Official 9GAG and RoboForm Windows Phone apps on the way


Windows Phone consumers have enjoyed a spur of official apps released for hardware running Microsoft's mobile OS. To follow suit, we're rather pleased to report that 9GAG and RoboForm have both confirmed to be working on a Windows Phone app. Good news if you've been holding off the giggles or resorting to an alternative password manager.

The RoboForm team published the below comment, stating in a response to a customer that they're working hard on getting an app published to the store.


Unfortunately no release date was provided. The same goes for 9GAG with Ray from the team responding to Nokiaviews:

"We are working on it. Stay tuned!"

Good news is that both apps are on the way. Bad news is we don't currently know an ETA. If you can't wait for 9GAG to come to Windows Phone, there's already an unofficial app available by Rudy Huyn.

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Official 9GAG and RoboForm Windows Phone apps on the way


i know the more the merrier, but i cant see reddit topping baconit , they just made a great job(mini tweaking needed tho :P )

Ikr? But I found that baconit has no way of deleting photos stored in memory and the other increases significantly because of it!

No, it's not. Rudy did a good job but the "resume last position" doesn't work properly and it's a huge deal breaker.

Again, good to see an official App coming. But, just like Vine, I doubt the 9Gag app will be better than Rudy's 9Gag.

Rudy Huyn's 9Gag app is envied by even the android and IOS users :) let the official app come :) it can't compete :) it'll just be another pretty feather in the WP showcase :) which by the way has really been growing at an alarming rate over the last few weeks :)

So are these the kind of apps that people have been waiting for to jump on board? I watch all the announcements, but the number of apps I would actually use is small. Hulu, for example, seemed like a good addition. I guess I just don't understand the whole app argument.

I agree to a point. The whole "we have a million apps" thing is just marketing. I'd like them to publish what percentage of those are actually in wide use.

LastPass is a great syncing cross platform password and Secure Note Manager and they have been supporting Windows Phone.

It's a site that reposts content from 4chan and reddit, but automatically adds a 9gag watermark to everything.

RoboForm has been saying they are working on a WP app for over a year, this isn't news. I'm really tired of waiting, I will be switching to LastPass if RoboForm doesn't have a app out by the time I am up for my renewal.

I'll be switching to LastPass too if RF doesn't make it out by next year.  It's painful to use RF on the phone from the website.  Or worse, have to use my husband's iPhone!!!  Argh!

Roboform finally, little to late tho, could not wait for them to get off there duff, I moved to last pass, but if roboform does it better, who knows, I may move back?

I wrote to Roboform over 18 months ago about a WP app. They said then that they were not going to develop until the platform took off. Funny considering they made their fortunes on Windows to start with! And I told them as much. Now I hope to get off their fat backsides and get this on WP8 asap. It's way way overdue and they never had a valid reason in the 1st place.

Don't worry.
You will quickly learn to dislike them if you actually know what 9gag exactly is.
It's a website that puts watermarks on images made by other people and earns money by implying that they are the ones who created that stuff.
I remember a *very* pissed off anonymous comic artist after some retard uploaded his comic on 9gag.
Not because it was uploaded, but because 9gag claims ownership by default. The guy was talking about starting to sign his images or something to prevent such a thing from happening again. Which absolutely runs counter to the idea of being anonymous.
IF you go on 9gag, at least be a good citizen and block all their ads. Never give them money in any way. If we are lucky, they will starve in one or two years.

RoboForm told me months ago they were working on it. I will believe it when I see it. Siber will probably charge extra.

This is good news. I have been a Roboform user for years and will welcome this addition.
Now if they can figiure out a way to make Roboform work on Windows 8 apps, it would be great.

This crap's all over Facebook, do we really need a: a site for it and b: an app of the site for it.
Not on my watch.
Or phone - it won't work on my watch.

I'm a long time user of Roboform. Their Windows app is excellent (lot better than LastPass), but I have started using LastPass for its WP app. In December I will not renew my Roboform subscription if they have not released a WP app by then.