NBC News for Windows Phone 8 updated, voice commands added to the mix

NBC News

The NBC News app for Windows Phone 8 was updated today to version 1.0.1271 which adds voice commands to the user interface, closed caption support and your customary bug fixes and small tweaks.

With the voice commands you can jump to the headlines, search for content, view top stories and more.

NBC News

The NBC News app not only brings you the day's top headlines from the newsroom but also videos, slideshows, and playback of the top NBC News shows (Nightly News, Dateline, The Today Show, and Meet the Press).

It should be noted that there is a Windows Phone 7.x version of the NBC News app but it does not support the voice command or close captioning. NBC News is a free app for your Windows Phone that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, Robert, for the tip!

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NBC News for Windows Phone 8 updated, voice commands added to the mix


Updates also available for PlaceCam, Lomogram, Engadget, I'm here, and Monster Burner apps

Is there a way to clear this app's cache? I lose memory everytime i watch a video. And I can't get it back until I uninstall the app :/

We should send them feedback to either clear the cache upon exit or provide an option that can explicitly do so.

You should. I sent them a comment about my feed wasn't updating, and they responded back apologizing and that the problem had been fixed.

My favorite news app. I love how the live tiles change all day long unlike some other news apps.

Loved this app the most till ABC news app came with live video. But this app still wins on the live tile department. Also I get many notifications per day from ABC news but not once from NBC.

It's a really good app but if I don't disable the background task, it will kill my battery extremely fast.

I'd download these apps but I found out that you can't trust these aholes to tell the truth; CNN, NBC, Fox, Newsweek, etc.. I'll research the facts on my own. Example the Xbox one controversy, who did you think spread the XB1 bs without explaining the pros and cons? You got it, the mainstream media. I use geekbyt. Never saw anything positive about xb1, exception Gizmodo.