Camera grip for Nokia Lumia 1020

More images of the upcoming camera grip for the Lumia 1020 leak

We’re less than two days away from officially learning everything about the Nokia Lumia 1020. But the leaks don’t stop coming. We shared an image of an upcoming accessory for that Lumia 1020 that most of us will be picking up on day one. It’s a Frankenstein of shells, adding both more battery and a camera grip for the device. Here are some more images of it.

Camera grip for Lumia 1020

Camera grip for Lumia 1020

Camera grip for Lumia 1020

Camera grip for Lumia 1020

We suspect you’ll be able to pick up the accessory for $70. It includes an integrated 1020mAh battery which will give you a 35% boost in power, microUSB expansion, dedicated tripod mount and shutter button.

I can’t wait to get this accessory, the Lumia 1020, and a little GorillaPod to make this quite the kit for when you’re travelling.

Are you getting this day one?

Source: Izvestia, Via: The Verge


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More images of the upcoming camera grip for the Lumia 1020 leak


Ha. It's not the most beautiful thing on this planet, but it's super functional. Projecting myself into the will I use it? It won't be on the phone daily. No need. But if I'm exploring a new city the extra battery comes in handy. If I'm in a new city I'm also going to be taking a ton of pictures. Ergonomic grip + tripod mount = Winnnnning

Its not hideous. Its just the hump. But its obvious this kind of accessory isn't for everyday use. Only charging in emergencies.

"the hump"? Have you ever used a proper SLR camera before? If not, that hump equals a vast improvement on your mobile phone photo taking experience.

Sure it doesn't look pocketable, but if you really care for your photo taking experience, I don't think this should bother you. An SLR/DSLR is also a bitch to carry around, but with what this device is promising, its supposedly well worth it. So see it for what it us: takes a great phone camera and makes it better. Harder to carry, but if this is what you really want, you know that going in.

"CamPhone" is the most logical name I could come up with for these new breed of Smartphones Nokia has invented.. Kinda catchy❔
Nokia could make a premium device focused on music playback with a similar accessory, except with an extra battery, amp, and two ginormous speakers, and an antenna for the FM radio... Well call it a "JamPhone".. Lol... But, seriously❗

I really wished this phone came out a month ago.  It would've been perfect for my recent trip to DisneyWorld to take low lighting, stabilized images for the entire day.

Yes, lanyard is a must have, especially when we're travelling and takes Lots of pictures. Its much more convenient to have the Phone hanging by your neck than having then in your pocket. Its safer as well, there a couple of times my L920 slip out of my pocket

I saw the 928 and its a badass lookin phone I got the 920 and was lookin forward to an 808 style but my 920 is so perfect that I'll just wait till next year or something lol

The 928 is a gorgeous phone.  All the 92x variants are fabulous for different reasons.  But I think the 928 is overall my favorite (I have an cyan 920 on AT&T).
All 92x variants have awesome low-light photography capabilities, the kick-ass Nokia apps/services, super-sensitive touch screens, and great durability.
I am super-excited for the official announcement of the 1020, even though I am more then a year away from a qualified upgrade.  My wife should be up for an upgrade from her Lumia 900 by this fall.  So once the weather gets a bit cooler, She will likely be sporting the sick camera and awesomeness of the 1020 well before I do...
There's a small chance I'll cave and snag the 1020, but I am trying hard to hold out, since it is likely we will have other options once GDR3 and WP8.1 roll out.

Totally agree 920 is the best smartphone I've ever used. Despite all the minor upgrades, this phone still holds up to phones coming out this season. Everyone is amazed at how smooth it is and the camera is still unbeatable (especially in a housing marked just at 1cm). Integrated wireless charging (How it is really suppose to be). All in a nice design. I could go for another year with the 920 w/o upgrading, which would be ideal.

Yea, but how long are we going to have to wait.......another 6 months - I dont want to wait that long - I cannot go to ATT because i need to keep my unlimited data plan.........and after seeing this, i no longer want the 928.........damn u BS carrier exclusives.

I personally like the 925 body... Which im still at debates of ordering a 925 to replace my 810 on T-Mobile or trying to buy a 1020 unlocked which will hopefully support LTE and all on T-Mobile. I got to get one of them tho because all the 92X models have OIS which is key for low light shots. The new 1020 looks amazing tho... But I love the slim form factor of the 925. If the 925 had the Xenon of the 928 id go that route for sure as that would have been a match made in heaven.

Don't worry, im sure they'll make a "1028".. In all seriousness they would be crazy not to bring this to one of the worlds largest carriers... I bet, for the first time in WP history, Verizon wants this thing bad, and NOW❗

I will be getting the phone, this accessory, the wireless charging cover and a wireless charging pad all on day one!

That's a great case and all but I'll be keeping my phone commando. Its still a phone to me that spends half of its life in my pocket.

It would be nice if this accessory worked with at least one more future phone. Buy this accessory for the Lumia 1020 and then it works with the next Lumia that comes out in a few months. Wishful thinking. 

The thing is, it's based off the design of the phone. So that'll mean that next phone will pretty much have to keep this design too. You know how people whine when design stays the same.

There is already a 920 external case/battery with more Juice. I only use it when away or a while. I think I got it from the WP store if my memory serves mi right.

I hope the wireless charging plate isn't too thick. There's no point if you have to remove it all the time since who needs an inconvenient convenience device?

@ Daniel R....
Do you want the 1020, and it's grip accessory❔.... Yeah,, I bet you already have one... Nokia gets you guys to "leak" these pictures huh Daniel❓.... Umhum.. These guys might not see through the wool, but I'm no clone.. Yeah, I see,, it's all part of "Tha Mans" elaborate plan.... LOL❕❗... BUT SERIOUSLY❕ ♥

A little bit bigger of a grip than I expected.  Also, I have no idea why they're using a microUSB connector instead of the same two contacts that are used for wireless charging.  It seems to me like using the microUSB will make it much more difficult to slide in and out of this case.
And I still think it's a mistake to not incorporate wireless charging in this case as well, but still.

The wider grip should make it more comfortable to hold. Not sure how they would work in wireless charging without making it flat. 

I definitely get that it'll be more comfortable to hold as a camera this way, but even still, seeing it now it is bigger than I expected.
That's a good point on the wireless charging needing more of a flat surface, I hadn't really taken that into account.  Still, the last thing I want to be doing is constantly switching between shells, so I don't know that I'll be getting this.

I am wondering if the use of the internal microUSB (besides adding additional power for the phone) is for the functionality of the additional shutter button? It's hard to tell from the pics if the shell shutter button aligns directly over the shutter button on the phone. In the overhead shot it seems set back from where the phone slides in and the inside shot doesn't show enough of the underside to tell for sure.

I does look like electrical interface for shutter button and battery allowing the shutter button to sit in a more natural spot.  It doesn't look like there is mechanical interface in the picture.

@jhoff80  "Also, I have no idea why they're using a microUSB connector"

So you can charge the case independently of the phone?

Maybe just having contact points with the camera case proved not to be reliable to give a constant power connection to the phone.  For example when are using a wireless snap on shell you are not really using the phone since it is laying flat on the charger so the charging shell and the phone do not move around and loose contact with each other.
However, if you have the camera shell on you will be more than likely using the phone so the movement and possible twisting of the shell in relation to the phone may cause the electrical contacts between the phone and shell to separate enough to lose the electrical connection. This may not be good if the phones battery is low and the shell battery has a higher charge then your phone could turn off while trying to use it because the contacts separated.
Having the physical USB connection may have been a way to make sure that the battery in the camera shell is constantly connected to the phone.

They use the micro-USB connector because otherwise there would be no way for the shutter button to talk to the phone. You know, it's not only the extra battery, there is an extra shutter button too.
Even more than that, the micro-USB port of the phone is covered by the case. So they need to provide a micro-USB port on the case, for the phone to be able to connect to a computer or to a charger when the case is on. They did provide it, but to function it needs of course to be connected to the original micro-USB port of the phone. ;)

I don't think the 35% figure is correct. The Lumia 920, 925, and 928 all use 2000 mAh batteries, and the Lumia 1020 doens't look to be capable of carrying a larger battery. A 35% extension to 2000 mAh would be 700 mAh, not 1020; this battery actually increases overall capacity by a little over 50%, leaving the external battery to account for roughly 35% of the overall battery capacity.
I personally think this looks a little rough, but I'm sure production units will look a little nicer.

This is a niche phone, good for photo enthusiastics, I just want the next nokia flagship. Btw does anyone know if it will be presented in september like every year?

Nah what ever happened to sleek and slim I think phones are going back to the old brick phones like Zach Morris on save by the bell

Simply put: you can't have it all. Micro 4/3 cameras were supposed to make DSLRs obsolete but those aren't that small or thin either. 

Fact is, if you want really good mobile photography, your device WILL be bigger. No way around that. You want sleek and slim? Nokia has the Lumia 925 for you.

Understood I already have l920 but im so flippin techy I always want the latest and the greatest and I was hoping for even better than the 920 but significantly better not just better camera but that's ok I can wait

Yeah, this won't replace the 920...that will still be sold alongside this phone. This is just a 920 with a beefed up camera, for those in the market who want it.

This is so going to be my secondary phone, and of course my primairy cameraphone, i'm buying the Yellow one, it will look so good together with my Cyan Lumia 920!

Pass. But great on thinking ahead as opposed to the Galaxy S Zoom, even though I'm intrigued by it.

The back of this Nokia device reminds me of one of my fave Nokia device before, the somewhat pear-shaped Nokia 6630.. Anybody else had that phone.? ;)

No question getting it day one. As far as the grip, I will wait to see a price drop unless someone else is funding that mandate. :)

In black and grey it will look awesome. I like the idea! I still think Nokia should also make the first Windows Photo 8 device with only WLAN. Sell it with this in a set :-)

Shitty battery life is holding it back. I have to keep my phone on bttery saver a lot. Dear god Nokia why not have a 3000 battety

I really hope this is the first in a family of super camera phones because I'm in a 2 year contract with my 920 now. I love this thing to death but my god! That 1020 is turning out to be one awesome device.

Hmm. EOS is shaping up to be serious effort. Less emphasis on the phone and more on the photography feature. Which I like, as I shoot a ton of pics on my phone. Its a professional grade phone, it will be interesting to see what my wife has to say about the overall aesthetics, which I suspect would be a typical response from the female shopper. Either way were due for an upgrade and I've had my sights on this for a while. So what is the deal with its ATT exclusivity? Is that a standard time frame and do other carriers need to voice their intent to carry before the end of that time period? Point being, on T-mo picking this up would be a no brainer. Awesome phone.

Crap! 1020 mAH battery? Is that a play on the name of the phone by Nokia? That's pretty interesting. I didn't see that.

Look at that fourth image.
See the round part with the slit at the bottom of the device?
Seems like the 1020 will have support for straps.
Around the time where I got my Lumia 900 I started thinking about getting a phone strap (Had an N95 at the time). I was disappointed to see that it wouldn't work with the device.
I'm thankful that Nokia is rectifying that issue with newer Lumia models.

Tripod mount? Im sold! My biggest pet peeve with doing macro photos with a phone is no tripod. Not a day one purchase unless I can get it bundled at a discount.

I was about to slash this until I saw the battery part. Nice touch and saved the ridiculous design. 

Nice. Nokia doesn't have to announce anything because everything gets leaked anyways. Saves the trouble.

seriously? WIth wiresssss charging, camera functionality, battery pack: all-in-one?? Thank you! A great gift for Eid Ul Fitr.. :3

Am i the olnly one thinking that this Lumia 1020 has quad core cpu.. but will only utilize the 2 cores until gdr3 comes and activates its remaining cores? hehe...

I am so ready to move to WINDOWSPHONE 8.1 I am sick n tired seeing the message THIS APP IS NOT AVAILABLE TO YOUR PHONE!!!!

Told my wife about this accessory.  She understands me.  I have a greenlight to buy off-contract. Going to make social media shots at shows epicly awesome.  But will I do it?  Need more info on the phone...