Exclusive: T-Mobile US HTC 8X to receive GDR2 OS update on July 22nd

It should be clear now that OEMs and partners have begun to roll out the second Windows Phone 8 OS update for the year, dubbed ‘GDR2’, to various devices. With the Samsung ATIV S and HTC 8X getting the update in the last 48 hours, it’s obvious that things are now moving.

Earlier, we told you that T-Mobile US was testing the GDR2 OS update for the Nokia Lumia 810. On that device we were unsure if it actually will be updated versus the carrier just testing it. However, we can now definitively say that another device, the HTC 8X will get the update and it is scheduled to happen within the next four days, on July 22nd.

T-Mobile HTC 8X GDR2

We say “scheduled” only because T-Mobile has cancelled previous updates in the past with very short notice, due to some bugs found. While that could happen here, the company seems confident that the update is “gold” and ready for distribution.

According to an internal memo obtained by Windows Phone Central, and seen above, the OS update (10327) will begin to roll out next Monday and it will include Data Sense (much like their Lumia 925). The memo also notes and improved camera and an “improved user experience”.

Hopefully more specifics will come forward in the coming days, including whether or not Wi-Fi calling will be on board as well as FM Radio and the temporary file cleaner.


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Exclusive: T-Mobile US HTC 8X to receive GDR2 OS update on July 22nd


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I just tweeted to ATT Customer Service. As usual they have no information. If they did not have top of the line phone selections I would drop them at a heartbeat.

Tell me about it! I got a Nokia windows phone because I expected to be first in line for things like this!!! Does anybody know how or when a device gets updated if it's not associated with a carrier? We have very different systems in New Zealand.. Does Microsoft eventually roll out the update or will I have to force again somehow like I did with my WP7?

Well i wouldn't hold your breath, in Australia we got out updates 3months after U.S.A.. My unbranded phone got its update 6 weeks after the carrier. Nokia Australia suck, not sure New Zealand is any better

The Nokia update includes Amber. Other devices like HTC and Samsung are only getting the GDR2 update. That is why this time it is taking longer for Nokia phones.

Yep this is gonna happen just like Spartan Assault for Verizon today. LMFAO and I'm a Tmobile 8X user and I won't believe to I see it. I love Tmobiles speed, service, and price but I know how evil they are to WP and just updates in general

Because it went from no update planned to now updating overnight. I know it was supposed to give us information on when the phones would get updates in advance, but it never did. In some cases you would be stuck on no update planned, yet if you checked your phone you got the update. Completely worthless if it didn't have reliable information.

Let us hope T-Mobile Deutschland does the same with their Lumias.

Also great to know they're putting Data Sense since then I can expect it in Europe too

I think gdr2 will be released when the 1020 is released,hopefully the pro camera app will be available at the same time.

on att maybe... but tmobile doesnt get the 1020, so that would make absolutely no sense on tmobile. TMobile now has the 925 which already has GDR2. So a few days after release of the device it debuted on for mass release of GDR2 makes sense.
And i think pro camera comes on the 1020... im not even sure if other lumias will even get it...

I think nokia wants Amber out at the same time, which is still a bigger update for Lumia user compared to only getting the gdr2, and lets HTC get their update out of the way... And there are significantly more Nokia devices out there so maybe its better for carriers to roll it out in smaller patches first just to make sure everything works? I have no clue how these things work. Just speculating. For the fun it.

I don't know why everyone is surprise HTC was first with GDR1 but it was delayed and came after Nokia

I just told a friend with an AT&T 8X that I'm assuming GDR2 will arrive around the 1020's release. I figured so because the 925 just dropped on T-Mobile yesterday and just 5 days later is when GDR2 drops. The same may happen for AT&T... just my hunch.

Too bad it does not contain a fix for the "Other" Storage bug. Stupid MS. I bought my 925 thinking that it would have been resolved. After 48 hours "Other" is at 2.19 GB.

This is great news. Just a couple more days and Il update my mom's 8X I got her as a gift. Hopefully it has FM radio which is what she listens to at work all the time.

Will GDR2 make my music albums play in the correct track order? Right now some of my music plays in order and some doesn't. The odd thing is that in both cases I bought the music on my WP7 HTC Arrive. (Nokia 928 Now if anyone cares)

HTC 8x needed it first just to bring that phone up to speed with the Lumia. Once the Lumia gets it, back to being so far ahead. Lol

I think Nokia will release the GDR2 along with Amber update in August, but I don't sure about that.

I am on T-Mobile.
I have 3 phone models:

  • Lumia 920, originally for AT&T, unlocked.
  • Lumia 820, international edition, factory never locked
  • Lumia 620, international edition, factory never locked

Will I ever receive the GDR2 and Amber from T-Mobile?
I already called T-Mobile support and asked that question.
The support personnel had no clue how to answer.

Tmobile support and store employees are freakin stupid. They never know the answer to anything. Att are bad as well. They had the hd7s and their site said they had a speck case in their stores. Because my hd7 was a tmobile phone. She couldn't help me and didn't understand what the hd7s was.

It wouldn't surprise me if the only reason the 810 is rumored to get the update is because of this move on HTC's part.

I went to the local t-mobile store here in L.A to check on the 925 it was way at the back of the store this phone have no chance with TM. EOL in five to six moths all i was greeted with was iphone and android big sign buy me nothing for windows phone that's really sad to see this again(810).

I am crying tears of joy.  This is the first time since Portico that TMO has mentioned the 810!  We are not forgotten yet!  Granted we might still be ignored.

AT&T is dropping the ball this time! They were first out with the 920 GDR1 update. By a month. Now they're going to be last with GDR2.

Hi all,
I got gdr2 on my htc x8 on tmobile in UK 
not much i can see different... NO custom message tones so very let down by this.

I'm on Vodafone UK with HTC 8X and received the update this morning but as far as i can see no data sense or other changes.  which is extremley disapointing as i've been waiting for data sense or something like it for quite a while now.

I paid more attention when I did my wife's update. There was no change to the Win 8 version - guess it was a preparatory firmware update.

Two HTC 8Xs on T-Mobile and neither are reporting an update... i'll update in a few days whether or not an update is pushed to either.