Samsung ATIV S Neo for Sprint gets previewed in new hands on video

Samsung ATIV S Neo

We've got some interesting news for you, folks. PhoneArena has managed to get hold of the new ATIV S Neo, which will eventually be heading to Sprint. The Samsung Windows Phone was announced by the US mobile operator last month, showing signs of support for Microsoft's platform along with the HTC 8XT.

While not an entirely new ATIV product, Samsung has built on the strengths of the original ATIV S, offering Sprint customers something unique, but also familiar with Windows Phone 8. Think of the Neo as the Lumia 928 to the Lumia 920. It's part of the same family but with a different taste. If you own the ATIV S, you're not missing out. But if you're looking for a new Windows Phone, there's certainly a strong choice for you on Sprint.

If you're not familiar with the specifications of the ATIV S Neo, we're looking at a 1.4GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB (or 16GB)  internal storage (with microSD support), 4.8-inch display (probably utilising Super AMOLED), 8MP shooter (with 1.9MP FFC) and a 2,000mAh removable battery. It's quite the work horse. 

Overall first impression? It's a new Windows Phone from Samsung. That alone makes this an impressive piece of kit. Personally, I like the design. It's not as premium looking as the original ATIV S, but Sprint will at least have a high-end smartphone running Microsoft's mobile OS. The Windows Phone will be launching this summer and will be available for $149.99 with a new line or eligible upgrade, two-year service agreement and a $50 mail-in rebate.

Here's a quick sample from the camera:

Samsung ATIV S Neo

We'll hopefully have a unit with us soon, so be sure to remain tuned to our feeds for previews and a review.

Source: PhoneArena; thanks, iknowsingh, for the tip!


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Samsung ATIV S Neo for Sprint gets previewed in new hands on video


Pretty dull looking device. If I was on Sprint I'd probably go for the 8XT, although that does have a "low" res screen. I feel for your folks on Sprint :/

The ppi on the 8XT is probably higher due to the smaller screen size anyway right?
EDIT: Wait, I take that back, the res on teh HTC 8XT is much lower, thought it was the same as 8X for some reason.

I just hope it comes with 16GB of storage... I would have gotten the 8XT but the internal memory is a definate detterent for me as I have seen (I mean read) what "other" storage can do to an 8GB phone.
I know people say to just leave SPRINT but I have 4 lines with EVERYTHING on all of them and cannot find a deal like what SPRINT offers with DATA and VOICE.
Edit: For those curious... I pay less than 250 a month... This plan would equate to 300+ for other carriers. 400+ with AT&T.

Says it has a 16GB configuration with micro SD support. Why, oh why, don't all phones have this?

They used to before Apple. Blame apple and their lame customers that happily spend $100 for 16GB of extra storage.

The thing I can say in Apple's favor is that at least they give you the option of paying more and getting more storage.
I would have gladly paid another $100 to get 64GB on my 920 instead of the 32GB....

Agreed. SD card would be great, but at least give us the OPTION to be fleeced for extra storage. 16GB should be the starting point, with 32 and 64 optional.

Well T-mobile has the SIMPLE choice, which I find very reasonable.. Have 4 lines and pay 100 + taxes.. Of course I always buy devices outright so there is no Equipment Installment Plan on my account.. Ebay + T-mobile = Awesome savings!!

I got 4 lines with at&t family plan and I pay 280. Unlimited talk, text I have unlimited data the other 3 lines together don't use 2 gigs. Plus I got excellent service never had any problems with reps or customer support. If a cel. Phone breaks normally receive it next day. I used to be with sprint 6 years ago and all the good things I said about at&t were all negative with sprint.. (I don't work for at&t I'm just a cook.)

I am a data junkie. Between my wife's cell phone and mine we spend about 20gb+ monthly. The other 2 lines are my inlaws and I guess I COULD downgrade them to 2gb of data but... I would still pay more for less.

I know AT&T has better reception for DATA but they still throttle don't they? I have thought of T-Mobile though but I still can't find such a comparable deal but the 100+tax Jnbs talks about is something definitely worth looking into.

At least on my line I haven't experienced any throttling I'm already past the GB they say they start throttling and still have 21 Mb download and 12 upload. I ain't saying that I can recommend at&t to data junkies like you or myself cause 5gb ain't nothing believe me if it weren't for my grandfathered unlimited plan I would have left. But if reception is good in your area t-mobile is good.

Just checked with T-Mobile and... Well... My luck is bad I guess... I just confirmed that they are actually having issues with the "LTE" here in Nashville, TN for the time being.
I just had my friend try to log into the internet and his speed was slower than my 3G on SPRINT... Now, that is sad, just sad... but the rep did state they are working on the issue and gave my friend 1month free of service for the issues being encountered.
FYI for all in the surrounding areas, contact TMO and let them know if you are having an issue as they will credit you for the month of data... At least they did that for my friend about 30 mins or so ago.

Just read your comment about the LTE in Nashville, after I wrote my long comment extolling the virtues of T-Mobile.  I still stand by what I wrote, however.  The service is awesome where I am at . . .  mind you, we do not have LTE yet.  But I have been doing this (following the mobile industry) for 15 years, and very few rollouts ever go perfectly.  I am sure they will get the hiccups in Nashville fixed in due time, and until they do, they will likely keep handing out free perks to customers until it gets fixed.
In the mean time, tell you friend to go into his phone settings and see if he can switch off his LTE radio, so the data defaults to HSPA+  That should run a lot more smoothly, until Tmo gets their issues fixed with LTE in Nashville.  This is a speedtest I ran the other day on a Lumia 521, and it is pretty typical of T-Mobile's HSPA+.  So your friend should be fine using it until they get the LTE fixed in your area.   http://www.speedtest.net/wp/2727290.png 
EDIT - Lets try that link again.  Don't know why WPCentral's forums hate about Speedtest.net servers.  So I downloaded and moved the image to my Wordpress.  Should take it now. http://tachyoniccargo.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/lumia-521-speedtest-27...

I was going to suggest T-Mobile, where four lines of unlimited talk, text and web = $100/month.  The catch being that the unlimited web only comes with 500MB of 4G per line; then it is throttled down to 3G.
The good news is, that if you need more 4G data, you can upgrade.  $10 more per line gets you 2.5GB of 4G data, before they throttle it, and $20 more per line gets you unlimited 4G data.  I currently have four people on my account, and I am the only one who uses unlimited 4G.  So I have one line on the base 4G tier, two lines at the 2.5GB 4G tier, and my line at the unlimited 4G tier.  Before taxes, I'm paying out $140 ($35 per line) for all four lines, and everyone on the account is happy, and no one ever gets throttled.
And the best part is, T-Mobile's HSPA+ is light years faster than Sprint's WiMAX.  On an average day, I am hitting speeds of 16Mbps (on a Lumia 521), which is almost as fast as my Comcast cable internet speeds.  Yeah, I know Sprint is rolling out LTE, and if you are in one of the few areas that Sprint has LTE right now, those speeds are going to be hard to beat.  In the meantime, T-Mobile is rolling out LTE a helluva lot faster than Sprint is, and has a lot more LTE in a lot more places; some markets hitting 20x20 speeds.  TMo expects to have the larger part of their LTE rollout (over 200 million pops) complete by year's end, and then they begin the work of phasing out all their 2G and 3G protocols.  If all goes to schedule, by the end of 2014 the entire network will be nothing but HSPA+ and LTE.
Then there is the matter of HD voice, free WiFi calling, and free tethering.  I know Sprint does not have HD voice yet, but I am not 100% up to date on their stance on WiFi calling and tethering.  I know most carriers charge extra to add those options, but with Tmo they are always free.
All in all, there are lot of really good reasons to at least take a look at T-Mobile.  All this of course is dependent on how well the service works in your area - but that goes without saying for any carrier.  I'd look into them, just to compare them against what you got right now.  You may be able pleasantly surprised with what you see. 
Oh, and one final thing.  With Tmo now being contract free, you are required to pay full price for your devices up front.  Which is perfect if you have the cash on hand, but I realize that not everyone does - especially anyone looking to move four lines at once.  However, if you have the credit, Tmo will finance your devices for you at 0% interest.   They currently have the Lumia 521 at $30 down, and $5/month for 24 months.  And the Lumia 925 for $50 down, and $20/month for 24 months, with free overnight shipping.  Also, and did I mention there are no activations fees?  I probably should have lead with that.

Thank you for that information. After reading your comment, speaking to my friend, and actually checking TMO site... I have to say WOW!!! I can actually take my 4 lines with 4 new phones and full 4G on all 4 (But I only need it for 2) and still pay about $50-$70 less than SPRINT... And that before my corporate/business discount... That was all good but then I read the FREE TETHERING part... Are you serious? FREE TETHERING??? WOW!!! Since there are no contracts my friend is going to get me a line on his to test it out and make sure is what we need (since my wife and I both use it for business first and pleasure second) and will migrate my other three lines depending on my experience from that.
Hearing this information (errr... reading) from someone that actually has the plan and that is truly what they (you) are paying is definately better than just hearing a rep say it. My friend only has one 2 lines and he just recently got on TMO so his experience with them is not enough to satisfy my need to move, but with this and his word, it seems TMO is the way to go. Again, thank you for explaining the plan as I was not 100% sure on how it would all pan out..
I am currently looking into moving to TMOBILE and cant believe I am this excited. Goodbye SPRINT, its been a crazy ride but... its over between us. You decided to lay in bed with someone fruity and left me to the side... Keep your fruit, I like steak! jejeje
EDIT: Well that stopped my train... Sprint wants 840 to cancel all 4 lines... guess i will be migrating them one by one or waiting till all contracts are up to make the move. Im feeling a little sad right about now...

I'd reccomend to checkout out Ting (www.ting.com) also. It's a carrier that runs on Sprint's network and should have the same phones available, but does a lot of what T-mo does. No contracts, and it's a pay-what-you-use plan so it seems the fairest pricing I've ever seen. Same as T-mo, no phone subsidizing so you pay up front. No financing though, just have to use a normal credit card if don't want to pay it upfront. I'm considering the switch from AT&T to them myself, now that they've got WP8 devices offered. Just waiting to see some more in depth reviews of the hardware first, I suppose. I've been hoping i might even find a way to buy the Verizon version of the lumia off contract and activate it with them, but haven't found anything suggesting it's easy yet.

Thanks :(
The 8XT has the same res as the Arrive which has a 3.6" display. I don't want to get it but the price is too tempting...

The lack of dazzling colours on the device doesn't really speak to its overall functionality. It's one of the stronger Windows Phone devices to hit the market. Does appearance matter that much?

So is it any more "dull" looking than the Nokia 925? You people kill me.
When the ATIV S came out everyone said "Oh, so boring compared to the 920". But then Nokia brings out the conservatively designed 925 and it's suddenly "elegant". The corners may be a bit more rounded on this device, but is it really any duller than the 925 as far as looks go? I mean, really.
No need to feel sorry for Sprint users. I have an ATIV S and it's a great phone. Sure, it ain't yellow, but it has everything I need, holds a charge for two days and currently has 80 GB of storage in it. I chose it over the 920. If the NEO is anywhere near as good as the original ATIV S, then Sprint users can be happy.
Y'all need to stop drinkin' the Nokia Kool-Aid.

You need to check out the 925 vs the Galaxy (which this seems to be a pretty good copy of). The 925 just looks a lot better.

+ATIV S agreed
Too many drinking the Nokia Kool-Aid on this site. Samsung doesn't make as many WP devices but they usually have a top end offering, as they do with the ATIV S. The only thing Nokia has over it is the camera on the 1020. If it wasn't for the lack of AT&T LTE compatibility I'd DEFINITELY have an ATIV S over my 920. I tried importing a Canadian one but it only has LTE band 4, not 17 which is used on most of AT&T's LTE network.

It's bad enough when Lumia hipsters are going at it. When the very writers of this site are being flippant of new WP devices, that's a huge issue. I expect more from WPCentral.

No need to feel sorry. ATIV S is the best WP8 yet. Beats everything other than the 1020's camera.

  • Largest screen
  • Largest battery
  • Removable battery
  • Thinner than the other flagships
  • Only high-end with a microSD

Samsung doesn't make a ton of WP8 devices because they DON'T NEED TO. This is already the best overall.

I have to agree. If I were on Sprint, I would get the 8XT before I ever got this or any other Samsung phone. It's kinda sad that Sprint customers don't have the option of getting a Nokia device.

(I was the one that tipped this! lol)
The original article at PhoneArena mentions 8GBs of internal storage, but that's likely because they have an early preview unit, they usually have small differences with the final retail version. I'm still thinking 16GB for the final version myself, as per this article.

Please dont let it be 8gb if internal memory. This is the only reason I am waiting for this device over the 8XT (and the bigger screen but I can deal with 4.3 vs 4.8)...
I cannot fathom what I would do with only 8gb, 3GB for OS leaves 5gb available and 3gb of "other storage" would leave only 2gb for me to use so this device with the hopeful 16gb will suite my needs. I just wish they released this information already because I could be upgrading my Arrive right now but am waiting for this to be released. FINGERS CROSSED FOR THE 16GB INTERNAL...

This phone has the updated software to delete those temp files.

HTC updated "Make more Space". to delete temp files, with the updated firmware.!

I thought the "other" storage issue was still not cleared up with GDR2... I thought this would be implemented when GDR3 was to come out...
Thats good to know... I may cave and get the 8XT if this is the case...

There is no software available to delete all temp files (only some), and NO software can delete the "other storage" files.

I repeat: The "temp" files are NOT the same as the "other storage" files. There is currently NO APP that can delete the "other storage" files, and only some of the temp files can be deleted. Please stop spreading misinformation.

Information is conflicting on this issues. Nobody can seem to agree whether it's 8 GB of storage or 16 GB. Based on this video, I'd likely lean towards the former, unfortunately.

Same tires looking Galaxy series look alike phone. Honestly, I don't know how they're considered to be the best outside of the iphone

Exactly. Why people get wrapped up in how a phone looks I will never understand. It's a fucking phone. Now, I won't complain if the phone works great AND looks great, but the works great part comes first. That is why I'm still on WP7.8....

Why do so many people purchase the iPhone???? Because its design is what attracts people the most, not its functionality. I don't know what you do, but I'm a IT Manager/ Network Administrator and my cell is practically my computer which is used to access/modify MS office documents, email, & SkyDrive. I want a phone that works, but also be thin, light, look good, and functional. I currently carry the HTC 8X, which is astetically pleasing and functional. The look and thinness are perfect, but because I work with documents on my phone daily, I'd like to see HTC make the same phone with a 5 - 5.5" screen without changing the astetics.

I owned the first generation Samsung focus that got no support just like all the rest thus far!

As a regular poster of Phone Arena, honestly the gentleman doing the first look is not as open minded to WP as other authors there, so the fact he was complimentary at all is a good sign. There is no Nokia for Sprint in the rumor mill, so either this or the 8XT are the only hopes to get WP filling in the biggest hole it has in the US. I still ask: Will Samsung, HTC, and Sprint support these devices???

Largest screen on any WP8
Largest battery on any WP8
Only high end with a removable battery
Only high end with a microSD slot
What more do you want?

I really hate the english accent of this man, hahahahahah it's really sick to heard that accent. I like,this samsung, its like the galaxy s4.

ugly phone. but does ms allow with that device ? cause there is only one button on the bottom ? doesnt ms require 3 on bottom ? (back , home and search)

The back and search buttons are capacitative and are on each side of the home button, just like any other phone. I have an ATIV S and it honestly doesn't make a difference :p

Lets just hope so... We can dream and maybe, just maybe... Our dreams will turn reality... Or we just got screwed... jejeje

Did anyone else notice the SoundAlive option in the settings? I've never seen it before. Does anyone know what it is?

I was gonna wait for this one,but it wasn't even on Sprint's "upcoming phones on the horizon" list, so I went with the 8XT, retired my faithful Arrive named Steve, and haven't really looked back. Very Happy! :)

I simply asked the Sprint guys when the Ativ was coming out, he said "I don't know, they haven't told us, let me check the computer." And then he said it wasn't on the list, so I bought my 8XT. :)

i have the ativ s as well. love the phone. feels substantial but very light. the screen is beautiful. very fast. good camera. no lags or glitches. great battery life. may look boring to some, but it really is a pleasure to use. glad a u.s. carrier is offering it. got mine from canada.

Same as age old Ativ S so why bother with video review. Those are already on firesale at €249 in my country which tells a lot. That camera quality is terrible.

No the camera is not bad. The reason Samsung is selling them cheap is that they want their slice of the market. Remember the Ativ S is a modified S3, not like it cost them a fortune to design it which allows them to make em at a good price.

I have the international i8750 Ativ S. 16Gb + 32Gb microSD for media. I installed Here+ plenty of space! Great battery life! If you are on Sprint get the 16Gb + microSD and you will not regret it if it has the same HD display as the original Ativ S.

That would be a deal, I HOPE that 16GB is what is planned and they announce it soon...
But with this possibility of not having the 16GB Internal Storage, this would be horrendous for me, I want the NEO but not with the 8GB as I can get the 8XT instead as they offer essentially thesame thing less the .5" on the screen... jejeje
But really. We NEED to know what the full specs are... We NEED to know the total storage (or at least I do) to make an informed desition. I cant wait to replace my Arrive with this, but as much as I want it, I cant "DOWNGRADE" from my Arrive to an 8GB phone. My Arrive has been faithful to me and with the 7.8 facelift it felt like a new phone. Novelty gone by now though.

Agree with you, but I would still take the Ativ S Neo over the HTC 8XT, even if both are 8Gb if the Ativ S Neo has the Amoled HD display. You get the physical home button which makes life easier and the removable battery, which means possible XL battery packs with a fatter rear. Also 4.8 inches is perfect!

Sadly, Sprint will likely continue to push iPhone sales over either WP8 handset because of a quota for selling a certain number of handsets (like Verizon, but at least they aren't in 100% "iPhone or bust" mode...).

Smaller battery, less onboard storage, slightly slower clocked processor... Think I'll keep my regular Ativ S! Wish mine had data sense, though...

Personally, I am disappointed with the plastic finish on the back.  I was really looking forward to replacing my Arrive with the high-end looking ATIV S.  It sure seems like they cheapened the ATIV S NEO version for Sprint....  probably just to meet a lower price point at the expense of quality.

YAY. I cant wait for this phone. I am tied between the two sprint phones. Thank you Sprint for finally getting another WindowsPhone.

When you do the full review for this, it would be awesome if you could also install Nokia DRIVE. I really want to know if it overrides the default behavior to use Bing navigation for turn by turn directions, say when you choose to navigate to someone from the People Hub. I think a lot of wpcentral readers are Nokia fans now, and now that Drive is available for other phones, it might very significant in our purchasing decisions. (Or maybe it comes with Sprint Navigator instead(?), which on WinMo6.x was just a rebranded version of the Navtec/Nokia GPS app anway)