HTC adds ability to delete temporary files on the 8X and 8S with latest OS and firmware update

One issue that has been bugging some users for a while now is the inability to delete temporary files on their Windows Phone 8 devices.  Nokia got around this by building in their Storage Check app and even Huawei is reportedly making an app to do the same.

Now, after reports of the GDR2 (and firmware) update rolling out for unbranded HTC 8X owners today, the ability to delete temporary files is evidently built right into the OS.

HTC Temporary file deletionWe’re not sure if this is a Microsoft fix or an HTC one. We can say our Nokia Lumia 925, with GDR2, does not have this on board, but perhaps that is because it would be redundant. Therefore, this may either be an optional configuration for all OEMs or HTC did some fixing here to enable this feature.

The option reportedly works by heading into your Settings > Phone Storage area and tapping the storage progress bar. A new area, called “temporary files” is now revealed along with a “tap to clear” option, allowing users to regain some space. It's unclear is the will have an affect on "other storage" or is just for temporary files, akin to the earlier mentioned app Shrink Storage.

Certainly a nifty feature and one we look forward to finding on other Windows Phones.

Update: The trick to enable this feature is you must also have the "Make More Space" app by HTC installed. Thanks, @TuanDesomerChu, for the tip!

Thanks, Dennis A., for the tip and screenshot!


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HTC adds ability to delete temporary files on the 8X and 8S with latest OS and firmware update


Noway!  I am sooo glad!  Finally!!  Ok now hopfully VZW gets it soon!  I already hard resetted once and don't want to do it again.

athough my personal HTC 8X is on ATT, I do hope that Verizon gets this update out ASAP as I just activated and trained our Attorney and Fire chief on the Verizon HTC 8 X devices I purchased for them. Guess what, the attorney is an iphone user (Personal) and says she loves the windows phone better! I'm doing my part to bring user to windows phone as I don't give my client users a choice, I have a combination of 822, 928, and 8X that I've distributed here (88 devices)....Guess what, no complaints or questions, it just works..... WP 4 Life!!!!

That's good to hear. Microsoft and other companies was all for NSA until someone blew the whistle, now its, I don't know you time. Now release the 3 or 4 GB Other Kraken. Nokia don't have nothing to clear this space? Why would they? They're in bed with them (Navtec).

Have them install the HTC app "Make More Space". That is evidently needed in conjunction with today's update to enable this feature.

The most positive thing about this is that it shows that HTC is making a good effort to support the platform. I'm glad HTC and other manufactuers are able to customize the OS as much as Nokia can. This mean it's fair game, and it's up to them to compete.

If only they 1) launched as many phones as Nokia, and 2) supported their phones in terms of HTC exclusives. Do those things, and im happy. Still, I agree with you. This is definitely good news. +8

Just because they don't churn out exclusive third party apps doesn't mean HTC doesn't support their phones. I got Portico first on the 8X before my 920 and today I got GDR2 as well.

Getting an OS update provided by Microsoft first isnt any real indicator of support, bringing new features like Nokia is doing with their Amber update on top of the OS update is what support is all about.

I completely agree, but it would really help with the fan base, and it'll turn heads for sure. Like, "WHOA, HTC cares about us?!?!"

I currently carry an HTC 8x and love it, but HTC could be so much better if they help bring apps/developer to the platform like Nokia. I also carry a Nokia 822, I know what both Nokia and HTC bring to the table! There's only a few things I wish HTC would do:
1. Improve the battery life on the HTC 8X
2. Provide accessories, like a snap-on ext battery pack, not an external
3. make the 8X in a 5 - 5.2" screen for those who need it (a competitor to the Galaxy series); I personally view and edit office document regulary as I am an IT manager, so I'm on the go all of the time; I make good use the skydrive.
advertise the 8X, 8S, 8Xs......They could be killin-it with their WP devices!!!!

Yay, maybe they even fix the god damn error which is preventing to install this god damn update?
Tried six times to install this update but it drops me a windows which says "fk you" so far.

Mad? Mad? Oh bro i ain't even mad, im just happy bro.
Im so happy to get fk*d in the a$$ by Microsoft, next a$$ is yours.

Oh, so having unnecessary temporary files is a non issue on the 925, hmmm interesting. So this resolve's the "other" issue as well, right?

Woohoo my second tip today :P
But the article is wrong. I meant the "make more space" app from HTC. That's were the function is, not in system settings.

Ah, yes. I didn't pay enough attention, thank you for pointing this out.
However, this is one of the most useless apps I've ever seen. It's been available for at least a month already and it doesn't do a thing. My Other folder is about 2GB and this app only shows 260.50 MB of temp files and after tapping was able to reduce it by 0.9 MB which - you must admit - is ludicrous comparing to 2 GB...

It will be interesting to see how much of the Temporary Files this HTC version clears. The one from Nokia does not clear all of the Temp Files, also doesn't touch what is superglued in Other.

The only thing is that pressing the button doesn't actually do anything lol, it hasn't cleared any space at all

Nothing on my UK unbranded 8X either.
Edit: Yes, it's the previously useless "Make More Space" app, not settings -> storage.

Pressing the button to clear space, clears nothing lol. Well done HTC for providing the option to delete temp files but it not actually working ha!

Go HTC!!! Glad to see them supporting their phones, now they just need to be more vocal about their plans.

It seems like they are the real ones with a "shut up and ship" approach. Good for the users who felt left out on the whole Nokia domination.

Yup, it's in the Make more space app. Weird thing though, it shows 178,38 MB used by temporary files, but when I click on it to remove them, nothing happens.

Just updated to GDR2.... NO memory cleanup option. This options is in an HTC exclusive app called make more space. But it doesn't work wen you tap on the clean memory button. I have 1.29 gb temporary files. After taping the clean button, i still have 1.29gb temporary files.

"We’re not sure if this is a Microsoft fix or an HTC one. We can say our Nokia Lumia 925, with GDR2, does not have this on board" Its clearly an HTC fix especially if you need an app made my HTC !

For those stating the clear temp files button doesn't work it does. It stated I had 5mb of temp storage and upon clearing it, it still said 5mb. However going back into settings I noticed that my "Other storage" had deflated by over 1gb. Free space on my HTC 8X went from 3.1gb to 4.5gb. That's pleased me enough until MS fix this permanently.

There really isn't happening anything... I don't have the "temporary files" option in the "Phone Storage" settings page, but only in the "Make more space" app. Tipping on the temporary files entry has no effect. The size of the temp. files stays the same (1.83GB) and the "other storage" also does not shrink (stays at 4.9GB). It's a pity...

Your other storage is already quite small. Mine was at 6.4gb and went down to around 5gb. I gather some files in other storage are simply required.

I have a HTC WP 8X, with my Others folder eating up over 8GB.
It's getting frustrating, considering that this so called great update, didn't fix the issue.
Although I can see the temporary folder, when I click on it, it does absolutely nothing, so I'm still stuck with over 50% storage being unusable.
I was recommending Windows Phones to my friends and colleagues before I actually bought the HTC 8X. Now that I have one and see this bug is not getting fixed, I stopped recommending them HTC WP8 devices (it seems Nokia somehow is behaving better with Other storage - although problem is still there)

Thank you Microsoft for caring so much about your customers, considering this bug will be soon 1 year old!!!!!

The best thing you can do is to reset your phone. The "other" file will clean itself entirely. If you do the system backup, you will be able to return some of the phone settings, sms and apps. The cache files of all the aplications will be deleted though, so as the game records etc. 
I did a reset of my phone (HTC 8s with 4GB of storage) and the "other" file went from 1.34 gb to about 200 mb (now 700 mb). I guess reseting the phone is the only option to get some free storage.

Never thought I'd say this but I wish I had a HTC phone. Its just because they got the update before Nokia..damn I hate my Lumia! ;)

when i tap to remove the temp. files it does nothing!!!!! VERY FRUSTRATING to get the "low storage" message all the time. :( especially when i first got the phone i had tons of apps, now only have a handful (& do not want to delete anymore!!) why can't you save apps to sd card???? i love my HTC Windows 8 phone, but this is making me want to switch back to an android device.