Microsoft posts video tour of the new Surface RT highlighting features

Microsoft is still putting out its promotional material for the new Surface RT—a device that seems to be piquing much interest.

The latest video is more to the point, actually highlighting and discussing features of the new tablet as opposed to showing people dancing around. In our opinion, the video does a great job of showing why the Surface is a compelling device for those who are considering a new tablet. It certainly has the look so we’ll just have to wait till see if it catches on. Thanks, Jofre, for the link


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Microsoft posts video tour of the new Surface RT highlighting features


More ads like this. Its a good start for pre orders. Next month they need to put out other benefits of how the OS works, marketplace, etc

I believe its only the Pro model that is compatible with the pen as it comes with a different digitizer than the RT. You could always buy one of those capacitive-friendly stylus that feel like you're writing with an eraser though... The Pro I assume will feel like writing on a Wacom (pressure sensitive).

My first thought was that the ad agency made a mistake by displaying the Surface pro while saying it is the Surface RT. Is the RT version really that thick? I like the Surface and am  concidering getting one. I would like the RT because i am not fond of fans and thermal management in a tablet. Something very few people seem to be concerned with. I asked this before i think. Does anyone know if the new Clover Trail Atom Win 8 tablets will have active cooling? I can't imagine them beeing that power efficient. Of topic, sorry. The video is nice, but not really informative. There is hardly any information there except that you can share stuff via a share button. Probably would have figured that out by myself. 

I don't doubt that. In fact, i know it. I just said it appears thick, not that it is. That's why i wrote that at first glance i thought they'd used the pro for the ad.

Aaaah, these ads (whatevers) are working like a charm, my brain wants this tablet sooo baad :D But alas, no money + not available in my country. :/
Guys, I don`t wanna start a fight by mentioning the iPad, but since I had no money to buy any of the tablets out there, I settled for YouTube videos, ads, blah blah... I`ve watched iPads in action, Android tablets in action... And now I watch Surface in action and I must say that Surface seems by far the most sophisticated and the most beautiful piece of technology (tablets-wise) I`ve ever, well, watched in action :P
Local dealers in Croatia are going to get Surface eventually, so I simply cannot wait to lay my hands onto one of these beauties, to try touch cover keyboard, to experience everything in vivo. And I envy you all who are able to preorder this amazing piece of hardware. Enjoy them, for me ;)

WoW...no comments???!!! Commercials need to show games in actions....been using win8 for awhile now and I can say all the games suck in there. The graphics suck from the market place.

What a sweet commercial! Not enough money to get this and a phone, so I will get a new phone first. Microsoft is doing everything right this time.

I like it, but the ending needed to be more clear. "Click in and do more." referring to the touch cover needs to obviously be talking about the touch cover--show someone clicking it in while you say that! Otherwise people are not going to catch that and they'll be confused by a stupid-sounding slogan.

When they're talking about Office RT in the video, they show a Desktop version of Office--that's not how Office RT should work on a Windows RT Surface, correct? It should just be a "Live App"?

No, Office 2013 (Preview) is not a Live App. It is (more) touch friendly than previous office versions but still a desktop app. On Windows 8 it brings you straight to desktop mode, I'm sure it'll be the same with the RT version.

Exactly. If I remember correctly, it has been said that Desktop Mode will, in fact, exist on the RT version but it will be reserved exclusively for a few Microsoft`s apps (such as running Office).

Im glad Microsoft created and is promoting surface like they are. I think they want to sell more units than they put on and to serve as a motivator to make other OEM's promote their offerings just as much to ensure success

there is. but it is only for inbuilt tools like Control Pannel, File Explorer and Office.
you can't install Windows 7 software in Windows RT
Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro are the new replacements for Windows 7

Type cover is more like a physical keyboard, like my MacBook pro keyboard. The touch cover is more like touch rather than physical. The type cover is $10 more.

Windows 8 looks better and better every day...so does the Surface tablet. Windows 8 tablets will kill the tablet market over the next year or two. What's missing though is a Lumia tablet :(