Microsoft Surface at Wal-Mart

Microsoft Surface Pro and RT available at Wal-Mart, let the rollback savings begin

We aren't sure when this happened but Wal-Mart is now carrying the Microsoft Surface Pro and RT tablets. You can also find the type and touch covers as well as adapters and power supplies for the Windows 8 tablets.

Online, Wal-Mart has the 32GB Surface RT for $349 or $449 with the touch keyboard. The Surface Pro is running $899 for the 64GB version and $999 for the 128GB version. Keyboards are running $129 for the type cover and $119.99 for the touch cover.  The bad news is that it appears that supplies are limited.

As well as being available online, you may be able to find the Surface on store shelves. Windows Phone Central reader, William, reports that the Surface Pro and RT are on display at his local Wal-Mart in Lexington, Kentucky Wal-Mart.

It's nice to see the Surface tablets continue to expand availability and giving the tablet more retail exposure can't hurt. If you've spotted the Surface in your local Wal-Mart, let us know in the comments below.

Thanks, William, for the tip!


Reader comments

Microsoft Surface Pro and RT available at Wal-Mart, let the rollback savings begin


Yeah.!! Not 4 India yet. Tablets/convertibles from other OEMs are carring too high price. Feels like they ruining the whole win 8 tablet idea. Even Win 8 RT tablets are selling for more than Rs. 50000/- ( > $900 ). WT**...

Same problem here. Even the iPad is cheaper than Windows 8 tablets. I am a Microsoft fan all along but if I don't get cheaper windows 8 by end of this year, I am letting apple meet my tablet needs.

No Wallmart in PHL, but that's ok coz I've opted to buy the  Camtastic Lumia 1020 instead when it becomes available here.  ;)

Agreed.  Make it $399 for the 32GB RT with the touch cover included ($420 with the type).... add $75 for the 64GB.

Microsoft sells the refurb units on their site for $379 (32GB) and $459 (64GB) both with touch covers..

This is excellent.  Tons of people shop at Walmart, so this will bring a lot of awareness to Surface.  The main issue will be biased fanboi sales reps that try to push them to other devices even if the customer clearly wants a Windows device (seen them a lot, and always submit a complaint to the management whenever I see that).

Sales reps at Walmart? I'm not sure of what sprawling metropolis you live in, but its near impossible to find an employee at my Walmart let alone anyone putting in an effort to sell something.

lol, ain't that the truth. The new Nexus 7 with LTE was just announced by Google. So I'm trying to hold out for 2nd Gen Surface with LTE, New Xbox One, and New WP Phablet is what it's all about this Christmas.

No disrespect to anyone on here that works at Walmart. But I rarely find anyone who works at one that knows much about the crap they sell. Especially when it comes to expensive electronics. But I'm sure there are some Wally World folks out there who do

The Walmarts I've been to have also had employees that were uneducated about the products they were selling. I can put up with it as long as they continue having great deals.

It's not, but since it's walmart, i would be promoting them under the special pricing for student MS is promoting right now. Guess walmart doesn' t want to do that though.

I still believe the Pro model should include the type keyboard and cost $899. And that should be with 128GB version. Where did, Microsoft get these high prices from? Damn!!!!

Microsoft is half in half out. Trying to fill a void in the market but also not wanting to step on their many partners toes, a problem Apple does not have I might add.

I see your point but disagree.  MS made the Surface Pro because they knew no OEM would make a similar device.  This has continued to be proven true almost a year from Win8 release.
WinRT currently, IMHO, runs a huge chance of failure in the market - therefore MS should be mercilessly aggressive with Surface RT.

My goodness I can't believe how cheap the Surface Pro is in America compared to the UK, and you are still complaining about the price!!
Here it's £719 for the 64GB model sans keyboard, whereas Wal-Mart's selling it for the equivalent of £585.

In the US, tax is added to the sales price.  By European standards, sales tax is negligible (5% - 10%).  My guess is that the VAT in the US is, say, about 23% (give or take), that's the different between £719 and £585

Microsoft controls their pricing, much like game systems so, the pricing will be universal. I work for Walmart in the greater Seattle area and the store that my office is in doesn't have them... And I am only 20mi from Redmond, WA.

Tell that to best buy r_r
Seriously, its as if the price changes didnt reflect, last i checked (then again, the same happenedwith the Ativ Smart PC)

A bit strong hatred towards walmart there, dont ya think? Considering most people i know get computers there (unless best buy has a really good deal at the time). They sell a lot of computers to average families and those looking for laptops for their children, so the RT and Pro could do well in walmart. It would at least get people's attention.

WalMart has the worlds largest and most advances retail distribution. They can move a great deal of product at a good price because of Walmart's buying power. If it helps people get the product they need and or want without breaking the bank then the consumer wins :D

But in a lot of ways the consumer loses by supporting WalMart by shopping there. Not that I should talk, I shop there. But still...

WTF! No wonder they didn't sell a lot of these. They should of had it at Walmart from the beginning. Too worried about hurting their whiney assed OEM's feelings. No wonder they just ate 900,000,000.

considering the fact that losing OEM's currently would make that 900M look like a snack, they sorta had to. thats also why they were priced higher originally. Microsoft APPEARS to be trying to wean themselves off OEMs, but its a long road ahead.

They really should've done this to start. Microsoft had a reasonable product on their hands, but the handling of it has been awful :(

They should've launched it at Wal-Mart back in November, along with every other major retailer. The reason they are sitting on a huge inventory of now 9-month old devices (ancient history in the tech industry) is because of their stupid limited distribution idea (seriously, only available at the few dozen Microsoft stores at launch? that was dumb. yeah, you could get it online, but no one will buy a device like this without playing with it first and hardly anyone lives near a Microsoft store to randomly come across it). If they had launched with the $349 price last November across all major retailers, they'd have sold out of these things by now. I have a Surface RT and I love it, but they way they released it was idiotic. The Type cover needs to be dropped to $89 and the touch to $79 as well.

It's nice here ab something good in Kentucky. But who cares ab Lexington. Louisville is all that matters! I need a cheaper price for the Surface Pro tho

Both the Pro and RT versions are available at Walmart in Clarksville IN. I was apart of a Microsoft trainings event for Windows 8 and in my report I stressed that the Surface tablet should be prominently displayed next to the IPad, so that their uniqueness and feature set could be compared. We are starting the back to school campaign along with Intel and I am so glad we can finally show off the Tablet so that people can realize its potential.

And also, according to Taiwan Microsoft, Surface RT and PRO will finally officially available in Taiwan on August 4th, but they still haven't announced the price for both Surface tablets, they only mention that prices and discounts will be announced on that day.

My dad and I just picked up a Pro and RT respectively at Best Buy yesterday, price drop made the RT accessible and I have no legacy software to carry forward. Loving it, downloaded Spartan Assault last night :D