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Nokia updates Cinemagraph for Windows Phone 8, 720p resolution improved

Nokia Cinemagraph

Nokia has updated the Windows Phone 8 version of their photography app Cinemagraph. The version 3.5.4 update improves the HD animations at 720p resolutions.

In addition to a few bug fixes, the update also adds crossfading transitions and a color pop feature that includes an easy restoration tool to return your image's original colors.

Cinemagraph is a great photographic tool for your Nokia Lumia Windows Phones to create animated .gif images. Again, the update only effects the Windows Phone 8 version of Cinemagraph.

Cinemagraph is a free app for your Nokia Windows Phone that you can find here in the Nokia Collection of the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, Pyry, for the tip!

QR: Cinemagraph


Reader comments

Nokia updates Cinemagraph for Windows Phone 8, 720p resolution improved


The crossfading transition is something I wrote in to Nokia about :) I'm glad they listen. They really are one of the best companies.

Nope.. Cancel the download, guys. Afterwards you'll see, that an update is available. Tap it and it'll show you the Cinemagraph update which will then install just fine.

Look it up in the store and try again. Worked perfectly fine for me. Seemed to me it's the wpcentral link that's not working.

I think they changed it because I had to make a new Live Tile for it. Also now the tile is permanently purple, whereas before it followed the the color.

I had a bug before where the loop wasn't saved with the rest of the information so I needed to make it anew each time I opened the app. Now the loop area is saved but still not the speed. Seems like it is saved on some (most) animations but not all.
Will be using Echography on my iPad to make animations until this gets gif export support.

Yep, same for my EE 920 in UK. The update kept failing to install, so I removed the original to start from scratch and now the store says it's not available for my phone.
Bit of a c**k up by Nokia by the looks of it.

The Update crashes my Lumia 925. After removing the old Cinemagraph and reinstall...
sorry Cinemagraph is not available for your phone...  ?!?

I updated it when it was published, although now it says not available. Perhaps this explains why it is unable to upload my cinemagraphs. Can anyone confirm this? It shows that I have an internet connection error, though my internet is working fine.

Went to update app and it wouldn't have it, it said the was a problem with servers or some thing. Left it for some time and tryed again and again, but it still wont do it, so uninstalled it, now wont reinstall app as my nokia 820 is not compatible ????????
any ideas why 

I hope we get an update from here about what's up with this. I was thinking I was the only one having this issue until I checked here.
I need my Cinemagraph D:
I'm on a Lumia 520.

now updating, i have just updated my 920 a few minutes ago, its now available on Nokia collections, tell others