Talk Mobile 2013 Launch Party, live in living color

Most of you were unable to come to our swinging, swanky, super special launch party for Talk Mobile 2013 that happened exactly one week ago tonight. Because of that, we’ve recapped the event for you some super delicious HD video.

All in all, we had 680 of you phone geeks come out for our 3 hour rager. Truth be told, this was one of those events that could have gone either way: lots of fun with free alcohol and kicking music, or a bunch of dudes hanging around, awkwardly looking at their phone screens. Luckily for us, it was most definitely the former as the party was quite spectacular.

Bonus: Raw footage shot on Verizon Nokia Lumia 928

Besides the super amazing DJ, the four mix drinks named after our sites and the general fun atmosphere of mid-town Manhattan, we also gave away four prizes, including an Xbox 360, new Canon camera and $500 in gift certificates to Best Buy—a pretty fantastic time.

Talk Mobile 2013 Lumia 928

Thanks for everyone who showed up and especially the WPCentral fans that I ran into!

Tune in more next week as Talk Mobile 2013 continues with more in-depth coverage of the state of mobile tech today.

Talk Mobile 2013 Lumia 928


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Talk Mobile 2013 Launch Party, live in living color


Spewing I was not in town for it Daniel looks like it was good, btw I like that all the pics have nice looking girls in them. In second pic guy in black and red check shirt holding bourbon and coke kinda looks like you Daniel, but I'm guessing your behind the lens

Looked like a lot of fun and just shows you don't have to be nerdy to love tech. Would like to go to the New York(named after our old York) one day

Wow, what a weird question to ask. Also, I hate the term African Americans. What if you're a white guy from Africa that came to America? You'd be an African American too, but no one would call you that based on your looks. You can just call (what you think are) African Americans black people. You don't call white people Irish American if their heritage goes back to Ireland.

A Troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.  Nice try!

"or a bunch of dudes hanging around, awkwardly looking at their phone screens"
HAHAHAHA Rolled on that one LOL

And now we need material of each phone to start the discussion again which one makes the best videos ;-)