Gorgeous surfer uses both Windows Phone and Surface in new provocative ad

Stephanie Gilmore

Summer is enjoyable for so, so many reasons. Longer days, vacations, and the beach usually top the list of things that make summer so awesome. Surfing usually makes an appearance on that list too. Stephanie Gilmore is a professional surfer from Australia. She’s a five-time world champion having won titles in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2012. And it looks like she’s keen on two operating systems you and I love – Windows Phone and Windows 8. Video after the break.

OK, so the video really was a promotional piece for an upcoming surf contest. Roxy is sponsoring an event for the ASP Women’s World Championship Tour in Biarritz, France. Stephanie recently joined the Roxy team so they put her in the promo video for the upcoming event. The video is getting a little flak among female surfers for being too provocative and not really about surfing, but you and I are here for the technology right? The video features Stephanie using an HTC 8S (you could have done so well on pre-paid here in the US little guy) and what looks like the Surface RT. She’s like us!

Hey Stephanie, if you’re reading this send me your digits. I can show you the world*.

Source: YouTube, Via: AdWeek

Thanks for the tip Matthew! 

*The world refers to anything Windows Phone and Windows 8. You’d kick my ass at surfing. 


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Gorgeous surfer uses both Windows Phone and Surface in new provocative ad


People need to take turns watching it. Come on guys, stop hogging the bandwidth :P. 15 minutes is more than enough for anybody :P

No but I get double option, asks me to choose which app to use in WPCentral app, I choose then I get asked again outside of app. Regardless, none of the links work.

Happened to me too. I just viewed it from in browser, worked fine. But first time this has happened to me.

Looks like they aren't allowing it to be viewed on mobile devices. Hit up your desktop when you have a chance. 

People need to not forgot their awesome IE browser in their windows phone still exists and they can go to wpcentral website to watch the YouTube video.

In the second video there is a windows logo on her shirt, so i guss she has a sponsor deal with MS.
I went to the Roxy channel in the native Youtube app, and I was able to play the video from there.

I don't think she had much say in what technology she used, judging by the big 'With Surface' sponsored by tagline at the end. Even though it was in a more prominent position than the other sponsors featured in the ad, jeep etc, somehow it stood out less.

I was told that there was a Windows Phone and a Surface in this ad?

Sorry, I seem not to have noticed them.

It was my 7th time watching this ad when I finally noticed the phone and tablet. Had to make my self look for it. But then didn't notice them again on the 8th,9th or 10th viewing. Weird

You would think the phone would be a Lumia.
BOOM! HTC 8 series comes out of no where.
Still great devices.

Video Unavailable.. Y U DO DIS? I want to see chicks with Windows Phones and Surface tablets.. Oh Felicity, how I miss you..

Everybody saw the end where Surface is listed as a sponsor, right? What do you mean you went to the beginning again as soon as words popped up?

Am I going blind? Or maybe she's just distracting me... I didn't see Surface listed as a sponsor. Too much beauty to take in. 

From my phone I was able to view the article in the browser and YouTube played fine from there. Easier than typing.

This is, by far, my favorite piece today. Thanks, Sam. You made me smile with your "world*" comment and clarification.

This is why I love summer...and girls.....and surfing....and Microsoft....it's a perfect day.

Wow.  It's nice to see a hot girl using a hot phone.  Wonder what would happen if MS used this in their ad campaigns. ;-)

I disliked the ad. Too boring. Too sexual, and yet the girl isn't THAT hot. I mean, it was stupid that they zoomed in on her butt as she's walking... Come on!

you either make it pure sex with a 11/10 chick. Or, make it more windows, and then just sprinkle in some sex.

This was pooly done. Imho

I guess you missed that its a promotional ad for an upcoming surf event which a) Roxy is a sponsor of, b) she just got signed by Roxy, and c) she is the 5 time champion. Sounds like a smart pick to me.

Nokia choose More than your eyes can see (see the video) and HTC choose well ... SEX,  Sex sells well better than an HTC WP anyway ... :D

Still at less than 100 comments on one of the best articles ever on this site. Can't believe it...i bet the video link has had thousands of clicks though.

I think it's a great ad, well done. In less then 2 mins, I just learned about the surfer(S. Gilmore), the team(Roxy), the event(R Pro 7/10-7/14), the location(Biarritz), the music(Flume-Sleepless), and damn good product placement! If anything, instead of the women fussing about it being overly sexy, this ad just gained a lot of traction for the event and sport in general. Have to take some bad to have even greater good! Only thing I would change is put a Lumia in it instead.