Nokia EOS 41MP Lumia Elvis

Report: Nokia EOS 41MP PureView Windows Phone in early trials at AT&T

Nokia still has big plans for their expanding Lumia line of Windows Phones this year with the next big reveal expected later this summer. That subsequent device is expected to be the ‘EOS’, an internal testing name that seems to refer to the Greek goddess of dawn (and not Canon’s brand of cameras).

The EOS is anticipated as the first 41MP camera Windows Phone, based off of the PureView 808 Symbian device, which was released in early 2012.  Ever since that Symbian phone was revealed, a device literally in the making for years, people have wondered when it will transfer over to Nokia’s new darling, Windows Phone.

Starting this past February, reports of a “summer release” began to make the rounds and that now seems to be the case.

What makes EOS so important is that it stands to be the first truly groundbreaking Windows Phone hardware that is miles beyond what other OEMs are doing. Currently the Lumia 92x is garnering high praises from both reviewers and consumers with its high end, unique OIS camera, which is itself revolutionary. But the promise of an oversampled 41MP camera phone with the Lumia hardware and Windows Phone OS is drool worthy.

'Elvis' has entered the AT&T building

Pureview Yellow

We’ve been able to confirm a few tidbits about this upcoming Windows Phone, which we will reveal here for the first time. We’re still going to file this under ‘rumor’ only because this isn’t our first-hand account of the device, but rather comes by way of numerous trusted sources whom we know and who have seen the device.

For one, the phone at AT&T reportedly has the codename ‘Elvis’. No, we have no idea why it is called that, but this is what we are hearing. (Note that is not a public name, but rather used internally for testing reference and to mask the device’s model number.)

Next up, we’ll just give you some bullet point specifications:

  • 41 MP camera with Xenon flash
  • Nokia Pro Camera
  • 32 GB internal
  • OLED Screen 768X1280
  • WP8 V 8.0.10322.71
  • FM radio
  • Flip to silence
  • Polycarbonate body
  • Takes a 35 MP picture and a 5 MP picture at the same time one to save one to share
  • Comes in yellow
  • No SD card
  • About 1 mm thinner than Lumia 920 with a big camera hump
  • No visible OS changes


808 PureView
Nokia 808 PureView Symbian device from 2012

Notions of a ‘Nokia Pro Camera’ have been circulating around for a few weeks now, and while we don’t claim ownership of that revelation, we can say that it is on board this device. Nokia Pro Camera is expected to be an advanced mode for the PureView, which will allow users a more fine-grain control over the camera’s operations.

The OS version and additional features like FM Radio and flip-to-silence confirm what we already know about the Windows Phone GDR2 OS release and Nokia’s ‘Amber’ firmware, which will bring those features to all current Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices.

The device being thinner of course is very interesting as we understand it has tapered edges to help conceal the camera bulge, which while prominent is not as large as what is on the current 808. Likewise that it comes in yellow, which contradicts some earlier rumors saying there will be no colored devices.

We can also confirm that it looks nothing like the reported phone that was shown last year. Instead, it is an iteration of the Lumia 920 design template.

Seeing as the device is entering early testing at AT&T should tell us a number of things, including its potential reveal/release date. A July time-frame is certainly not out of the question and Nokia themselves during the Lumia 925 event mentioned another "continuation of the Lumia story" later this summer.

We’ll of course keep you posted on any more information that comes forth, but for now, we’d say for those of you on AT&T you should start putting some money aside. For those in the rest of the world, no this won’t be only on AT&T, though details of any carrier exclusivity periods cannot be discerned at this time.


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Report: Nokia EOS 41MP PureView Windows Phone in early trials at AT&T



hahaha, it doesn't surprise me that everyone from SA lives on the NE side of town. I live on the SE side near Calaveras Lake...the part of SA where it's nothing but country and cows.

Maybe we're getting too personal here in the public comments, but where do you go to grad school? I'm also a grad student, working on my capstone project now. Health Science

haha, naw....  There are already a crap ton of comments on this article.  I highly doubt anyone will care. 

I am a grad student at Our Lady of the Lake in Information Systems & Security.  I am about halfway done so far....

If Finnish guy has been giving that code name, I'm quite sure that phone has specs that you really wanna show off. Elvistellä in Finnish means something like "showing off" and it makes competitors look pale. ;)

Ever hear of metered data plans? Mobile data adds up quick. SkyDrive isn't the best option if you've relied on SD cards.

You can pretty much rest assured it is exclusive to att, at least in us. The cadence will be six month release cycles with vz and tmo always one cycle behind (albeit with customized versions of previous cycle phone) due to atts exclusivity. My two cents. Only way to break free is if Nokia gains enough volume and share to push a carrier wide model in a future generation a la apple and Samsung.

Glad it doesn't look anything like the photos that leaked last year.
And it seems pretty much certain that this is definitely not a new flagship but yet another variation of the L920.

Which leads me to wonder if Nokia plans to actually release a new flagship phone in 2013. I start to think that they won't (and honestly shouldn't).
Their plans seems to be creating diversity among their flagship phone. And only once all options are out will they move on to another flagship (throwing the new flagship to 2014). It seems the better way to do it honestly. In Europe phones have a 2 year mandatory legal warranty. In the US carriers tend to do 2 year contracts. So the most logical would be to release the flagships every two years, thus ensuring that those who buy them can comfortably switch phones every two years, which increases economical efficiency. In between they release variants of the flagship to please everyone.

Your theory makes sense.  I wasn't going to purchase a new device until maybe Nov 2013, as I planned to use my Lumia 900 for about 12 months; but if Nokia doesn't release a device in late Q4 2013, I will wait until 2014.  I guess I just want the best of Pureview v. 1 - 3 all wrapped up in one, and I'm not sure that this rumored device will be THAT device for me.
We shall see...

Liking everything except for the Polycarbonate. Wish they would go aluminum. Like the 925, would you assume it has the add on case for wireless charging? I like the option of adding it on if I so choose.

Dont think ATT giving them the cold eshoulder would matter, dont think the 920s have been selling all the great anyway, i think q1 total of 400k in the u.s and the 920 was out in november?
I think they could of reached close to 1 million if on verizon and tmobile at the least. 
the sell outs were inventory controls not super high demand. 
They could provide the same amount of phones for three carriers, you could possibly triple the u.s market. 
Donig this would probably mean a larger capital investment to develop phoens for three carriers.  I believe nokia chose one carrier because less investment on their part . 

....the 41MP camera.  It would be too expensive to come out with a 41MP sensor in every flagship phone...

I don't see this as a flagship.  It is purely a camera centric device like the 808. 

We're seriously excited that we're basically getting a 920 with more megapixels? Android much?

No.  We're seriously excited about getting the hands-down best camera ever put into a smartphone.
The Nokia 808 Pureview still has the best camera available on a phone and it's a year old.  Now that same camera is going to be available on the Windows platform.  That sounds like something to be excited about.

I'm excited to be using the future best cameraphone on the market.  If this has OIS, then yes, the king of cameraphones will lose the throne to this phone.

I already posted this to the end of the tread but I repost it here for the OIS parts sake. It´s at the end of the text and yes, it is just a rumour (although I believe it to be true).
For those of you concerned about the 32GB internal memory not being enough take a look at the speccs of the nokia 808 pureview. It comes with microHDMI port for HD TV-out functionality, which should make it quite easy to transfer your pictures and videos to any other device very fast. You just have to do it before the 32 GB is used.
 And for those people who do not know what the 41 Megapixel camera is really about here is a link for you
Ofcourse the WP8 version doesn´t necccessarily have the same specs but most likely the specs are even better.
And now for some rumours. I live in Finland and there is definitely some WP8 41MP phones going around for testing and what I have heard is that this version DOES have OIS which is a feature the 808 didn´t have.

It would be android much if we were merely upgrading to have an octacore instead of quad core... 41mp is a bigger leap in technology from 8mp.

Yes and no. Their stock says a lot. Look at how low its trading compared to other successful companies. I'm sure its getting back up to where it used to be. But that will take years. I'm glad I switched from HTC to Nokia. Much better support for windows phones.

Well their book value is 2x their trading capitol value, so its a highly discounted stock. The problem is perception or speculation of future success and not bankruptcy. I own their stock, and think it should double (again) over the next year or two.

Waste of time if it isn't running a Snapdragon 600 or 800. I hope its not just another dual core S4...

A camera hump won't bother me at all with a 41x cam! And 1mm thinner! As long as its tapered along the edges good will make it fit nicely in the hands. I wish it had the option to go to 1080p once the GDR3 update became available.

You've got 32gb of storage, WiFi everywhere, and SkyDrive or any other online storage service...and you need the card? With data sense to manage your usage, I don't see it being a problem. Hell, I'm still working on a way to get my wife the 928.

Why do you need 32gb+ to go camping? Hell I turn mine off, sometimes turn it on to listen to music around the camp fire, or take a picture, but otherwise its a clock in my pocket, not a multimedia entertainment device while enjoying the outdoors. HOW DID WE EVER GO CAMPING WITHOUT SD CARDS BEFORE!!!

How about buying a real camera if the photos are that important, since you can't really use the phone anyway.

As much as this news excites me I can't see it be a worthy upgrade from the 920. So far based on specs it's more like going to a 920S. A bigger screen and improved hardware aside from the camera would make it worth the upgrade.

As long as Nokia is keeping it fair and are not pumping the processor , screen size and resolution , im satisfied
Because it will be so unfair if they do so ,my Lumia 920 hasn't completed a year in the market
I just hope that Nokia and Microsoft dont force me to get a new Lumia when the Next windows phone version comes out in the coming years

Since this is the next flagship of Nokia, I am sure they will have higher hardware spec than Nokia 920.  I just hope they keep the screen at 4.5 in.

I dont think so , this article states it has the same resolution and hopefully the processor will stay the same

I know this has been beaten to death, but there needs to be an option for 64GB or microSD expansion. Taking a 41 and a 5MP image at the same time is going to eat the storage alive for most people using it. Skydrive is nice for a backup in a case like this, but I'd rather not use it to augment my phone storage.

SkyDrive people! SD cards are not the future so get use to it. OEM's is bringing the cloud in their services for a reason.

Stop with the stupid Skydrive over SD argument; first free skydrive is 7GB, SD is 64gb and soon 128GB, how the hell can you compare that.
Plus you need to waste data or have wifi nearby for it to work, so screw Skydrive on a phone, and everyone who thinks its a viable alternative.

Lol!  Well, an additional 20GB of Skydrive storage is only $10, wouldn't that be less than a 16GB SD card?
I guess my methods are a little different  - when I take great, high MP photos, I save the majority of them to my computer, and if I want to share them, I put them on Skydrive (from my computer).  I simply don't leave a lot of photos on my phone.

Well I like to take a lot of photos, on a one day hike last week I snapped over 150 pics.
And the $10 is per year price, and still how the hell can you compare 27gb to 64gb! you would have to pay $50 per year on Skydrive to get more than that and by that time 128gb microSDs would be out and you just wasted cash on a subsription.

Amazing that all 150 of your photos came out perfectly and worth storing on your device; I guess it took up all of the 32GB of storage space on your device...
If the rumored device is to become a reality, it's going to be 32GB, which, based on the tone of your previous comments, its a 'no buy' for you.  Seems like you'll be happy saving that $99-$200 on contract price for the phone, yes?

I won't be saving the $200, why are you asuming that just because I wont get the Nokia, I will not get something else?
I sure will upgrade once my contract is up, if Nokia can't deliver what I want, I am happy to go with something else.
Since the above are rumored specs, now its time to wait for official ones and alse see what Samsung and others will announce in the mean time.

I take a lot of photos as well. Whenever I go to a big event with my DSLR I take about 200-300 pics, which take up a couple of GBs, but I don't store ALL of them on my SD card. They go straight to my computer when I get home for sorting, deleting and maybe sharing later. Why would you store such vast amounts of photos on your phone? At some point it will just turn into unmanageable mess.

Problem is, with 41 megapixels at 24 bits/pixel, even if the entire memory was available for picture storage, you're only talking about 200 raw pictures that can be stored.  Additional storage is a make-or-break deal for this technology.

Sorry you are faced with only 7gb. I was lucky enough to get the 25gb way back when. 7 GB gets eaten up pretty quick...

I honestly think they should throw in 1080p screen and SD card support. Although for me my l920 screen resolution is superb for my eyes and my 32gb has been sufficient. But I believe they should have done those two things on top of the current specs to make it the complete top dog in all OS platforms.

or just wait a few month and maybe not compromise, on a phone where Nokia thinks design is better than SD card support, idiots.

I thought the the primary use of PureVierw 808 camera was for zooming and oversampling, which means you probably won't be working with the full resolution images very often anyway.

Only bummer is the late summer date. Was hoping they would be handing this bad boy out at the BUILD conference next month.

They need to just make a prototype of it but release it in the fall whn 1080p and 8.1 is available. Get ur specs up Nokia!

SD card would be nice, but not a deal breaker. Take my money!! Switching carriers just for this phone.

Huge question is if the Nokia magicians managed to suspend that monster of a sensor on springs!  If that camera has OIS....oh boy these will be truly exciting times! 

808 PureView takes more natural shots and is the second best for night shots.
Anyways as camera 808 PureView is WAY a head of any camera there. I mean even iPhone 5 takes better pictures than Lumia 920. 808 PV is totally different beast.

As a former N8 user, not even the camera on the 808 is worth using Symbian again on a daily basis. 
I'd take the 808 for free though, and use it as a backup :)

I'm thinking the same; I think this will be a v1 Pureview (like the 808), but with no OIS.   This will be a 'test bed' device for that type of sensor.
I think the Pureview 'combo' device with all versions of Pureview and their improvements will come not this summer, but maybe late Q4 2013 or early 2014.

Cannot wait really exciting news. Lets hope Nokia get it right. Also,I hope they don't release it only in exclusive markets like they did the 808. That would really make it a flop

Not necessarily. The sensor will be bigger which lets more light in a,d if the aperture is the same as the 920 low light photos should be good. It will be the video recording that will suffer.

no SD card but a fair 32gb memory.  they must be focusing in making it thin. so risking memory  card slot is what they did. even though many will complain.

I think we need to talk about potential competitors to this like Samsung devices with real zoom etc?

No SD card is extremely disappointing and stupid not to have. But it seems like more and more OEM's are moving away from them.

Y"es it will. forget USA.. they are in samsung love fest. it will do well every where else. also, when 1080 comes in, they will reelase a new version.. why not release what they have ready... or else. the advantage is lost.

The only advantage in the mobile industry is desing and inovation, nokia has a good desing team and has the best mobile camera inovations but thats about it. Nokia are dependent on Microsoft and there suport updates (GDR3), nokia may alredy have a 4.5-4.7 1080p smartphone colecting dust somewhere as they are waiting for the resolution update.

I know they are a awsome hardwere OEM, but they need product that can keep up with the mainstream competition(specs) so they can atract the masses. They can be top quality but if nobody buys them its over.

Argh another AT&T exclusive (most likely)! I might just wait for the T-Mobile variant if the camera and screen (I do prefer OLED) are the only improvements. My 920 is awesome anyways :)

As much as I want the EOS and want to believe this, I find it very hard to believe that it doesnt have an SD slot, thats just stupid with a phone that takes 35MP photos, I stuggle with all the photos I take on my 920 right now and that has 32GB. If it had 64GB then maybe I could understand.
I also can't understand how it can be 1mm thinner than a 920 with the camera bump! that means the phone its self would have to be incredibly thin!
People who say 32GB is fine, it isnt, I dont want to have to make comprimises for something that should so easily be fixed, its one of the main reasons everyone buys samsung phones. I want all of my photos on my phone, and I dont want to have to take them off just to make room.
On my 920 at the moment I have 1.8GB used by the system, 17GB of Media, 9.7GB of apps and only 867MB free space, and I have already deleted a lot of photos and videos I have taken.
When you consider it films at 1080p you only need a few mins and your already using a LOT of space.

Still expect the first of these phones to have 'just' 20MPx sensor as that is what curent SoC supports. next gen may differ and/or support additional processor for imaging

It had best come in more color options than that if it wants to attract high volumes of customers. I will turn it down for that reason alone.

Says color, yellow, in the specs. Guess I'll be keeping the trusty quantum a bit longer if that's the case.

Gimmie, gimmie. Love this phone. I would even consider a 3 year contract with Rogers to get this puppy. I am eagerly awaiting the release of it. Go Nokia.

Just picked up my on-contract L920 this past Sunday but still stoked on this information.  Have two feature phones on the plan that I paid for cash, so I'll use one of them for an upgrade and keep the extra 920 as a backup for the next time my wife breaks her phone (or heaven forbid i do the same).
For those of us putting our existing 920's on ice after this is available, does leaving the battery discharged for months (years?) impact it very negatively?

On AT&T???????? Are you sh*ttin me? It's gonna be like the 920 all over again. Shit sales in the US because of locked network exclusivity and a mandatory six months to even UNLOCK the damn thing. I don't even know if you can unlock it even NOW. I was gonna buy one a long time ago, but of course I'm on T-mobile and there was NO unlocked version. Even the international one took months to come out and was pathetically expensive. And all this for a pointless $99 price? Do you know how many 99cent phones never get sold while the $199 iPhone and $199 Galaxy S have no problems selling? The Galaxy S line in particular went from obscurity to domination without needing exclusives and $99 prices. It's been on all the networks ever since the first Galaxy S, although the earlier incarnations had some modifications here and there.

No one cares about the extra $100 you save between getting a Lumia phone and getting an iPhone or Galaxy S. That's literally only one month's worth of AT&T's extortion level phone/data plans anyway. If people are on a budget, they would be getting FREE smartphones instead, or going to a regional MVNO for much lower contract-free plans. Like I said, the extra $100 you save makes little to no difference. People buy the phone that they want to buy, usually from word of mouth and popularity. It's a status symbol and you don't want to look cheap, like buying a knockoff handbag. They don't go price sticker shopping at the store. I go to the AT&T store all the time and the only people who browse are old farts who don't know what to get or are just looking around. All the teens and young adults already know what they want and go straight to the phone or ask a rep where it is. They literally open the door, a rep asks them if they need any help, and they predictably answer "iPhone" or "Galaxy S4".

If you want to increase sales, make the damn phone actually AVAILABLE and forget about this BS exclusivity and $99 crap.

Well said. I agree 100%.
Exclusivity or not, I doubt T-Mo would ever attempt to sell soemthing like. If given the chance they might look at how well the 925 sells to determine, but beyond that this isn't T-Mo material. And that is crap to me.
I agree too, availabilty (in the US) matters. Most people aren't going to jump carriers for a phone unless they are fed up with who they have. So they'll go into TMo and see they can't get it, and pick up something like a GS4 instead.

I would like a remake of the 920 or Nokia phablet, as not all people are interested in a phone with a 41MP camera, because of that giant hump.

OMG dinky ass 4.5" screen, AGAIN. That qualifies as a mini in the Android world. I don't care about the resolution. 720p is good enough for me. But 4.5" is small as hell for a modern phone. And Nokia was perfectly capable of putting a 5" on the Lumia 920 using the same exact phone size and dimensions. It's just their weird Finnish design department decided that BIG BEZELS are in again. No they are not.

4.5" screen is far from being small (for a smartphone). Also, if you think 4.5" is small, then what do you call iPhone 5's screen?

For those of you concerned about the 32GB internal memory not being enough take a look at the speccs of the nokia 808 pureview. It comes with microHDMI port for HD TV-out functionality, which should make it quite easy to transfer your pictures and videos to any other device very fast. You just have to do it before the 32 GB is used.
 And for those people who do not know what the 41 Megapixel camera is really about here is a link for you
Ofcourse the WP8 version doesn´t necccessarily have the same specs but most likely the specs are even better.
And now for some rumours. I live in Finland and there is definitely some WP8 41MP phones going around for testing and what I have heard is that this version DOES have OIS which is a feature the 808 didn´t have.

Thats not the point though, I want to keep the photos on my phone, and for the incredibly simple task of designing the phone with a SD slot, I could!
Thats no different to saying, you can uninstall games and reinstall them when you want to play them again. But wheres the user friendlyness in that?

Did you read the links. The camera takes on default 7 or 5 Megapixel photos. It uses the 41Mpixel in a way that 7 or 5 pixels are made to one "perfect" pixel. The picture do not recuire more memory tha a "normal" 7 or 5 MP picture.

I probably have anywhere from 800-900 pictures of all sort that I see, and send from my phone. Some taken with my phone(s), some not. At this moment I would guess about 120 of them are on the device somehow (SD card... I have an L810). The rest are on SkyDrive along with a whole lot of other stuff I've uploaded.
So I see your point, and in a way I agree. But MS has offered a solution. It's one of those things that most people won't agree with untill android or apple do the exact same things. Android already does with their nexus phones. But that's ignored too I guess.

Wow 41MP would be nice. As much as I love the Lumia 920, taking concert pictures with it is fair. I might get this phone before my contract even expires lol.

I hope its not really 41 MP. If the phone is 41 MP I hope they find a way to make it attractive. 1 mm thinner then the 920? Then it should be about the 720's size. I can't wait to see how Nokia has made this phone.

Sounds like nothing special, but the camera.. Although things like quad core processors, 1080p screens, and 5inch displays aren't necessary it would be nice if a WP device could have these.. I mean the thing doesn't even have external storage for all those 35mp photos.... I'm still waiting for the killer WP hardware. I want overkill! And, if you don't want overkill this comment isn't for you, so no need to let me know you disagree.. Who else want's overkill?

Camera is a fantastic differentiating feature and I'm glad Nokia are going for it full blast. For me, having a smartphone alone is great, but a smartphone with a camera that performs incredibly is really the gee whiz feature that I see as all-important, because it cuts down the amount of devices I need to carry.

Glad my 920 is getting camera improvements in the future, and this EOS news is exciting. In a year and a half, when my contract is up, it'll be cool to see how they've revised and improved the tech they're working into the Lumia line this year.

Thanks for the announcement!  Since I don't need sure a powerful camera in a phone; I think T-Mobile be under pressure to bring the price of the 925 down and hopefully offer a second model with 32GBs.  If T-Mobile only offers the 16GB; I will pass on it since it is just too limiting. 

Does somebody share the view that nokia can make the Pureview 808 as a portrait slider? The thickness would not bother those wanting a good slider keyboard and camera.
I would buy that and give up my lumia 920.. :) but maybe just me.

So the rest of the hardware specs are going to be the same as the 920? I don't understand Nokia's strategy by releasing essentially 3 920 variations (the EOS with just the better camera) 7 months+ after its initial release. Surely they should wait a few months, bump up the hardware specs to rival the Android flagships and coming iPhone and release it then. Or are they planning ANOTHER flagship device at the end of the year to coincide with Blue too?

Is this eos still have OIS? I need good lowlight Camera with stronger flash than 920 has as i need to take picture in dark area. 920 flash not strong enough to take picture from more than 7 feet :(

since AT&T is testing it, does that rule out the possibilty of a CDMA version of the phone to be released whenever the general release for the phone will occur? I'm not abreast to how phone testing works

Does anyone know if Nokia can use a snapdragon 800 or is it the same as the 1080p screen, ie. They need to wait for an update

Where is the Full HD display?
And Windows Phone 8.1?
And a chance to use microSD?
Nokia is doing three big mistakes again. :/

I bought a 820 instead of a 920 because I wanted the mSD support, but I now realize, since it's only for media, and SkyDrive now working pretty good, I need internal storage much, much more (damn "other storage"!). So my next WP must have 32G, mSD is not a requirement, it's not that important.

NOKIA!! I want an microsd card. My Lumia 920 is already almost full of games and youtube videos I download with SuperTube. 32GB is not enough

If the info abotu a the 35MB it's true that would mean we cuould be talking about raw files arriving to phones. A Nokia 808 Pureview image at 35 Mpx were from 10 to 16MB, so a 35MB image with the same sensor could only be explane with a raw file.
If this is true, then will be talking about this fone for a long time...

The camera will make it more compatible with others High End SmartPhones, but nokia need to make a good professional camera software for it(I don't know if it already exists). the WP "Simple" way will not work here, my L620 camera software is poor and with its low quality camera makes me ignore its camera( even my nokia 500 without flash takes better photos). I don't know if L620 has a really BAD camera but I think the software can help to solve a little the image quality.

As much as I'm against SD cards in phones and tablets, with a cam rivaling a digital camera, expandable storage is a MUST, unless it is released with 64 (or 128?) GB of internal storage. Those pics are gonna take up A TON of storage @ 41 or 35MP or whatever crazy resolution they're shot at.