Have your own 3D printer? Now you can create your own wireless charging stand

WP Wireless Charger

Do you own your own 3D printer or have access to one? You'll now be able to take a pre-made, tested design and create your own stand for charging your Windows Phones wirelessly. Supporting the Nokia charging plates, Windows Phone Central forum member SomethingSomethingDarkSide has managed to create the above result with the design, providing a template for refinement and personalisation to take place. It looks pretty neat too.

WP Wireless Charger 3D

The files have not yet been published on the web for access, but be sure to join in the conversation over on our community forum to get started.

Thanks, WP8Expert, for the tip!


Reader comments

Have your own 3D printer? Now you can create your own wireless charging stand


Doubtful, since most cost over a thousand dollars and let you print things you could buy for a couple bucks from China ;)

I want a 3D printer but, till they become more affordable...
If someone is printing, how much do they want to make one for me ?

Shapeways.com; You can find CADs for different designs or create your own and upload them. Then simply choose what material to print with and they'll ship it to you. I can't design CADs for the life of me, but I'd love it if someone made a case for the Lumia 920 that has the two prongs to make it compatible with GoPro accessories. ;) Hint hint

Makerbot is quite good, have an earlier model and getting the different types of plastic is the problem....not cheap either, made a couple of 820 covers for a friend and they break very easily

Makerbot2 was demonstrated at TechEd Europe, and I want one :-) it is too expensive, but I do wonder what the cost of each print is, can't find any information, maybe later, or share with geek friend.

Lol I already made one of these. I know CAD like the back of my hand. If someone has a good idea let me know and I'll make it