Facebook Beta app for Windows Phone 8 gets yet another tune up

Microsoft keeps on keeping on with the fine tuning of their Facebook Beta app. It was just 8 days ago that an update to version came out, and already version has made its way to the Windows Phone Store. The lack of change log likely means that this is a mishmash of bug fixes and performance improvements, but hey, we'll take it.

Facebook Beta for Windows Phone 8 is an impressive app, especially considering what it is replacing. If you notice any specific fixes or changes in this latest version, don't be shy, and let us know in the comments section below.

You can download it for free here.

Thanks Randy and everyone else for the tip!

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Facebook Beta app for Windows Phone 8 gets yet another tune up


Anyone have the issue that when you get to the end of your timeline, it won't load any more posts?

Quick tip... I turned off notifications on my lock screen because I hate having to launch the app every time I get a notification just to clear it from the lock screen. Since then my battery life has nearly doubled. Not sure, but I think it was draining my battery somehow. Anyone else?

Tired of the "you need to upgrade" crowd. Not everybody can just upgrade their phone all Willy nilly. Not all of us have stacks of cash hidden under our mattresses like some of the people that comment here. Now what happens when they do finally release the final version for 7.x and it happens to be broken as hell? Take your self righteous bragging over to crapple. Sure an iDrone 5 will suit you fine.

I'm sick of people on here ripping people for still being on 7.X. We use Facebook, too, and many of us with Lumia 900s are under contract for another year! Hell, my wife has a Focus S and even that is under contract until November. Enough of the upgrade comments already!

Then stop complaining when your not first. I upgraded and 7.x wp user consistently remind me why upgrading was such a great idea.

I'm not telling you to break your contract however next time don't wait so long on getting a phone. On the plus side you must've got the Focus S & the Lumia 900 at a stellar price for waiting so long.

The 900 was released in April 2012. How exactly did he wait so long? If bought on day one, they'd still be under contract for almost another year.

Do I think 900 users should be patient before spouting off about no 7.x version of a beta app? Yes. Do I have sympathy though for 900 users because 7.x versions have fallen off the radar of some developers? Yes. So don't throw blame back in their faces.

I'm so sorry that I know how to work the system in my favor since I was able to upgrade my phone from my "Samsung Focus" to the "Lumia 900" and Now to the "Lumia 920". Just because your contract ends in two years that doesn't mean your stuck with the same phone. at&t would rather extend your contract another 2 years after your first year just so they can guarantee 3 years instead of two. Sales rep work off commission too lol use that to your advantage. Why would they let you just walk away when they can get another sale...
My girl wants to enjoy her friday and is tired of me being a nerd... Heading to a bar to get shit faced

AT&T actually upgraded my 3 900's for 920's without much of a fight. They even upgraded a broken 920 at no cost so I wouldn't cancel. Stop being a doormat.

They, AT&T, credited my entire bill in May and upgraded my cyan 920 with a shattered screen at no cost. My contract was only 3 months in on a 2 year renewal. It does not extend your contract with 2 additional years, it restarts the 2 years. So exactly how are they wiping their feet?

Its because most of us had Lumia 900s as well and found a way to sell them to get the Lumia 920. I wasn't about to be stuck with 7.whatever

It's unreasonable to expect the developers to develop two code bases simultaneously... it doubles the workload and makes isolating bugs more difficult. It makes more sense to backport to 7.x once the code has been frozen for a stable release.

MS makes enough money on all their other products to do this. Us 7.xers might as well be harry potter at the beginning of the series living in a broom closet under the stairs with the way we've been forgotten.

Might as well get comfortable.
Maybe once the new Nokia 41 mp phone is released you should jump on that... Gives you something to look forward too

Why keep asking this question?  It is clear that this version is Beta; and not only that, but WP8 users are the beta testers for the WP7.x version!!!!
When the bugs and kinks are all ironed out, they will most likely bring an updated, bug free version to WP7.x and a bug free version for WP7.x SHOULD be what you want, right?
Just sit back and wait.

I was going back and forth between the 2 apps for a while trying to decide and couldn't see any differences other than style. I guess I missed something... What are the extra features of beta?

I rlly liked the look of the old fb app, but the pictures and everything's presentation if nicer here. If they incorporated both somehow, id be happy. Even more so if the people hub had this nice of a look for pictures and statuses, AND you can like comments and mention people in comments, I wouldn't need the app that often.

Hi S_C_B,
Anyone have the issue that when you get to the end of your timeline, it won't load any more posts?
yes, i do have that problem....limited number of posts / duration of posts ie up to 4-5 hours ...quite random...i need to go back to Desktop ./ Laptop to read the rest of the posts....

I've noticed photos don't load again when you open them, that's the only thing I was waiting for. The top bar is smaller now too. And it's available in Spanish now, yay!

Yeah, it takes a very long time loading the likes and comments stats of the photo, but the image alone doesn't have to load again like in the past version or at least doesn't have to on my phone. It feels a bit faster overall too.

I hate MS's app update process! Updates don't show until early afternoon or longer! But it should automatically be immediate when available.

As of today, I can now share posts and pics. I didn't change anything on my security settings and I know the source hasn't changed theirs (most don't even know how to do that.). Something changed and now it works. /shrug

They fixed the feedback:
1. Moved it out of the About screen
2. Added a UserVoice link
3. Email is now an alternative option and you write it out within the app, because when it used to redirect to the Mail app, the Mail app used to die slowly as you type because the attached debug log was way too long.

The app is nice but what's the point if notifications don't work? Maybe this update fixed it, though! Also, I prefer the look of the older app.

It's not pointless but the lack of notifications certainly does take away from the experience. I've been carrying my Blackberry when around WiFi as its Facebook notifications work perfectly.

I love and appreciate how MS so focused on developing this app by so many updates recently (yes it is a beta though), but pretty sad at the same because of the app's performance, still need lot of improvement. I hope the non-beta will be a great one. Patience is the key :)

I have the beta but my problem is I have to read it here or hear from a friend if there is an update because I don't get the notification from the store telling me there is one, then I have to come here and use the download app button to find it and manually update.

You would get the update notification eventually. They get rolled out region by region, but you can almost always get it from the direct links beforehand, as you have been doing by following the links here.

If u have set up 2 step verification you'll need to set up n app password. I'm assuming that's y u don't get em:)

When will this be available for Mac? Love,

Windows Phone 7 People.

Srsly get a clue and get the with program.

Is this really news that this beta was updated, even though there is no changelog and no noticeable improvements?

Hasn't it always been like that? Its still slow overall and not much better than the old app imo.

I have had this too, sometimes between posts by people i know. After scrolling up and down again they vanish. Really weird.

Cheap... JDB Facebook is going to be better when the beta version is done in a few years... Microsoft is slow at doing things...

Jdb really is a good app. I can't believe how good and fast they release updates for this app. Microsoft should just buy this app and make it their own.

I case you hadn't noticed it's still a beta, you should be thankful us WP8 users are beta testing it for you.

Just got my Lumia 520 today (had a Lumia 7.8 for a month, what a nightmare!) and I have to say that this is the best app for Facebook I've ever used! And I had Android an phone and a tablet for over a year! Although I still keep and love my Galaxy tab <3 This is the best app so far, it is fast, transitions are nice and I just love it. Overall I like it! 

we really need a messenger app with all the emojis and stickers..and maybe a video calling feature too..
but then again it will be WP8 only! -_-

I can never understand this desire to have messenger in the app. It is built into your phone and works very well.

I dislike the facebook integration somehow!
I want my sms's to be separate from my facebook chats! so they must make a facebook messenger and leave you the option to use whatever you want!

We need a messenger and message sounds for new messages and a notification on the tile number or lockscreen aswell for the messages

I've been noticing that if I install this, my phone sometimes just gets surprisingly hot and the battery drains so fast for no reason.

Meh, the app is not bad but it's missing a few killing touches..

1. Send attachments via personal messages. iCopyWPOS and Lagdroid have it..

2. Dynamic update.. I have to refresh to get new updates, notifications.. And we don't get the "seen" notification in chat too.
The app is well designed overall..

I installed the update but then it crashed so many times I had to uninstall it, but now I can't seem to download it again. Anyone with the same issue?

For me the last comment on a post was partially hidden under the new-comment box at the bottom. Annoying because you couldn't press like on that last comment.

That was fixed in this Build

With this update, the private messaging is almost unusable in my L920. The wait progress bar dots just doesn't stop loading upon opening a private thread. Seems buggy and you cannot scroll up to view more previous messages, it just keeps on springing back down to the latest message. Also, they have to add features like attach/view/download images within the private messaging, also colorful emoticons.. Still a lot of bugs, especially on images shared from various Fb pages, the problem is when trying to view who among your friends liked and read their comments, the app just seem to load the original 100s of likers and commenters from the original Fb page post.

Instagram uploaded photos to Facebook don't show up either. You have to use other apps for that, like Facebook HD. At least with this update, custom settings for status posts and sharing seems supported as of now.

Do wish they would crack on and get it sorted; Facebook is just terrible on my Ativ S at the minute. Holding out for something special with Windows Phone 8.. hope Microsoft deliver.

Do wish they would crack on and get it sorted; Facebook is just terrible on my Ativ S at the minute. Holding out for something special with Windows Phone 8.. hope Microsoft deliver.

My news feed wouldn't update today then i realised there's an update. I've just updated and now nothing in the news feed will load, it's completely blank! Everytime they update this app, something else breaks. Very poor developing.

Something else going on there my friend.  It's not the FB app.  Each Build does indeed seem to fix reported bugs.  I personally have not having any serious issues like you reported so look for other causes.  Good luck

The check in function is screwed too, it doesn't list half places that are nearby. The last version would load dozens of them. Also, if you searched for somewhere that didn't exist, an option to add that place would come up, that has disappeared now. It's beggers belief how many things get screwed up everytime there's an update.

My news feed doesn't update as well.... After the update... I cam see everything before the update but nothing after

Why does Microsoft develop a standard Facebook UI? I use to demonstrate this FB app to demonstrate the great design of the Metro UI to non-Windows users.
I hope the original UI stay's excisting.

When opening Facebook. some of the feed is missing. I have to leave the newsfeed and go back to it just so everything shows up

Isn't the ability to set your profile picture from a picture you are viewing and actually tagged on something new? Never seen that small icon at the top-left before ...

Looking forward to getting back onto Windows 8 after being on 7.8 with a 820 in for repairs. Its surprising how much I miss this app.

Still crap. And will always be crap unless is developed by Facebook. Still a 3rd party app meaning you won't get every post or share from your friends. It is totally useless