Nokia Lumia 620 exclusively available in purple at O2 UK

Lumia 620

The Lumia 620 is a popular Windows Phone, offering a rich experience at an affordable price. Sporting numerous coloured shells that can be switched to keep the design looking fresh, many have enjoyed the configurability and personalisation options. There's a purple shell that's available at UK mobile operator O2. It's exclusive too, so if you're interested, you'll have to go through the store.

Here's what the shells look like:

Lumia 620 Purple

When purchasing the Lumia 620 through O2, you'll have the choice of a coloured shell, which can be added for free. The offer ends on July 31st. You can pick up the Windows Phone on contract and Pay-As-You-Go, with prices starting from £11 a month.

Source: O2, via: NokNok.tv


Reader comments

Nokia Lumia 620 exclusively available in purple at O2 UK


I love my black 620 too but I've been looking for alternatives and purple is one of my favourite colours. Too bad I don't live in the UK.

I've already got the white, yellow, green and cyan shell. They're partly available here in Germany. Purple would be so nice!

I wanted Cyan with a passion. Now I want Purple with a vengeance. Hoping it becomes available as a "vanilla" shell on the local Nokia accessories list. Holy moly that's a sweet colour.

Finding it hard to distinguish between the various low end models. Choice is always better though, as long as it doesn't clog up public awareness. I guess the easy way to look at it is like.. 620 is the neon phone. 720 is the low end phone with the slick design. 520/521 is the super low end for super cheap for smartphone beginners. *shrug*

I just love that our "super low end" phone the 520 has the same specs as an iphone 4 (bar the screen)

620 step-ups from 520 include better quality screen, led flash, front facing camera, NFC, and "plus" HERE license (mult countries instead of one). Pretty significant.

720 has all the same plus bigger battery, thinner, larger screen, and wireless charging. Loses the "plus" HERE license though (only one country of maps).

820 adds faster processor, doubles RAM, OLED screen. Camera not as good as 720. Does have plus license for HERE.

Wish Nokia would sell all their phones here through their own store to make it easier to get an unlocked phone...like the good ol' days.

I bought the same purple cover from a UK eBay seller last month for £10. I don't know how he/she managed to get hold of them but they all sold very quickly!

I've said it before, Nokia passed a great opportunity to reproduce the 3310 effect with the 620. If they released these covers worldwide and licensed them for others to produce them with colours and pictures, the phone would sell a lot more.