Time to be Microsoft's guinea pig again - the 2013 Xbox Live public beta is here

Today Microsoft's Major Nelson announced that the public gates would be opening for Xbox Live's 2013 Update. According to our favorite Xbox team member, the update " will include updates to improve overall performance and the ability to conduct transactions with local currency."

In a major decision, Microsoft has decided to retire their point based system which originally launched as a way to allow users without the need of a credit card; this reduces the number of fees the company would need to pay to credit card companies for each small transaction. This aligns with rumors we reported about previously in January.

If you want to get in on the sweet beta action simply fire up your Xbox 360 console and look for the "Xbox Beta Program" tile on your dashboard.

At this time, Xbox Live members in every country except Japan can currently join - the country of Japan will be added at a later unspecified date according to officals.

Alright kids, go grab that update!

Source: Major Nelson's Blog


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Time to be Microsoft's guinea pig again - the 2013 Xbox Live public beta is here


Same boat here. I'm also out of town and won't get back until tomorrow night. Hopefully there's still one spot left by then.

Damn I'm out of town too. Why open it up during a holiday with the console the only way to sign up? I was in on the last beta and wanted to do this one too.

Would have been awesome if one could use smartglass to remotely view and control the Xbox dashboard anywhere via a Windows 8 phone or computer. You know, do better what Sony tried to do with psp and PlayStation hardware. But hey that's just me and my crazy thoughts again.

The update has not been released yet, it could take up to 2 working days. It probably wont be untill they have enough sign-ups. What I mean was do you have "Complete Sign Up" tile on the Dash after you register?

do you know what NDA means?.... if you sign up for the beta please respect it.
when you get the update, find whats new yourself.... Im sure you dont have to ask to know whats new anyway.

I think he "thought" he had the update and obviously couldnt find any changes. Its an harmless mistake, for people who are new to this, anyway I doubt anyone here will spill the beans.

well I would hope anyone signing up for the beta would read the part where it says "NDA"
I guess people do read a little more? maybe? because there is a FAQ about it.
"I’ve signed up but haven’t received the update. Why?
It will take up to two business days (Monday-Friday) for the update to download to your console once you’ve completed the on-console registration application. You'll know you’ve gotten the update and you’re in the beta when you see the “beta” channel on your Dashboard."
"Once you’ve run the registration app on your console, you’ll have to wait up to three business days to gain access to the Xbox LIVE Update Public Beta Program private forum.
The Xbox LIVE Update Public Beta Program private forum is where you can post all inquiries, suggestions, and feedback about the beta"
just reading those 3 things in faq, I would expect a person not to ask "whats new" especially if they are also applying to beta and then agreeing with the same strict Microsoft NDA everyone else is.
thats my point :P


My point is why do you give a fuck did I ask you asshole I asked beetleComet not you he answered fine too so do me a favor fuck off.

tell that prick ! Some peoples children I tell ya. He can't just be nice on the internets has to be an asshole like in real life.

I was in a rush to leave my house so I just did it I just agreed and continue all I do is play FIFA Netflix YouTube and music on my 360 I'm not doing nothing wrong so I don't need to read that FAQ stuff I was in a rush thanks though.

The last beta was too intrusive. There was almost no real benefit to offset the 30 minute delay in gaming. To each his own though, they probably sort a lot out because of this.

Why would you sell you 360 ? If it's for the Xbox One... The X1 cant play 360 games. I could see if you had a PS3 and selling it because the PS4 does play Ps3 games.

no ps4 dont Play ps3 games only can stream ps3 games but it would be in Bad graphic and sorry for my bad english because im german

I'm the least sentimental about video game consoles. With the Xbox One release, I will wash my hands clean of the 360. Its how I've always been.

Im with you. I've been slowly selling the bulk of my games to make room for the next generation. Its not like I go back and play PS2 games or Gamecube games. Just taking up space!

PS4 is not backwards compatible. Siny has Gaikai which they say will stream ps1,2,& 3 games but it isn't working yet and they haven't said when it will be available. Plus everyone bitches about always online, gaikai is going to suffer from bandwidth and latency issues for everyone but those that have insane fast internet

I will not join ... the non-disclosure agreement states:

"The Microsoft Points associated with any XBox Live account that signs in on the enrolled console will be retired and the account will be given an amount of promotional local curreny"

So, this means, my MSP will be changed to local currency, right? But it didn't tell how much money I will get ... or did I get something wrong?

I remember reading that they'll be generous when it comes to the "exchange rate". Might be wrong, but I think you'll get correct value, and they'll round up.

But, u can buy msp via ebay for about 15% cheaper ... That means, you will get extra 15% from Microsoft if you change msp back to local currency? I cant believe Microsoft will be that generous ^^

Even if u don't join now , Microsoft points are going to be retired this fall at Xbox One's launch anyways .. So use them up fast

Yeah, I know ... but at this time it is Ultimate Game Sale and (in Germany) its cheaper buying Games with MSP than Euros. ;)

I checked this morning before i left for work...Not there but, now it is...I hope it's still availabe when I get home....

Lol .. It's a Xbox 360 dashboard (UI) beta .. It's like asking will Windows 8.1 preview work even if u don't own Windows 8

I won't be signing up for beta this time .. Last year there were so many updates , I felt like I was using a PS3 :P

I'm hesitant because of something in the agreement about users signing in on a registered console will only be able to make purchases on a registered console. Maybe I read it wrong, but I have visitors who sometimes sign in. Maybe I'll let somebody else be MY guinea pig for now.

Unless you're at work when it's releases and can't access your console. :-/

Lunchtime drive home resolved that issue today though... Signed up and waiting for the update.

I got the link but I'm getting a new 360 probably next weekend so it wouldn't make sense to sign-up now cause it goes by your console serial # not your account.

I just signed up and I'm scared it's going to break my xbox. If anyone has it tell me if it "impaired" your xbox I dont think it breaks the NDA and if anyone frequently foes these betas, is it fun to participate in