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Nokia silently announces official Vine app coming to Windows Phone

Earlier today Nokia took the stage to show off the Lumia 1020 and some exclusive apps. Those apps include the likes of Path, Flipboard, Panagraph, Oggl Pro, and Vine. No, we weren’t watching some special live stream where they announced Vine, but they did. Details after the break.

Head on over to the press release that Nokia released and read this beautiful snippet:

“Hipstamatic showcased Oggl PRO, an exclusive application for the Nokia Lumia 1020 offering the most advanced smartphone camera controls for their creative community. It was also announced that popular applications Vine, Path and Flipboard will soon be available on Windows Phone.”

So why didn’t Vine get announced on stage? We’re not sure. Could it be a typo in the press release? Maybe. We’ll be sure to find out what the deal is with Vine. But you might get an official one sooner than you think.

Ninja update: The Windows Phone Blog is saying the same thing. That Vine is coming to Windows Phone. We'll find out if this a Lumia exclusive or will be available for all devices. 

Update: We can confirm Nokia is working with Vine on the app. No info on dates for release or exclusivity, but it is on the way!

Thanks for spotting that Bilal K! And Hugo

Source: Nokia Press Release


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Nokia silently announces official Vine app coming to Windows Phone


Makes me want to support twitter that much more. I really wanted the Vine app before Facebook included the same feature on Instagram.

This is something I'm actually looking forward to. Apps like these will help me on my quest to convert everyone I know to Windows Phone. Once upon a time I managed to get more than 20 family members and friends to upgrade their dump phone to BB Curve. Now those same people need my help because their using iOS & Android so I have my work cut out for me.

I got some friends to buy the Lumia 800, that was a big mistake. They hated it and will on principle never get a WP again. There on Android today.

Same goes with my sister. I suggested many years ago this windows mobile phone, and she had so many problems with it. She got an iPhone 3G afterwards. Then when we was available for upgrade, I told her to get the iPhone 4 or BlackBerry Torch (she really wanted a BlackBerry and her friends all had it, and I was an iSheep back then), and she got the torch. She then hated it, then a year later got the 4S. She loves iPhones now. But I'm very close to convincing her to get this.

I am sure they are suffering more now. They may not display their grief and agony and anger and whatnot :-D but it's there deep inside.... :-)

Few years ago a bunch of my classmate switched to BB. Everyone asked me to switvh to BB. I stayed with my Nokia XM 5530. And I switched to WP8! I made the right choice.

I haven't met anyone yet who would change from iPhone or Android. When I demonstrate my Lumia 920 they seem fascinated by its many differences, then continue to talk about their iPhones. People will defend what they already know and have.
And one guy I know just starts laughing because he thinks the entire tile thing looks so ugly and stupid. People have different taste. :)

I feel different. After using iphone for 2 years i feel i want a change in os. got borred looking at the os, when i saw windows 8 , i feel they have the most refreshing ui in recent development. android and ios have the same ui and windows finally did some thing different. i am thinking of switching to nokia  , because i think they produce best windows phone and have many exclusive apps. i love ios 7 beta and it feels good but i would give nokia lumia try since iphone is not going to change much with iphone 5s or 6 or whatever.
As you said People have different taste

I felt the same way after having my iPhone 4 for a little over 2 years. The OS is just boring! Everything stays static. Nothing moves or changes except the stupid calender app. I thought they could at least make the temperature and weather change on the weather icon, but nope. It's alway 73 degrees and sunny. BORING! I'm the only guy at my work that has a Windows Phone and I can't convince anyone to switch to Windows Phone because they are just so stubbern and want to stay with their bland looking phones because they don't know any better or don't really care about what OS they use. I really wish Verizon would go ahead and hire me already so I can start converting people over to WIndows Phone. I know more about phones than most of the Verizon call center people know who say that I should be working with Verizon. My next phone will hopefully be a Nokia phone though. I'm tired of all these exclusive apps they keep for their phones. I'm on my 4th HTC 8X because the first two had horrible battery, sim card, auto resetting and turning off issues, then I finally recieved one that worked great and then I took it for a swim in the pool. Now Assurion sent me another one that has started auto restarting and not connecting to calls very well. Also, all of the 8Xs that I've had have not had good reception, is that an HTC or Verizon issue because I doubt it's a Windows Phone issue?

Auto restart was an issue for many people with Nokia phones as well, but I think that issue has been fixed with firmware updates. Mine has never had that problem.
one could argue that none of us shouls be hired to convince people to switch to Windows Phone, since we have clearly failed to do so with our friends and colleagues. ;) But at least we have taken a step forward ourselves. iOS is really a slightly old fashioned operating system now in its core structure. And yet Windows Phone still lack some obvious essentials, like a message center. But it will come. It has to.
by the way, one guy I inow switched. Involuntary because he needed to for work (his company is developing a WP app). He was very happy he did so. But up until then he had argued against me.

Yea, I convinced several people to jump after showing them my TITAN II and Zunes wireless sync/ podcasting/music abilities. Did I ever have to eat crow when they got the crappy music app in their Win8 920's. A couple still dug the live tiles but several were very disappointed, especially with no apps to cover that loss. MS screwd up big time with that stupid move.

I've converted a friend, my sister, father, brother in law, brother in law and my wife to WP. They all say they don't want to leave WP lol.

6Sec is better than the Android App and is a great example of an app being better with Metro design.

Nope. Rudy will be alright. He'll get tons of press and support. We all know how he put forth the effort to deliver an amazing app experience.

I don't see any way the official app will touch 6sec. Remember how bad the Twitter app was for so long. It finally just got usable for real twitter heads. 6Sec is an amazing Vine app and better than most others that I have seen or reviewed, imho....

He said he wants Instagram, why do you have to give your opinion about that❔.... What are you helping❔

I'm free to comment on what I want.. You think I don't know what the article is about.. Did it hurt your feelings that he's asking for Instagram❔..

I'm the jerk yet you were the first to start the antagonization. I didn't say anything negative to him, unless his actual name IS instragram of course (which I doubt).  Go listen to some relaxing music bro. :)

You just don't get it, and I can tell by your last comment... Yet, you'll reply once again defending yourself.. Listen, don't make negative comments about features, or apps, that people want for WP.. That's it.. Nobody needs to know what you don't care about.. When you start caring about WP enough then reply back with something else besides defending your useless comment... But, im sure you still have something to say, so go ahead❔❔❔

Yeah, that's what I thought.. People like you never have anything with substance to say.. You're better off keeping your mouth shut that way you don't have to try and work your way out of these situations in the future.. But, at least you can still laugh to make yourself feel better.. I'll give you that... Nevertheless, you're probably stupid enough to say something else.

Lol❕❕.. I like that.. Anyone who won't take my shit deserves respect.. You win brother.. Peace❕❗❕❗✔✔.. LOL

You can use Instance, Instagraph or #2InstaWithMassiveLove, I still don't get why everybody is always complaining about Windows Phone not having Instagram when you have to many options to share what you're eating.

Well, there is the new video feature on instagram that these 3rd party apps don't have. I know that instance is supposedly working on it, but its been weeks.

Its not about us not having Instagram, its about WP having OFFICIAL support from developers.. Quit looking at everything so one dimensional.. I know a lot of people who would adopt WP if it had more Official apps.. Some of us care about market share because we know that will translate into other things... Personally, I use Instance and it works just fine,,,, for me... But people coming from iDroid, or who have been influenced by others, may look down on using a third party app... I just get so sick of this WPFan attitude that is so stuck on settling because they have been taught to except less from our platform.. Our platform didn't get where it is now by us not making suggestions, asking for apps, showing our continued support, and just flat out bitching.. I've been supporting WP since day one, and I'm not going to stop pushing for more anytime soon... Its really important to post as much feedback on WPC because it is know that staff from Nokia, and the WP team, have open accounts on here.. I've been told so myself by a WP team member... That's it, and that's the way its going to be❕ let me repeat myself... That's the way its going to be❗❗❗

It's likely. Think about it: Vine is in competition with Instagram. Instagram keeps delaying the release of the App. So Vine will take the chance and grab Windows Phone customers.
LifeClip, another Intagram-like service (but with the possibility of NSFW pictures as well as selecting privacy settings to each photo) has also announced that they will be releasing Windows Phone and Windows 8 Apps until the end of 2013.
In the end...Facebook is the only one losing with the delay of Instagram.

I wish Microsoft would just go ahead and buy Nokia so that HTC and Samsung would get out of the Windows Phone market and this "Nokia exclusive" app bullshit could stop. Nokia exclusives sucks for those of us on HTC or Samsung

Well what do you say to people on Verizon who didn't get a flagship Nokia for months, TMobile who won't have one for another few weeks, or Sprint who may never have any Nokia period because their CEO burned bridges?

How about no?
Nokia is driving the platform herself. They put in the effort, they have the right to have as many exclusives as they want.
If HTC wants the same, they can start by working for it. Samsung doesn't give two sh*ts about WP, let's face it.

Of course they have the right, I'm not disputing it, I just think it sucks that WP has two classes of users, Nokia users and all the rest.

I may just have to hock a kidney and buy an unlocked 1020 if I can find one.

At this point and time I would buy a cheap phone like the 720. This is precisely why you don't buy HTC phones. If HTC barely supports their android phones why on earth when anyone buy a windows phone from them knowing that windows phone is already an underdog and gets treated like a forgotten child by non Nokia manufacturers. I really can't see how anyone can complain that Nokia is actually supporting their devices and blame them because their choice of manufacture release a phone and then forgets it.

Jbigelow , i really don't understand why you keep complaining about the nokia exclusive apps. Nokia is working hard for the platform. Have you ever heard Samsung and HTC doing the same? To resolve your issue, get a NOKIA phone. I can't believe I have to tell it to your face for you to understand!

I think this is the first time I've complained about exclusives (maybe I have in the past and don't recall, I tried to search for old blog comments but could only search forum posts).
Yourself and several others have trivialsized obtaining a Nokia phone, stop pretending or trivializing we aren't constrained by carriers. I even purchased my HTC8X off contract but switching carriers is just too cost prohibitive.
Whatever, I'm done bitching about exclusives but everyone else should stop parroting "just get Nokia" like it's the same as buying a coffee at Starbucks.

Also, keep in mind some of us were only willing to take a chance and try a somewhat unpopular -- I know it's growing, but still -- operating system because we were already pleased with Samsung or HTC products. The HTC 8X is the reason I tried Windows Phone; it's not Microsoft or Nokia's advertising.
I really like the OS now, and I want it to succeed, so it's really disheartening to see people who give WP a try get treated like unwelcome customers because they didn't happen to get a Lumia. I agree with Nokia being able to offer these apps and features as incentives to buy Lumia phones, but there's no reason we shouldn't be able to pay to get these extras. Mass Effect : Infiltrator is a 7$ exclusive; I would have gladly paid double the price knowing this is money I could have saved if I had bought a Lumia.
It is alienating to me, as a Windows Phone customer, to be forced to shell out another $600+ right now if I want access to these features; seriously, I know for my next phone I will either have to buy a Lumia or leave NokiaOS.

Just like video with instagram, new features will come to 3rd party apps later and maybe never at all. That's one reason official apps are important.

There probably gonna make him take his app down. Some of the official apps have requested for Microsoft pull 3rd party apps if they already have an official app listed.

That has only happened with the tons of "facebook" apps that I know of. I don't see them making him take it down. Actually, if anything, they may open their API's to avoid the need of separate servers to upload.

Exclusives are meant to promote their brand.  This is how they get customers to buy their phones, vs HTC or Samsung.  It's a little priniciple called marketing.

Vine for me is more appealing. Because it has a strong community, and my Instagram friends are not the same of Vine. Vine has beem adopted for many and I love it more. 
Vine is like instagram in the start

That's very exciting news, and not just about Vine. It seems big apps are finally coming to WP, this I'm sure is only the tip of the iceberg.

I'm torn apart with this one. For one thing, I want to support official apps so developers can see how big the WP community is and bring other services onboard. Then, I love to support awesome apps and developers like Rudy Huyn with his 6sec Vine client for WP.
I guess the right thing to do is pay for 6sec, download the official app, and use a little bit of both.

I knew it would come to windows phone sooner than later, twitter has shown a lot of love for windows phone plus they want to have a plus over instagram

And still September 9, no Instagram, no Vine, no Shopkick no tons of apps which is kinda shame not to have/support. 
Had my 920, just got 1020 - still no GIF support... Nokia/Microsoft you guys really should start more work on Apps and WP8 updates - last Amber update - pffff, sorry but the features you introduced are nothing! I had Lumia for 9 months and only one update with almost nothing new! Very blah guys! 

I have converted 5 people in my workplace from being a "fandroid" to WP8 user. So let the conversion continue!