Deal Alert: Verizon Nokia Lumia 928 for just $0.99 on Amazon.com

Nokia Lumia 928

We recently told you that Verizon dropped their price of the Lumia 928 from $99 on contract to just $49—a very competitive price (especially when compared to the $99 BlackBerry Z10, which itself was reduced from $199).

But for those of you still on the fence, you may want to check out Amazon.com, as they have the Lumia 928 for $0.99 on a 2-year contract (Individual or Family) or for $499 without a contract. Since the phone has an unlocked GSM slot for Verizon’s LTE network, you can even use this on other carriers, were you to buy it out right (though you’d be missing some bands on some networks).

Overall not a bad deal for a surprisingly neat little phone. No word on sales stats for this device and whether Verizon (and Nokia) are having any luck selling it to the public with their aggressive advertising.

Speaking of, we’ll have the winner announced sometime tomorrow for our Lumia 928 contest! We didn’t forget but we did have //Build/ keep us busy all week.

Source: Amazon; Thanks, Diego G., for the tip!


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Deal Alert: Verizon Nokia Lumia 928 for just $0.99 on Amazon.com


Is there a place to check which carriers support the Verizon Lumia 928 around the world? Just curious on its coverage overall.

I brought my 928 with me to Germany and was able to throw in a SIM card for Telekom.  Seems to work perfectly, with the exception of the fact that service isn't as good.  I'm not sure if that has anything to do with the phone, or just the service though.  Still working on figuring that one out.  Yesterday I was in a location with 3G, but had no data.

And I just had to be a Sprint customer who gets his upgrade on Monday, where I have to wait who knows how long until they release the Samsung Ativ S Neo (that's a long name for a phone). Wish I joined Verizon instead; would've happily picked up this deal!

I'm looking forward to the contest results. I feel like I have a great chance with my super moon photo. Everyone I show it to is so impressed. Can't wait!

I paid over $200 for mine when it came out and I'm still waiting on my $50 rebate.. ): I love the phone so much that if I could get it again, I would definitely jump on this deal!

I got it as my upgrade, so $150 msrp + $30 upgrade fee + CA 8% tax came out to about $200 ): No sign of that $50 mail-in rebate yet lol.

Why are people so loyal to carriers?  If you're time is up and another carrier has a GREAT deal on a GREAT device, why not switch???  I get that they have hooks in us a bit like AT&T has me grandfathered into "unlimited data", but it's not that big of a deal.  If another carrier had something amazing, I'd bolt.  I might even leave early and pay the ETF if the savings on the new device/carrier were enough to cover it.  

The reason carrier loyalty is strong in the united states is mainly due to coverage, if you don't live in metropolitan areas of major cities, your choice of carrier is limited to one, or at most, two.

I think the main reason many people don't switch carriers is because they use family plans, and getting a half dozen other people, who are all on staggered contracts to all switch over just ain't going to happen. Thus, carrier exclusivity is a bad idea for most OEMs, in my opinion because most people can't switch, even if they badly want an exclusive phone

NYer here: I've stuck with AT&T since the iPhone 3G I got in Nov. '08 for 3 reasons. 1.) I've been able to keep my unlimited data plan when upgrading to LTE, which Verizon isn't doing 2.) AT&T has the best selection of phones out of the 4 major USA carriers. AT&T gets the best exclusive deals. 3.) I can talk and surf the web simultaneously, which you can't do on Verizon.
These 3 reasons keep me loyal to AT&T.

3.) Verizon devices can talk and surf the web at same time also. Only the iPhone devices cannot. Even some of the HTC devices can do simultaneous voice and data over 3G. HTC Thunderbolt being an example but that doesnt matter really seeing how Verizon has 4G deployed nearly everywhere it matters.

I thought the talk and data issue was with all phones, not just the iPhone, on Verizon. That's good to know. I almost made the jump a couple of years ago when the HTC Trophy was available via Amazon Wireless for 1 cent with a new contract and in the final month customers could get grandfathered into unlimited data. I was glad I didn't do it though because I didn't like the Trophy and Verizon did away with unlimited data on upgrades anyway.
Verizon is definitely the best carrier in the Northeast. I travel to MA and NH often and it is consistently better. Not that AT&T is horrendous, but definitely inferior. I try to convince friends from out of the control to get Verizon SIM cards over others. Unfortunately, the whole CDMA sort of makes that incompatible with GSM being the dominate that they all seem to have. A friend was in town from Canada and she found T-Mobile attrocious, but was the best deal. I told her she should have gone AT&T. Maybe not as sweet a deal, but at least she'll have service in NY.

No, I don't have it because there is no such thing as the 928.. The article is wrong! Its just a typo dude chill out.. We have the 920, 925, and the old 900... Now there is a 828 if I'm not mistaken.. Maybe that's what you're thinking of...??

Call amazon wireless and you can get your $90 back. If the price drops within 2 weeks (used to be a month) you can get a credit. I bought my wife a galaxy s3 for sprint for 49.99 then bought myself one 10 days later. (Couldnt wait for the W8 phone via Sprint anymore) When I bought it the price was $9.99, called and got a price match for my wifes $40 refunded about a 10 minute call or less.

I got my 928 and a charging base for free with the rebate from Verizon. My wife has the Lumia 822 and is sitting on an upgrade...think she should go for it? lol

I don't see anything new coming on Verizon anytime soon in regards to a Lumia, but I could be wrong. Verizon seems to hang onto devices a little longer. I think you might be waiting six months for an updated device, and the reality is that if you like the device, it will get a software upgrade when Blue finally appears. I would say go for it as long as you like the device. I haven't held one, so not sure about weight and size etc. - that would be my only concern.

My wife is concerned about the weight & size which cracks me up because SHE LOVES WP8. I told her for 99 cents she'll learn to the the Lumia 928 very quickly.

They are REALLY tempting me to give up my unlimited data, but I will NOT bite. 
And yes, as the only carrier to have the most unfriendly consumer policy toward grandfathered unlimiters, I hate you Verizon, you necessary evil ...

I have a friend with unlimited data on Verizon, and he tethers the LTE at home instead of getting WiFi.

Data usage per month: >100gb

*Hints* why I said "for the most part', the VAST MAJORITY of people do not use 2% of that ridiculous number your "friend" uses i.e. 100gb.

I think if everyone had unlimited data, you'd see a lot more people tethering at home instead of paying $40/mo for WiFi.

Once you're doing that, it only takes a moderate amount of regular Netflix/Hulu usage to get into tens of gigabytes of data per month. And if you're a torrenter, you'll go well beyond that.

When people rail against the mobile companies for getting rid of unlimited data plans, that's why. Things can escalate very quickly as mobile bandwidth becomes ever faster and more reliable.

I still have a Trophy and I steadily use more than 2gb's a month. Not anything too crazy, but consistently more than the allotted amount for the equivalent new plan that Verizon offers.

It's not so much the unlimited (!!!), it's more that the equivalent is not sufficient for my needs. When I get LTE, I'd likely use more data than I'm using now.

They have a 4gb. plan, jump up to that! (Since you like (!) so much) and you also aren't looking at the new offerings, for example, 'unlimited' minutes, 'unlimited' text, and they let you use mobile hotspot for free. With the 'unlimited' data, you have to pay an 'extra' monthly fee for tethering/hotspot.

Can't upgrade for another month.
My 6 month data average is 2.530 GB a month.  That would lend favorably to a 4 GB plan for certain, but when I get LTE would my usage double or more?  I certainly think that's a possibility, especially with my home internet (Clear; aka The Devil As ISP) being so criminally slow and unreliable.  Of course once Google Fiber comes into play, then I really won't care but that may be another 5 months from now.
Then again if Verizon simply maintained a grandfathered unlimited policy like their largest rival AT&T, I wouldn't even be having this discussion ...

Unless you really need the unlimited data, I'd advise against using Straight Talk.

My wife was on their $40 unlimited plan for ~6 months, and once she switched over to T-Mobile she said her coverage and speeds improved greatly.

This is anecdotal and based on the subjective impressions of a single user, so take it for what it's worth. But I do know that when I'd use her phone away from home it seemed very slow.

Got the 520 recently (upgraded from LG Quantum) I was surprised at the speed & battery improvements & at how many more apps WP8 really has than WP7. I don't know if in should upgrade to a 720/92X or wait for their flagship WP8.1 device

I look at these deals and wish I could upgrade but I just went to a L822 about 2 months ago. I want to like the phone but it keeps dropping 3G. I have to do a hardware reset a couple times a week, at best! Very disappointed. Really wish I had $350 just laying around. :(

Its warranty is good for a year. Verizon will send you another one and you send yours back in same box.

Really? I thought I would have to deal with Nokia directly. Thanks for the info. I'll get ahold of Verizon (can't.wait.)

The irony of having yet another Verizon based Nokia device heavily discounted...  
I wonder why (maybe the Gartner numbers will explain it)

Cutting costs to try to compete. I've sold about 14 of these phones in June. I sold about 40 phones total this month so Nokia's doing it right. I just tell people it's one sixth of the cost of the 32GB iPhone 5 and its better in every way if you don't need apps.

yeah, I wonder if these Lumias are OVER discounted to a point of consumers deeming them invaluable or not special? Apple never does this and there is a connotation of value and exclusivity in their devices still. I hope these major sales truly work to bring consumers over to the WP8 brand and not make people consider their flagship devices cheap.

That's a really good point, but luckily there are still phones that undercut it so it doesn't seem so cheap. Like the Droid DNA, the Lucid 2, the Razr M, original Razr and Razr MAXX...

Doesn't mean that at all.  Remember Nokia and Microsoft are trying to get market share away from Android and iOS.  One way to do that is offer your product at a heavily subsidized cost.  Verizon gave my company two of these for free to entice us to allow Windows Phone for BYOD.

I went to a VZ store and someone complained about an Android phone's internal battery not holding charge. I would love to get the L928, but after knowing that battery servicing would be a bit of a pain, I don't think it would be right for me. If only the L10xx series comes with one with removable battery...

I've had a Lumia 900 for about 16 months which is as long as anybody in the US has had a Lumia device and the battery is as good as the day I bought it. I would take a well designed and beautifully shaped molded decide with no replaceable battery over a clunky android device with a replaceable battery any day.

I get what you're saying, but I miss the ability to swap batteries out, like on my Nexus One. I had two batteries and an external charger for them, so while one was in my phone, the other would be on the wall charger. And that phone wasn't especially bad on battery either.
I love the look of the Lumia 925, but feel the charging back is pretty superfluous when all it does is charge and add a little color. Seems like a big piece to do both and nothing else. Doesn't even protect the phone really. They should have added extra battery at least. Even like a 1,000 mah would make more sense. Hopefully another company like Otterbox or Seidio add utility to those 3 dots on the back of the phone.

I currently have a verizon 8x and love it...but the 928 looks amazing! i would love to get it...would i be able to buy it for 99 cents and then swap in my 8x sim card?

im skeptical about L928...
im using AT&T pre paid sim.. will Lumia 928 be fully functional w.r.t lte, internet etc. with at&t pre paid sim ??? 

It would work, but Verizon somehow conned MS and the OEMs to force load their horribly bad products hard into the OS, backup assistant, and the internet sharing is going to be locked to Verizon's APN service and because the ROM also has the diag mode disabled, you can't even modify them manually to the correct settings. I love VZW's coverage and my L928, but I am so tired of their ego and bullying tactics. I want a OEM stock rom to remove this garbage bloatware that shouldn't be allowed.

Right now, rhe 928 is $49 at a store. If you purchase the Nokia DT-900 wireless charger with it, it knocks $50 off the phone automatically, making the phone completely free. It'll also knock $50 off the JBL Powerup speaker with the wireless charger built in.

i just bought my phone from amazon for $50 and now its 99cents, i  wish i waited. but th eplus is my wife was looking for a new phone she was getting tired of IOS so her option were the GS4 or Lumia 928. so was leanign to the GS4 but the cost was too high, so i suggested L928, she wasnt to sure it has all the apps she uses but 1 instagram. showed her instancew and told her from what i heard of the app its really close to the official apps. she stil was sure and then it happened her Iphone started acting up and the L928 is now 99 cents. she still wasnt sure, so she finlly gave in and i ordered it. today her  phone is on her last leg, it has to be plugged into the wall in order for it to stay on, her White L928 will be arriving today just in time.