WebApps version 1.4 now available on the Windows Phone Store


The rather important and major upgrade for WebApps is now available. We previously looked at the Windows Phone app last month when we were able to publish a sneak peek at the new features, including Live Tiles for individual web applications.

If you're not familiar with the app, it enables consumers to enjoy HTML experiences on Windows Phone. As well as the new Live Tiles, the team has also introduced wide tiles and voice search. Here's a quick video of what's new in version 1.4:

You can download WebApps from the Windows Phone Store. It's worth noting that the new feature may be delayed as it's an in-app purchase, so fear not if you're unable to purchase the optional upgrade for a day or few (though if you have already got the "pro pack" you're absolutely fine and will have the new tiles at no extra cost).

QR: WebApps


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WebApps version 1.4 now available on the Windows Phone Store


Love this app. I hope they add some type of tile customization. I want to be able to change how any tile looks, except the Live Tile info (backside).

Me too! This is how most apps should be, in my opinion. Most services don't need native apps because they are perfectly usable as a mobile browser experience. I'd love to see widespread use of a hybrid web-app type of thing where the native portion of the app is used for notifications and Live Tile support while the actual app is just a wrapped browser interface pointing at the full-featured mobile web application. I think this design is so much easier for developers and provides more consistency across platforms for users.

Right here. It's all so disappointing really. Can't wait >.<
I feel it might come soon :O
Where art thou O whatsapp?

Or I can just delete your dumbass comments...there's plenty of 'em as of late.

Are you trying to win "worst commenter" on our site? Because you're in the lead...

WebApps is a great stand-in for missing apps on the platform. I pin Wells Fargo since there is not an app for it yet and it works flawlessly. The new live tile update is very welcome.

Hmm I don't really get this yet. Can't think of anything I need a tile for that doesn't already have a dedicated app. But the confusing part is that most of the top listed sites within WebApps already have their own apps also, like IMDB and Facebook. And the big names in the news section. So what do I get with this that for instance the CNN app and tile doesn't have?

Rofl, same here I saw the 'W' and the 'App' letters, instantly got excited, started reading and was like this doesn't make sense.. Checked the title again and got disappointed. :(

Gents and Ladies, I don't get it.  What does this app do?  I have read all these posts, read the faq, summary etc.  I installed it, go to test out installing ESPN and it says, "This exists in the store" or something to that effect.  So what is the point of installing this?
If a 'webapp' exists like a Scottrstrade, that isnt an app at all, it is a website with mobile friendliness...right?
So this app does what?  A shortcut to Scottstrade mobile site?  Please help me understand...

Tip: custom WebApps now support back button to go to previous page (used to exit the app). You must remake your custom WebApps for this functionality, though.