Colors of the Nokia Lumia EOS

Nokia Lumia 1020 priced at $602, comes in yellow, black, and white

At this point I’m not sure whether to call it the Nokia Lumia 909 or 1020. Whatever we end up calling EOS isn’t that big of a deal, what really matters to you is what colors you’ll be getting on day one. Here they are – black, yellow, and white.

A tipster sent us a screenshot of upcoming inventory for their Microsoft Store. What’s interesting is that the device is called the Lumia 1020 (and not the 909). It will retail for $602 and come in your choice of yellow, black or white. Bonus internet points for whoever can guess what color Dan will get.

Nokia Lumia 1020 ATT Yellow White Black

On the bottom left of the screenshot you’ll see a date of 7/22/2013. Our insider tells us that date is when they usually receive the shipment. After that it's a few days before it becomes available. There's a good chance you'll be getting your devices within two weeks of next Thursdays announcement. We’ll learning more next week. This store in particular will be getting 70 total units.

Keep your eyeballs on Windows Phone Central. We’ll be live at the Nokia Zoom event next Thursday.

What color are you getting? 


Reader comments

Nokia Lumia 1020 priced at $602, comes in yellow, black, and white


But some said this is not the flagship device its just another variant of lumia920, well, will see on july 11


Why is it everytime a new phone comes out 920 users point out that the next phone isn't worth upgrading to there are tons of people like me with 900's and other phones who would like to enjoy this news because we will be upgrading soon and weather or not you buy the 909 or 925 is your personal choice but your not necessarily the target for these products so pointing out how you don't need a better camera is getting boring to read well id love a 41mp camera on my phone so Instead of leaving at&t for the 925 I'll stay for the 909 but no cyan sort of sucks and they don't always make cyan shells for every phone

Only reason I complain is that when you at improvements from Lumia 900 to Lumia 920 there was a huge difference all across the board not just a better camera so I wonder if the next line of Lumia flagship phones will continue to have the same specs as the last just with better cameras ? I hope not! Because like I said on my last post well have a 100,000,000mp camera phone still running dual cores and 720 screens while Samsung starts making 4k screens and super fast multi cores I know wp8 doesn't need mulitcores to run smooth but imagine a wp8 Nokia with a 4k screen multicore handset on wp8 that would be awesome

OK, quick question: Im from Brazil, but Im going to USA in october. If I buy this phone out of contract, will I be able to use it here in Brazil?

I could care less what color...I will have it in a rubber case so I can set it on anything without slipping, same as my 920's now.  If we can have them by August, this will be amazing!!!!