PSA: Xbox Music down for some, giving out error code 803a00c0

Xbox Music Error Code 803a00c

We all know that feeling. You read about an awesome app on Windows Phone Central and go to download only to see the Windows Phone Store throw up some error right in your face. You want to rage and throw your phone at a wall, but you don’t. And sometimes it’s not an app you want, but a new song or album and well you know where we’re going with this. Yup, Xbox Music isn’t working for some folks. Details after the break.

A little bit ago one of you tipped us about the Store giving out our favorite error – c101b000. On the team here I was the only one seeing it, but as of now the Store seems to be working for both the reader and myself. But Xbox Music is acting a fool. We tried streaming some music on our devices, but we’re getting error code 803a00c0. Lame.

Right now, over at the Xbox site, the status for Xbox Music and Video has a big orange exclamation mark. What that means is some users may experience difficulties with the following services:

You might be unable to browse, stream, download, or buy things at the Xbox Music and Video Store (also known as “Zune Marketplace”)

The issue is affecting the following Live platforms: Windows 8, Windows Phone, Xbox 360 Console, Xbox.com, and the Zune PC client. A messaged dated at 2:01 PM PDT states:

"Hi friends! We're aware some of you are experiencing issues purchasing things on the Xbox Music and Video Marketplace. Thanks for your patience while we work to find a solution! Check back here in 30 minutes for an updated message."

Be sure to let us know if you’re having errors either downloading apps in the Store or with Xbox Music. List your device, region/market, and what services you’re having issues with.

Thanks everybody for sending this in.

Source: Xbox Live Status


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PSA: Xbox Music down for some, giving out error code 803a00c0


Agreed, I can never recall a time that I was unable to download apps or music for my iOS devices. What's worse than the error itself is the fact it can only affect certain users. It is amazing how this can happen AND happen on a regular basis!

Never too late for that!!  On a good note I bought a 620 to replace my beloved Zune HD due to MS halting Zune purchases!!!. ;)

I have no issues with the Store recently, and I've just updated an app. It looks like the Store has been 'cured' from the 'curse'.

when my zune music pass account transfered to xbox music and i upgraded to the 920 i alwaays get this on my music that i downloaded

Think this is a bummer? How about not being able to purchase apps for three months! Traveling out of ur phone's MS account region, bans u from purchasing. But even after returning, still doesn't work. WPsupport can figure out a solution. Strange thing I was able to purchase two apps and then stopped working , left US arrived in Phils intermittently able to purchase one app, then not working. Never able to purchase when traveling outside either those regions.

Anyone else experience similar issues?

Yes, many times.  Also, three hard resets tying everything WP chat support suggested.  They finally in the third month admitted there is a backend problem, but they can't fix it.
I am set up as US region because i want the US availability, all my payment methods are US based, etc.  I have no issue if it won't work when i leave the US. But it doesn't work upon return to US, works intermittently, and even still worked once when ouside the US. The WP app store and MS accounts system has significnt problems that MS can't fix. I am not the only one experiencing this.
Vey poor ecosystem experience for me. I have desktops, a Surface, an Xbox, and 4 family WP8 phones, and I CANNOT RECOMMEND WP8 to anyone.  At least anyone who travels outside the US. 

Well good sir I have not had any issues like that. Nor has anyone I know with a windows device. But seeing as how it can't be resolved I would think you could get a new phone?

I haven't had this problem, either. I've gone out of the US, and I have been able to do everything that I normally do when in the US. (Just the higher costs to calls and texts.)

I'm getting error code 80151200 whenever I try to buy an album, but I can dowload apps just fine... Started yesterday when I switched from the 920 to the 1020... My Xbox Music purchases that should be in the cloud are also not showing up since the switch. I thought it had to do with switching, but maybe not, although the error code I'm getting isn't the same as reported... Hmm.