JDB Pocketware's SkyManager updated, background uploading now supported


JDB Pocketware, the developer behind HandyScan and 7Dialer, has updated their SkyManager app.  SkyManager is a Windows Phone app that offers an decent alternative means to access and manage your SkyDrive account.

The version 1.5 update brings a few new features to the mix, notably the ability to upload files to your SkyDrive account in the background. You also have a new sharing option to post images to Facebook and the ability to pick a SkyDrive folder when uploading via picture>share.

SkyManager Screens

There are also a few bug fixes with the version 1.5 update that includes fixing the app freeze-ups when sliding pictures.

There are two versions of SkyManager available in the Windows Phone Store. You have SkyManager Free (left QR Code) which is ad-supported and has some functionality limitations. Then there is the full version of SkyManager (right QR Code) which is currently running $2.99 with a trial version available. SkyManager is compatible with both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.

QR: Skymanager Free and Paid


Reader comments

JDB Pocketware's SkyManager updated, background uploading now supported


Pocket file manager is awesome for a 3rd party app. It connects box, dropbox and SkyDrive, along with you pictures and a local file manager. Moving things between them all is a dream.

Half-off-topic: Does your skydrive album cover still appear plain grey when you view it in the photo hub.

I've posted about this on the forum with no luck so im spreading my wings a bit here.

I will try this one...
Lets see if it is better than official, if it is I will buy...
edit - WOWOWOW you can actually attach files and send by email to others, or send as a link....very functional!!!! great!!!
will try more...

I bought Handyscan long time ago, very useful, although some features that the competition now have should be included, but JBD doesn't seem to care much about it anymore.