Microsoft reported to be looking to launch Xbox and PC titles on iOS [Updated]

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According to a Nikkei report, Microsoft is set to look at introducing video game titles from the PC and Xbox platforms on the Apple iPhone. This is said to be on the table with a partnership formed between Redmond and gaming firm Klab. Nikkei claims that the titles will be brought across to iOS using Google's Android OS, which may mean we could well be seeing a wrapper utilised for original games.

It's not known how many titles are on the table for inclusion and exactly what Xbox features will be available to iOS users, if any. It's stated that Microsoft's popular real-time strategy IP, Age of Empires will be making the trip across the bridge. We do not know if this refers to the online version or a previous release. 

While we can understand Microsoft wanting to branch out and offer games on other platforms, we're sure this may irritate some Windows Phone fans. We'll look forward to hearing more on which titles will be heading to the iPhone.

Update: Microsoft released the following statement to Polygon:

"Today, KLab Inc. announced a licensing agreement with Microsoft Corp. to develop a mobile version of Microsoft Studio's Age of Empires franchise, which will be initially developed in English for iOS and Android and launched globally, with plans to release the game in other languages and on Windows Phone in the future. Some reports included incorrect information about additional Xbox Live-based games on iOS and Android but there are no further announcements beyond Age of Empires at this time."

So we're only looking at Age of Empires for the time being, which makes sense as it's an online game. That said, we're sure many would rather see Windows Phone support sooner than the mobile competition.

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Microsoft reported to be looking to launch Xbox and PC titles on iOS [Updated]



This could be a good thing if developers make an Xbox version that is for both platforms then we could see more Xbox enabled games for WP as a consequence.

They haven't yet because WP doesn't have the market share yet. To get maket share you need brand awareness, to get brand awareness you need........to spread the brand.

Yeah, but Xbox is XB, and WP is WP.. How is that "spreading the brand"?? Do you think iOS users don't know about Xbox?..

Some don't. Iphone core demographic isn't gamers. Its people who still say are you going to "play Nintendo".

Granted the 18-25s do. But the iphone demo is way over that.

You really think the people who are already invested in the xbox ecosystem outnumber those that are not?

Yeah im the mad one. Everyone else is throwing tantrums and attacking MS staff, selling their phones and crying. But im the mad one. Yep. True story.

Yeah, but we would like to see MS use Xbox to promote WP. It almost sounds like you're more worried about the success of Xbox, than WP. News flash,, its WP that's struggling here, not Xbox.. Maybe we would go for MS allowing XB on other platforms if they would at least advertise XBL on WP First, but have you ever seen a television commercial stressing XBL for WP?.. At this rate you will see a iPhone/XBL commercial first.. I'm sure you will see that as a positive thing when that happens to, right?

Yeah, totally the same thing dood. Not in any way shape or form a massive over exaggeration or anything.

I mean its totally not a play to get better brand awareness and therefore long term market share.

Its like the WP news of old.... A rollercoaster ride. WP fans there from the beginning know this. From my point of view, move along folks.

I would rather use my beautiful, intuitive, innovative, modern, original, fun, new and exciting Nokia Lumia 920 running WP8 any day than any other platform out there.. Even if we never get Instagram, or other popular apps, I would rather do without than switch to the low quality of Android, underwhelming experience of BB, or the boring app launcher of a OS that iOS is... NO THANKS PARTNER❗❗
And BTW, I am a WP fan from the beginning, and I'll be one proudly until the end❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❗❗

Huh...I think your just an idiot. But hey as long as your happy insulting other platforms from the bottom then who am I to judge XD your such a joke it's awesome to read your rants and laugh at you. Nothing smart has come from your mouth once in your life I imagine :)

Obvious troll is obvious troll. My KF (with 4.0.1) is currently sitting unused in my nightstand WHY? because android is a poorly thought out, poorly executed OS that reeks of lag. Good day sir.

Well, according to oddom you shouldn't have a negative view point about Android on WPC, even if the post is about other platforms.. You'd better apologize to him or he's gonna call you stupid.

Rightfully so. Sounds like you got me all figured out. You're right I am a idiot.. But, that doesn't change anything... That's still my opinion of the other platforms, and it makes sense that I would have that opinion because I choose WP.. Now smart guy, if I didn't have an opposing opinion about other platforms then how could I choose one? Do you expect me to just be sold what the store reps sell me, or pick what's popular? Huh smart guy?? You'll find that on a site like WPC there's a lot of people who have negative opinions of other platforms, and that's why they're here.. Because, well, THATS THE POINT!!...

No I think that's why your here..people who love windows phone don't have to hate the others out there. But maybe your too simple to understand that. This is a website dedicated to information and conversation, not just running around like a lunatic writing insane things that add no value to the comment stream. Just relax and enjoy your phone.

I already told you that im stupid, and now you're calling me simple?.. Well, I can be that, and that's ok with me.. So, quit telling me something that I already know, and start giving me something to work with.. I never beg for sympathy from people like you, and I expect for you to come on here with some backbone.. Have a little self pride dude, and come with something other than calling stupid people stupid.. You think stupid people haven't been called stupid before? Yeah, that doesn't make you look very smart either... Stay on topic, and I don't what to hear about your emotional distress anymore.. You make me sick!

Okay :) but man I can't believe ms is sending support to the other platforms when wp needs to get Skype and official versions of some of the bigger apps. I am having a hard time explaining to my friends that instance is the same as instagram, they think it's some ripoff and just won't give it a chance. Oh well maybe GDR 3 will suprise me a bit.

Lol!!... ""Calling stupid people stupid"... And I was talking about myself!.. Now, that's hilarious!.. You got to admit that you never seen anyone write shit like that!!.. Lol!

omg Microsoft what are you doing!!!!!!


goodbye Microsoft 


Microsoft is about to die now!


Microsoft entered the game!!

Why do I have a Windows Phone again? It seems to get the worst treatment from its creator. We have the worst of everything. Bing will probably get better treatment on iOS, they give away exclusive games, Skype is horrible and we're missing basic features. They better show off the goods at Build. Sometimes it feels like MS don't even want to compete in the smartphone market.

Yep, couldn't agree more. They want to be best friends with these two guys that hate them and will do anything for some attention. I think they've given up on WP, if you can't beat em, join em. Sad.

Yeah, I'm really surprised that MS starts giving stuff away to other platforms instead of making their own platform desirable with exclusive and high quality apps. It seems that Nokia made a cardinal mistake switching their own superior MeeGo to this WP just because they thought MeeGo wasn't catching up fast enough. I'm still missing very basic Symbian features in my Lumia like separate volume control for ringer, text message tone change, haptic keyboard feedback, notification light, FM-radio, ability to close background processes, call profiles.... etc etc. So many basic features missing that should be quite easy and fast for a MS size company to build. Next WP update better bring many of those missing basic features.

I think the response those damnn a holes will give that wp8 hardware can't handle this type of gaming. Idiots

I admire you windows phone fans for sticking through all of this but I am starting to see some division in your comments...what will most of you do when the dust settles and halo is on iPhone/android?

Still say fuck you, and you can keep your un-innovative, boring, played out, fake ass, piece of shit one trick app launcher!!.. I'd like to see your wrinkled up little face when WP market share surpasses iOS you stupid, stank ass, twig sucker!... Lol..
Why don't you take that piece of crap phone of yours and shove it up that worn out abuse hole of yours!....
Wow!! IDK what came over me... Sorry about that. I guess you struck the right nerve in me... You communist,, no good old school thinking, closed minded, busta ass, shit pant wearing little bitch❗❗
OMG! I should be ashamed of myself.. Sorry once again... You.. Lol..

Wow well I mean if that makes you feel good then I accept your words lol I'm not much for the iPhone though ^.^;

So, you're going to admit that you use Android?.. Wow, you're more foolish than I originally thought.. You're in quality territory buddy, you most likely wouldn't understand what WP is all about, so no hard feelings now that I know what im dealing with.. I'll pray for you partner..

Once again you don't know a thing -.- I own a phone from wp, ios, and android. If I learned one thing from talking to you is that you will never be able to have an intelligent conversation because you have exposed your ignorance of anything mobile. But hey enjoy your bubble and I will enjoy my HTC one, Nokia 920 and iPhone ;)

And you said you only worth symbian? Wow. That's makes us easier since we don't need to sell you. Just grab those HTC One and iPhone and leave you with the doomed WP of yours :D

*J/K :p

This just further confirms for me that we are witnessing the death of this platform (WP).  I'd put my money on the fact that the next big release will be the last.

This! Google also develops apps for iOS.
Also I'm not a fanboy, and the reasons that made me choose Windows Phone haven't changed.

Google has never developed something for iPhone and excluded Android...and they never will. That lunacy is monopolized by Microsoft.

Not  defending them, but we already have the xbox hub, skype (less video sharing), office (free)...iphone has to pay for an office 365 subscription which generates revenue for MS. So we not been left out, we just don't have a specific feature of skype which MS may be working on a way to natively integrate this feature into WP

The reception of the original xbox was woeful... It wasn't until Halo became immensely popular (Halo 2 I think) it started to take off. MS has to sell them at a loss and commit billions of dollars to increase popularity. They're not known for quitting when they're trying to gain market-share.

Exactly. MS will keep throwing money at it until it wins. In the mean time though, they gotta make money and spread brand recognition.

Games on other platforms isn't an issue for me, the issue is are these games going to be on wp8 or windows RT first or at the same time it releases with ios/android?
Or they going to treat this like skype, let the windows phone users get a bastardized version while they improve other platforms first or completely release on other platforms first. 
Logic says no way games dont come out on wp8 or windows OS first, but then again, we are talking about MS here. 

I am OK with Office and things like that (and even like that they do it) since those are services that people expect when they buy Office.
But Xbox Live should be a brand associated with Windows and Windows Phone.

I hope 8.1 knocks my socks off. Ive loved my Lumia 920 since the day I got it, even with the lack of apps and support. Now it just seems like MS doesn't even give a damn about Windows Phone. iOS 7 is looking pretty attractive though.

Can't believe I'm saying this, but if Windows Phone Blue or whatever isn't much of an improvement, I'll switch to Android Key Lime Pie or BlackBerry 11. If those aren't much of an improvement either, I might get an iPhone 5S.

i dont care who they support. just make sure windows phone is first and at par or better.  i know, who am i kidding?

Yep. Boneheaded move. One of the reasons I stayed with wp8 after wp7 was the games and achievements etc. Will switch to iPhone since MS obviously cares about them just as much

Microsoft is making very few arguments to switch platforms. Kinda makes me mad sometimes. I don't get their logic. The whole company's communication seems disjointed.

As more time goes by, there are fewer and fewer reasons to stay with Windows Phone. 
I originally came from iOS and between the Windowsification of the iPhone and the ridiculous amount of time it takes to release hardware in the US (I'm looking at you, Lumia 925), I'm now leaning back toward Apple.
If you're a T-mobile customer, what good reason is there to stick with Windows Phone? 

If you can't beat them, join them I guess. Maybe this is a new partnership to try to beat Android, I read Bing is now the default search engine for iOS now.

I'll wait to see how big the list is and how quality the games are before I come to a conclusion with this.

I keep waiting for Microsoft to take a leadership position with this Phone Operating System. Not any time soon.

It's hilarious seeing how the brain of a Windows Phone fanboy works. They want everything from other platforms on Windows Phone, but loose their shit when something from Windows Phones goes to iOS or Android. Hyprocrisy at its best.

For the first time in my life I am wondering what hippo tastes like...  wonder if there is one of those steak houses that serves all those crazy type steaks, that also serves hippo? 

Retort of a clueless fanboy: attack the grammar and not the idea. P.S English is far from my first language. If you want me to communicate in Urdu I'm more than happy to.

I guess you'd have a point, but can you tell us what Apple (iOS) or Google (Android) has given us WP users?

I for one endorse this move. As long as there is some reciprocity in the deal. There are a few titles I'd love to have on this platform.

Microsoft used to lead in all aspects of the market.. Software, gaming, Office, etc, etc.. What is happening... ?

Doesn't bother me that they sell their content on other platforms, so long as WP and windows 8 get that same content at the same time or before the other platforms (especially age of empires).

Microsoft after all is a software company and this move seems like another way to expand their user base. Maybe they want to make some cross platform games or something. We will have to wait and see. Many people here are quick to judge/criticize Microsoft when I think it is smart to keep themselves relevant in the future. Android/iOS only have so much room left for growth.... On the other hand, WP, Blackberry, have plenty of room to grow if they play their cards right.

Agreed. That's basically what I think. If, say, a multiplayer games, can be played across existing platforms, that would be neat since we WP users won't feel left behind as Android and iOS users playing one. TBH, for now, only gameloft give us that experience (like the one on Asphalt 7).

Exactly! Then if your buddy asks what game is that and is it available on android/iOS you can say it is and compete/play against each other.

I guess they haven't learned from 360/ps3 this generation...giving up all their exclusives bad idea. Another loss for WP.

If Xbox 360 had no exclusives, I doubt it will sell much. Samething is happening on Windows Phone 8. But this will help Windows Phone users move to other platform easier.

Microsoft is about to be 1 company 1 link 1 OS lets all wait until Windows 8.1 before we all jump ship I think Microsoft and Nokia are working on something very special have faith until 8.1 if things don't change by then I guess it never will.

This is all very interesting. I'm not sure what to make of it yet. So with the emergency Nokia meeting last Friday and now this, I wonder what Microsoft's official response will be. I would imagine they have a PR department or marketing department which must be aware of the perception on the community with these recent events. I'm not sure what they are trying to do here or what's in it for Microsoft to lay low and say nothing, or lay low and give away the goods. Especially when trying to court developers to your platform soon.

Meh. I'll wait to see what the big shakeup at MS reveals before I get worked up. No reason to get in a full on tizzy just yet. :P

on selling per game point its a good choice . but on the other hand if they not release games on other platforms it could give more. if people start buying windows phone to play some games they make more money in the end

It could be a message to developers that if you write a game for Xbox\WP that it can also provide a revenue stream from ios and android as well with Microsoft doing the port. It would get more developers writing Xbox games.

and our developers are wasting time porting games over to ios instead of improving OUR platform.  What a waste of resources and funds.  I hope streamlining the company will put more focus on US and grow WP development at a faster rate

It seems like iOS is the platform to get on regardless of how terrible it is. First you had Google sending all their apps over now we have Microsoft doing the same as much as I hate it, it seems like I might have to go back to Apple

If we have no trust on the creator, why would you think the creator will trust us. We can't let this news break this wonderful community.

Because the OS is far ahead of iOS.
iOS just has the droning "MEE TOO!!" fanbase.

Seriously, if you compare the UI of both OSs to desktop OSs, iOS is more comparable to Windows 3.1 (just beaten with a photoshop hammer for two decades).

We need to accept the facts - Windows Phone will never be a priority for Microsoft. All their actions to date prove that. Their focus now as a devices and services company is spreading their services as far as they can and Windows Phone is seen not as a showpiece for their services but just another client competing for dev resources. And if that's the case there is no compelling reason to stick with WP as you will get the same and likely better Microsoft experience on other platforms.

With less functionality, fewer 3rd party apps, no compelling exclusive features WP really has no reason to exist. Sadly Nokia stands to be the biggest loser as they crumble when WP is inevitably cancelled by Microsoft. That is my main regret in this whole WP debacle.

If you had to choose between all the IP Microsoft has,... are you saying that WindowsPhone should take priority over other (more lucrative and larger user-base) products, like Windows, XBOX, Office, and server solutions? ಠ_ಠ

He didn't say anything remotely like that. Just stating the facts. If MS won't start speeding up WP development and taking it more seriously, Nokia will go down. It was a dumb move in the beginning with for Nokia to put all their eggs in the same basket (a very flimsy basket should I say) and just hope for the best. Nokia has gained nothing but lost market share when they went all-in with WP. MS on the other hand got a whole lot of brand recognition and quality hardware from Nokia. MS can thank Nokia that they even have a profit generating app store in WP. 

So, just one question: Will these titles come to WP (their own platform) same time (or better, sooner)?? Cause if not, then I have no reason to keep waiting for WP's growth anymore. Why should I when all of supports, both first and 3rd parties, are missing on it?
Microsoft should deal with it and give us an answer, do they want their platform to succeed or not? Make up your mind and stop playing around...
Unless Microsoft's trying to kill Nokia and buy it out...

Until Android struggling to optimize and iPhone still have the tiny display, I will stick to windows phone. Though it is much better if MS focusing the gaming experience on WP platform first before anything else since they are the one that touting by sharing DirectX API with desktop counterpart, user can expect great title from xbox/pc be port over to WP.

So I've looked through as many of these pissed off WP comments as I can bear (I'm one too, lol), but as far as I can see, there seems to be no indication as to whether they will be including achievements or not.


I didn't read the source article, but "set to look at" sounds more like language used to get investors off your back. We heard rumors that Microsoft would bring Office to iOS. I would argue porting an app useful to those that are already paying for a subscription is hardly what many of us had in mind.

Microsoft obviously cares more about $$$ than supporting Windows Phones, especially 7.8. Wonder what Nokia's thinking?

I hope the Microsoft shake up Friday will fire the current Windows Phone Team and hire people with common sense.

Its obviously not the WP-team that is making these decisions, its the others divisions that dont give a shit about WP.

This is ridiculous. Skype and now this... Why shouldn't I jump ship to iOS or Android? After owning a 920 for 8 months, the camera is great but not a deal breaker.

Bad business strategy just like when Microsoft bailed out apple, anyway I will continue to support this platform as I refuse to become an isheep like certain ppl commenting here.

people what happend is that apple want to suppored windows , they are transforming , all they are exchanging application but there is something for something going on you will see.

Whatever...MS if first a software company and the way its burning cash right now it needs to ensure revenue streams...and maybe this is part of the deal for MS being the search provider for IOS 7...

In other news, Nintendo and Sony console are expected to have a Fable, Halo, and Gears of War release following Microsoft's plans to make them free on the Xbox 360 as the platform begins to phase out.

Selling product in multiple markets is a good business strategy. More revenue is good for the company. I think the whining tech fascist brand nazis ought to lock themselves in a room together and spend the night boycotting each other. Seriously, why spend time signing in and complaining so strongly and broken hearted about an inanimate object if you're so likely to jump ship due to a weak understanding of the business behind the tech and the tech behind the business?

THIS is the reason for the rumored major Microsoft reorganization coming next month. VPs from one division do major damage to another division without considering how it affects Microsoft as a whole. I half expect Microsoft Studios' Phil Spencer to publish Halo on PlayStation. Ever see that infamous MS org chart that shows all the VPs pointing guns to each other?

The reorganization is a good move to get rid of useless VP's that harm the company's future. Everyone want's to be a big shot not knowing what the right hand is doing from the left hand..

I ditched my iPhone for the Xbox titles. This is pure crap, especially since they barely release Xbox games on their own phone. Why did I buy a surface and windows phone. Ur right I'm pissed!!!!

This is a sign Microsoft isn’t interested their own platform. I am discouraged to upgrade to Windows Phone 8. Why should anyone stick with Windows Phone now? All exclusives are going to other platforms.

This is a stupid move, why wasting resources on other competitor platform? Bring more games and apps for windows 8 and wp8 for god sake.

Soooo there basically no point in getting anything Microsoft anymore. I realize it's about convenience to the consumer but you don't see Apple bringing iWork or Game Centre or any of their services to Windows Phone or Android...why should Microsoft do the same? They're gonna lose all their market share and it's gonna hit them hard.

Microsoft is like a girlfriend who says she loves you and will always support you, yet she keeps cheating on you with other guys. Eventually she's going to leave you for that other guy for good..

LOL what's up with the hate. As far as I can see as a Microsoft fan, the more money they get, the stronger they are so I have no complaints! Plus, the thought of going back to iOS never occur to me so it doesn't really matter. Grow up people!

Smart Move Microsoft. WP8 is flop, windows 8 is flop, xbox one is already controversial.
Microsoft is quite big to fall, but I am sad for nokia. Hope another company purchase it and make android phone then microsoft will realize their stupidity

I know bro that is not possible but accept this fact that wp8 is not priority of microsoft. What do u think Halo won't be relased for ios? I suggest u keep taking the pills.

Was upset at first then thought about game of thrones. I love it but none of my friends have seen it cuz they don't have HBO. HBO will never put it on Netflix but how many more subscribers would they get if they put the first season on there to get them hooked and now people want to subscribe to HBO cuz they like what they saw. Not just game of thrones but all their shows. Same goes for the games they see what they can get but the real stuff and good games r on WP.

F@#k Microsoft, Nokia sever the deal and go back to MeeGo. Question though, why did Microsoft not apply this same strategy for the Xbox in it early stage. Why did they not allow their precious Halo on the playstation or Nintendo?

The same people here who say this will convert iOS/Android people to WP are probably the same people who say BBM being on android will make people want to switch to BBX. There is not one example of someone who said "wow, this former exclusive app from a platform I don't want to use that's launching on my preferred platform that I defend to the death makes me want to change phones." It just doesn't happen.

Worst partnership  First office and then Xbox games What the hell Microsoft is doing? Stop caring about other platforms work on Windows Phone.

Especially after the way google & developer atent afraid to flat refuse to develop apps for wp

How many of you tweeted this on MS & Joe B's twitter pages......let me guess 10. If you were true gamers then you'd cry out like you did over always on & digital downloads and make the hear you. Remember their quote, "The gaming community has spoken" well the WP community needs to speak now!

People Microsoft has a bussiness to run they need to get money from other plataforms too. It doesn't bother me at all. The only thing I ask Microsoft it's to relase apps and games first in WP and Windows 8 then in the other plataforms. I use WP cuz I like it and I won't change to android or iphone just for this.

I understand that, but at least use your resources to better your existing platform first. How are they making money when the Xbox hub is free? Most people who download it already have xboxes; they won't buy a WP if they have all the goodies on an existing platform they have mo complaints about. Everyone Just Tweet @joebelfoire

I'm not changing to Android or ios because of this too, but if microsft continues with this crap movements I'll maybe switch to the new iphone or xperia z or htc one.

i think that articles like this do more damage then ms itself . i mean in this article it looked like ms is releasing al sorts of games first on ios . but its only aoe right now . and comon aoe is an old game played it alot but thats old . so let ios get an old windows game . who cares..
i think better check sources before articles liek this are written . was the same with the drm stuf. the drm stuff on xbox one was brought as if it was a load of crap. but it wasnt it was a rather good system they wanted to use . but deu to people screaming like shit abotu soem articles that dont explain good what it realy mean ms got rid of the system and is kept stuck in historyinstead of making a new experiance.
ms is doin what is has to do an that is make money . wp is stil smal market share so its logical they also do other stuff. but if articles like this wil keep coming everyone is thinking that ms sucks , but in fact in lots of cases its the media that sucks by bringing un checked articles . same with the skype thing not released on wp people screaming that ms sux but few days later it become clear that skype wil be integrated in 8.1 as some already thought only thing is that 8.1 isnt released yet but hey we cant have everything right..

I don't care if its one game we don't even get a game of the week every week yet you can give a flooded icrap market games that we should get at least at the same time damn i understand Skype because of the integration but just a game no they haven't even ported the Zune apps yet that are built with xna and so called easy to port to Xbox products

This is some bullshit. I left apple, bought surface and don't get me started on how many windows phone people I got to convert. Total dick move MS. Devices and services means our services on your devices... Not ours.. Aka windows phone. I'm close to selling surface and ditching Lumia 920. I'm sick of it..first the Skype crap and now this...

Wow, so you only have your WP and surface for age of empires and skype? Yeah, i can totally see why your super pissed at this.