Skype's new Video Messaging goes live on all devices, except Windows Phone--coming later?

Skype video chat is a fantastic way to keep in touch with friends, family and business contacts, but up until now, it was only as good as who was in front of their device at any given moment. All of that has changed with Skype's new Video Messaging feature, which is essentially video mail.

It allows you to record a video, up to three minutes long, and send it to any contact, whether they are online or offline. Then, once your contact signs in, they will see your message waiting for them and can view and respond at their own leisure. Fantastic, right?

Well, yeah, as long as you are on anything other than Windows Phone. You see, Skype's latest service is available for Skype for Windows desktop, Skype for Windows 8, Skype for Mac, Skype for iPhone, Skype for iPad, Skype for Android and let's throw in Skype for BlackBerry. With Skype being purchased by Microsoft over two years ago, it begs the question, "Huh?"

Sure, despite Skype now being a subsidiary of Microsoft, it is still its own company. However, Microsoft has signaled that Skype will be at the center of communications for all of their devices and services, and yet, they have neglected to include Skype's latest feature in their own operating system whose focus is that of communicating. Meanwhile, they have opted to bring Video Messaging to all of Windows Phone's competitors.

There's not even a mention in the announcement that Skype for Windows Phone will be getting this feature.  In fact, they go so far as to say:

Video messaging is now available to all Skype users. You can send and receive as many video messages as you want – completely free of charge. Video messages can be received and viewed on any platform or device running Skype.

Umm, Skype...Aren't you forgetting somebody?

We reached out to Microsoft and the Skype team for a comment on the lack of Windows Phone support and received the following response:

“Windows Phone users can already receive and view Video Messages. We will inform you if we add send capability at a later date.”

So there you go folks: it's not there yet and may come in the future, but it doesn't sound like it's happening anytime soon.  Begin ranting in comments in 3, 2, 1...

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Skype's new Video Messaging goes live on all devices, except Windows Phone--coming later?



If I recall correctly, Whatsapp can't send videos either, due to how the OS works. So maybe there's literally nothing that Skype could do to make this happen, unless MS makes an OS revision.
That just makes me wish that this feature had been held back until WP8 had that capability also, but of course Skype can't do that, they need to invent and stay relevant.
Just a frustrating situation all around, it seems.

I still don't understand why MS has gone to such extremes to lock down most third party access to media files. When not even Apple locks down their OS that much, you know something is not right.

Thinking exactly the same thing. Their desktop os is the most vulnerable one out there and their mobile OS just overdid the security measures. And also, not most apps... "none" of the apps can access video files :(. Not even MS apps

This makes no damn sense, its shit like the that just turn potential WP customers off and make current ones loose faith.

This is pathetic... I dont understand them... I have a lumia 710 and I never used skype because doesnt support sign in with MS account (still...) . We dont have wp8 all of us... At least give as the chance to sign in... For this reason i use viber 1year now.

Wow... really...???
This type of stuff is worse for WP than this skype mess. You're spreading crap that isn't even true...

Its a shame, how does Microsoft expect people to support them when they barely support themselves? Well, its not all bad I guess, they are investing more money in app development for wp, lets see where that goes..

i wonder if maybe microsoft is planning on true, full skype integration with Windows Phone 8.1, which would explain lack of updates and features. I mean, messenger is discontinued, and replaced by skype, yet messages still appear in the Messaging hub (not to mention, you cant contact skype messaging contacts via the hub, but you can microsoft account contacts.). And the background tasks seem a bit iffy at times (i recieve duplicate toasts for message, each 15 to 30 minutes appart, and have missed a call before.) Some big integration with Windows Phone would be awesome, allowing one to use skype straight from the OS, and could somewhat explain lack of updates.

Who the fuk is responsible for this decision? They are shooting themselves in the foot with this approach. Why should others develop for their platform if their own people doesnt even do it?

Ridiculous!! Sometimes I question their commitment. Makes no sense and even if it did from some weird perspective or angle, from all the others its a message that this mobile OS is insignificant next to the others. Shoot your self in the foot, again, and again why not. Begs the question how many feet do you think you have??? I say this not caring about this feature too..

Attention, ladies and gentlemen! Down here...hello, is this thing on? Greetings. First, I want to apologize for coming across somewhat rude or anything resembling as such...but, seriously what am I missing? Is everyone seriously ONLY focusing on what isn't happening? I hope everyone knows that "video messaging" is already available in Messenger and it would just be redundant in the Skype app for Windows Phone. The drawback is of course the contacts between services, but if you're using Skype with your Microsoft Account, its the same thing...its only if you're still using Skype exclusively with the original Skype account, then its less a matter of available features than Microsoft needing to clean up the accounts and merging them to erase this problem. Its all in the perspective..isn't it better just to send vid messages from messenger anyway? In conclusion, maybe I'm wrong and I'm sure you'll all let me know it. =[

I don't really use video messaging but MS needs to communicate with their followers to avoid this Chaos, and with this some already jumping ship. I think it is best for MS to just give the OS to Nokia, since Nokia is the only one that really work hard to make Windows Phone alive.

Microsoft lost their way when their focus shifted from "Developers!  Developers!  Developers!" to "Microsoft!  Microsoft!  Microsoft!"  Clearly the people at the top have forgotten who was really responsible for their success.  Don't worry though, they'll pay the price.  All in good time.

This is the end for me.  That Microsoft can't even be bothered to address this lack of support for what is essentially their main app on their own platform with even a tiny little comment says all that I need to hear, loudly.  Windows Phone has no future, and the only reason it is even a goiong concern at all comes down to Nokia's hard work.  That's it, and that's all.  I actually feel badly for Nokia, they seem to have been as duped as I have been, but it's a lot easier for me to just throw this thing up on Craigslist and migrate to another platform that is vibrant, growing, and supported.
This community is about the only other good thing to come out of all of this, and though this is the first time that I have taken the time to post here, I just wanted to thank all of you for your help, contributions and general coolness.  Take care everyone.

I don't give a ... about Microsoft.
But what really makes me angry is all the good work being done by Nokia which risked its own future with switching to windows phone. 
I really don't understand what is wrong with my MS. They love their business customers but still neglect the private market. Something what Apple didn't and see where they are now.

And this is exactly why I'm switching..to android as soon as I get the money. Too many disappointments in wp8 -_- they really need to sort thier priorities, but my question is why are they burying thier own grave ..this is just another thing for ios and android to pick on ..so dissatisfied right now

From this forums i am starting to realize that even WP fans like me are getting sick of the lack of attention to the OS and the long waited updates, someone here says that updates will be available this summer or early next year. If MS still like this early next year a lot of us will be at other OS

Exactly! I'm holding off upgrading my Lumia 900 for this very reason, not convinced its the way to go because of stupidity like this from MS!

This is Lumia 925/928 prototypes all over again. Everybody unloads their buckets of shit and hate on Nokia (in this case, Microsoft) and in the end everybody goes lovelydovely about the outcoming result. So calm down, nobody's going to die because of a... 3 minute video that can send via Skype. 
I honestly can't imagine people really being upset about the feature itself. It's just people feeling left out. Thats Microsoft's fault for being vague, I guess... But seriously, people are overreacting. Yes they gave "priority" to other platforms with bigger market share, which is smart (not sure about BB?). You need money from somewhere to pump it into R&D, right? See it at an investment. Okay, still can't fix the whole "we're being left out" feeling, but it does make sense. Just like iPhone using Bing lately!
On another note, perhaps they completely integrated Skype into the 8.1 OS? Wish they could confirm it instead of being vague and receiving a lot of (probably unneeded) hate. But I agree, it does make them look a little unsure about their own product this way

"Yes they gave "priority" to other platforms with bigger market share, which is smart (not sure about BB?). "
I know that for me that is one of the really, really irritating things here. I can maybe see why Android and iOS are supported - they're big moneymakers. But BB10? Really, f*** 'em. I don't care how little effort it required, it just shouldn't happen.
And I'm convinced that this comes down to a technical issue with WP8 not being able to do this. That, however, just makes it worse...

I know. Which is why I wrote "I don't care how little effort it required, it just shouldn't happen." They should not give this feature to their closest, minor competitor. Period.

MS needs to communicate with their followers why they took this path not giving WP8 users the same thing they gave the IOS and Adroid to avoid angering people/us. MS is bad communicator!

Ok this right here is the thing... COMMUNICATION. That is the area that MS absolutely sucks at, and all the crying in regard to this is legit IMO.
If they would just step up and TELL PEOPLE what is going on, why it is going on, and when it is going to happen they could effectively eliminate a lot of the FUD that's being spread all over, as well as the vast majority of the negativity that put up on pages like this one. Then they would only be held to their word. But stuff like this is cold to their users. Yes in the grand scheme of things this is pretty minor, but don't just leave it to Skype to answer this. MS needs to tell folks what is going on. 
No company does that, but then again no other company has that cloud of doubt hanging over them that so many (wrongfully) put over MS.
Of course it can put a lot of the "writers" who spend their days speculating, and creating rumors about MS the hell out of business but that's very much needed at this point. 

Why exactly did they buy Skype if not to promote their own products?
Microsoft sometimes makes it pretty hard to defend and support windows phone. They still need to build a loyal customer base - better communication and some extras for windows phone fans like me would help.

These are the moments when I doubt Microsoft is taking the mobile market seriously. They need to step it up. You are the worlds biggest software company. Act like it.

As much as I like WP and want it to succeed... I have to admit that in it's current state, it's an awful mess.

Skype needs money .
as Skype users are mostly IOS and android users they target them more intensively, BB10 has a similar os to android thus easier porting.
Wp8 is full of bugs specially on the communications/notifications front.
And I'm sure Skype is dreading the approval procedures at the WP store
Still love my Lumia

Then they should f@#king explain themselves to WP owners instead of bold and rude statements!!

"We will inform you if we add send capability at a later date"
And THIS is what they give us? THIS??

Though some of your points are valid, Skype is an team at MS, I'm sure they get priority during submissions. Also they have the privilege to use APIs that us normal devs can't (Notifications, etc..) I see no reasonable excuse NOT to update an app on your own platform, especially if you have special privileges given making it easier!

I sure am glad at least we have Microsoft Office exclusive to Windows Phone......................wait....what? WTF?

Ha ha ha IOS pays for it but we don't, and we have better office layout compare to theirs. Did you see office for iPhone?

Coming a trail position (3rd place) Microsoft seems to not get it. With less than 10% of the market MS is not doing a good pushing the envelope. In the position that wp8 is in, ms should be giving us as many features as they can. They are not even keeping up with the jones' like android and ios. MS should be going above and beyond what others are doing. We should NOT be behind on specs, or features ant more. No more excuses at this point. This goes for other product too, like surface. If MS releases another surface without HD OR better they might as well fold up and go home. If kindle can be HD, no reason for a powerhouse like ms not to be as well. Microsoft is in the position that its in because it came late to the party and instead of running to catch up and pass others they're jogging. Just ranting...love my 920

The only reason why I pre-ordered a Xbox One today was because I wanted to use the whole Windows eco-system.
But it seens to be a pretty stupid idea. Silly me.

this feature is ZZZZzzzzzzzzZZZ anyway... and honestly i would have liked more if Skype team fixed the Skype experiences instead of adding another useless (for most people) feature that wont do any better.
I know some people like to complain, but it was better if they fixed skype in alot of ways, and people like to cry like little babies like if MS or Skype team was kidnapping their kids or killing their family. pathetic human beings, if you dont like skype you can always find and alternative... or better yet, make your own messaging software, maybe you will see its not easy to do it.

probably the code was there before Microsoft adquired Skype and they just put it and refined it anyway. and they focused in bring it to windows 8 because windows 8 is bigger than windows phone, like it or not.

of course this doesnt mean I care about this feature, and it changes how some bugs in skype are really annoying. so it would have been better if Skype fixed the clients instead of adding a new worthless feature.

you know like fixing Sign in with a Microsoft account, find a solution to have multiple skype accounts in one Win8 machine that is logged with a microsoft account. of the link and unlink of skype with a microsoft account. because when you make a skype microsoft account. that would have been better if they fixed that crap. instead of this video messaging crappy feature, pathethic humans are complaining about like if they are going to use it every minute of their lives.

You apparently completely missed the point.
It's not about Skype itself or the f#@king feature no matter how useful/useless it is. It's about Microsoft showing very little commitment to its own platform and showing even less respect to its users...

If you (like many of us) have stuck with WP since its debut, you would realize how many times users have been let down before by Microsoft's strategy for WP and maybe then you would start to understand why people are right 'to cry like little babies'.

Sometimes I would like to see the age of the posters, side by side with their (nick) names! I see a lot of people panicking at the first statement they read at the media. There is always a reason (or more) for the decisions one company take. There are 2 or 3 that were already advanced here that are logical. Sometimes, I have doubts about Microsoft timings, but the most of times I understand them. So, as someone said, keep your calm and wait for the next days/weeks! MS is a big company, and these are not agile as start up or small/medium companies. WP OS is great, and things are getting better! (not English native)

dotcompt, age 42. Former XDA Developer and using Windows Phone since day one. I left XDA because I was tired defending Windows Phone and see the XDA Moderators and Admins just ignoring the platform I loved so much. I always said WP was a fresh breeze and an amazing OS due to the smoothness, simplicity and the integration focus it had.
Now the OS development is sluggish, fragmented (rememeber what MS said about Android fragmentation?) and Microsoft is pathetic with the lack of timing and stupid decisions from the ignorant Steve Balmer. There are so many things still missing to an OS that has already 3 years, ie, how stupid it is to turn on /off the WiFi.
With decisions like the Skype one, why do you think developers are keeping away from Windows Phone, if Microsoft itself doesnt think is worth it.
The all scenario is not worse because Nokia is doing a superb job with hardware and their amazing phones but unfortunately Microsoft can not keep the pace with software and will bring Nokia down too.
We all love Windoiws Phone but it is time to get real

Well said bro! Nokia giving it all their best, but MSFT drawing them back.

Wish Nokia would adopt the android platform n leave MSFT alone.

This business relationships ain't symbiotic, d Finns' are losing

Windows Phone is likely handcuffing the always impressive Nokia hardware.
If this kind of stuff keeps up, Nokia and WP will go the route of Ahab and the White whale.

I completely agree with dotcompt (btw loved all your work over at XDA), windows phone lacks basic features (coming from a guy who got a WP back in the early days of it) I'm not saying go Android on it or anything, but there is alot of room for improvement. If you look on the developer side of things, its horrible! Many APIs are still missing or broken, it was excusable back when WP first launched but not now! That's also why I would always turn to the homebrew community, they would always have the solution! But now that the WP homebrew community is slowly dismembering and everyone is giving up. MS has prevented homebrewers on WP8 but a side effect of that is that they made WP so tight the normal devs are having trouble. I can't help but wonder was pushing out home brews really a main focus of WP8, instead of fixing APIs adding functionality (Notification Center?). Microsoft had truly went form "developers, developers, developers" to "CEOs, CEOs, CEOs,"....

Are you willing to list these "basic features" that are missing?
I'm willing to bet you'll say something like a notification center, but please by all means tell us what's missing.


What's wrong with listing notification centre? You and I might not find it a useful feature, but the fact that many people expressed it as a desired feature that competitors have should be a compelling reason.
Would be nice to have smart dial, different sound profiles, improved wifi settings, frequent settings drop down menu or tiles (for wifi, bluetooth, airplane mode, etc.) improved calendar, no lag on music player ability to organize the applications list by preference or frequency.

I am going to be as "basic" as I can:
. Notification Centre -  why not ? and with support for 3rd party apps.
. Control Centre - How stupid it is to turn On/Off a simple thing like Wi-Fi with the current WP OS, and don´t give me a live tile that opens the anoying settings page, I want to swipe and click.
. VPN Support - this is a big deal for some Business people. And you cannot say WP is Enterprise without VPN.
. Full System Backup - a must.
. Universal Search - another must.
. Microsoft Voice (tellme) is a joke compared with Siri and Google Now and it needs to be updated too.
. Skype full integrated in OS or at least the last fuckxxx version that was available to all the other platforms except Windows Phone, Pathetic.
. Volume profiles - how hard it is to code it
. More Bluetooth features
. Folders - yes I like it, and a lot of pleople like it too if you check those polls that MS doesn´t care to read.
. FM Radio - We dont have to listen the Xbox Music always.
. Calendar Improvements - Does MS knows what is a week view?
. More resolutions - cannot understand why we still do not have 1080p support.
Is this hard to get? Really?
Microsoft needs to put a little bit more effort on Windows Phone and stop developing their apps to other platforms as a priority. Android gets better on every new OS released and Apple is trying that too.
Nokia is doing a superb job with devices and software but Microsoft is failing baddly.
I just hope Blue proves that I am wrong which is unlikely.

Always good to calm down.
But many big names in business-history just disappeared because they were too slow or didn't understand a changing world. Even for Microsoft there is no guarantee to survive. And I'm pretty sure they know that in Redmond because some actions in the past appeared like panic reactions.
Btw. I still love my Lumia and still love the beauty of windows phone. But you can die in beauty.

This post needs to be read, and re-read over and over by people here. I wish I could upvote this mo-fo.

You wanna know who else is a big company: Nokia, Samsung and Apple. Now go check how swiftly they are acting...
• WP is great? Absolutely and I wouldn't be here if it wasn't.
• Things are getting better? Of course, each iteration is a step in the right direction.
The problem is the communication strategy is so lousy and it is taking ages to implement each tiny bit into this wonderful platform, that when it actually starts becoming mature it could be too late for it to succeed. And THAT's what all the fuss is about...

If it does not work on Windows Phone, then do not release to any other platform. Pretty easy requirement to remember. If Windows Phone is holding you back for innovating, you need to fix this problem first. What is next, Microsoft Office only on MacOS?

Ridiculous. Just ridiculous. I don't really have any use for this feature, but this doesn't make any sense even from a business perspective...

First the xbox fuck up and now this. MS r u really trying to loose the rest of loyal Users. I swear I have never seen a company make so many huge mistakes as MS the last week. Get you act together or you Will loose me as a customer asap ☝

What is Microsoft doing..supporting everyone else with the latest version of Skype but their own phone operating..seems strange..makes me wonder if I did the right thing by buying a new phone running Windows 8...

Why does MS make me realize time n again that I made a mistake by buying a Windows Phone..
Skype has been in beta since ages and the user experience on WP8 is undoubtedly pathetic...
If this is how MS wants to progress with WP then in few months I might be commenting here with an Android or an iOS device...WTF MS..

Well, there goes my WP love....

I'm a big Skype user. I was excited about the purchase....at first. Now we have a ghosa beta app and fewer features. Thanks for sticking it to all of the WP users, MS!

Worst of all there are no announcements from MS...we the customers gather on such forums n blogs and keep on guessing as idiots..who reads all these comments n what impact do they have??

Every WP user should be upset. Skype user or not.

Many big time app devs refuse to make an app because "the market is not big enough for us". We've heard that many times and we frown whenever we hear/read that. MS is basically saying the same when they're not releasing the WP version of Skype along with their competitors'. What a slap in the face...

Like I and others have written, I don't think that's the reason. I'm pretty sure the reason is that the OS simply can not do this without a major overhaul.

Maybe you are right.
I understood and excused a not so convincing wp7. But seriously, how much more time do they need?
I should have been warned because windows mobile was a terrible experience for an average private user.

What, yet another rewrite of the OS?
Wp8 is Microsoft's final shot at mobile. The market moves on, and they don't get an unlimited amount of re-dos.

Not sure what you mean. Of course they will update the OS, just like Google updates android and Apple updates iOS.

"Begin ranting in comments in 3, 2, 1..."
LOL .. I love wpcentral :D
I am still a WP fan after all, but the guys in Redmond shouldn't take people like me for granted.

BREAKING NEWS: Office 2014 is available now for iOS, Android, BB10, Bada, Symbian. No details as yet if it will be released for WP. The Office team spokesidiot said "You can view the new format if you have a Lumia 1010 which will be available at some point, but you just can't create edit save anything currently on WP".

When this sort of thing happens, it's usually an obvious indicator that the feature is planned for inclusion in the base OS. The obvious answer is that video messages will be a core part of the messaging app in the next win phone 8 OS build. I don't really care too much though. I do, however, like to use quick voice messages such as with talk box, whatsapp, etc. It's the modern voice mail. I suppose video will catch on.. but probably won't get used anywhere near as much. Having to worry about what you look like and what might be behind you is an extra headache i won't want to bother with most of the time.

BS! What is this nonsense! First iOS looking like WP, and no class lawsuit anywhere, second Skype looks to ignore it's MSter, and still no whips flying around anyhow...what kind of anarchy is this! Will go back to mailing VHS tapes @_@ hahah

It's things like this that really make me regret getting a Windows Phone. I love my device, and I do love the OS, but waiting for features and apps is getting pretty tiresome.
I see people saying 'be patient, it's coming' but why? Why should we have to keep being patient when apps come to other devices and we have to wait and see if it'll come to this OS? It's been the same for months/years for some people.
The fact that a Microsoft owned company (whether independent or not) releases an update to ALL platforms bar WP really just feels like a slap in the face. 
I really am sorely tempted to jump ship. I'm going to see if anything is announced at the build conference, and weigh my options then.

I can't say I disagree. I'm pretty much all in on the MS ecosystem, but this kind of shit just makes me wonder why sometimes. Apple and android are A-game, but stuff like this from MS is strictly b-game, and you gotta wonder if its nice to be on a team that actually cares about winning.

i dont use Skype but this definitely sucks for its users, and it looks like a lot of you are just that. And i agree, if the functionality doesnt work because its Skype's fault MS is still to blame since they own the company.

Then they have to announce it. They have a faithful customer base to respect and hopefully expand. This attitude is unjustifiable and their reply is borderline insolent...

MS Photosynth = iPhone 1st
MS Office = avail for iPhone
MS XBox Smart Glass = avail for iPhone
MS Skype = new features first on iPhone

For the best Microsoft experience...get an iPhone?? With all of the time, money and energy they spend trying to get 3rd party developers on board, you'd think they'd go down the hall and chat with the IN HOUSE developers.

Haha yeah. I'm cool with MS putting their software on other platforms-- that keeps them dominant. But sweet lord what a boneheaded move to skip THEIR OWN PLATFORM! They even updated for blackberry. Just pathetic.

I refuse to believe that the head honchos over WP/MS are this incompetent, I'm expecting a surprise announcement on June 26th

Not very often can one see this kind of horrible marketing from any company. It's not so much about WP missing a Skype feature, but rather what kind of message it sends out to the smartphone world. Microsoft is surely todays's laughing stock for sure. What a way to win new users MS !!!!

I think Microsoft knows better and they are probably working on a better solution for WP or better yet they are letting everyone else be the beta testers. But who knows... Maybe Skype, who still seems to work somewhat independent from Microsoft had this planned all along and not much MS can do. Who knows what the reasons are but I am sure there is a legitimate reason behind this.

I strongly disagree with my buddy at work about the direction that WP is going but today am really upset with MS. I can't believe that they updated Skype on other platforms before its own. I am a big Nokia fan and that's the reason I own a WP. Nokia 808 sounds pretty good for my next phone until MS gets its sh*t together.

Ridiculous. Blackberry? Really?? C'mon MS, are you serious about your own friggin' mobile platform or aren't you? By all means update Skype on every platform you can, but Jeezus God make sure you update your own for your most loyal customers, too!

I've being using windows it being winmo or WP since I stop using the sidekick but I've giving Microsoft till the fall to see if they can get their shit together. If not I'm out till they do because I really like the OS but the lack of support is driving me crazy!!!!!!

Can't even get Skype to work, won't call contacts keeps saying number is incorrect, but the number is right!!! useless program

This just goes to show AGAIN how Microsoft treats WP as a Red-Headed Step Child.  No atta-boy, no pat on the head, nothing extra.  They'll keep feeding it only because it's a moral issue, but nothing extra.  No dessert, no trips to the park, nothing.  Just barely survive little guy!  If it passes away, then it was all a simple misunderstanding.
I personally cannot wait till iPhone 6 arrives with iOS7.  Week after week, Microsoft talks me OUT of their phones.
And to those who think Microsoft is actually worried about WP not doing well in the market.  Bill Gates was just named the Richest Person in the WORLD.  I don't think he's too worried about this afterthought called Windows Phone.  And, with no children of his own, he's only too willing to take care of all the OTHER children (iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc...).

Every time I open skype, it tells me I have had 10 missed calls! Where's the integration? No toast notifications... Nothing! Well done MS! (Oh my rant)

Microsoft is not a land, it's small islands and they have always been at war and hated each other. Now bringing in the new guys from Isla-de-Skype should make any difference?
I think Steve Ballmer have made a great job trying to accelerate all divisions in to unity. But is it enough, and all these years of doing everything there own way, will it ever stop?
All this is still no excuse, but it is a reason. And what it is are Microsoft shooting them self's in the foot ... again. Its just sad. And the WP crowd, were patient and we turn the other cheek, again, and again, and again .....

I like this OS and MS products, but it sure gets damn hard to defend them. To keep doing this time after time is just plain stupid, and a slap in the face to those of us who support them.

I'd say someone should be fired over this, but its clear MS is just fine with this. Do they even have a PR team? Do they have the internet? It happens everytime, its all over the internet how MS continues to treat its loyal customers like third class citizens. And what does this do for potential new adopters? Why would they want to go to WP when even MS seems to ignore the OS and updates other platforms first.

And friggin blackberry even?!?!?!? Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? And Android after what Google does with Youtube?! MS has some serious issues. If I was up for a new phone, id seriously consider dumping WP if this is how MS is going to be

I let them have it on Twitter. Both MS and WindowsPhone. Every WP owner should feel embarrassed and angry. No matter if you use Skype or not

Talk about giving the wrong message.
Either Microsoft:
-made a big technical mistake (not being able to send  a video after rebuilding the entire friggin OS)
-made another massive PR mistake (when a better Skype for WP would be incoming) 
- doesn't care about their own platform which is even worse than those two combined.
I sadly fear the last one is true.

Man , are WP fans really only fans of the exclusives or fans of the design and the OS itself ? Microsoft is hard at work baking these apps into the phone, that takes time and software updates to the OS to implement. When its baked into your contacts or the messaging app, you gonna love it? I will! Besides the more ms gives apple love, the more likely will be to get apple apps coming our way. Patience is a virtue and waiting is worth it to me, nothings gonna get me to change because this OS is still the best! Period!

It took MS 3 years to announce its killer IP game (halo) was coming to WP in a decision that everyone saw as a no-brainer since day one. (and I seriously wouldn't be surprised if if they announced it will be coming to iOS and Android as well)

That's the kind of wait we had to deal with in every little thing since the birth of WP. I was hopeful things would start to pick up by now and a new dawn is ahead, alas it seems we're still in the middle of the night.

I can't even attach videos from my library with whatsapp which should be a feature that is a few years old. Now this. Its getting a bit embarrassing. I love the OS and all but sometimes waiting too much makes you tick.
By the time we get the "new" features or apps other platforms have moved onto sth else already.

Looks bad, nothing more. Try being a Blackberry owner if you really wanna feel neglected.

Not sure why so much complaint about Skype in wp8? Yes, there few secure issued need to be done before upcoming update coming. Why wouldn't people used the ROOM feature in wp8 to share pictures, calendar, chat, & notes. There is also Skydrive share features too. Are people forgot about these features?

Something tells me MS has something specially for us WP users.
I hope its bake into the os, we would really love that

It's just stupid, no excuse is acceptable.I've been with WP since its launch(HTC Mozart) and was palning to get a 925 ASAP, but now I think why should I waste my money and energy defending an OS, when publisher itself don't care about it. 
They want to bring it with 8.1? thats six month from now. We are always using an older version of apps, or we don't have those apps when it's an google app, but now it's a MS app, why should Google OS(which dosn't give a c... about us) have this but not the MS os it self.
I'm so damn mad. 

No matter what you all say, i know you love being the new, the alternative, the "think different" people of 2010's, that's why you're a WP user.
Even after three years of WP I still admire the way the OS was originally conceived. A pure information hub, no faux graphics and eye candies, you got so much information in your hand, and that's what WP is all about.
I can't imagine me using a different phone than my Ativ S, this thing is light, thin, has amazing battery, fluid, full of information, great games and is also an awesome business device.

We may as well get iPhones if Microsoft is putting everything on other platforms, because if I know that I'm going to get the best experience on other platforms then why not!

I been a loyal Windows Phone user but I feel its time to move to another OS. Windows Phone 8 users are getting no support, even from Microsoft. We always have to wait on third party developers. Glad I waited to see how things are. I will not be upgrading to Windows Phone 8.