Windows Phone Central 160 - Lumia 925, 928 and HTC woes

Holy cow, we're back! Yes folks, after some weeks of even more weary travel and scheduling conflicts, Jay Bennett and myself return for another 90 minute podcast on all things Windows Phone. Tune in for our thoughts on the latest apps, games, and what Nokia has been up to. Plus we take your questions!

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Windows Phone Central podcast, episode 160 for 22 May, 2013

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Reader comments

Windows Phone Central 160 - Lumia 925, 928 and HTC woes


Hey Daniel! When is the next podcast coming? I'm really looking forward to it.! Tons of new news :D :D

Quick question to anyone and everyone :)
Any body use the WPCentral app to listen these podcasts (not watch)? I've had to stop using it as there are a couple of problems I constantly run into.

  1. No reference to current position in track length
  2. No way to easily jump back to where you left off i.e. seek the track
    I know it asks when you return but that isn't the same and accident are sometimes made
  3. Holding the << and >> may I beleive do something but that's a fine art without skipping to another episode

For the time being I've switched to youtube since at least all the above is easily handled. I'm guessing that this will however be slightly worse for the battery since video is playing. No offence Jay and Dan but I don't always want to be looking at you two ;)

Please tell me I've missed something in regards to the above concerns. Tried emailing, with no response. 

You've not missed something, the podcast functionality was written back in Windows Phone 7 days. I need to revisit it now. In the meantime check out podcast lounge which is a brilliant podcasting app :)