Microsoft launches iPad vs. Windows 8 tablet site

iPad vs. Microsoft Surface RT

For the past few weeks, Microsoft has been pushing new television advertisements that mock the iPad and praise the benefits of Windows 8 and OEM's hardware. Now the boys in Redmond have launched a companion site for their ads.

The new site allows consumers to compare Apple's 64 GB iPad (4th generation) against the ASUS VivoTab Smart, Dell XPS 10, HP ENVY x2, and Microsoft Surface RT. Using the site's comparison chart you can than compare thinness, battery life, weight, display size, multitasking, pricing, and expandability.

The new marketing campaign from Microsoft aims to showcase the capabilities of their latest operating system. The company was previously criticized for their Surface commercials, which could have easily been confused for an episode of "So You Think You Can Dance".

You can check out the new site here or, if you haven't gotten a chance to see Microsoft's previous advertisements, you can check them out below:

What do you think of Microsoft partnering up with its OEMs to take on Apple's iPad directly?



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Microsoft launches iPad vs. Windows 8 tablet site


In fact, have two guys sitting in a breakroom. One using iPad, the other Surface. Boss walks up and needs a file from each on his thumbdrive... Now. Surface guy sticks it in his device while iPad guy searches frantically for the USB adapter. Surface guy attaches iPad cable to Surface and allows his friend to piggyback on the Surface to allow his file to be moved over to the thumbdrive.

I'll let the professional ad guys worry about the rest.

I think online ads/videos, websites, and apps are a waste of resources. Said campaigns usually come out as a desperate attempt for attention, because they force people to interact when they have no reason to. Just stick with TV commercials and force people to watch them.

Of coarse MS should and will still do TV commercials, but why the heck shouldn't they create sites like this?  One can walk and chew gum at the same time, especially since the gum chewing uses up way less energy/attention.  This website probably cost 8 hours total of a web developers salary to build.  And hosting it on their servers is a few pennies.  TV commercials require actors, camera crew, stage room, graphics, etc...  And obviously MS has to pay every time it airs it on TV.  So even if the website is only 1% as effective as a TV commercial, its still cost effective.

How about no and how about being able to access the full You Tube website on Surface, no need for an app!!!

I'm picking up a surface RT this weekend for my fiancée. Will be her wedding day gift from me. FYI she's a nerd like me so its not like the guy that got his wife a vacuum cleaner for valentines day :)

MY wife's dad got her mom a garden hose for their first (or second?) anniversary and to this day she doesn't let him forget it! My wife is into iProducts, and I just got her an iPad mini for our 4th anniversary. We have a Surface RT, which I love and now get all to myself :p

LOL that made my day. She had an iPhone and now has the 8X and loves it. I've been joking with her that we can't get married if she has any apple products. What make that funny is 9 years ago she wouldn't date me tell I sold my Mac and got a PC.

I'm digging the HP x2, but wish it had a bit more memory and Windows 8 pro available. And an i5 processor.

You can upgrade the HP Envyx2 to Windows 8 Pro, for $60. The upgrade also nets you the Media Center upgrade, included.

My surface pro is awesome, have the 128gb model and noticed yesterday that china is getting a 256gb model damn you MS. Pro is great only gripe is the battery gets rather hot apart from that its so good that it has replaced my desktop. My iPad is now custom fitted in my cars dash for music,maps/gps and driving apps- must admit it is good in the car but for real computing the surface wins hands down.

The China version probably needs it in order to hold China's great firewall companion app. The web cam is probably recording 24x7 too to monitor if you are fornicating in a way thought to produce female children. All that video takes up space.

They still need to boost the number of Metro apps available - if you want to use it for quick things like you do the iPad, then Metro apps are essential and Windows 8 is still soft on those.  Desktop apps don't cut it when you really want quick/clean solutions.  And pinning a desktop app to the start page is NOT the same thing.  Windows 8  on a tablet is a cool thing, but they need to improve the up front stuff (Metro) and make it smoother and closer to the iPad/Android tablet experience and less like a Windows desktop.

I think that's clearly where they are headed. I have a Dell XPS12 and when I use it tablet mode all I use is metro apps and occasionally I convert it back when I need to type more....

I really have to say the one great thing windows 8 has done is with tabets. Windows RT isn't great, but when you can get a full windows 8 tablet for under $500 that has the battery life and a great tablet interface, while including beign able to run real apps (yes atom's are limted but they aren't bad at all) you have a real competitor as long as you can get all the apps you need.