Microsoft giving away Surface Pro Windows 8 tablets to developers at Build 2013


Apparently Larson Green wasn't happy with the Acer Iconia W3 giveaway and wanted to make the day even sweeter. Developers who attend the Build 2013 conference will receive a Microsoft Surface Pro with Type Cover. 

Not a bad deal to try and drum up more development for Windows 8. We're sure developers will not disapprove of this move either. Stay tuned to our Build 2013 coverage for more news and coverage from the floor.


Reader comments

Microsoft giving away Surface Pro Windows 8 tablets to developers at Build 2013


Why? They paid 2000$ to go to a conference...I think its more than fair that they get these treats.
Would you like to pay that much just to go watch something and leave empty handed? I don't think so ;)

You don't leave empty handed. You obtain knowledge. The developers paid way more for the University they attended and all they got was a piece of paper with the school name on it.

Hmm I went to VMworld, paid $2000+ and I got a backpack to hold my info, and a water bottle...
These things are getting pretty insane!

They paid 2100$ + hotels and airline tickets for most. It's nice to get the gifts but it would be cheaper to just buy them and watch the sessions online, you get the same knowledge. The real value in the conference is networking. You get to meet a lot of people and that's worth the cost.
Of course, many attendees have their company pay for everything, and then it's a really sweet gift

if you badge says attendee you get it, media usually don't get that stuff (since they get in for free)

Why? Its still too early for that. They've just launched the Pro in Europe. I don't expect them to announce a new generation of Surface tablets until late this year or 2014.

I am surprised with the presents tbh. I had no expectations coming in considering they hadn't announced hardware besides the X1.

this is great, once this stock gets dumped on eBay it will lower prices for everyone.  TechEd already put a dent in the high eBay Surface prices.

Sweet. I was at staples yesterday trying out different windows 8 touch screen pcs, and not a single one of them could match the speed and fluidity of the surface pro.

Good for the devs and not fair to the ITPros. No free goodies for us on TechEd. Yes, we got a great price drop on RT and Pro but still, MS is favorizing devs a lot. TechEd tickets were not cheap either... #justsaying