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Lumia 1020: Now featuring stereo audio recording, coming to other Lumias too

Although many of are blown away by Nokia’s HAAC (high amplitude audio capture) microphones, which allow their Lumia line to record distortion-free audio (think of a rock concert), there was always one drawback that you may not have known about: mono.

Yup, despite having three microphones on board, the device only processed in mono sound, meaning even though it was distortion free it was still a step behind.

We can now confirm that the Nokia Lumia 1020 fixes this by featuring full-stereo HAAC recording ability. What’s more? It’s part of the Pro Camera suite that other Lumia devices are expected to get, meaning your Lumia 92x can get stereo-recording in the near future.

After all, you have the hardware. Now, Microsoft and Nokia have fixed the software.


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Lumia 1020: Now featuring stereo audio recording, coming to other Lumias too


Wow, I love that these features are coming to other 9xx owners, Nokia and Microsoft have worked really hard to enhance the user experience, 1020 owners are going to be super happy.

I have a 920. Super happy to hear that I will get the Pro Cam and Stereo Rich Recording (the mono one is amazing already).

i installed just 2 days ago  Audio Recorder Pro, it's about 2 euros in Europe and it has Stereo wav recording,serch the app shop for it,you can upload ti skydrive too :)

I tried recording audio on my 1020 with Audio Recorder Pro. The result turned out to be better than the audio picked up in the Camera Pro app. In the Camera Pro app, when recording videos, the audio always had a low-frequency hum. I tried somebody else's 1020. It had the same hum. Then, I installed Audio Recorder Pro. The stereo recording by Audio Recorder Pro was crystal clear with no hum. It really impressed me how good Nokia 1020 can be. Yet, their default camera app could do better with the audio. 

I hope it is going to come to HTC 8x at some point, bit I think I don't have to wait for that. I already thought it was weird that the devices all have 2 microphones but still record in mono. Nokia actually fix it! Although I have no Lumia phone, Nokia still amazes me every day!

So does mine. It is a great phone but a Nokia would be much more worth the costs and Nokia works way better together with Microsoft. But I have to keep up with my 8X till November 2014 haha!

The HTC 8X can record stereo
audio but only on the 720p setting.I know this because when I do video shoots on my phone and then process the videos it says stereo in the properties

WP 8.1 (Blue) is not coming out in 2 months. You're gonna have to freeze yourself for much longer. GDR3 though should be coming out later this year but not in 2 months. What you'll get in about a month or 2 depending on carrier is GDR2 which is currently present in the Lumia 925 and will be available in the Lumia 1020 when it ships.

Be careful you'll end up like Eric Cartman when he froze himself for the Wii and we all know what happened there LOL

So I think I remember Daniel going off on how stereo recording on a smartphone was not necessary some time ago. Heehee

92* nothing under so far, which sucks.

Probably because of the camera hardware that on phones designated under 92*.

I guess I won't have to sell my kidney after all to get the 1020. I can be somewhat satisfied with the wealth of features Nokia is making available to my 920! :)

Hi, Daniel. Did this come 'officially' from a Nokia source, or more of a speculation?
Here's hoping it's official. I really love my 920 to have this feature. No disrespect. Just plain curious. Thanks!


I'm talking about the 'full-stereo HAAC recording ability' guys. I mean we may have the Pro Cam but the full-stereo HAAC recording ability...

So Pro Cam IS coming to the 920. Sweeeeet. Excited for the Amber update and this inclusion. So that I can set the default camera app to open Pro Cam!

Depends on how reflective processing is done.   A smartphone's microphone separation is not much smaller than a human head, and most human's can process stereo sound quite well.
My concern with the 1020 is the lack of the 3rd microphone in the array for active monitoring of levels. So far only the 928 has the three microphone array, the 920/925/1020 are all dual microphone arrays.

it all depends on microphone placement. If the mics are on the same plane facing the same direction then yes, it would be quite terrible. But the 92x phones have 3 mics to work with; one on top, one on bottom... and I honestly don't know where the 3rd one is (maybe on bottom as well?). If using the top and bottom mics for left and right then it should have a similar separation to what the human head has. If it is using a different set then it may not be so great.

Personally I still think that stereo recording on a camera is fairly useless, and there are lots of other goodies coming with Amber and GDR2 that I am excited for, but if they are going to give me stereo audio on my videos I am not exactly going to turn it down and say it is dumb. I'll just enjoy it for what it is.

Where are the other to microphones located on the 920❔.. All I see is the one on the top.. Are the hidden behind the micro drilled holes❔..

Interesting tidbit about rich recording from 1020 white paper. 

"For more advanced users - based on the feedback from 

Nokia 808 PureView, we have provided a simple user interface to get the best from the hardware in different 

recording scenarios and applications.Audio bass filter provides controls on the low frequency 

audio characteristics with three options: The “Default” option is the best all-round setting and 

provides sonically balanced recordings in most conditions. It applies a shelf filter to 0…200Hz frequency 

band and works especially well in loud concert recordings, where the bass level can be too excessive for 

balanced playback.The “Strong” option can become handy in the presence 

of wind-noise or in-car noise. It applies a 200Hz highpass filter cutting effectively all low frequency content 

from the recording."


Does anyone know of any strictly audio recording apps that let you take advantage of the stereo recording option without video on a Lumia 1020.