Nokia Lumia 625

First images of a supposed 4.7” Nokia Lumia 625 get revealed

It looks like Nokia still has a few variants of their Lumia line to release, with the latest earning the name Lumia 625. That low number means we’re looking at an entry level device, one that presumably would be like the Lumia 620 but perhaps sporting some new internals for radios, etc.

But according to a post on Tieba baidu, the upcoming device has some rather different specs and dimensions.  Basically it’s a 4.7-inch WVGA device with no ClearBlack display and is roughly the size of the Lumia 920 and a 2000 mAh battery. No word on memory or CPU, though 1GHz and 512mb seem to be up for consideration.

Nokia Lumia 625

The only thing interesting about this phone is of course, the size of the display, which would be the first of the Lumias to breach the 4.5-inch barrier. That could be a hint to Nokia’s future devices and the market pressure they’re feeling, mostly from Samsung and LG, to “go big” even on non-high end devices.

The Lumia 625 has no release date, though it looks like it’s getting close. It’s also most likely destined for Asian markets, though we’ll have to wait to find out more.

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First images of a supposed 4.7” Nokia Lumia 625 get revealed



Hated the storage on my Titan though. 32 GB is good for me. 16GB was just at the point where it was barely a problem, but still there.

I owned the HTC TITAN, but HTC failed to provide any update and exclusive apps! Now I own Lumia 920 and love every bit of it! I would never buy HTC phone again!

Maybe....and this is crazy but hear me out....maybe, they didn't think about what you wanted. Maybe they were looking at ways to get new customers by offering what are essentially feature smart phones. Crazy i know. But maybe, just maybe this ones not made with you in mind.

Wow that is one thick phone! I guess it's for those budget people that hate that budget phones also mean smaller size. Looks like it would a be a cool backup for me.

I think the angle at which the pictures were taken make it look thicker.
It will be very good seller in countries like India. People want big screen phones here and they dont mind WVGA resolution at all if the price is right.
Nokia need to price it in between 620 and 720.

Edit: Also bezel at the bottom much smaller compared to 620, 720 and 820.

I don't think it's that thick, it's just the angle of the picture. Anyway, massive screen with low res and only 512 mb of RAM... I don't think it will be very popular (at least not outside China).

Add India to the list where it will be popular and big seller. People here want big screen phones. They dont care about WVGA resolution if the price is low.

Yea I just rechecked the image and it is the angle haha, whoops! Again I think one of the reasons you see so few 620s compares to 520s and 720s is the small 3.8inch screen size on the 620. Again keep in mind this is a budget device. Should be priced around 270 off contract?

Didn't like the correlation with Samsung as Nokia has the longest history of mobile tech and innovation. Like comparing a Porsche to a Hyundai

It looks exactly like Lumia 620 with bigger screen and much better than any samsung device.

Its difficult put lot of effort into low end devices. They already designed different phones in the Lumia line up. 520, 720, 920, 925 looks different to every other phone.
620 and 820 looks more common.

If it will be the only one with a display over 4.5" it's ok, but if the Lumia line passes to huge displays on the next fail fail.The phablet market is a small one.

Trust me, at least in the UK, I see too many people with above 4.7", loads of S3, S4 and Notes included. The phablet market is very much growing and spiralling out of control.

The phablet market is a small one.

Hah. You wish. Samsung has probably sold more Notes than Nokia has sold Lumias in all. 
I can't wait until Nokia (or anyone else) makes a 5"+ WP8 with high end specs!

Phablet market is small? There was 41 million phablets sold last year and there's expected to be over 50 million phableta this year.
Phablets might do ok in West, but they are THE thing in Asia.

Yes the phablet market IS SMALL.the only reason so many phablets have been sold so far, is because Samsung is a trend right now, so the fact that they only make high end devices with huge displays is the reason of those 40+ million sold.Once someone else becomes a trend with smaller form factor, the phablets will be gone, or at best become the very niche intended in the first place.You know, some of us want to be able to actually USE our devices on a daily basis, not just watch movies and play games :)

Yes and for you people, there's the every other phone in the Nokia family. Us big screen users do not have a WP8 device yet so someone needs to step up. Also, the phablet market is not small and growing at a quick rate as the other 3 people have shown you.

That's why it bothers me.. Because it's not in THIS article.. We're talking about Daniel here guys... I'm still waiting for his reply so hopefully y'all can say "we told your dumb ass so Rodney"" lol❕

620 > 625. because of dpi and brightness/contrast etc.... they should have named this guy 525 instead. This phone is too big for the resolution. WVGA > 4.3 inches it not good.

it's good but not great. considering it's (suppose to be)lower price tag I don't think most common people would be complaining about low res diplay.

Most of us would never see it. I wonder if this to try and compete with the Galaxy Mega line? The large screen size is a growing and important market.

Now Nokia's cooking with fire. Looks like the bigger screens are about to invade. Just give me a Samsung Note II sized Phablet and I'll be on my merry way.

That screen size is a little more like it!
Not the other specs though.
Come on, Nokia! GDR3 this fall. I need a 5"+ 1080p screen, 2GB RAM, quad core, At least 16GB + microSD (or at least 32GB), and Qi charging built in!

If real, this could prove interesting.  I've been saying for years, that the mid to low end markets, are the best place to grow Windows Phone marketshare.  There are simply far more people on the planet who cannot afford high end "super" phones, to not take that end of the market seriously.  Even here in the United States, pre-paid MVNOs are growing at an astounding pace.  Just walk into a Walmart on any given day, and compare how post-paid activations they process vs. how many MVNO activations they sell.  It's not even a comparison.  

And just like device users in the high end, device users in the mid to low end want to plug into the latest trends.  Currently, the latest trend is toward larger screens.  To be able to take a device that is essentially a cross between a Lumia 620 and a Lumia 520, slap a 5" screen on it, and sell it into the marketplace at a sub-$200 price point, that's like having a license to print money.  This goes doubly so, if you can give the phone a relatively thin formfactor, that will only make the screen look larger than it already is. 
Even if this rumor is a fake, Nokia and Microsoft should seriously consider releasing phone(s) to fit those specs in the coming months.  If they can find a way to do this inexpensively, I would not sit around waiting for Android to come along and do it first, thereby drinking the milkshake on this.  I cannot speak at length on any authority about market desires in China, and India, and Africa, and South America,and the Middle East, but I know here in the US, if you put a product like this into circulation with smaller carriers like Cricket, and MVNOs like StraightTalk, Boost, and Virgin Mobile, you are going to have a hit on your hands - especially if you are first to market with a low cost 5" mobile.

makes sense if you consider some people need larger screen but don't mind sligthly underpowered internal. my mom is not a power user but then she need a larger screen to read comfortably so this can be a good option considering right now only high end wp8 devices get large display. 

I'm not sure some of you understand the idea here. These cheap phablets are huge in Asia.
There was +40 million phablets sold last year and that's expected to be 50 million this year. 

FINALLY!!! Nokia woke up and smelled the coffee. Market demand 4.7 + screen. That's the norm nowadays. Just look the best selling phones.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Big screen doesn't equal to big phone. Just look at the SG4 that boost 5' screen but is actually smaller in size than SG3 that have 4.8'. That's what I call top design.
Nokia MIST get it right: big screen, light body, top spec. 925 is step forward.
No, I don't own SG phone. I own ATIV which is awesome device - both OS and hardware. Nokia is getting there but not quite yet. Once they produce such phone I will switch.

I've played with an Ativ S and it doesn't come even close to the level of sturdiness and quality of a 920 or 820, so your argument is pretty invalid.Nokia knows how to make beautiful and durable devices, Samsung doesn't.

If you like the phone bricking itself while doing a factory reset, dust in the FFC and overheating issues then yes they do!!!!!

Compare 820 to ATIV? Man, seems that you've brainwashed. Don't get me wrong. Nokia support for WP ecosystem is second to none. They must up their game now. And quick.

Preferring a good design over shiny fake metal all over my device doesn't make me a brainwashed fanboy.Mind your words, cause saying a mediocre thing is better than a first-class one, is what actually makes YOU a fanboy.I'm not going to start a war here, but open your eyes for once!

I'm quite sure the Ativ is nice but I'll stick with Nokia with its support, apps and Amber update. Especially Pro Camera. Also a 5" phone is still big no matter how you look at it.. I definitely see the size different when someone pulls out a Samsung.

time for 1gb memory please !!!  6x-7x : large screen, long battery and 1 gb ram, low cpu for low price anyway. I think 4" is perfect for 5xx which fits into everybody, just need more ram and battery.

Still not the largest screen of any Windows Phone, still no removable battery and still no ability to expand the storage. I'll just stick with my ATIV S, which has all of that BTW.

What the hell?
Why is this numbered as 625? That implies an upgrade to the 620.
Except that the 620 was already the perfect size. I feel offended at Nokia's lack of decently sized phones.
I got a Lumia 900 and it's way too huge to use comfortably and all the new devices get even bigger.
What the hell are they smoking?
I REALLY hope that the next generation will bring a device that fits as nicely into my hands as the 620, because I'll probably be upgrading next year. If they decide to not produce sub-4" screens anymore, I'll go to another company.
Seriously, what the hell is up with this trend? It seems that only Apple is doing it correctly - I wouldn't buy an iPhone, but it fits perfectly into my hand. Then again, the iPhone 5 is also shifting into this retarded direction.
Touchscreen phones are bad enough in terms of comfortable controls. Making the screens so big that you need two hands to control the damn things just makes it even worse.
Fuck, I want my hardware music controls and SMS typing back. I miss my N95.

Good battery, good screen size, but sure it will have just 8 GB of internal memory. You'll can use a 64 GB SD card, but can't fuck*ng install apps on it! My L710 is already full, and i have no music, no videos, no photos, just apps! 
Please MS, allow us install apps on SD card. Let me buy this great phone.

To be honest, Nokia is making a good move. A low-end device with a large screen is not a bad idea. We have to remember its something Samsung is not doing. Also, there's still a small screen option at the L625s side. And knowing Nokia, this wont have a cheap feel.

Maybe off-topic:........but can somebody please tell me any reasons Nokia might be not even close to making a Windows Phone for SPRINT anytime soon??? Maybe this, or this "Rivendale".... or something could be a Sprint device? Any reason why not?