Major update lands for Fhotoroom for Windows Phone 8, adds Instagraph sharing and much more


When Fhotoroom passed the 2,000,000 download mark we briefly mentioned an update was in the works for the Windows Phone 8 version. Well that update went live today.

The version 8.5 update moves Fhotoroom away from HTML 5 for a more pure, native app experience. Fhotoroom also adds integration with Instagraph to allow you to share your edited images to Instagram.  You still have direct sharing with Facebook, Flickr and Twitter.  When  you choose Instagraph in the sharing options you'll be sent to the Instagraph app where you can crop, add filters, add hashtags/captions and upload the image to Instagram.


Other changes brought about by the version 8.5 update includes.

  • Camera Bug Fixes
  • Updated Editor UI with Previous Filter Layout but still have Swiping option
  •  2-8x Faster Navigating, Loading, etc. (noticeably faster than previous versions)
  • Double Tap to like a photo
  • LightBox swiping <> to scroll through photos
  • New Bandwidth Saver option that loads images at a lower quality when data coverage isn't that great or you need to be conservative with data limits
  • New Option to turn Live Tile on/off
  • New Setting Panel that gives things a cleaner look
  • New Search screen to find other Fhotoroom users, pictures or hashtags
  • New UnBlocking option

For those not familiar with Fhotoroom it is a Windows Phone photography app that is part social networking, part editor and part camera app. It is a well rounded photography app and the update continues to improve upon the original.

Keep in mind this update only impacts the Windows Phone 8 version of Fhotoroom. It is still our understanding that an update is still in development for the Windows Phone 7.x version.

If you haven't given Fhotoroom a try, it's a free app and you can find it here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Fhotoroom


Reader comments

Major update lands for Fhotoroom for Windows Phone 8, adds Instagraph sharing and much more


Fhotoroom has to be one of my favourite apps and it keeps getting better and its the reason i dont have a instagram account

I am loving this app so much. It really is noticeably faster and I honestly prefer the look and feel of fhotoroom over instagram

Then change your region to USA. I also do that to install several program. I live in Indonesia where only fhotoroom core available. :D

It should be Settings - Language + Region, however it does not work for me, even after i have set it to UK and/or US (English)

With this update we really tried to listen to all of the feedback we have gotten and put it all together. This is far from all the things we wanted to add but it definitely reached a point that we could share with everyone.

With the changes, how do you see all the pictures in a grid like before? Also will you add the option to "Unlike" something?