Samsung to offer new Windows 8 hardware - ATIV Book Q and ATIV Book 9 series

Samsung ATIV Book Q

While we wait for Samsung to unveil new products to the world, Notebook Italy has managed to get hold of some information and images of the ATIV Book Q, ATIV BOOK 9 LITE and ATIV Book 9 PLUS. These Windows 8 devices looks very much like other Windows hardware already available, which isn't a bad thing. Let's jump in and take a look.

The website shows off a sliding tablet / laptop with a bracket enabling the screen to move into 4 positions. Say hello to the ATIV Book Q (see above). Some specifications were also bundled, including a Quad HD 13.3-inch (2560x 1440pixels, 600 nits and 276 PPI) display. With a weight of just 1.2Kg, we're looking at some serious components. Intel Core i5 (4200U), integrated graphics, 4GB RAM and a 128GB SSD. Running Windows 8, owners will be able to take advantage of a HD camera, WiFi, Bluetooth 40, USB 3.0 and HDMI.

The ATIV Book Q from Samsung is a convertible and is said to be launching in the coming week and will be priced at €1,500.

Samsung ATIV Book 9

Next up is the ATIV Book 9 LITE and PLUS. These two ultrabooks will offer a choice between power and mobility, with the lite and plus variants sporting respective specifications to match the customer's requirements. Starting with the ATIV Book 9 LITE, we're looking at a 13.3-inch multi-touch display, AMD A6 APU, 4GB RAM and a 128GB SSD. Pricing is said to be around €497.83 excluding taxes.

As for the ATIV Book 9 Plus, you're looking at the exact same setup as the LITE version, but this ultrabook will sport a dual-core i5 (4200U) - same as the ATIV Book Q, as well as the same high resolution as the ATIV Book Q. Pricing will also be the same as the Q and will hover around the €1,000 mark. 

Stay tuned for more details as the events progress.

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Samsung to offer new Windows 8 hardware - ATIV Book Q and ATIV Book 9 series


The Q looks similar to the Acer effort earlier this month.  Nice to see vendors trying something new.
It's going to be interesting to see how they act about Microsoft.  Samsung has run at the mouth about Windows 8, but done nothing but praised Android.  Let's see how many Android tablets they launch.

And with the next Gen of Surface Pros supporting the Hoswell Intel chip (the previous generation was suppose to, but Intel was having battery-related issues), you'll get one heck of a deal, hopefully at the same price as well.

I think convertibles are a fad... Too bulky for a tablet and not powerful enough for a laptop... It wouldn't bother me bringing a tablet and ultrabook around with me as long as they communicate... Which they will with 8.1.

Or Instead of carrying a laptop and tablet everywhere we go, which no body is going to do, you have your slightly heavier tablet with you ALWAYS that has the ability to open up shop, where ever you are! For me I only see myself using a tablet for drawing on a surface or my lap. But, If your intention was on holding a tablet in just the one hand, I can certainly see how a 13inch tablet in just one hand is off putting.
As I'm an artist the portable 13 inch wacom screen is the biggest selling point, and the additional massive resolution feature certainly is another big selling point. There's nothing portable on the market close to this in features.
Plus I'm positive there will be a comparable ultrabook powered, Samsaumg Ativ Q with an i7.

Pretty sure that the RT bashing would suggest that Samsung isn't going to be realesing any RT products...

Yeah, just heard that. "It's full Windows, not that bastard child RT" was what it sounded like. (This wasn't really said, but you know...)