Nokia bumps NFC Writer, adds option to purchase official NFC tags

Nokia NFC Writer

Nokia has updated its NFC Writer app for Lumia Windows Phones. Version sounds as though it was a minor bump and you'd be right to assume such a thing. The only notable difference we can spot is the addition of a "NFC Tags" entry on the main menu. This loads a screen that explains why users should purchase and use official NFC tags from Nokia.

As well as some information, there's a link to purchase the NFC tag pack (containing 5 writeable NFC tags) that will take the user to Amazon - though when we try the link outside the US it appears to crash the app). You can download NFC Writer from the Nokia Collection on the Windows Phone Store.

QR: NFC Writer


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Nokia bumps NFC Writer, adds option to purchase official NFC tags


YES, at last...
Impossible to get hold of anywhere I've tried...
Edit! Updated, but didn't help much... Jus getting trowed out of the app when clicking "purchase"...
US only again?
Edit again! As stated in the article :P

I bought some from ebay real cheap, if i remember rightly the seller was called NFCHQ, They had the NTAG203 and worked brilliant with my Lumia 920. they came with in 24 hours which shocked me! 

Not alot really... I bought tags to toggle my WiFi when i left the house but the nfc is so locked down all you can do is open the WiFi options. I got a tile for that. Pretty disappointed with nfc on wp8, my galaxy nexus has so much more available to do... Still prefer wp8 though, just needs the "child lock" removing so we can play more :D

Not at all, it's cool - but I guess I am a developer and looking at it from a different point of view.  I'm certainly building some NFC things into the app I do!!

I thought about using them to connect Bluetooth to my car stereo and WiFi at my house... But I leave Bluetooth & WiFi on all the time, and they both sync automatically when in range, so...

The only use I could see might be switching between settings say if you use a clock app on your bed side table or in your car.

Well considering initially ms said officially only w8/rt would be supported it not surprising that its limited in wp 8 even on nokia wp7.x devices it was a gimmick.

Yeah, go to the rapidnfc link i posted on the first comment, they have an faq section that tells you all of it.

But ntag203 is 137 bytes, you can get some for 1K or 4K, but have less compatibility with android devices?? Remember that nfc is only really designed for small data such as url, protocol, or initialise better comma such as wifi or Bluetooth to handle the more complex stuff

Thanks for the Information.  It is very informative.  What I want to do is Very simple, but somthing that could be very powerful.  :) 
Thank you again.....

Well I found one good use. I have one stuck to the dash in my car that starts up Nokia Drive. Its a lot easier than fumbling in the car when you decide you need it to start navigating :)

the only problem is that you have to press the okay button in order to confirm you want to read the nfc tag - quite annoying 

Another bla' foom from Microsoft. Seems that they would of promoted the NFC feature alot better here in the States. Though NFC is taking off in Europe, using Point-of-Sale in gas stations, coffee shops, fast food, etc.

welll - since you cant use the nokia for payments via the wallet - it would be quite useless. but where in europe is nfc takign off except of in visa debit cards

Contactless payment is increasingly growing in popularity in the UK. Almost every day there's more and more places to use it, and it's SO much easier and more secure than cash. All 3 of my debit / credit cards have contactless, plus my oyster and Stagecoach Smart travel cards...oh how I long for the day they can all be used from just my phone...

Unfortunately, NFC support currently in WP8 is an overcomplicated and oversecured useless feature. I can toggle wifi or bluetooth on/off via a shortcut tile jump to the related settings sub-page with a single tap. WIth NFC I have to 1st turn on the device screen 2) unlock keyboard lock 3) acknowledge security prompt every single time. That is more effort, than simply tap 1x. Why would anybody on earth use something, that accomplishes a simple task in a more complex way?

you need 5/6 steps for your shortcut: power on, unlock, tap shortcut, toggle wifi, tap back/home, (power off).

So basically you agree with me, that in its current for NFC is a useless feature on WP8, right?
If there is no simplification coming in WP8.1, it better for everybody to simply dump the feature, so MS doesnt need to maintain the NFC-related code of the OS.

i dont think its useless at all. using 2-3 seconds of my life to press something doesnt make my life more difficult than it is now. its better that you have to actually confirm something before performing a task. for someone its critical to write NFC tag that sends already written message to the wifey, simply because they became too lazy to move fingers for 20 seconds.

Let me tell my scenario: I wanted to use the NFC tag in my car to activate the Bluetooth radio, so my phone can connect to the car speaker system when I am driving. With a single touch of a tag! So I dont need to go through the entire process, that MS actually enforces to prohibit all 3rd parties to control any system settings via simple on/off switch tiles. Instead, I have to: unlock the phone, navigate to the system settings -->goto the bluetooth settings --> enable bluetooth. With the NFC tag, I could have just touch the tag, and bluetooth radio would be on. But nooo. It quickly turned out, I need to do more steps if want to use the NFC feature, than manually clicking through the settings menu structure. NFC could have been used for such simple but clever ideas. However, its implementation made it highly useless for me sofar. There could be a whitelist of SAFE activities that would not need any double confirmation nightmare. But no, MS knows it always better. I am sad we dont have the same critical mass, that we had @xbox-one DRM, so NFC wont be changed in 8.1