T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 925

T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 925 Unboxing; We have Data Sense

As we noted earlier this morning, the Nokia Lumia 925 with its aluminum body and 8.7MP PureView camera went on sale today on T-Mobile, giving customers on that network their first shot at a high-end Nokia Windows Phone.

The device retails for $49 (with a 2 year repayment plan) or $550 outright and could be bought in stores or online, which ever you prefer.

We picked one up this morning and have been toying with it for the last few hours and so far we’re impressed (we also dropped it onto pavement, by accident).  The device does come with Microsoft’s Data Sense installed and ready to use, which should make many of you happy to know where your data is going. Likewise, Skype, Nokia Smart Cam and T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi calling feature were all pre-installed too, giving users quite a lot bang for their buck out of the box.

T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 925

The Lumia 925 can be thought of as a sister device to the Lumia 920 and while it lacks the bold colors of its sibling and built-in wireless charging, it does have that improved camera (six lens elements), super light body and let’s face it, it looks sharp.

You can read our full review of the unlocked version of the Lumia 925 here and let us know in comments if you plan on picking one up!

T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 925

T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 925

T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 925


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T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 925 Unboxing; We have Data Sense



Sooooo excited to day. Picked up the 925 today. T-Mobile even bought back my HTC Radar for $50. So I only paid the tax on it. Sadly, the cold hard truth has hit me today. THE FREAKING STORAGE BUG! I checked the "other" storage tonight and it is already at 1.95 GB.

I'm going to be very interested in this issue.   I assume that the 925 has Nokia's Storage Check feature.   Have you tried it in order to shrink the other storage?

I was the first in my area to pick it up  at my local t-mobile. The sales team was extremely unknowledgeable about it. I had purchased the 810 the day it was released and within 10 minutes I knew I would never go back to android. The coolest feature on the 925 (I am assuming all WP8 are the same) is that when I logged into windows live at the beginning of setup, I soon found all I had to do was put my icons back in place. Everything from text mesages to apps were right were I left them. I did not need to go through all of the BS i did when I went from android to android. Literally signed in and everything started showing up.
I do wish they had black or gray, but I also purchased the holseter which covers the back anyone. GREAT JOB NOKIA & MS!!

So, I just got mine in the evening. I decided to turn on glance screen and shut the lights to go to sleep and noticed black specs randomly throughout the bottom section of the screen. :(

EDIT: Turns out this is a common defect in Super ALOMED displays. It's all over the internet...

That phone just had my heart beat skipped for a while i was like wow..BEAUTIFUL..!! In love with Lumia 925,800 & HTC 8X. Nokia & HTC make super sexy designs superbly comfy in hands and also perfect eye candies..!!

I bought my 925 last night.  The T-Mobile rep tried to talk me in to buying an iPhone.  He seemed genuinely confused as to why I would choose to buy this phone, and when I explained some of the features that attracted me to it (Wi-Fi calling, low-light camera, etc.), he clearly had never even heard of these features.
As far as how the phone was displayed in the T-Mobile store, the iPhone had a quarter of the store right in front, Android had a huge section with the new Sony phone prominently displayed... and the 925, which had just launched that day, was shoved in the farthest back corner sharing a single display with the Blackberry phones.  Way to go, T-Mobile.

I saw it at the local T-Mobile store in white.  Very nice looking smartphone.  They had three in stock and sold two already!  One left!  I was very tempted to get it but I like my 521 and the 925 only has 16GB of memory while I can expand my to 64GBs! 

This will be another EOL phone for TM i went to the store today to see about 925 it was at the back of the store in the conner how sad to be a windows phone at TM . The phone it self looks and feel great but you wouldn't know it was in the store for sale everything was iphone and andriod .

don't really care much for the 925 as my 810 will soon be updated with the same features.. damn right i said it.. "WILL BE" lol... 

It comes with Amber, right? And it will get the "pro cam"app at some point, yes? So can you set something else as your default camera app already?

I am writing from Germany. Every day I read your professional website. Design, news, videos - all here in a "MODERN UI" and so infomative and fresh. Also this unboxing video again great.