Windows Phone advertisements pop up at AMC theaters and gives your popcorn bag a makeover

Microsoft’s push for Windows Phone has to lead to advertising popping up in a variety of locations; the latest includes your popcorn bag at AMC Theaters.

The American movie theater chain’s popcorn bag features a blown up view of Windows Phone’s signature start screen with a side caption reading “Meet the only phone with Live Tiles, designed to keep you closer to what matters most.” Movie goers can then scan a QR code to demo Windows Phone on their own device.

The flip side of the bag showcases three Nokia handsets including AT&T’s Lumia 920, Verizon’s Lumia 820 and T-mobile's Lumia 521. There are no HTC or Samsung phones in sight, so we know Microsoft is choosing to show off its top partner’s hardware.

The advertisements for Windows Phone don’t stop at the snack bar; displays in the theater urging movie goers to text in for a discounted fountain drink, show off Microsoft’s mobile platform.

As Windows Phone took third place and pushed down Blackberry a notch in global market share, we can assume Redmond’s colorful platform is starting to take notice.

Currently 92% of smartphone shipments are Android and iOS devices. Microsoft isn’t racing ahead and blowing back its competition, but instead chooses to be a steady racehorse slowly taking over its competitors.

In an interview with Mashable.com, Greg Sullivan, head of Windows Phone marketing, spoke about building up the platform’s momentum with the general public.

"It takes a lot of energy to start it and get it going and you see the progress and it feels like it’s very slow progress. It's the tipping point; you get to critical mass or momentum that's self-sustaining."

The past few days have shown Microsoft stepping up its advertising and we only expect the trend to continue.

How did you first hear about Windows Phone – did you see an advertisement or stumble upon the platform in another fashion?

Sources: Mashables [1,2], Thanks to Erzhik for the tip!


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Windows Phone advertisements pop up at AMC theaters and gives your popcorn bag a makeover


When Microsoft officially announced Windows Phone 8, didn't they kind of show off and use the HTC 8x as the "flagship" WP8, and use it to demo everything?

Oh, how the tables have turned. Unless of course I'm completely wrong, and this didn't happen. Can someone correct me on this?

Doesn't it make sense to promote the Nokia phones because of their low light capabilities and HAAC mics? It's a movie theater and you can take pictures of people making out in the dark without them know. You can also make your own bootlegs and record the whole movie in high quality. AMC is encouraging you to do it.. :P

You're correct. At first everyone thought Nokia would be premiere\flagship partner and then they started touting 8X as the flagship. Nokia brushed its shoulders off and focused on putting out top quality device and apps. Now they're on top of the WP mountain (hill really at this point, but still...) and I don't expect them to be budged anytime soon.

Microsoft never said that the 8X was the WP flagship device; Microsoft said that the 8X was the 'Signature' WP8 device.
Signature device does not equal/equate to Flagship device; it just means that Microsoft chose the 8X to be the 'face' of WP8 when it launched.  Sadly, for HTC, it didn't help sales of the 8X device.

HTC was never considered a flagship device. This is true when you look at majority of WP ads and the fact that majority of Microsoft employees have a Nokia device. Just look at the Xbox One unveil, one of the presenters had a red Lumia 920.

Its gonna drain battery like crazy, but I know what you mean. Also I would like that MS would include some sort of controls within live tiles. Example. music player live tile with play+pause  button (this is just an example although), swipe within tiles (eg. news headline could be swiped within tile). Just a thought.

And it also depends on what time of day you chose to see the movie :)
I am definitely a matinee/twilight attendee :)

I first heard about Windows Phone while chatting on Freenode in the #haiku channel. Bought the Vzw Trophy for $30 and haven't looked back...

First heard about WP7 through 1vs100 (Xbox Arcade Game). I then switched from the iPhone to the HTC Trophy and never looked back. I recently retired the Trophy and decided to rock the 8X.

I first heard of windows phone when Microsoft had the Xbox avatar campaign. I saw then in att and they were offering a free 360 game with any (of the original 3) windows phones

That's a pretty smart idea. Cept I'd be pretty upset getting a WP bag and not an IM3 or a Superman bag. But still cool idea :)

I first heard about WP when MS announced that WM 6.5.3 was the end of the line for their mobile business phone and that they were now going to focus on consumer. That decision still bums me out to this day. C'est la vie.

Came over from WM 6.5.5 and Android the same time. Been onboard since WM 3.(?).
It was a frustrating start with WM and still is with a WP.

This is good advertising from Microsoft lately. Maybe I'll see this when I go to the movies this weekend. I heard about Windows Phone from the "The phone to save us from our phone" ad campaign. Fell in love. Upgrading to WP8 with the release of the Lumia 925.

I read about WP in a review in MaximumPC that rated the Samsung Focus better than iPhone and an Android phone. Demoed one in an AT&T store soon after with a sales associate that was quite knowledgeable about the OS, contrary to all the other reports I had read about associates steering people away from WP7 at the time.