WPCentral Lumia 928 Photo Contest

WPCentral Photo Contest: Win a Verizon Nokia Lumia 928 with your amazing picture!

Okay folks, it’s been awhile since we gave away a brand new Windows Phone. So today we’re announcing a US-only contest (sorry!) with a chance to win a brand new, Nokia Lumia 928 for the Verizon network.

How to win? It’s simple…

How to enter

The Rules

  • Do not alter the photo in PhotoShop, etc.
  • Cropping though is OK
  • US residence only as this is locked to the Verizon network in the States
  • One entry per user (If you post multiple times, only your first shot is considered)
  • The contest runs through Sunday night, 11:59PM ET

We’ll announce a winner Monday afternoon

WPCentral Lumia 928 Photo Contest


Even More Tips!

New more photo tips and tricks? Then check out our two guides on the subject for more information!

Update - Comments are closed. Please read the directions carefully. Thank you!

Thanks to JUXT for the tips and Microsoft for the Nokia Lumia 928!


Reader comments

WPCentral Photo Contest: Win a Verizon Nokia Lumia 928 with your amazing picture!


Can it be from any windows phone device? I have a great photo from an old Samsung Focus (1st Gen) that I would submit.

Is there a way WE can verify the EXIF data? I don't wanna submit the wrong thing.

Just wondering if you could give as a prize whatever network winner is on let them pick the phone. So that the winner could use the phone they win. Am I being a party pooper? Sorry


Contest is for a Verizon Lumia 928.  I repeat, the contest is for a Verizon Lumia 928 locked to a US network. :)

Does "alter" include cropping? Becuase I'd like to crop the photo I took on my L920. If I do it through Creative studio does that still count?

Yeah, good question... Does altering include using apps on WP? Or do they not count? Because that's a bit different than PhotoShoping an image.

Cropping is fine. But no other alterations, otherwise it's a slippery slope for us (not everyone has Creative Studio).

Basically, if you edit the hell out of it, it will be noticeable. Would prefer you shoot a real photo and don't alter it. Cropping is fine, but if you start throwing filters on and tilt-shifting the hell out of it, we may look down on that entry a tad--especially since a real photographer doesn't need to do that ;)

It's a slippery slope for us if we allow one photo editing suite but not another. So cropping and that's it, please!

Then you're the proud owner of a phone branded and locked to the Verizon network, lol. Switch or sell the phone.

No, it's LOCKED TO VERIZON. End of story, it's up to you see if you can unlock it for use. Being CDMA based, good luck with that... ;)

Also, I deleted your link because you need to read the directions for entering first.

haha, i was wondering where all the submissions vanished. even on the forums page, some folks haven't read rules completely, there's a Flickr link floating around :)

Ok, not sure if my first post went up, but here it is.. 
Read the directions. You must post your entry in our FORUMS, not in comments.

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