their latest report)
Hair almighty Nokia

At least they fix the issue, instead of just giving you a free case to fix the antena issue .... lol ...

Before Apple is giving away free bumper they were charging $30.00. Then one of senators got involved and they decided to give it free. If that senator didn't get involved Apple would have bleed everyone that purchased that certain iphone, and that's how they make more money.

The dust issue was limitted to the first batch of phones. And where does it say that they lost money due to warranty costs?

Too bad this wasn't in the market at the height of Apple's antenna fail. Would have been epic to see an ad with a picture of a iPhone saying "hold differently" with a L925 next to it saying "hold however you want".

Apple is dumb. They update their ancient iPhones with latest versions of iOS that makes it a snail. :D
That's why Nokia chose not to update 7.5 to 8.

Ancient iOS really. The hardware itself is pretty good, only the software is soooo 1998. I always ask hipsters with iPhones if they are not too young for their iPhone. Then I show them my Lumia 920 and their arguments become invalid :-)

Saw that as well.
Not cool WPcentral. Apple may have had one bad antenna design, but lets not forgot they were the ones who started the movement..

What movement Nokia back in 2004 were already looking at touch phones so ur comment is invalid sorry

Apple made it mainstream in 2007 and continues to dominate the market as a single manufacturer making mulitple times the profits and sales than any other compeitior. Your argument is invalid. They may have done it first, but they weren't the first to make it the norm.

Really?  You do realize that Nokia has patents and IP surrounding telephony and antennas, right?
There is a reason why Nokia devices rarely have issues with reception, regardless of your carrier or location.

The 925 in the photo is so damn sexy... It's getting really difficult to resist buying one when it reaches T-Mobile, even though I got my Rogers 920 earlier this month!!! The next question might be: white or black?
i really shouldn't buy it, though, just so I can SAVE money. *sigh* Decisions...

Ok the comments got weird.....so I'll stay on task by endorsing the white one definitely unless your hands don't sweat much. In that case, get the black one.

The title was amateur... We all except more polished views from wpcentral. We champion the cause of WP ... But not by some childish headlines

Why not compare the Lumia models reception wise to the high end model they will compete against, the iPhone 5? It's pointless to compare a 2010 model to the 2013 one, would you compare the 2010 Nokia's to their 2013 WP Lumia counterparts? I would hope not. Those phones all had Symbian and they all sucked in all ways except the antenna worked. I'd hope that Nokia would be doing much better in the antenna department than a company that literally just entered the market 3 years before the 2010 iPhone 4 that had some antenna issues. What a shocker, an established entrant has a category they do better in than a non-established entrant. That didn't apply to most of the other factors that made a smartphone "smart". Nokia's better just explaining why the antenna works well, and not even bringing Apple into the equation.
We don't even know how the reception of the 925 will work, it hasn't even been released yet. 

Y'know, considering you're the Editor In Chief of a fairly popular news site, I've noticed a lot of your comments are highly unprofessional. It wouldn't hurt you to learn to take a bit of critisism without responding with sarcastic remarks.
I'd hate to see you tread into the territory of the likes of Amy from Amy's Baking Company, or Adam Orth with the whole Xbox debacle.

Well ! I know I can expect stupid titles from surur on wmpower.... But wpcentral always had a mature view of the platform... Its fine a banter with friends , but not comfortable with a headline on a darn good website

I haven't visited WMPU in over a year; sounds like they are still up to the shenanigans that prompted me to stop visiting their site in the first place!

Four children were asked for a headline. None came up with this one. The polishing has been done sir.

You do realise that the plastic on the edges is part of the optional cover and not part of the phone!

I'm not talking about the red plastic over the edges -_- I'm tlaking about the blakc plastic that devides the phone into 4 compartments.

Let us please not get into that deabte again =P I never saw it IRL either, but let's just say that some people did.

Am I the only one who doesn't really like the design of the 925? It reminds me of the Samsung ATIV S, and that phone wasn't exactly made of premium materials.

Yep you're the only one because I saw comparison between Samsung S4, HTC One X, and Nokia 925, and the ugliest is S4. Ativ is the spin off of S4, right?

925 is nothing like Ativ. Are you blind? Once you have hold it on hand (like I have), you don't want to go back to 920.

So they can supposedly got it right for this phone but that does not change the fact the 822 has the worst reception of any phone I have ever touched.  It never has full bars in the Phoenix metro area and can drop from a couple bars to no service simply by facing a different direction. That doesn't even touch the subject of poor reception when it has service. I am also not the only one who has made such complaints.  Quality applies to your complete line or it applies to none and on that level Nokia is just as spotty as Apple or Samsung or HTC, etc., etc....

Come on now. How do we know Nokia wouldn't have made the same mistake back then? You are comparing an old phone with a brand new one. The title should've been "Nokia not NOW as amateur as Apple was back THEN,..."

Wait a minute...
So what you're saying is, is that a device released in the middle of 2013 doesn't suffer the same issue that a phone released in the middle of 2010 did? And then you want to say, essentially, "Nokia really knows it's stuff!", when Apple fixed the issue in the exact same way in 2011, 6 months after the release of the iPhone 4, six months before the release of the iPhone 4S.
That's what you're trying to say, right?

You know I owned an iPhone 4 and that whole antenna thing was really a media created scandal. It had way better reception then my iPhone 3G had, and even my Nokia 920 will lose a bar or in weak areas if I hold it tight. The problem with the iPhone is iOS being stuck in 2007, not the hardware.

The real problem that WP and iOS BOTH have is that Google kills them on cloud services. That's where the future is going to be. There's a good reason why Thurott said Azure is the future of Microsoft, that's because Google is just killing it with the cloud right now and Microsoft has to catch up. 

Nice to see Nokia sorting out reception problems. My lumia800 gets 1 bar 1/4 mile from cell. Older e63 full.

It will be interesting to see people walking and talking with both hands on phone.

You guys forgot that the iPhone 4 was 3 years ago & not some 3 months !
3 years is a decade in the Mobile Technology , at the time the external Antenna design of the iPhone 4 was something new & just like everything, the first is bound to have some issues !
I know people with iPhone 4 & none of em had the issue .

Since we are talking 3 years ago , my Nokia E75 had a shitty reception compared to my Motorola devices (same carrier , same Location, same time ...) , does that mean Nokia was amateur back then ?

Not only was the iphones' reception below average, when independently tested it had the worst reception of all the smartphones currently being sold by AT&T at the time. I'm sure if anyone scroogled it they could find the article.