Nokia Pro Camera tells you when you’re going to ruin your photo

One of the trickiest things Nokia has had to cope with when bringing such a high end camera is the addition of advanced controls. For hobbyist and pro shooters, adjusting your white balance, ISO and other aspects are run of the mill. But not everyone who buys the Lumia 1020 will be at that level, so how do you ease them into those manual settings?

Nokia has solved this by two ways: a tutorial in the Pro Camera app of what those features are and how to use them and visual feedback. The second part is what you can see in the above video. Basically, as you slide your ISO up higher (up to 3200), a yellow bar appears telling you that this is “less than ideal”. That’s because a higher ISO means more image noise. Likewise, if you’re exposure time is too long, resulting in a blown out shot, it will show red, which obviously means “you’re going to ruin this shot”.

It’s a neat trick and once again, shows how Nokia isn’t about just jamming in features, but thinks about how people use them too.


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Nokia Pro Camera tells you when you’re going to ruin your photo


Ever tried the lens app Blink? It takes like 20+ super fast pics as soon as u touch the screen. Then u can pick the ones u like and save them.

Pro shot has burst mode, plus you can adjust shutter speed.... I have a 4 year old, so I understand the challenge.

I agree. I found it is faster if you use the dedicated camera button if you want to snap a quick picture.

Totally agree here. If you need fast capture - use the camera button, don't tap the screen, to take the photo. Tapping the screen will cause the camera trying to focus, which will lag a few seconds before it actually takes it.

I use ProShot on Lumia 720. It takes beautiful macro and long exposure shots. It also achieves nice bokeh effect due to f1.9. They have recently submitted an update which fixes a bug involving SD cards which used to crash the app a lot if you set the phone to save pictures in SD card. I may upgrade to 1020 in few months.

Heh, I use ProShot, too, and loving it, actually. But I think something in-house, especially Nokia apps, would be nicer, don't you think? :)

Pro Camera only for 1020? Or will it be available for all Lumias?

Want some love for my now old 920....

This is the difference between Nokia's innovation and Samsung's innovation. Samsung crams in the features without thinking twice. Nokia thinks, and jams in only what people want and leave all gimmicky stuff out.

Yeah...this is the features that you can really brag. Aside from the stylus on gnote, I don't think any features on galaxy phones really worth it yet.

Nokia seems to always innovative and be ahead of the game when it comes to their phones. Yet they don't get the recognition they really deserve from the masses. Why is that? My house is flooded by crapple products, that my family will live and die by smdh.

Well they did for much over 9 years. They where the Apple and Samsung in that time frame and recorded tech industries top 3 profits for years and were shortly even largest European company in value. 
Thing is they got slightly arrogant and thought they woned the game. They are getting back at their old game, but you got a new OS with small market share and a lot of customers to win back again. It will take its time. 

3600 ISO isn't new. Even the 925 supports it. And after Amber update rolls out to other Lumia devices, even 920 and 928 will support it.

Wow, but I hope I won't need it ever because the noice will be very very high!!

Always try to make pictures with ISO 100 and only go higher when there is movement in the picture!

How long is the exclusivity deal likely to be? When will it be possible to unlock this phone for other carriers? I'm assuming it'll be the same as the 920, which means 6 months. What's weird is that another phone, the LG Optimus Pro, has been out for less than 6 on ATT (but is exclusive), and can be unlocked already. What gives?

Some weirdo was just complaining about Nokia quality.. Dumb ass... Says he is mad about the Nokia exclusive apps, but doesn't want to every buy a Lumia.. This punk expects Nokia to do all the work for WP... Where's Samsung/HTC today❔... They probably didn't even bother to watch the press event... Shame, shame, shame.. My GF got a 8X yesterday, and after playing with it, more than her, I was really pissed.. Not because it's a bad phone, but because is freekin awesome❕... The others are very capable if making just as good, If not better, hardware than Nokia, but they just will not provide a full line of devices... Two devices each.. Pathetic❕

It honestly breaks my heart the Nokia doesn't get nearly as much respect as apple gets (which apple doesn't deserve)

What pisses me off is all the Android fans wishing Nokia would port Android into Lumia devices.. That makes me sick to my stomach.. But, the reality is that we need a little more developer support, and MS really needs to come on with updates, and more innovation.. IOW WP needs to catch up with Nokia❕.. IMO... Lol.

If you set Pro Camera to default, does that mean you lose the ability to jump to other lenses?
It'd be nice if there was a lenses button in Pro Camera, so that you didn't have to go back to the app list to switch between those even if you want to use Pro Camera as default.

i personaly wasnt that impressed because this awesome camera (or at least very similar) was in nokia 808

I can't wait to get this on my 928 which is by far the best camera I ever had on a smartphone. It automatically does macro shots if you are close to an object and gives the blur effect in the background

I agree with you as I carry a Nokia 900, 822, and HTC 8x which is my everyday unit because of its good design and thinness. The battery life sucks though and they could have a battery pack that attaches
the phone.

That's a neat UI. Microsoft should consider somthing similar. Everyone has the "classic" camera look, and it would be good for them to change the way we see camera UI's.

There's so much in this app, the trick would be to try and guess what is missing...it's quite possibly nothing at all! =P