Nokia 41 Million Reasons

Nokia teases upcoming Lumia EOS with “41 million reasons” post

Looks like Nokia is finally letting the cat out of the bag, if only slightly, on their latest Conversations post from their official blog.

The post, entitled “41 million reasons to zoom in to Nokia Conversations on July 11th”, simply recapitulates the media invite news we reported on last week—namely that Nokia will be holding a press conference in NYC to announce new hardware.

Nokia Press Invite

At the time, we heavily speculated that this would of course be the much-anticipated and heavily leaked ‘EOS’ (or ‘Elvis’ if on AT&T). The phone is expected to continue where the Symbian-based 808 PureView left off by bringing a 41MP camera sensor to essentially a Lumia 920 body.

To be clear, those 41 mega-pixels are used to oversample an image, resulting in 5-8MP photos in real usage. But those pics are of such high clarity that “crop to zoom” can be done at a whole new level, negating the need for mechanical zoom lens (the route that Samsung has chosen with their new ‘Zoom’ Galaxy S4).

The actual Nokia post simply mentions that you can watch the live stream of the press event on their site and to join in on the conversation, but to our knowledge, the EOS/Elvis will feature the following specifications:

  • 41 MP camera with Xenon flash
  • Nokia Pro Camera
  • 32GB of internal storage
  • OLED screen at 768 x 1280
  • WP8 v 8.0.10322.71
  • FM Radio
  • Flip to silence
  • Polycarbonate body
  • Takes 35 MP picture and a 5 MP at the same time. The 5 MP version is meant for quickly sharing on social networks.
  • Comes in yellow
  • No SD card
  • No visible OS changes

Of course, Windows Phone Central will be live in New York City to also live blog the event and get the first hands-on with the new device (or devices), so you’ll want to make sure you tune into both pages that day.

More as it comes in! (Also, anyone notice the focus on yellow? We've heard that the AT&T version comes in at least this color, plus white and black.)

Source: Nokia Conversations


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Nokia teases upcoming Lumia EOS with “41 million reasons” post


Please don't name it Lumia Eos.  Nokia Eos sounds soooooooo bad-ass.
fksjdfldjfdsjljaklfjdksfjlkdfjkfjldksfjldksjflk <---- My excitement

Your excitement spans far too few rows. Try upping the excitement level to at least three rows for best results.

I can't wait...hope this Xbox One fiasco doesn't damage Microsoft, then WP and eventually Nokia! Perception is key! Won't be stopping me from selling my 920 and trading up though!!!

You can use AT&T phones on T-Mobile.  Doing that with my 920 right now.  The LTE networks are compatible and T-Mobile has switched to AT&T's 3G/HSPA+ frequencies in most major cities.  Of coarse the Lumia 920 was locked to AT&T for 6 months, so that could happen here too.

I guess this is a resounding YES to my hanging doubts about the 41 MP sensor for EOS.  It'll be interesting to see which processor to be used with EOS.  I also wonder if the EOS image quality will be better than 808 PV.  Will the L925 6-elements lens be used with it.  Any further improvement to the zooming scales?  808 PV has a 4X for 720p and 12X for 360p.  See the following samples:
Any improvement to the image sharpness will be welcome.

The same size (+1mm) than the 920/925/928 with same CPU, the same OLED, the same RAM
The lens system is TOTALLY different, IQ will improve after sw update
it's like 925+808

Awesome, i want it, i wonder how much internal memory it wil have and what kind of processor+screenresolution...


Well i don't think that there is one thing official about those specs, so there is always a chance ...


Yes please, i don't need it but you never know when you are gonna need it, sometimes it is very helpfull...

So it will have 8 windows? Doesn't look like there are any windows. Also, if there are windows in it, they seem to be extremely hard to see through. They should have said there would be 8 doors, cause this makes a better door than a window. Seriously guys, how many windows?

I wish these specs were in a smaller phone like a 4 inch or 4.3 inch phone with less bezel. 
I can deal with a bigger volcano on the phone with a smaller phone, that way, it can fit in my pocket while havingn a big bulge showing, ya know?

Interesting that they're taking a preemptive strike on the Galaxy Zoom. As much as I don't like the design of any Lumia except the 810, that Galaxy Zoom looks awful.

With all the leaked information up to now, I suspect that a retail release may not be too far away. At least I hope.

So is it official that this will have a 4.5' screen and not a 5? I think for that size a 4.5 screen would have a mountain of bezel

Pinch to zoom and lossless zoom are two very, very different things. If Apple were to add lossless zoom, they need a much more advanced camera. Nokia spent 5 years making this camera.

Pinch to zoom is the ability to zoom in while shooting a video (with great detail loss). Lossless zoom is ability to zoom in on a detail without much quality loss.

actually, since FHD is about 2,1 Mpix any sensor bigger than that could have a digital zoom without loss in detail down to that 2,1 Mpix

Where does it say "lossless" ?
It seems like regular digital zoom else Apple would have already made noises about it.

You do understand that the lossless zoom means the 41MP sensor and raw hardware on 808PV? That's branded as lossless zoom, that's about it.

Its not a software trick you can add to any phone with a camera.. non of the iPhone, or any other phone expect the 808 has the hardware required for lossless zooming. 

That's just an usual capabilty of zooming while recording video... 

Lossless zoom is another thing

SD card or 64GB, I REALLY want this phone, but 32GB isnt enough even in my 920 I have to keep deleting games, music or videos and its really begining to get annoying.
I'll wait till the supposed revision two with GDR3 comes out with a 1080p screen and HOPEFULLY an SD card slot or 64GB.
The problem is, 8GB with SD isnt enough because theres barely space to install just a few of the newer games, 16gb might be enough, but really I want 32GB + SD, or 64GB with no SD.
32GB is going to disappear in seconds if you download the map for your contry get a few games, and the pictures are saved at 35MPs and 5Mps.

I must be crazy. I downloaded the whole USA so I don't have to remember to add or delete a state or two when I travel.

No, but if you're like me and have a lot of games and apps 32 gigs is not near enough space. That's not counting family pix and vids.

Had I stopped myself from getting an 820, I would be like you. I have zero music onboard, and just use Pandora. Although, I also have 30gb of SkyDrive storage.. So pictures wouldn't be too much of an issue.

My 16G filled up in 20 minutes with music. I want a 64 or 32G WP with expandable storage up to 120G a 1080p screen & 2G of RAM so the phone won't slow down at all

Yes! Now you are talking.. A lot of WP fans are still stuck in that WP7.x frame of mind that say's enough is good enough. Times have changed, and we're trying to propel WP into its next dimension..

My phone is full as well, but that's just because I never delete photos/videos from the phone. I've got about 15GB of photos I've taken. It's just how you use the device, I need to copy it all onto my computer and just view older photos through SkyDrive instead.
I think having SD cards or more than 32GB is unncessary, just need to use the phone more sensibly.

I think it's unnecessary as well... At least in normal cases. Sometimes when you have to use much lower space, you realize the excess you have. But 32+exandable is definitely convenient, and I'd love to have it. xD

So, you're saying you would rather use data to view your files?? Well, that's fine for you, but that won't work for everyone. Some people have limited data to work with. That's why we're asking for OPTIONS because options please you, and options please me. You'd better hope that high end WP devices get expandable storage for the sake of the platform.

Did I say I didn't want expandable storage? Nope. Did I say I wanted expandable storage? Yes.

There's something wrong with these comments because that one wasn't meant for you. Sorry about that.. Must be a bug in the app. IDK.

I actually have the maps for Germany, Netherlands and Poland downloaded to my Lumia 920 and although I have a shitload of Musik on my phone as well I still have 10gb left. But yeah I'm not that great of a mobile gamer, so I have only 6 games installed right now and rarely undust them.

J88NY R wants, and needs more storage. What's the crime in that, and why are you against it? If the entire map is available for download then he should be able to download it as he pleases with no compromise.. I'm not trying to be rude to you, but everytime someone ask for something in a WP device somebody jumps in with a work around. Some of us are sick of work around, and settling, and we just simply want more. And, we're willing to pay extra for it! Heck, a 64gb 920 for $150 is a steal. Even for $199 compared to the competition. Its smart that MS and Nokia are trying to gain MS with price point, but there's another side of the equation, and quality, and its called high end.. Luxury!! All WP fans are not concerned about price, and with the amount of average consumers who by expensive iShit I would think that non WP fans aren't completely influenced by price either.

Easy there, killer. I am in no way against J88NY getting more storage, or anyone for that matter. I was commenting about the necessity of 32gb+expandable in a practical, non-luxurious, setting. My opinion is that it isn't necessary, speaking from my own experiences with 32gb devices. I'd reply to the rest of your comment on workarounds, but this comment section already looks too much like The Verge. I'd encourage you to consider low-end smartphones and consumers when weighing the value of workarounds.

WHAT.... Your phone must be jammed packed with alot of crap you never use. 
I have games 20 odd games, 300 odd photos, about 60 apps, 50 of my fave albums and still have 10gb of free space.

Are you removeing the "OTHER" used up sapce with the storage app? 

Thats said I'd also like an SD to dump off all them massive pictures as well as all of the music I own.

Yeah, but how much music do you have? Us who use our devices mainly for music rack up 10-15gb alone just in songs.. You add 15gb of music to your device right now and then come back and tell me how much storage you have..

Oh my PC I have about 60GB of music... but on my phone I just put my 50 fav albums.. which is about 7-6gb or so. So thats how much music I use. I dont feel like I need it all on me at all times. 

They should not force you to save one 30+ mpix and  one 5Mpix... you should be able to pick which one you want, just like on the 808. 

My sentiments exactly! I need more storage! I had 15gb of music on my phone and I had to cut it back to 10gb because my storage was running low in my 920.. With 7gb of apps 2gb of system, and 4gb of misc., these files add up. And to anyone who disagrees with the fact that they need to make devices with expandable, or more, storage, it's pointless to because you aren't us, and its obvious that our needs are different.. Its that WE need more storage, not that YOU need more storage.. So, understand that some people want, and need, to store more files on their phones than others, and that for us the cloud is not the COMPLETE solution.. For example, im on a 2gb data plan, and I use my phone ALL DAY long at work. I have no data left for steaming music.. I can name 50 high end Android devices with expandable storage, and I can't think of one WP device off the top if my head... Oh, wait!! Ativ S? FAIL!.. I've never even seen this device, and I question whether it even really exist... Lol!

I hope all this hype results in app developers realizing Nokia has arrived back and here to stay and hope Samsung rots in hell for polluting the market with their ugly phones and undercutting competition

But what I don't get is why does it say "41 MILLION reasons" does that mean a total of 41 million lumias sold in quarter 2....a man can dream

Nokia did share product placement with Nikon in Man of Steel.

This probably means they're going to merge. Expect the Nikia/Nokon camera phone within 3 years.

It probably will be for a while, at least here in the US. EE would probably pick it up in the UK 

They dropped the Nokia 820 and HTC 8x and now released and pushing hard the Nokia 925. They also were the first to push interest and support WP OS. Soooooo...

I speculate this to be quad core as well from the other news outlet who have reported about a Nokia quad core benchmark test that I sent to WP Central but never posted.

it would require OS kernel drivers and support...if that's what you mean.  There was no lie in that article that came out the other day from the Nokia PR saying that MS and Nokia's relationship is closer than anyone imagined. 

But to answer your necessary OS changes are needed.  Just DSP/WDF drivers (which are ridiculously hard to code) are needed...and access to the OS of course.

Hopefully this will launch soon so the Lumia 920s will drop in price, and all those looking to upgrade will cut a better deal. :)

My whole thing is Nokia going to be there on July 11th, this just came out on ZD net, Nokia is about to layoff people, Daniel said it one article, Microsoft bettet step in with the Golden parachute. because to me the 41 MP camera would blow people away and steer them to Nokia and or Microsoft. Microsoft is putting out tons in marketing, and we heard the Hwaia announcement to buy Nokia and Siemans wants out. Microsoft needs to step in, Or it won't matter about the 41MP camera. Microsoft better do something is my opinion and if they really wanted to kick the doors down, buy Nokia and Blackberry and end Blackberry and turn it into Windows phones. The biggest thing, Nokia and Microsoft needs is TIME, like 5 years from now. Because if you told me 5 years ago, when Nokia and Blackberry were huge, that the I phone from Apple and samsung would be huge I would laugh at you. But in 5 years, can the same thing can happen. Its up to Steve Ballmer to say I want to go into the phone buisness full kilter or do it half ass. I am praying full kilter.
Read this, it makes you feel good about the China buyout it won't happen.
This is about the layoffs.

From the comments in this article:

"The 808 also provided a much needed trump card to Nokia. It demonstrated that (1) the company still had valuable technological assets superior to the competition; (2) that the technology was not limited to some exciting lab prototypes, but that it was mature for commercial products; (3) that it would constitute the major differentiating factor in the -- extremely standardized -- lineup of Windows Phone devices.

In other words, without the 808 it is probable that telecom operators, market analysts, customers and shareholders would have completely written off Nokia as a smartphone player one year ago. The 808 represented a (fragile) lifeline that kept them patient -- "Nokia does not have a terribly impressive WP offering, but their PureView WP successor to the 808 should be impressive, so let us give it some time". There is some excitement about it in the blogosphere now, it will be interesting to see how the EOS device is received. "

Very well put. I think the camera remains an important differentiator...

About those layoffs, Nokia has been hiring people past 4 months and it workforce has actually grown.
You need to understand the reasons behind those layoffs. Nokia pretty much threw out 6000 people working around Symbian alone in the past 3 years, 1200 of those where transferred to other companies for Nokia to rent that workforce. Companies like TATA for example.
Thinking those people where working on Symbian the outcome was always clear, Nokia outsourced those people for easier and way less expensive layoffs. Layoffs in Finland and Germany are not exactly cheap, especially for people who have been working on the company for years and gathered a lot of benefits. 

Thanks didn't know about that, But with all the crap with the Chinese wanting to come in and spoil the party, so to say. It kind of makes you defensive, Because I work with I-phones, Androids and blackberries and window phones and To me the Windows phone hands down beats those phones. And seeing how deep Microsoft is, you don't want a chinese investor coming in and changing everything. Just the fact that Samusung wants to dump the droid system to their own means one thing, the operating system is not totally free. And Tezen is their system coming up. All I can say is we'll see, I love Nokias and always have back even with Nokias were in their heyday, and want to see it happen again.

The flushing sound you just heard was my DSLR crapping its telephoto zoom-a-matic pants...
Wow...just wow...
If Nokia's next WP phone will do that...Samsung will be looked upon as a poor man's polaroid...

Yellow seems to ousting blue as Nokia's colour of choice. Both my Lumias 800 & 920 arrived in yellow bags, and their sponsorship of drama on Channel 4 in the UK is distinctly yellow also.

Anywho, I would like an EOS phone please, off contract and without any network locking shenanigans. £600 max

No, it's not 41 - look at the pic, it's XX which is twenty you dummies! Duh! /s
(where are all those ppl at now?)

No, not before GDR3.
It will carry some kind if frankenstein hardware as 808 PureView did. Powerful main GPU and the sensor module including another separate GPU core to do the first heavy lifting by managing the 41MP sensor and buffering the oversampling process.

AFAIK, GPU isn't involved in the photo-taking process itself. An image sensing processor maybe, but not the GPU.
Edit: After reading vlad's comment below, I stand corrected.

Nokia called the hardware sindie the camera module on 808 PureView "On-chip image processor unit". Without that the hardware would have never managed to do anything near 808 did. 

At this point, this is the only way. The 808 relies on two potent Broadcom GPUs for the jpeg processing, which is particularly heavy during video recording. 
Speaking of video recording, if they limit this thing to mono sound capture @ 100kbps again .. it would be really sad. 

Snapdragon 800 just got benchmarked by tech journalists....too soon to be in a phone already...expect Snapdragon 800 powered devices this Fall, no sooner. :-\

Someone at work was saying 2 year contracts will be mandatory in Canada some mid December this year. If so, I may have to wait.

Really excited about that. It will be a, the, standout feature for the WP platform. I would guess though that it won't be released before WP 8.1 and will feature a 1080p screen. Maybe 4.7 inch. It would make so much sense to say. " Here are your gorgeous 41 mp pictures on the best display we know to make.

am i the only one who wonders if the EOS will have OIS like the 920? I think only with OIS it is a real, real killer

/\ /\ --> This. I hope they are still able to incorporate the same (if not better) OIS and low light capabilities that are in the 920/925/928.

I personally want the variant with the pelican camera so i can shut up those Infuriating Obsessive especially those bleating on about the 7th incarnation.

A 41MP camera that samples to 8MP for actual images is a 8MP camera. That math was tried in he point and shoot and DSLR markets and is really just BS. Oversamplng also does not improve the clarity of the mage any more than the quality of the lens allows. In fact, it draws attention to flaws in the glass. Last but not least, 41MP in a tny sensor is nothing more than a novelty or, to be more precise, marketing BS for the naive. It is still no more than a mediocre point and shoot with overhyped pixel count.

i love how people respond to things when they have no clue about it. read some reviews for nokia 808 or search for "pureview 808 camera tech". oh and btw the option to take a 2/5/8MP image is just an option. you CAN take full-resolution images (up to 38mp to be exact) and yes they DO look a lot better than other smartphone-cameras, almost any point&shoot camera and even compete with some DSLRs.  
Its not marketing BS at all, you see? And beside all this, one benefit you also get with this technology is: LOSSLESS ZOOM, which was one of the things everyone wanted to have since the very first vga cam on nokia 7650 (?).. And no, the solution samsung has got with optical lenses with S4 Galaxy Zoom, is everything but a solution. This (PureView) is the way it's done.
Overall, for me PureView is by far the MOST innovative and advanced camera-tech to date. Alttough i have an Android right now (One S), i can't wait to trade it in for this phone and switch back to WP.

Been hanging onto my 900 waiting for the EOS! I can't wait for it to be released and I actually love the look of the giant camera hump:)