Nokia outs Halo: Spartan Assault release time: 4PM PST today

A lot of you have cried foul over no Halo: Spartan Assault release yet for today, though we know for a fact it’s coming. Indeed, Nokia US on their Facebook just posted the exact time at which it will go live: 4PM Pacific Time (click here for your local time zone).

That’s not too far as it’ll happen in less than two hours. Game on!

Source: Facebook; Thanks, A A A, for the tip!


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Nokia outs Halo: Spartan Assault release time: 4PM PST today


At least 4GB is my guess. Lets hope the store and ms' servers can cope with the amount of requests they are about to receive. :)

Then I'm out. What's the point of supporting 512MB RAM when to install it, we need 4GB free room? All 512MB models are either 4GB or 8GB (both with SDCard, but that doesn't count since installation always using phone storage). I only have 1.7GB left. Uninstalling other games would delete their progress, so I won't do it. Music, Videos, Maps ... are already in SD Card. Oh well .... >.<

I was just acknowledging your thank you for the tip part :)
I'll be waiting for another 30 days though, ATT customer here.
Edit: not too bad though because I'll be getting this on my Surface TODAY! :)

Be careful if you do a hard reset on an AT&T 920. There is a bug that will cause it to get stuck in a reset mode and the phone won't recover. This happened to me about a month ago and had to get a replacement phone. AT&T tech at the store knew exactly what happened when I called so it seemed to me it is a common issue

No, but you don't delete game saves you can't and they are too small to matter anyway. Pics, vids, music, maps.

I've been refreshing aaaall day to find out its not until midnight tonight.. So technically the 19th here! Ahh good things come to those who wait, will be buying for both my phone and surface straight away!!

Microsoft: shady father
Nokia: amazing mother, always there for her kids (WP users)
WP users: where's my Halo, where's my update, etc.

Thank you. This is one hell of a game to end the failure known as Xbox on Windows Phone. Hope everyone enjoys it!!

Riiight.. It's 0:30 at Finland, and the games coming out in two hours? Fuck this. I'm not going to wait till 2:00 to buy it, and then play it for the rest of the night.. I have to get up before 12:00, because that's when Steam quick-sales are changing :D

Normally, being on the East coast of the US, I would say that EST rules the world... but Microsoft always uses PST, unless otherwise noted.

Question: I have a lumia 920 on at&t. Will changing my region in my settings allow me to get this game? If not, please tell me if there is something i can do to get this game right away instead of waiting another month.
Thanks in advance!

God dammit... I have an hour train ride to work where I could be playing it. Instead, they decide to release it right when I walk into work... :( oh well, at least Nokia are onthe ball and gave us a time/timezone. Will stop me checking the store every 15 minutes.

Verizon denied the app to me on Twitter hours ago when I asked about the release time, said "our friends at Windows have not confirmed the offering of this app"...