Samsung continues to dominate with Android, but Windows Phone is still growing, according to latest Kantar data

Lumia 928

Kantar World Panel today released some new figures that shows while Android is continuing to turn into SkyNet and control the world, Windows Phone is growing in multiple markets. According to the data, Google's mobile platform accounted for more than 70% of sales in Europe's five largest markets: Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Alongside Android's success is Samsung, who manufactured nearly half of all smartphones sold in the region.

Elsewhere, the story is similar for Android, but Windows Phone continues to grow, as the following chart illustrates. Ranging from just 0.2 of a percentage point in Spain to 5.4 percentage points in France. It's an uneven story, but the only markets to experience a drop were Germany and Australia. Rounding up the five markets from Europe had Windows Phone alongside Android as the only two mobile platforms experiencing growth, with 2.5 and 9.1 respectively.

Kantar July Data

Looking at the charts above, it's easy to draw the conclusion that Windows Phone has taken over BlackBerry, reminding us that it's official Microsoft is in third place. Unfortunately the situation doesn't appear to be improving for BlackBerry, but who knows what the future may hold. The same goes for Windows Phone, though if trends continue, the future will be bright.

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Samsung continues to dominate with Android, but Windows Phone is still growing, according to latest Kantar data


Symbian and Blackberry have been vanquished, next up is iOS. Couple years ago analysts all predicted that Windows Phone would surpass iOS in 2015 and a lot of tech bloggers laughed, we'll see.

MS should switch out Windows Phone OS with Windows RT when 720p becomes the low end spec for phones in a couple of years. I still find it upsetting that Windows Phone apps don't run on Windows RT tablets. That would help both Windows RT and Windows Phone developers.

It's interesting that Windows Phone seems to be growing fastest in countries where the iPhone is declining or flatlining.  That can't be a coincidence.  Microsoft needs to find out why WP is selling better in certain places & try to replicate that elsewhere.
This growth is encouraging, but it's still not fast enough.

Are you still on this? A software company licenced one piece of software to a third party so it could be released on ios, android and then wp.
Next time try reading, it makes your opinions better.

The answer is very simple: WP sells well in those Countries where Nokia had a strong presence and was well regarded. Contrary to tech oriented people average users cannot care less about phone OSes, they buy the brand: Nokia, Samsung, Apple etc.
Like it or not it is not WP pushing Nokia but exactly the opposite and MS should accelerate the,development cycle and,give Nokia what is needed to keep the ship afloat.

just want to say that i dont like 2gb of shit i cant remove unless i reset again but i wont do that cause im not in mood for reinstalling everything

Other folder made my phone unusable, atm got 0 memory left and i can't see who's calling cause of this...
I would write even more about this issue but i lost my hope that it's ever gonna get fixed.

I've noticed that as I pour my music library from computer to my phone, the other storage memory goes up... I don't get it.

The only place they will be going is down if they don't fix WP8 sync app to sync playlist which I find retarded my WP experience has been abusive at best. Yes I have been willing to grow with the phone since WP7 mango I tasted a ripe fruit and expected a fine harvest to come from it. Instead I get apollo a failed rocket launch to the moon. If apple is releasing a 4.7 inch phone as rumored I am afraid I am buying it....

Poetically put.:-) But hang in there, though silent and slow the Microsoft Behemoth has been, the Devices and Services Juggernauts unstoppable forward momentum seems reinvigorated with an inspired commitment to more frequent and consistent releases akin to the Search Giants rapid release cycles. Should Ballmer's center stage Build professions hold true, the Windows Ecosystem, including Windows Phone my finally yield the bountiful harvest that we all yearn for. Windows Phone 8.1 is in view. The next iteration should follow within a shorter window than we have grown accustomed. Hang in there. Apple is bad fruit. :-)

Apple has been bad fruit ever since the logo went white. I didn't pay much attention to my mom about food going bad but I do remember white is bad on fruit ;)

I for one are shocked and dismayed at the news you will be leaving us.....wait no, not shocked and dismayed, what is it now? Oh yes, ambivalent and apathetic.

Around 10 messages in less than 2 minutes is allot.. :P And your replying to yourself, so yeh that's kinda called spamming.. ;)

Have you used BB10? I found many interface choices to be interesting, and dare I say innovative. Apple, Google and BlackBerry have all had major UI advances recently, while Windows Phone has remained largely unchanged since 2010. It shows.

I also love my ATIV S! I love also the fact that I get 36 hours of battery life per charge! And have a 64GB microSD card!

Those are fighting words travisel... But its true, I am the exact same... There is one downside though to the Ativ S.... We can't put it in a sock and beat someone to death with it like the 920... Lol

So now that windows phone is in third place maybe Microsoft will start supporting windows phone before blackberry. One can only hope.

Yeah, but considering how many Symbian users had frustrating experiences with their phones could you really expect them to move to WP? I know a few people who said "I'll never get a Nokia again...". Hopefully they'll come to their senses in time, but for now ex-Symbian users are going to go iPhone or Android.

wow the Android domination in Spain is astounding. pretty much everybody has samsung over there or something lol.
anyway great to see the nice 1/2 1/2 between Android and iOS in the USA and the continued rise of WP. when WP reach 10% is when it will be mainstream
WP reaching 5% will be easy as it will simply draw in the feature phone users but from then on it will be difficult

This is a 3-m sales figure. It does not mean that everybody has an android. It means that most that bought a smart-phone (not feature-phone, even though they have symbian in the list) last 3 months, got an android.
That is not surprising at all to me! iSheep of Spain most likely affected the sept-dec figures.

Hahaha apparently the new poverty of Spain is starting to show. Everybody knows that Android dominates cheap markets.

Hopefully the release of the 928 and 925 will bump that .9% (U.S. figure) back up to the large growth WP was having during the quarter the 920/8X/Ativ S was released.  I'm surprised that iOS had the largest percentage gain while Android basically had no growth.

I trust in Verizon but In T-mobile... No. They haven't shown one advertisement for the 521. HSN is basically pushing the phone hard. Its been a featured phone on there for a while now.

I just helped two of my colleagues "decide" on a Lumia 928 purchase. Four Lumia 92x in my department now.

These are dismal figures for Lumia/Nokia. Yes, there is an increase but nothing short of 5% increase every quarter will save Nokia. Why is a seemingly excellent platform not getting through. I have L920 and absolutely love everything about it. WP8 may not be feature complete but so are 90% of the end users too! I've handled an S4 and android just sucks as an interface. What Nokia need to understand is why the French love it and not the Germans?

I think Germans have a thing for Finland. My boss is German and when he saw my 920 he's like "nice, which company?"(accent).
"NOKIAA???? WHYYYY???"(accent)

This was always going to be a tough month against the release of the Galaxy S4 and HTC One; I think in light of that these figures are actually pretty impressive. Next month with the 925/928 and hopefully some buzz with the 1020/EOS growth should be stronger. Also the generally positive reviews of Windows 8.1 should have a halo effect on WP sales, along with the release of Halo (sorry couldn't resist) on WP.

I don't get it. Samsung is really lazy with their designs. Great marketing I guess. I see a simlar trend with the 920 (or n9 should I say) design also. Hope eos is the last of that design language it's not distinctive anymore.

I think Nokia can use the design for a while since they don't overkill it like Samsung does. (s3, s4, s4 mini, active, zoom, mega, note and MORE) see the differences in the phones???? Nope because they all look the same. Nokia : n9, Lumia 800, 900 and 920.

Shows again the US =! The World.
Almost unbelievable how much different the US market is compared to other World markets. Still, lots of media sites think the US is the world. Glad to read WPCentral: there's still hope for US citizens. 

Well - tmobile employes rather sell a s3 mini to old customers than a lumia 820 saying "we had this ourselves - it is not a good phone" how do you expect wp to sell in germany :O 

The domination of Android in Spain it's a combination of stupidity & that the networks are pushing only android...and as a country on a very big crisis the culture of everything should be free or easily pirated makes Android the main choice

A colleague bought a HTC 8x at lunch. It was actually quite funny, as we had long, and friendly, discussions regarding WP and iOS, where he picked on me saying the latter was so much better. Today he bought the 8X and said : "I was just messing with you, I find your phone so cool I had to have one!".

It would be interesting to see what the numbers for India are.
I know that the Nokia brand is quite strong there.
GB = Global I assume?  WP is listed at 7.8% marketshare at GB... which looks great.  But the individual markets don't seem to add/average up to this.   Am I missing something?

I can literally count the number of windows phones I've ever seen here in australia on one hand so that drop doesn't surprise me

Hmmm.. Let me think, I saw three. Yes, literally 3. This was a country (Turkey) where Nokia dominated with Symbians. Go figure.

We have a good number of ppl who use WP in the pacific northwest region of America. Altho Redmond is not too far away. :)

That's what is said at every new lumina phone...I thought the same with the 520 but the numbers are still dismal in the overall picture.

Oh god. If Android starts to control the world we'd be stuck on the same day and time because of how often it freezes -_-. On a serious note, growth is appreciated but faster growth is much more better. I expect better news from India...

Dropped "only in Germany"? This forcefully positive reporting in WPC is so irritating! Losing in Germany is very bad indeed. They're by far the biggest national market in Europe, both regarding population and economy. If the current great selection of WP devices won't sell there, I can't imagine what will...

They only dropped by 0.4% which is less than they dropped in Australia. Overall the WP marketshare is stronger than in the US (6% vs 4.6%)

Glad to see WP gaining some ground but it's too little too late I fear.  This is Secretariat at the Belmont.  The race was over well before the finish line was even in sight.   Android won folks. 
Fortunately, Microsoft has the resources, and product diversity to keep it going until they can carve out their fair share, Blackberry does not.  Even Apple has to be very worried.  But even for MS, without a drastic screw up by Google, it's going to take 5-10 years for that to happen, if ever.  The good news is that WP doesn't have to be the #1 ecosystem to be great for those who use it.  To me, it's already everthing I need it to be.
I'm not happy to admit this but it's becoming apparent now.  Let the flame throwing begin.....

BB will go the way of the dodo, Symbian is finishing up soon and many will join WP. Apple will always have a 15-20% niche. I wouldn't be surprised if WP grows to the same level, say 15% iphone, 15% WP, 70% android. Microsoft have a history of throwing money at things until they win... Xb one + W8 + WP8 are compelling together, especially if they can ramp up the games and apps across all 3. Google only have mobiles, the tablets are typically cheap and awful, they don't have a PC OS (Chromebooks are a joke), and they've lost the loungeroom with their nexus q effort. Apple has a cohesive ecosystem, and MS have that too... All of that will drive more people to those platforms and away from Android that only offers a fraction of that.

I agree.  And for that reason WP will get its share.  But it will take years.  At this point Android is still pulling away and WP is losing ground to them eventhough they are slowly growing market share.  Don't have a crystal ball, but would think that wil continue for another year or more.  Then WP will start gaining ground on Android and eventually claim their space.
As you said, MS is big and can throw money at this until they win.  Question is will they try.  Winning AT ANY COST is not smart business.  Android is not a Playstation, and Google is not any regular company.  They are fierce and smart like MS.  It will be a long bloody battle so everyone should relax and consider this a marathon not a sprint

This is not just a war for the mobile market - at first Apple had their cute iPhone and MS didn't care, but Apple started competing (and winning) in the tablet market and around the same time there was a growing interest in getting Macs too, especially for young people. MS could see that if they didn't take action that Apple would begin to dominate again. Heck when you have the head of corporations carrying iphones and demanding ipads it means the switch to all things Apple-flavoured isn't too far away. The corporate world is their bread-and-butter, and so MS are fighting back on 4 fronts - mobile, tablet, desktop, and xbox. That's simplifying things quite a bit, but they're basically trying to retain the corporate world and to do that they have to recapture the hearts of the consumer... and they're willing to stake their billions on it!

Why? Australia is clearly lost. I think they need to concentrate on the USA, China, India, and other emerging markets that have huge untapped potential. Spend your resources in areas you can win. That is where this will be won or lost IMO

My feeling is that android market share has grown so big that it effectively becomes the synonyms of smart phone for many average Joes. When they shop for smart phones, they don't even look at other alternative. I have friends that by extremely cheap smart phones and all they do is making phone calls and play a few preloaded games. They are not really leveraging the advantage of android system (functionality, eco system), and suffering from all the drawbacks of android, especially the cheap android phones (UI delay, short battery life, confusing UI, etc.). For what they do, they'll be much better off with a cheap wp like Lumia 521. But they simply ignore it and go with the popular choices. That's really sad for wp platform.

Thats the herd mentatlity and it is how all products in all segments of the market are purchased.  That's just how the human mind works for most of us.  We probably even do it ourselves with other products if you think about it.  Did you try on all the different brand of pants on the market or did you just try on the one or two that all your friends wear and go with that.  What about the town where you bought your house (for those of us old enough)?  Did you shop for value and ameninties or just go for the zipcode and where your friends were buying houses?
It's life, and that's why the Android market share is such a hard mountain to climb at this point.  It is almost impossible to overcome now in the shortterm.  It can be done eventually, but will take continuous innovation and many years of marketing.  MS is pretty much the 3rd place provider now.  We just need to get comfortable with 3rd place for a while, hopefully 2nd place in 5-10 years, and who knows beyond that.  
It doesn't change the fact that the WP is a great product and will only get better.  It's all good as long as we don't see this as a winner take all race.